25 Oct 2012

Interesting visit at 3pm today.

A young "street lad" type of guy visited me. He had "attitude" in his emails and so i was interested in pleasuring him in the flesh.

This is what happened....

He walked in , made no small talk , he did not even remove his shoes or any clothing etc.. He simply took out his big , thick, African 9 inch cock and forced my mouth on to it. He spent 5 minutes face fucking me and calling me the WORST names under the sun. He kept repeating things like "you are a nasty , dirty fucking whore" etc.. etc... He never even let me come up for air much. He just kept grabbing me by the hair and forcing his cock in to my mouth and throat whilst keeping up relentless verbal abuse of what a dirty fucking whore i was. Basically , it was like oral and aural rape. He shot down my throat , took a tissue, cleaned his cock off , turned around and walked out of the door !

He really did make me feel like a cheap whore.

It is good because sometimes even i need to be dragged down to base level and have it re-inforced that i am just there as a piece of meat, for men to use, without even a care for me.
This thug did not give a shit about me - he only thought of himself and his cock.
A PERFECT man in my eyes :-)

(No picture, you will see from reading above, the notion of a picture did not even figure in to this visit) 

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