10 Aug 2015

Dogging TONIGHT - Monday Aug 10th W.London/M25

Short notice i know , but i am being pimped out ( for free) DOGGING TONIGHT, Monday August 10th,  at a location west of London close the M25.
From 10pm onwards ALL men aged 18 - 55 who are not overweight WILL get the opportunity to enjoy my mouth and ass.
I will be carrying condoms.
If you have transport and can definitely attend , mail me for full details , tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com

If you can't make it , enjoy tales and pictures about my past Dogging adventures on the free website


8 Aug 2015

Summer update and re-visit to Cap D'Agde, South Of France

Hello everyone.
I do hope your Summer is going well.
To update you on my activities, i have just spent an entire 2 months, traveling France and Spain in my camping car.
I stayed at and visited such places as French Alps (Mont Blanc) St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Marseilles, Montpellier, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza (for 10 days). i did not spend a single night in a hotel or camp site, i simply parked up at beaches or beauty spots and spent my overnight sleeping time there.
Naturally, i attracted some attention and i was pleased to pleasure men and cock in every destination.

I KEPT returning to Cap D'Agde.infact i went there THREE times!
Gosh, i had SO MUCH cock there, if i said 100 , it would be an easy estimation.
That place is off the scale !
I can't wait for my return there , in my camping car , next year.

Here is an account i wrote about my visit there LAST year , if you have not already seen it.

June 2014
This is a TRUE account of actual events.
i have been abroad , touring Europe for a few weeks in my campervan.

One day , intending to visit the city of Montpelier in The South Of France , i pulled in to a holiday resort , a village called Marseillan Plage. ( about 2hrs drive to the west of Montpelier). i had seen on the internet that there was a nude beach there.
So, i headed for the main beach and was told to walk west for 5 minutes and that i would find the nude section there.
Well , even before i got to it properly , i could see men going in to the bushes behind the beach. i instantly KNEW what that meant. It meant that there were cocks to be served !

i knew that i had to look my best and most sluttiest so i popped in to a clearing in a bush and applied my make up. Thick , heavy and tarty with extra bright red lips. i put on a shocking pink mini dress , so men could see me a mile off ! On my feet i wore sexy , jeweled beach thongs and my scarlet toe nails poked through the glittery straps.
i had a stash of condoms and kept them easily reachable in my little fuck bag.
i stepped out on to the main path that intertwines amongst the bushes and sand dunes.
i was hidden from sight from the main beach dwellers , due to the sand dunes , but any man in the bushes area could clearly see me.

i could see men coming towards me from all directions. i spotted a little clump of trees with a clear space under the branches. Fortunately , one of the tree branches grew horizontally at waist height and , before the men reached me , i was able to strap my condom bag to my back , raise my mini dress ( to expose my ass) and then wait the 30 seconds or so that i knew it would only take them to reach me.
My heart was pounding in my chest.

Within seconds a gang of 6 men were surrounding me. Men of all ages , shapes and nationalities.
None of us needed to speak the same language as no-one needed to speak.

A man stepped in and pushed my head down on to his cock. Soon he was filling my mouth with his dick as i felt hands , lots of hands, start to explore my body , my tits and my ass.
i saw a hand go in to my condom bag. i don't know who's hand it was , i did not even turn around to look - i was too busy giving service to the cock in my mouth.
i felt the bulbous head against my ass hole and then , with one assertive push , the man behind me penetrated my ass. He rhythmically fucked me as the man in front of me took a grip on my head and began face fucking me at the same time. i was being spit roasted and i was being watched by 4 other guys who were furiously wanking their cocks around me.
Soon , 3, 4 ,5 more men came along. Then more , then more. i must have been in the centre of a circle of 20 or more men and as each man shot his load in my ass or mouth , another man took his place.

