9 Oct 2012

My first stud today cancelled. He did give me notice though and he had a very genuine reason, so , all was good.
My first visitor today was a very handsome, young (23) Indian man. I have met him several times before but it has beenalmost a year since i pleasured him last, as he has been away at university.
He walked in and was as handsome as ever. Soon i was put to work on his delicious cock. Where do young men get such foul mouths from these days? He called me all the names under the sun and instilled in me the fact that i am just a white , trash whore who is put here to serve dark men. I am so pleased that young men these days know exactly what I am and how to treat me :-) There is nothing that i was not allowed to do for this young mad and he was soon on the rim box , me locked inside with just my mouth and tongue sticking through as he lowered his ass on to my face and kept me , rimmming him , for 10 minutes as he drank vodka and smoked. In his culture feet are taboo and the most degrading thing that you can do to a person is to make them kiss your feet. Soon i was not only kissing them but also licking them and cleaning them with my tongue. This young man is so pleased to have found me , as i will serve him in ways in which his girlfriend won't. He paid me the highest compliment and i do indeed think he was sincere when he said that i "give the BEST blowjobs than any woman he had ever met in his entire adult life". i do look forward to serving him again, many times , in the future. He has threatened to throw his girlfriend out of the house and install ME , chained up there, so he can come and use me as he pleases. His mind stayed on the subject for so long that i genuinely think he is serious about doing it. Let's hope :-)

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