29 May 2013

Tiffany tgirl used as an urinal

My Black Bull visitor today drove 100 miles just to see me because , although i have met him before , he has just discovered my blog and he had not realised how "nasty" i may get in order to serve the desires of a Black Man.

He realised that he can act out some of his dark desires with me , ones which he rarely gets to mention to anyone.

After sucking and rimming him , he fisted me in the sling in my playroom.
At first he slowly stretched my ass hole in the sling with toys , his fingers and his hands. When it seemed i was loose enough i stood up to slowly lower my hole on to his arm and consume his entire hand.

He contortion-ed his body so that he was fucking my mouth with his black dick as he punch fucked my arse hole with his fist at the same time. 

Naturally , he soon exploded down my throat.

When his erection subsided , he told me he needed to piss.

He took a metal anal speculum and spread my arse hole so that it was open and "gaped".

He then took a piss up my arse , using my arse as an urinal.

Enjoy the video

N.B The video is below the picture.
The video includes a music soundtrack. Turn your computer volume down low or off , if you prefer, before clicking on the video "play" button.

28 May 2013

May Bank Holiday Monday

A hot sunny day today for men to travel to me , to worship their cocks !
Two men today
Guy 1
Turns out , "Mr.J" is a stalker ".
This North London Indian heritage man actually contacted me because he had viewed this very blog !
He has a girlfriend and has never met a tgirl in his life.
Mind you , he had studied every word, every picture and every video that i had posted and so he arrived here with a clear idea in his head of what he wanted to happen.
i was to suck his cock , i was to rim and finger his arse and i was to pay a lot of attention to his sensitive nipples. Basically , he directed me like he had paid for a 500 dollar whore and he was making sure that he got his moneys worth ! Luckily for him , i was a free slut though - but i still did everything that he asked. He paid his bill in spunk - by shooting in my mouth !

Guy 2
Saw the return of "Mr.R" whom i told you about on 3rd March 2013.

i have served him several times now. He is a horny , fit, young black lad with the most edible arse !
That is his thing actually , having his arse hole chewed , licked , tongued and swallowed!
i spent the longest time putting my mouth and tongue to good use on the rimming seat. We are talking a long , long time here !
i am in heaven when a young black buck like him , lowers his arse hole on to my mouth and tells me to get to work. i LOVED every moment.
i told him , if only he lived next door then i could be installed as his computer chair. Every time he needed to use the computer for work or surfing , then his "chair" below him would be by face , with my tongue ready to give him pleasure.
Here i am with his cock.....

27 May 2013

Last Friday

Last Friday , May 24th , i ended the week by serving 3 men.

The first man is an Asian Dom Male, who asked not to be written about on my blog ... so i wont !!!

The second man was a re-visit from a sensational boy whom i first pleasured on 8th January 2013 and i blogged about him here :

This tall , slim , muscular, handsome black boy had instructed to me , via email , that he wanted to shoot a video of me sucking his big black cock.
So , thats exactly what he did !
He took my video camera as soon as he arrived and shot a video starting with him fully clothed and me getting his out of his jeans , right up to the final moment when he climaxed down my throat.
I have sent him the video and i am awaiting his approval to edit it and publish it.
As soon as i have his permission , i will let you see it.
In the meantime , here is a pic of me , from his LAST visit , sucking his delicious cock.

My last visitor was a big , beefy , black bull in his '30's.
i have been seeing this gorgeous man for several years now.
Our play has become more intense and dynamic over the years.
Today , he wanted to fist me !
So , i had prepared my playroom and the sling and stocked up on lots of Crisco lube!
i warmed him up by sucking his gorgeous cock and he fucked me in the ass to loosen me up.
He then spent an hour , stuffing and stretching my ass with toys before slowly easing his fist in to my fuck hole.
He fisted me , laying on my back in the sling.
 We then moved back to the living room , where i went on all fours and presented my ass to his face. He took his fists and continued to fist and stretch my hole as i reached back and wanked his cock for him!
Phew... what an evening !

