10 Oct 2012

"Mr.Ed" has visited me before and so i knew what i was in for. He is a 20 something Black African lad with a fit body and strong cock. He normally only ever meets women and so , i know ho lucky i am. He always has a filthy imagination, he is one of the "harder/kinkier" boys that i pleasure. His focus is his arse ! Not in a "gay" way , he does not like anything inside there BUT he has discovered how erogenous an arse hole is and i very much in tune with his. After sucking him for only a short while he soon presented me with his arse hole. It was my duty , as always to be his rimming slut.
For the needs of this type of boy i have purchased a bespoke rimming box. It hinges , to allow my head to be contained and , once the lid is lowered in to place , my head can be locked inside and i am unable to leave my prison until my arse hole Top decides.

I spent 30 minutes in there , just being a slave to his arse hole, rimming , licking , sucking and chewing it. i also stimulated his nipples and his lovely long cock with my free hands.
There i am (above) locked in the box , my tongue on his arse hole with nowhere else to go !

After the extended period of rimming, we returned to the sofa where i sucked him to completion.
He gifted me with his cum over my face and in to my mouth.
After a short break, i asked him what type of porn he would like me to switch to. He chose movies with men , nastilly face-fucking females. Their cocks were ravishing their mouthes as they held the womens' heads in a tight grip and forcefully face fucked them.
This gave "Mr.Ed" ideas as soon i was on my knees with his strong arms holding my head in a vice-like grip. The onslaught began as he face fucked me - HARD ! He forced his long cock down my throat and he achieved hi goal.... soon i was puking , yes puking all over his cock , my chin and all over my dress. Good job i was wearing the pvc maid outfit that he had ordered me to wear. i was in a mess. My mouth producing copious amounts of saliva which made his dick sloppy and wet and which also lubricated my throat.
He was relentless and continued to face fuck me , with force, until he cum again down my throat. i was totally wasted.
There are no pics of this throat fucking as we were too "in the moment" to think of the camera.
It is always a pleasure to meet very nasty men like him.

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  1. Loving the photo of you locked in the rimming box. Need you tongue on my hairy arse ;)