1 Dec 2016

December 1st - an early Christmas Present - a new video for you

Last week i mentioned that i was being used by Mr. Latex (Master King) a Domiant Black Master who was training me in all sorts of debauchery.

As a treat to all of you , here is a BRAND NEW video of him using me.

i was dressed head to toe in latex. My ponytail was thread through a hole in the top of my latex hood.
Master King used my ponytail as a grip to manouvre my head on his BBC.

He was soon choking me on his dick , producing copious ammounts of drool after lots of gagging.
This video will appeal to me if you believe that sub bitches like me need to be used rough.

The video appears below , hope you can all see it . If you cannot see it , you can also find it at :
Tiffany on xhamster

Best wishes,

23 Nov 2016

November 23rd Update

Hello all , i realise you havent had an update for ages ... so , here goes.

I have been travelling to Egypt , Jordan and Oman.

I like Arab men almost as much as i like Black men !!!
What i like about them is that they are very selfish when it comes to the way they treat "women". It suits me perfectly. They just want to use me like a piece of meat and have no care if i am getting any pleasure or not ! Fabulous.
Naturally , i like the darker skinned ones. When they are dressed in their dishdasha ( long , white robe) and they lift it up to reveal their hard Arab cocks i go crazy :-) Gosh , i cant get enough of Arab cock - i'd love to be in a room full of Arab men who put me on all fours and get to work !

On my holiday , MANY a taxi driver would take a diversion on our route and i found myself with my head in his lap , sucking on his dick as we drove around the streets ! So naughty.

Otherwise , i have been pleasuring Black cock at home , as is normal in the Winter time.
i have made lots of new connections through a site that i have barely used before , Craiglist.
Gosh , dozens of horny men are flocking for my totally free service through there. 
What a lucky girl i am to be able to bring so many men , so much pleasure.

This Friday , 25th , i am also organising one of my regular  www.thedarkthrust.co.uk  parties.

Then horny Black Bulls will be supplied with 7 greedy tgirls and the men can do what they like with them !

Finally , i have re-kindled serving an established visitor. Mr. Latex is a Black Bull Master who has the filthiest of needs and desires.
After I have pleasured his cock thoroughly he has taken to forcefull training me as a "human toilet".
His visits to me get VERY wet and messy , if you get my drift.
He leaves only when my belly is full of his cum , piss and ****
He is a FILTHY , nasty man and i LOVE this new direction in my servitude to kinky men.

Hope you are all well,

29 Sept 2016

i am BACK serving Dark Cock - Winter 2016/7

After my Summer Break , i am NOW back serving Dark Cock - no strings - in the comfort of my private apartment in S.Central London.

I pleasure Black , Mixed race, Dark Arab , Indian, Pakistani, Nubian etc... men who are aged 18 - 49 and are not overweight, all for free , no strings.

i am occasioanlly asked by Caucasian men to serve them and i can do this for an escort fee.

I kick off my servitude to dark dick by hosting a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party this Friday night , September 30th , when 10 Black African Bulls will take pleasure from 16 holes belonging to 8 sexy , greedy, tgirls.

I then open up my diary to pleasure Dark men at home from October 12th 2016 right through until May 2017.

As i have said before , this blog contains over 2yrs of detailed reports, pictures and videos of my servite to dark cock , so please enjoy it as i have decided that , this winter , i will NOT be posting regular , weekly updates.

Men can always get in contact with me through my personal free , informational website at www.bitch4black.com

In honour of my "new season" and the men i will pleasure , i just had a new , permanent tattoo to mark me ( to the general Black community) as  slut/slave who can be asked upon , by any black man , to DROP TO MY KNEES and SUCK HIS DICK ON THE SPOT.

It is The Queen Of Spades , a known and recognised marker for those sluts , like me , who are sex slaves to black men. I had it placed on the underside of my arm , so , that whenever i am in a bar and raise my glass to take a drink , black men can see it and know what i am  .



25 Sept 2016

Sunday September 25th 2016 - DOGGING

Black Master Brix is pimping me out , dogging, tonight !

As you know , i ONLY pleasure dark skinned men. I do anything possible for them in order to serve them to the best of my ability.

However , here is the twist.

Black Master Brix's desires in life are to see gurls turned in to MEGA-SLUTS. To pleasure all cocks in all of their holes. He REALLY gets off on that.

So , here we have a contradiction !

My need to serve Black men in any way possible always overides my own agenda. I am here to serve THEM , i am not self-serving.