22 May 2013

3 gorgeous men today

Some of you have asked - how can i serve so many men ? "You serve as many men as a working girl, so how do you find the time ?"
Well , as you all know i am not currently a working girl and BY CHOICE. i use my spare time to pleasure dark skinned men , men i am attracted to , free with no strings whatsoever.

i WORK in the mornings, from early in the morning and i make sure i get my work done by lunchtime.
It leaves me free from 1pm to serve dark cock.
i do not serve on weekends - as i need to have some "down time" otherwise it would all get too much.
Also , i do not serve in the hot Summer days as i would prefer to have the opportunity to shoot off to the beach or somewhere. So from some time in June to some time in September my regular "daily" service to cock comes to a stop.

If you ever want to know how many men i am serving on a particular day , you can always look at my online diary at :

Anyway , back to today. 3 gorgeous men were given my service and servitude.

Guy 1
"Beefy Boy" emailed me out of the blue. He said that a black friend of his had recommended me!
Who that friend is , is a mystery , as i do not like to pry. It is flattering though , to know that men are telling each other about me saying "i know this fab slut who will sort you out , you should go see her !"

Anyway , "Beefy Boy" is a young man in his 20's with a very handsome , more mature face.
He is bigger built and i can only describe him as a "Black Bull". He has big , strong , powerful arms and thighs and a big chest.
He has the attitude and assertiveness of someone many years beyond his age.

He took control of me almost as soon as he got here.
i was sucking on his cock before moving on to the rim-seat where his big ass smothered my mouth as my tongue brought waves of pleasure to his anal sphincter.
After that , he grabbed a condom and fucked me in the ass.
He withdrew and cum when i sucked him again.

i love this boy , he is a "black bear" to steal a phrase from another community.
i am so pleased that he has found me and i cannot wait to pleasure him again , as often as he wishes.

Here i am with his cock that has just cum in my mouth....

Guy 2
This HANDSOME man contacted me thru the most obscure of personal sites called "OkCupid". This is a site which i have never previously had any luck with and is just full of imature timewasters.
So , it was refreshing when he told me that , although he was straight , he had some past experience of tgirls.

He is HANDSOME and has a sexy , fit body. He has a wonderful hairy chest.

He is a light skinned Mixed Race man, i would guess late 20's with some Kenyan heritage.

He took no time at all in stripping off and getting my mouth around his dick. He loved my talented tongue and some "tricks" i do , which had him having to make me stop , as it was so intense !

So , we moved to the rim seat where his gorgeous , perfect , slim butt lowered itself on to my face. My tongue sought out his ass hole and began its' job of bringing pleasure to him as i stroked his dick with my free hand.

After a lengthy rimming session , his dick was rock hard as he grabbed a condom and led me to the bedroom.

Well he fucked me in the ass in so many positions ! He took his time too , he simply loved being in there - i could tell that he never wanted to come out ( i didn't want him to either !) His dick felt SO good in my ass.
Although he did fuck me for a LONG time his orgasm came out of the blue ! His "headspace" must have gotten so excited at one point that he just could not stop from coming ! Gosh , the condom was full of so much spunk ! What a heavy cummer he is.

What a SEXY man . i do look forward to serving him again in the future.

Here you see his lighter skin , his lovely hairy body and his dark dick.....

Guy 3

i have met this gorgeous man a couple of times in the past 18 months. He came to me thru a site called "xhamster" where i have a profile , pics and videos.
He is a dark skinned African man in his late 20's

All of you men reading this blog will hate this man because he is so good looking! He has "model" looks and a body to die for. HUGE pecs, a tight body and a dick WELL ABOVE AVERAGE. This man "has it all".
However, apparently , what he does not have is a slut who will simply worship his cock and do as she is told.

You see , "Mr.Kool" just likes to be sucked, nothing else. Oh , he does not want a quick blow job and cum, he wants to be sucked FOR HOURS!
i told him no woman would put up with it - and he smiled , because he KNOWS that.
And so , i spent at least an hour , on my knees quite simply sucking and sucking and sucking his cock ! Oh , he does like his balls licked and chewed too ! At one point i even had hiss balls AND his cock in my mouth !

