26 Oct 2012

My second visitor yesterday was a gorgeous Black/Brazillian man whom i have been serving for 2 years. In the 2years i have served him about 4 or 5 times which means , he pops in to my life every 5 or 6 months.
You see , men do not need to visit me regularly, it is not a case of me being upset if i do not see a guy for 6 months or more. You see , i am happy to be the pleasuregiver that they KNOW they can call upon at any time , regardless of when their last visit was.

Like many men, Mr.Brazil does not get enough attention to his arse hole form his wife or (perhaps) others he connects with. Mr Brazil just LOVES to be rimmed, infact, i could be glued to his arse for hours , licking , sucking and stimulating his hole with my tongue and he would be in heaven !
Add to this he has the most PERFECT rock solid cock, that also needs attention , means that his visits to me are always a joy.

He does not actually have many extra-marrital liasons and certainly they are rare with tgirls (if any). However , after 2yrs he has decided that he likes the idea of being pleasured by more than one tgirl in a session.
This i can provide for him in my tgirl and black men gangbangs. Our party group at www.thedarkthrust.co.uk provides 4/6/7 tgirls at a time for Black men to use. Our parties are always free , obviously private and discreet and we have a pool of about 40 gorgeous tgirls to call open to provide their holes to entertain black men.
Our venue has two rooms for the black men to use the tgirls PLUS a bondage dungeon where the black guys can tie down the girls and invade their holes , all night. The girls are simply objects and sex slaves for the Black men to use. Tied down , they have no choice but they love it (myself included!) 

I have now included Mr.Brazil in our secret group and i am hoping to fulfil his fantasy of having multiple tgirls available for him , in the future.

Here i am with Mr. Brazil..........


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