And so.... Black Master Brix takes me outdoors in the Summer months to dogging ( outdoor sex) locations.

He then invites EVERY man to use my holes . I am wearing his slave collar and i cannot refuse any man.

So , tonight he is taking me out to a location , west of London on the M25 area in Surrey.

He has ordered me to post on here my availability to ALL men to turn up and use me.

If you would like to come and use me TONIGHT ONLY , pls do get in touch with me directly , tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com , with "dogging" in your subject line and I WILL SEND  you full details.

You must drive a vehicle to reach this location.

Thank You


Video is not visible, most likely your browser does not support HTML5 video

5 Sept 2016

Saturday September 10th - i will pleasure YOU ALL !

Sorry for not keeping you updated guys , i have had such a full summer so far and i have so much to tell you about my exploits.

i still dont have time to do that though.
This is just a quick post to let you know that :

Black Master Brix is taking myself and another gorgeous , blonde, tgirl , out to a dogging location to the west of London , close to the M25 on Saturday September 10th , after dark.

ALL men who turn up , aged 18 - 55 , who are not overweight (no beer bellies) WILL be pleasured. Any race.
Our mouths and arses will be provided to YOU.
At the end of the night, i can even be FISTED if you have always wanted to try and see what it feels like to have your hand inside another person !

To find out the location and time you MUST join Master Brix's mailing list at

TOP , ACTIVE Men only please , NO versatile guys or other CD/TV's , thank you .


30 Aug 2016

Dogging Last week

Last week , Black Master Brix took me dogging and pimped me to ALL men, yes , even White men!
I thought that you , my dear readers , might like to see pictures and videos of that night.

Here is the link :



27 Aug 2016


Master Brix is pimping me ( for free) to ALL men at a location W.London/Surrey/M25 from 9pm onwards
Details through his website at  www.publicslut.co.uk

27 Jul 2016

Paris- July 28th and 29th ( The + Fri)

I shall be in Paris for 2 days, Thursday and Friday.
I will go to Atlas Cinema and Beverly cinema at some point.
On Friday night I will go to the TGirl club on Rue De Dames, http://tvchix.com/venues/337/La_Maison_Du_Travesti

I would love as many French men as possible to meet me at these sex on premises venues. I am a greedy girl ! Any race, skin colour, just be aged 18-55 and NOT fat !

NO females or other tgirls pls, I am just not in to you !



4 Jul 2016

July 4th 2016 - Summer Update

Hello everyone - how is your summertime going ?

Well for the month of June I was travelling in my campervan in The Meditteranean.
I went on two occasions to the swingers , naturist village of Cap D'Agde in the South Of Farnce.
I could always be found in the bushes , in the sandunes behind the swingers beach.
Gosh , i made dozens upon dozens of men shoot their creamy loads with my talented mouth and arse !
I also visited a sauna in Beziers , where i was fortunate enough to get my hole fisted by two eager men.
I also sepnt time in Barcelona , where i served at the gloryhole in a sex shop !
Also , I spent 10 days in Mallorca. There is a lovely layby there which labourers and salesmen pull in to , in their cars , in the daytime.
I was much in demand by these men !

I came back to London for a few days but i am now returning to the Meditteranean for the month of July.

I start off again in Cap D'Agde and also visit Barcelona and the island of Ibiza.

Here is my upcoming schedule :

July 6/7/8/9 Cap D'Agde/Marseillan Plage/Sete/Montpellier area.
July 10/11 - Barcelona
July 12 - 21 - Ibiza (Town)
July 21/22 Barcelona
July 23/25/25/26 Agde, Marseillan Plage/Sete/Montpellier area.
July 27/28//29/30 travelling Agde - Clermont Ferrand - Paris - Berck-Sur-Mer - Calais - Dover - London

Perhaps YOU will be in one of those areas , at the same time as me , and need your cock pleasured ?


28 Jun 2016

See Tiffany in a movie ! A proper one ! i look Absolutely Fabulous

Hello dear readers.
Well, i have been in the South Of France for the past month - i will write more about that in a day or two.

I have flown back for just a few days as I will be attending the Red Carpet Premier of Absolutely Fabulous - the movie on Weds night ( June 29th) in Londons Leicester Square. I had a small , supporting role part in the film.

My appearnce is only very brief though.

I wonder if you will spot me ?

Anyway , if you want to go and see the movie , details are here :-


22 May 2016

The END of my regular weekly updates

Many of my readers will know that it is now three and a half years since i allowed you all in to my life with weekly accounts of my servitude to dark cock.