"Mr. Kool" realises that i am the subservient slut who will worship his dick and make no complaints. He knows that i was born to do it , that i love to do it and so he takes advantage of it ! He knows i won't complain or say "can we do something else?" he knows i will just kneel there and pleasure his cock with my mouth and tongue until he decides to cum or stop.

He knows that there is no-one else who will submit like this and so do YOU know , my readers , what i will do for Black men and their cocks. I AM SELFLESS, UNQUESTIONING and i simply SERVE!

It is an absolute honour for me to pleasure dark dick. i am always flattered that men want to come and use me (and return time after time).

"Mr.Kool" knows where i am and he WILL be back. Yes , he will be getting tits and pussy elsewhere and females to suck his dick for a few minutes , but , he knows that when he needs constant , relentless sucking , that he will be coming to me .... and i will be honoured.

Here is a pic of his dick , me sucking and the shot of when he had cum in my mouth and the shot after i had swallowed.
i now go to bed with Black seed in my belly . This white slut has been "blacked" and is so content and happy :-)


21 May 2013

Latest News

As you know , i don't pleasure cock on weekends - i do HAVE to create some time in order to re-charge my batteries.
So Monday was a disaster , one guy cancelled , but he gave me fair notice. Another guy simply stood me up ! He did not reply to emails or answer texts. 24hrs later and he still has not been in touch with an explanation or an apology. This is THE WORST type of "admirer". Not only do they let me down but they take an appointment that another black guy could have had.

So today is Tuesday and a guy i had pencilled in for just after lunch time contacted me to say that he could not come. Shame.

The day was saved though by "Mr.W".
"Mr.W" is a light skinned Arab/African man who has the biggest cock in London !
If you go in to your fridge now and pull out two cans of 330ml coke and stand one on top of the other - THAT is how big "Mr.W"'s cock is !

He rapes my mouth with it , then complains he can feel my teeth ! Well , my jaw was stretched to the maximum and there is no avoiding the teeth i am afraid ! Even trying to wrap my lips over my teeth meant that his dick could not get in my mouth !

This annoyed him though and he got nasty. He grabbed some rope and tied my wrists behind my back. He took me to my playroom and forced me down on to my "spanking becnch". There is am , chest resting on the bench, head pushed down , wrists bound behind me , my ass exposed and high in the air and then.... he fucked me.
Look at that can of coke again and imagine that width going up your arse ??? !!!

Fortunately the guys who had fisted me recently had taught me how to relax my hole and so i was able to take it . i next had to deal with the length and no , it did not all go in straight away - it took some serious fucking with his monster to keep stretching away at my depth in order for me to take most of his length.

He cum by pulling out and making me hold his cum in my mouth , so he could see my mouth filled with his spunk. Only after a minute or two did he order me to swallow it .

He also told me that he wanted to stick his cock back in me and piss up my arse. Naturally i told him that he must fulfil his need, as i am just a slut who is there to provide pleasure. He told me if he did that though he would instantly cum up my arse and so we had to refrain from doing that as it would not be "safe sex".

i regret there is no picture of "Mr.W" using me , as he is a very private straight man on the DL.

He has been using me for quite some time now and he will be back again. So there will be further reports about him in future , but , i regret , never any pictures. 

17 May 2013

Shit faced photography

Yesterday i as shit faced !

This blog entry contains an account of extreme activities involving shit. So , if you do not want to read about such things , move on to another post now. You have been warned.

A few weeks ago i was contacted by a photographer who had a project to photograph extreme kinks.
His desires and needs were very specific for a project that he is working on.
He knew that i was unshockable and eager to please and had a filthy mind and so he proposed to do a professional photo shoot , where he shit on my face and then rubbed his excrement in to me, like a face mask.
He wanted to produce images to disturb and shock but that would also "turn on" those who like to see fem submissives degraded/abused.

