18 Oct 2012

Wed 17th Oct
i was visited by a Black Master who i have known and served for several years.
"Master Iron" is hugely turned on by ass and holes ! He loves to fuck tgirl ass for hours , he loves playing with it and fingering it and making it gape.
With my ass - he decided to stretch it to the max and get his fist in there.
i don't know what it is , i havent been fisted for 5yrs , yet , in the past few weeks there has been a demand from men to do this to me and i have been fisted 4 times in the past 4 weeks !
Fortunately , i have built a lot of trust with Master Iron and so he was able to stretch me to my limits.

After lots of play he was able to actually punch fuck my stretched hole with his clenched fist. He treated my ass like a punch bag at the boxing gym.

No pics of the fisting , but , we made a video of it. i am not going to post the video , it is something between him and me. Maybe one day in the future i will share it.
Here is Master Iron's thick cock.......

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  1. You have never been closer to a genuine horse cock. very appealing to you I am sure