In that time , half a million people have seen my blog.
Many people "subscribe" to it and look forward to my weekly updates.

i am afraid that TODAY i STOP composing those weekly updates. i am afraid it just takes up too much of my time. Also , i think 3 and a half years of accounts of my life as a sex slave is enough to demonstrate that i am real and genuine and i am devoted to cock.

In this blog you will see that i am indeed a sex slave to Black and dark skinned men and their cocks - i NEVER ask for anything from them in return.

You see and will read that my personal preference is for Black and dark skinned men e.g Black , Mixed, Nubian , Indian, Dark Arab etc....
It is NOT EVER about cock size, i am NOT a size queen. It makes no difference to me if a dark cock is 2" long or 12". They all deserve to be worshipped and served. For me it is entirely about the contrast in skin colour against mine. i find dark skinned men "exotic".

You will read that for the past 3 qand a half years i have pleasured anything between 6 and 12 dark cocks every week.
Dark men just visit me, i pour them a drink , i have porn playing for them on the TV and then i drop to my knees and provide my throat and ass for their pleasure. i ask nothing of them and they ALWAYS have a wonderful time.

These are NOT gay men either. ONLY men who consider themselves heterosexual visit me.
They might be in sexless marriages or with a girlfriend who will not take it up the arse.
With me , they know that i will do that for them.

Some men like to visit for an hour and make thorough use of my holes in all sorts of positions.
Some men will literally get off the tube train on their way home , walk the 2 minutes to my apartment , knock the door , drop their trousers and set me to work on their dick.
In 2 minutes they shoot their load down my throat.
They havent even spoken to me! They then turn around and head home.
THIS is how a true sex slave makes herself available.

It is ALWAYS about HIM , his needs , his desires , it is never about me.

Besides one-on-one servitude to dark men , i also provide OTHER sexy , greedy tgirls to them to use , at my monthly www.thedarkthrust.co.uk    parties. Often 8 tgirls will attend to be consensually raped by 12 Black Bulls.

Whilst my blog is all about my servitude to Dark Skinned Men only , naturally , i have found that i appeal to a LOT of caucasian (White) men too.

At first i used to reply that i was totally off limits to them.
i have come to a comromise though as so many White men were offering to PAY to visit me to serve them , that , i decided i would agree to this, as an experiment , if you like.
i am certainly NOT a full time escort - i have other scources of income , thank you very much, however , i do realise that some White men SIMPLY MUST see me and use me.

So , i do see the occasioanl White man for a fee.
If this interests you , then , please do get in touch with me to book me as an escort.

Finally this will NOT be the last ever post of mine on this blog. It is just the end of my regular , weekly tales of servitude to cock.

i will still post here but posts will be few and far between.

If you need to contact me , you can do that through my personal , informational website at :


It has been a blast sharing my adventures of my servitude to cock with you all.

Love and best wishes,



Week ending May 21st 2016

Well , i officially started my annual summer break LAST weekend BUT one of my regular , domiannt, hunky , Black men "Mr.Dragon" emailed me telling me he needed my ass on Friday.

So , on Friday May 20th i served "Mr.Dragon"

Mr.Dragon is a sexy , assertive , powerfully build black man whom i have been serving for quite some time. He has several entries in this blog.

Things started normally, where i sucked his big BBC and rimmed his arse.
He took me to the bedroom and fucked me hard.

Then he told me he wanted stretch my ass even more , so , he took me to my playroom and strapped me down on my back on the fuck bench.
He raised and tied my legs in the stirrups so my hole was now facing him.
He pulled over a seat , so his face was at my arse hole level.

In this predicament , i was unable to move , my ass was exposed and vulnerable for whatever nasty ideas he had in mind.

He took one of my large black dildos. It is 3 times the size of any cock.
He lubed it well with Crisco and then started to invade my hole with it.

Fortunately , with my free hand i was allowed to take hits of poppers.
The poppers got to work fast and soon my hole was relaxing , stretching and yearning for more!

He then took my GIANT Victor Dildo.
The head on this dildo is as wide as a grapefruit.

He placed the head at my puckering hole and then proceeded to drive forward.
Soon the massive girth was stretching my hole as i took hits of poppers.

When the head of this monster enters my kunt , you can actually let go of the dildo and it will NOT fall out.
It is so big and heavy that the arse muscles do not have the strength to push it out. Once it is in , it is in for good - until someone uses a lot of force to pull it out.

