9 Oct 2012

My second caller today was a handsome , strong , fit , black bull. i shall call him "Mr. Z".
Curiously he was hairy. This is quite unusual for black men and , naturally , it made me like him even more because i love hairy men. i am especially attracted to hairy arses and arse holes :-)
It was the first time that i had met him and only his second ever experience with a tgirl. Like men whom i have pleasured in the past , this man had met a tgirl in Thailand on a drunken night out. The experience had stayed with him and he wanted to explore further. He said he had chosen me because he had seen that my internet presence and online diary was quite professional. It gave him the air that i was serious and genuine. Indeed it should. All black men know there is no messing and no run-around with me. They know that they can contact me and in many cases , i will be on my knees infront of them withing days. i am so real and genuine and i am NOT an escort to black men- i am a sex slave to them - my service is totally free , with no strings.

i won't go in to detail about what this black bull and i did because , for me , it was VERY special.
We managed to take a couple of pics to share with you but , regrettably, the lighting was all wrong and so they have not come out very well. They also do not show the best of his magnificent cock which was hard and solid and on the brink of "cumming" for over an hour !

i do hope this bull decides that he needs my company and servitude again as i was VERY enamoured by him. He is quite exceptional.


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