24 Oct 2012

Wed Oct 24th 2012
Quiet day today , due more "drop-outs".

So far , only one guy.
I first connected with "Mr.C" 6 months ago. Thru a dating website called Fabswingers. I meet a lot of men through there.
6 months ago he wrote to me, we exchanged pics and emails and i sent him my diary link , for him to make a date for me to pleasure him.
I never heard from him again.

This actually happens quite often and i understand why.
You see , when men connect with a girl on the internet , they are "in the moment". They are horny , they are free and they need attention right away. They would even drive many miles to get their end away at that time , as they are supercharged and horny.
If they DONT get sex there and then , they will have a wank , shoot their load and then go off the boil.
That girl who you WERE going to fuck is no longer quite so needed. Then , life goes on and you forget about it.
UNTIL THE NEXT TIME............. !
Maybe in a week , a month or a years time the guy will be horny again , he will come across you on the .net again and he will be hot and horny for you again.

That's what happened with "Mr.C" today. He was logged on to fabswingers , he saw me , he was horny , he needed sex NOW and he saw me as the slut to provide it for him.
As chance has it , due to drop-outs today , there was an almost immediate vacancy in my diary.
So , Mr.C was on my sofa , with me on my knees , swallowing him , within an hour or so !

All i can say is , 6 months was worth the wait. This tall , slim, sexy, handsome African man was a delight to serve. His long 9 inch cock tasted delicious. i moved to his arse which was funky and rank smelling , as he had been working all day. It was mu DUTY to clean this for him and my tongue was the tool. Mr.C LOVED being rimmed and cleaned. We spent 5 minutes rimming on the sofa and because he was enjoying it so much i revealed my rimming box to him. With my head locked in the box , he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue and i pleasured his hole for 15 minutes.
It was all too much for him and he stood up , gave a few strokes of his big cock and then spunked in to my mouth.

It was fantastic. Such an honour for me to have served him in this way and i so look forward to serving him again.

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