Mr.Dragon stepped back , hands free , stroked his big dick and admired his handywork.

There i was with a gigantic dildo wedged up my hole.

At this time , i just had the head inside me.
He wanted it deeper.

So , this nasty man took a rubber mallet off my toy shelf and proceeded to actually HAMMER the dildo further up my arse.

With each heavy blow thundering through my body , he hammered the gigantic dildo further and further inside me.

My ass was being stretched to its limits and then... beyond !
i was completely full , impaled on this gigantic phallus.

He stopped and admired his handywork again.

The thing is , with a dildo this size , when you get "contractions" and try to push it out - you actually cannot. Instead , the arse just sucks it in deeper.

So , there i was , strapped down , impaled on this gigantic dildo which i could not push out. i was my own worse enemy , because every time i pushed on it the more i created a vacuum and a space for it to go deeper.

After a while , he used all of his strength to pull the dildo out of me.

He lubed both of his rubber gloved hands with thick globs of crisco and then started to stretch me with his fingers.
My arse had been so stretched by the dildo that i had no resistance.

Soon his big , black hand was right up inside my arse hole.

He then took pleasure in gently rocking his hand in and out of my arse , for me to get used to the size of him.

After a short while , he picked up the pace and pressure.
Soon he was punch fucking my wrecked hole with his fist.

He unstrapped me and got me on fours with my arse in the air.
With his fist removed , my hole just sucked in air , to fill the space.

He was looking down in to my well-gaped hole.

In this position i was in a much better angle for him to mercilessly punch fuck my hole again.
This time , he went deeper.

When he had had enough , he withdrew his hands and went to shower.
i just lay there with my ass throbbing and gaping. My mind full of endorphins and in quite a state ( a nice state)
i could not function - i could easilly have just been raped by 10 more cocks by this time , as my hole had no resistance.

No pictures were taken , although there are some videos of me being fisted on xhamster.

Below though is a picture of my ass impaled on the giant Victor Dildo , taken in the past.

14 May 2016

An "extra" post - a little video

I was VERY flattered recently when a man who viewd this blog and is a "fan" , compiled a short video of me , with delicious dark cocks in my mouth.

i thought i'd share it with you .

THANK YOU to the man who took time to create it , i am very honoured and flattered .


8 May 2016

Week ending May 7th 2016

Hello everyone. Are you enjoying the sunshine ?

Well my U.K readers will know what i am talking about as we have some very hot and sunny weather conditions here in the UK. We are hotter than the Mediterranean !

However , this means that i only pleasured ONE man on ONE day this week !
You see , my apartment gets too hot and i loose stamina and enthusiasm to serve men , when it is so hot here. My libido goes to zero, but it does mean that i go outside and do other things !

So , on Wednesday May 4th i pleasured ONE man.

I first connected with this athletic, good looking , toned young man around 4yrs ago through The Balck Mans Fan Club forums.
Since then , he has visited me 4 or 5 times.

"Mr.Ed" really surprised me today. i heard the doorbell go at the time that he was scheduled to visit me , so , i peeped through my viewing hole to see his handsome face.
When i opened the door to him though , he was stood there STARK NAKED with a massive hard-on !
Well , that is a first for me and such a treat !

So , just from his dick i could see that this boy was in urgent need of pleasure!
As with all of our sessions this boy likes lots and lots and lots of cock sucking.
The same ammount of time ( which is a long time!) he likes devoted to his arse hole !

So , after ages of sucking , he told me to get down as he presented me his arse hole.
He said "take in the smell whore".
He had done just as he promised me in a text , he had left his arse unwiped , funky and moist all morning.
"Now get to work with your tongue on cleaning that filth" he ordered.

And so , i did just that - being  the compliant , dirty little slut that i am.
My tongue savoured his funk as he used my mouth like toilet paper.
He told me to get a finger in there and scoop out what "food" i could find.
i duely obeyed.

So he fed me his cock and his arse over the course of an hour.

When he decided he wanted to cum , he wanked his cock as i slurped on his balls and fingered his arse hole.

We did not take any pictures , however , below are some taken on his previous visits. In one picture you will see me under his arse hole in my rimming box!


And that was all for the week - i did not serve anyone else as the weather here in London has been so hot and humid.

I am hoping it cools down a little for my www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party next Friday night (May 13th) when 7 gorgeous , greedy , compliant tgirls will be invited to join me in serving TEN handsome , hunky , virile Black Bulls :-) 

24 Apr 2016

Week ending 23rd April 2016

On Wednesday April 20th I served FOUR men.

