16 Oct 2012

My servitude to men has been curtailed today as i have been "ruined" by one man ! In the best possible way , of course.

"Mr.France" first came to my attention over 5yrs ago on yahoo messenger. We chatted occasionally , but , since he lived in Paris, nothing much came of it.
Imagine my surprise when he contacted me this week as he is now living in London.

This handsome, sexy . chocolate man has a body to die for. Rippling six-packs, the lot.
We had a wonderful "girlfriend experience" but all the time i was pleasuring his cock , his fingers went straight for my ass pussy !
Well , i could tell , this man was just CRAZY for fingering , probing and stretching ass.
So , i thought , if we are going to do this , we are going to do it safely and properly.
So , i fetched the latex gloves ( always best to use them for hygeine and safe sex reasons).
As always , my ass was thouroughly washed out though , as i am always deep cleansed every day in order to offer it spottlessly clean to my callers.
What followed was an intense hour of him playing with my ass hole. He had me gaping wide in no time. Seeing our reflection in my mirrored bedroom was so horny as i turned to see his fist buried in my ass.
He kept swapping from fist to cock , alternately fucking me with each.
He was on the point of coming several times during his hour of ass play , it turned him on so much.
i myself was sent in to waves of pleasure as his fingers , knuckles and then entire fist stretched and probed my ass.

What a SENSATIONAL , filthy guy he is.
i do hope that i become his regular ass slave with frequent visits from him.

So , this mans' desire to wreck a slut whore ass means i cannot use it to pleasure any other man today. Not that i am complaining !

Afraid no ass pics , we were too much "in the moment" to even think about a camera.
Here is a pic , at the beginning of our meeting though , sucking his delicious dark meat.

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