And so , last night we spent over an hour setting up the scene , getting the lighting correct etc..  before he procceded to defile me.

i see it as the ULTIMATE humiliation to accept a mans shit and become a human toilet.
i do realise that this is an extreme kink for a very low proportion of males , but , there are men out there who exist who really get off on using gurls as human toilets.
It is an extreme form of degredation and i have no doubt that these nasty men see gurls as simply objects who exist to serve them in the most degrading of ways.

i realise that i am at risk at turning off a lot of you viewers of my blog but i do believe it is important to recognise all aspects of human sexuality , regardless of the extreme and to bring them in to the public forum and not hide them away as if they don't exist.
So , appologies to those who find it offensive and a step too far, my "normal blog entries" will resume soon , i promise.

The experience for me had two levels to it really.
Yes , i was submitting to a mans extreme desires. Extreme men are rare and i am always looking to find the extreme (not only those in to toilet ganes , but those into other activities as well ) and so , in this instance,  i found what i was looking for i guess.

He dropped his pants and relaxed his sphincter. His shit was pungent , vile and disgusting. He rubbed it all over my face. It started off warm and smooth but , over time , it cooled and caked and dried all over my face and on my lips and it also filled my nostrils. i had no option but to inhale the stench of his waste for over 2hrs of photography shooting.

On another level , it was not sexual. Normally, a man who might desire to do this to me would be doing it on a sexual level. It would naturally also involve his cock and his orgasm perhaps using me orally and/or anally or perhaps caking his cock in shit as he face fucked me and made me clean him or maybe making me chew and swallow etc... However , since this was a photography shoot , it was not sexual as it involved posing for the camera only as he got on with his "job" of capturing the images.

The images are now, of course, waiting to be developed.
i will be given copies of the results at a future date and will be allowed to share them with you.
i do not know if i will share them on this blog - as it might be a step too far for many of my readers.
i will probably put them on a secret link on my personal homepages and so , only those of you who wish to see them can request the link from me.
You can request the link by posting a "comment" to this blog entry.

Normal cock service will resume from next Monday onwards , when i hope to have more entries for you on my daily servitude to black cock.



15 May 2013

Used and abused today - pushed to the limit

On 16th October 2012 i wrote an entry for you about "Mr.France"
You can see it here:

Incase you don't want to go and read it , here is the opening paragraph.......

"My servitude to men has been curtailed today as i have been "ruined" by one man ! In the best possible way , of course.

"Mr.France" first came to my attention over 5yrs ago on yahoo messenger. We chatted occasionally , but , since he lived in Paris, nothing much came of it.
Imagine my surprise when he contacted me this week as he is now living in London.

This handsome, sexy . chocolate man has a body to die for. Rippling six-packs, the lot.
We had a wonderful "girlfriend experience" but all the time i was pleasuring his cock , his fingers went straight for my ass pussy !
Well , i could tell , this man was just CRAZY for fingering , probing and stretching ass."

So "Mr.France" visited me again this afternoon. He was as sexy as ever , horny as ever and anally fixated as ever !

And so , it started with me sucking him in the living room with him going straight to fingering my ass hole.

So we moved to the playroom.
I had already organised the gloves and lube and so all he needed to do was put me in to the sling.
And so he began an hour long session of probing , stretching , fucking and fisting me ass !
He often used two hands as a wedge to open me wider and then withdrew one hand to replace it with his cock , in effect wanking his cock inside my ass with his fingers inside me too !
There was as much fucking me with his juicy black dick as he fucked me with his black latex clad hands.

He gave my arse such a thorough work out and i can say it was tough at times. He was really pushing through my limits as he was insatiable and i was greedy.
Lets just say , after he had left , i could barely walk.

We did not take any pictures. No-one thinks of or wants to stop to take pictures in such a hot session. Instead , here is a pic of me sucking him, which i first posted on October 16th....


i had barely recovered when i had a date to service "Mr.Sleaze".
Mr.Sleaze is such a frequent and welcome visitor to me that he has even earned himself his own "label".
By clicking his "label" on the right hand side , you get a record of all his previous visits

This gorgeuos "geezer" of a man is as manly as they come. i am so pleased though that he found an outlet (in me) for his dark desires. Basically , he just comes around and uses me, gets out his frustrations and then leaves without even saying goodbye. That is absolutely fine as far as i am concerned , because i know my place... my place is that of being a black mans slut ... and we keep it as simple as that.

