13 Oct 2012

Yesterday i pleasured FOUR men.

The first man , i shall call him "Mr.P" was a new comer to the joys of tgirls. Like MANY men he was curious and could not resist being worshipped and being pleasured by someone who asks nothing back from him.

It makes sense for you guys who are curious to actuall make plans to visit me for real. i mean what have you got to loose ? You can always just turn around and head right back out of the door if you don't like what you see. Fortunately , that has never happened.

i am VERY understanding with first time guys. THEY are in control at all times and we only do what THEY want to do. i have no expectations from you EXCEPT to allow me to give you a good time.

This "first time" young man , aged 23 was SO PLEASED that he visited me. i took care of his cock nicely with my mouth and thhen he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Naturally , i provided the condom and i was pleased to oblidge. He left me saying that he would DEFINITELY be using trans girls in the future and that he had a wonderful time. Can't get any better than that !

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