26 Oct 2012

My third visitor yesterday was a Black African Man visiting me for the first time.
"Mr.America" (he hails from the U.S.A but lives here in England) is mad for tgirls.
i cannot believe how our paths have never crossed before. My profiles has been on the internet for over 5yrs but he has never seen it until now.

i hope , when he reads this , he does not mind me describing him as a "thug". On the internet you see images of Black "gangsta thugs". These men have powerful , strong bodies , attitude and are covered in tattoos. They give off an image of menace and danger.
Many girls (me included) find this image VERY appealing and sexy.

Mr.America DOES look like a thug (it works to his advantage as he has worked in security services in the past) HOWEVER his personality is that of an amiable man, so , although he looks like a thug , he is infact VERY respectful and charming. He is VERY handsome too.

So , it was my great honor to serve him. My mouth and arse brought him hours of pleasure and he also enjoyed giving my hole a nasty seeing to with several fingers and he brought pain to my sensitive nipples with his mauling and biting (just the way i like it). So , i got to bring out his "thug" side , a little, after all :-)

What a gorgeous hunk of a man.

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