Tonight i had to open the door to him with his preferred drink in my hand, on my knees with my collar and lead around my neck.

i had to clean his sweaty groin and cock with my tongue - i was not allowed to suck him at this stage.

He then needed to piss and so he dragged me in to the toilet and i was made to clean his dirty ass with my tongue as he prepared to piss.
When he pissed my face was positioned next to his golden stream and then he forced the end of his stream over my face and some in to my mouth.

i was then told to clean myself up and then he dragged me by my lead , i was still on all fours this entire time , in to the living room.

He relaxed on the sofa, opened his legs and then told me to get to work on his cock.
i sucked him just for a short time and he cum in my mouth.

He led me to the shower , i was on my knees again as he showered. As he dried off he told me to go away and leave him alone. After a short while , i simply heard the front door close and he was gone.

He took pics of me with his piss stream next to me.
i have only just mailed them to him.

He has not yet given his permission to post any of them here.
If/when he does, this paragraph will disappear and you will simply see those picture below.
If he decides he does not want them posted , then , you will be reading this paragraph just as it is written now.

i always look forward to his visits as it satisfies me so much knowing that i have been a good slave and an outlet for his needs.

13 May 2013

Todays men

As you know , i have had a short break from serving.
Today , i resumed and boy was i S-O HUNGRY for cock.
Whoever visits me today is super lucky , as i am so horny and eager to pleasure dick.

I could have not been more fortunate that the man who was my first (after a long period of abstinence) was "Mr.Sexfreak".
I first met him 18 months ago. He is a big , strong , handsome, chunky Arab guy who came to me thru a site called smutvibes.
I can't believe it is a year to the day though that he last visited.

He is very much turned on by anal and so i played with my hole and inserted a hollow butt-plug up my arse. This plug has a hole through the centre , so, when in place, you can look right inside my hole. You can get your fingers in there too. It is like a permanent "gape".
He loved it.

I sucked his delicious 8" dark cock and rimmed his beefy arse. Gosh , it is always such a pleasure serving this man.
He was soon cumming down my throat and it was all over all too soon , as i love being with this guy.

Here i am on his cock...........


My second visitor today was a young Bangladeshi man. i have met him before and he arrived in his suit , he had been at work.
He has the most handsome face and one of those dark , short , beards that look so sexy on Bangladeshi and Indian males.
Combine that with his hairy body and he is one sexy geezer !

i am afraid he specifically declined any pics being taken , so i m afraid i can't show you any of him.
You will just have to take my word for it that i provided him with TWO orgasms from blow jobs and he loved it.


My third and final visitor of the day was "long_dick".
This 20 something young man came to me thru the porn site , xhamster.
He had NEVER encountered a tgirl before and had never considered one , until this week.
It makes me proud that my adverts convey that i am just a compliant slut here to please dark men and that they can see that i am genuine and i am just here to serve them , no strings.
He is a Black African boy with a  lovely 8 inch cock.
I introduced him to rimming and fucking ass. It is always hard for me to believe that boys and men have STILL never experienced the pleasure of being rimmed and/or fucking tight ass.
It proves to me that females are either unwilling OR that guys are just too scared to ask this of females , incase of rejection.

Men KNOW they can ask anything of me , any dirty desire and i will try to comply.
They do not need to play "nice" with me , when they visit they are free to explore all of their fantasies and desires , ones that they have never shared with anyone.

So what AN ABSOLUTE HONOUR it was to pleasure "long_dick" and be his FIRST trans girl , give him his first ever rimming and give over my ass to him for his first ever anal fuck.

He fucked my clean , douched ass for the longest time and enjoyed manhandling it , probing it with his rough fingers and making me stretch and gape for him.

What a terrific time i had with this young man.
He now knows that he owns my mouth and ass - so i do hope that he will return again.

Here he is , stuffing my mouth.......

4 May 2013


Just to keep those of you who watch my blog regularly , up to date
I am afraid , for various reasons , i am not pleasuring Black men at the moment.

Don't worry , my diary opens up for them again on May 13th , so , come back then for more installments on my servitude to Black men.

In the meantime , why not have a read through (and a wank) over the past 6 months posts :-)