My first visitor I have served several times now . "Mr.FrenchBrazillian" visted me two weeks ago.
As I have done so many write-ups about this hairy , dark hunk , we decided to take some pics , instead of more words , for you !

My second visitorcontacted me on fabswingers , just days ago. This sexy “Indian Daddy” told me I was to be his slave.

I sucked his dark cock and then he told me to lick his body all over. I complied and ended with his feet. It is quite taboo in his culture to “show” the feet and so , seeing me lick and suck his feet and take his toes in my mouth really turned him on.

Next he told me to chew his arse hole. Not rim , but chew !!!

So , I got my mouth around his puckered hole and then chewed away. I was chowing down on his funky arse hole when he told me to grab the can of coke that was nearby , plus the straw and to squirt the coke up his hole. I duely did so.
Next he told me to drink ! He grabbed my head, pressed my mouth tight against his hole, opened his bowel and pushed the filth in to my mouth. He covered my mouth shut with his hand and ordered me to swallow ! Gosh , this Master really does not how to defile a slave !
He was so pleased with me for consuming his filthy mess , so he fucked me as a reward.

My third visitor last visited me in December 2015.
“boy Brixton”  is an 18yr old , handsome , tall , athletic,  black lad from Brixton.
A short amount of time bringing pleasure to his cock with my mouth soon had him shooting his load.!
Round two was a further 20 mintes of sucking , before he gave me his second load !
Here is a picture taken on his last visit.

My fourth visitor last visited me 18 months ago.
This married Bull of a black man has a BIG 9 inch cock.
It was wonderful sucking him , before he ordered me to fuck myself with a dildo as he watched , stroking his big dick.
Next , he grabbed a condom , tossed the dildo aside and rammed his big dick up my arse to replace it. Gosh – he filled me so much.
He pulled out as he told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. And so , sucking him for a little more time soon had him shooting his spunk down my throat. 

On Thursday April 21st i served TWO men.

Firstly it was my honour again to serve "Mr. Sleaze".

He means so much to me and has visited me so often that he even has his only “search tag” on the right hand side of the page.
Today , this strong , handsome , Dark Bull wanted me masked , with a collar and lead around my neck.

I opened the door to him on my knees and when he closed it behind him he thrust his crotch in to my face and teased me with his bulge.
When he finally released his dick I was  made to tease it , with just the tip of his tongue.

Next , he needed to piss , so , my face was forced in to the toilet bowl as he released a stream of acrid piss over my mask and in to my open mouth.

In the living room I finally got to taste his heavy black dick as he skull fucked my mask encased head.

He manoeuvred his funky arse hole on to my mouth and told me to get to work with my tongue , as I cleaned up his hole and brought pleasure to his sensitive ring with my tongue.

Endless control of my latex encased head ensued before he finally shot his huge cum load over my mask and pictured it for you all to enjoy !

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.G" who i served almost a year to the day ago.

Mr.G just likes to be sucked and rimmed , so , today , i did just that for him.
To add another dimension for his pleasure , i put a silicone ball stretcher around his ball sack.
I then took his balls AND his dick and sucked them together in my mouth !

Soon , he was shooting his load down my throat !


On Friday April 22nd i pleasured two men. 

My first visitor was "Steelman" from E.London. 
He contacted me through fabswingers.

He is a young , handsome , toned black man who is very active on the swinging scene but he has never had a proper encounter with a submissive tgirl like myself.

In no time at all my mouth was all over his big , 9 inch black cock.
i slavvered over his balls before descending to his arse hole , where i brought loads of rimming pleasure to his hole.
i had gotten him so worked up that he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass.
In just 2 minutes of fucking me , he shot his load ! Such is the delight of my ass that it has men cumming in no time at all.

After a little break he put me back on his dick.
Just lots of sucking and attention to his dick , balls and arse this time.
20 mins of attention had him cumming for a second time !

My second and final visitor was “Mr.Beef” who is frequently mentioned on this blog as he is a very , frequent visitor. He is a stocky , muscled , handsome , Bull of a Black man .

Today I sucked him and rimmed him , before climbing on top of him and riding my hole on his thick , black dick.
I did all the work as I milked the spunk out of his balls and dick , as he shot his load up my ass.

I left the poor bloke drained and he is running the London marathon today ! I hope he has recovered his energy !