It was like a conveyor belt of cock that needed to be served. i was ass fucked and face fucked by about 20 guys in the space of 20 minutes.
When it finally came to a natural stop , one of the men started conversation with me as i cleaned up and re-applied my make up.
i said "well , i had no idea this went on at Marseillan Plage". He said , "you silly girl , you are in Cap D'Agde !!! "
If you did not know , Cap D'Agde is the famous naturist village in the south of France. It just so happens that Marseillan Plage borders it and their beaches connect. i had wandered from Marseillan Plage right in to the bushes and sand dunes behind Cap D'Agde swingers beach !
When i was fully composed , he took my hand and said "let me show you".
He led me back through the sand dunes down to the front of the beach.
Before me were about 450 naked men and 100 naked women , sunbathing on the Cap D'Agde beach.
"We will just wait and observe for a few minutes" the man said.

Within 5 minutes a female took her place (led by her male companion) right in the centre of the beach. Her companion started to finger her pussy , right in front of the 550 people on the beach. Soon a crowd of men gathered around her and, as my companion and i pushed our way through to observe what was happening , i witnessed this female take 3 or 4 cocks orally as she got fucked in her pussy by 2 guys.
i could not believe my eyes, this was full sex going on in broad daylight , on a public beach. 50 guys crowding around her , all with full erections , all wanking and trying to get a piece of her.
"THIS is THE place in Europe where the sluts come to serve" , he said.
My reply to him was "well , she is a bit tame , she has only served 2 or 3 guys orally and 1 or 2 in her pussy, if she was a real slut , she would not have ended the session after 10 minutes , but continued to pleasure ANY and ALL of the men who wanted".
"Well , that is where YOU come in , my pretty slut", he said.

When the crowd around the female broke up , the man gripped me firmly by the hands and led me back in to the dunes and woods , just behind the beach. The whole beach could not fail to see us move there , due to my shocking pink dress. i was like a beacon screaming "follow me !
In the dunes a group of about 50 or 60 men had followed us. My companion lifted my skirt to expose my bare ass, bent me over and began to fuck my mouth. He beckoned all of those 60 guys to come over. Soon , hands were all over me , condoms were grabbed from my sex bag and soon i felt the first of many cocks enter my ass. The men passed me around like a rag doll, like a true whore. When my mouth or ass became free , another took it's place. SOME of the guys were totally straight and they just stood around watching the show , enjoying it and stroking their cocks. 25 guys must have cum in my mouth or up my ass and a further 8 or 9 shot their loads over my tits and face.
This session lasted about 30 minutes and my companion finally released me and told me to go clean up and have a bit of a rest. He was impressed by the way that i had performed and honored all of those men.

i took refuge under a low tree , lay my towel down , cleaned myself up , fixed my make-up and tried to rest. The thing is , men only kept their distance whilst i was re-composing myself. They were being kind and allowing me to " do my thing" but the moment that they saw i was rested, they began to wander over again.
Now , sitting on my beach towel , my face was at waist level with all of these delicious cocks coming my way. Soon , i could not resist taking one in my mouth. A group formed and soon i was pleasuring multiple cocks in a circle. i made MANY men shoot their load.
In the space of just an hour , i had made at least 60 guys cum !
i was to spend a further 4 hours on that beach - you do the maths at how many men i served that day.
My trip to Montpelier went out of the window as i returned to that beach for a further 3 days on the row.
All the men staying in the Cap D'Agde village had told the other guys about my willingness to serve, on that day, and on the following day , they returned , bringing MORE men with them.

Let me just say , i cleared the local chemist out of condoms and spent a small fortune on them !!!
i can honestly say that i am proud to have served all of these men ( in a "safe" way ) and i am already , in my head , planning my NEXT trip there. Next time though , i won't stay in Marseillan Plage , i will actually stay in the Cap D'Agde Village , so that i may be available to serve men day and night.
The only thing stopping me going there tomorrow is money !!!
If any guy ( or couple of guys) likes the idea of taking me to Cap D'Agde as his/their companion , paying for my stay and likes the idea of "playing pimp" for a week , as i wear HIS/THEIR collar as he/they give my holes away to dozens of men , watch , enjoy, participate then , pls do get in touch.
No fantasists though please , only get in touch if you are genuinely interested and in a position to do so. As a rough guide , accommodation costs are about 100 euros per night there.
This is GENUINELY what happens there so only genuine guys please apply.