13 Oct 2012

"Mr.C" was the third man to visit me today. I have served "Mr.C" several times in the past and so now he is used to me , my compliance and setting out his needs and desires from the start. i was ordered to be wearing black pvc mini dress with black lingerie and black patent 4" heels.
i went to work on sucking his cock BUT he always presents his arse hole to me very early on in the proceeding. You see he LOVES having a tongue rimming his arse hole. You see many (most) females will not lick a guys ass for him. They think it dirty and degrading. Many guys are even afraid to just ask a female to do it , they are afraid of the annoyed reaction that they will receive. "Mr.C" has trained me well as his arse hole slave. I spent a long time bringing him waves of pleasure with my tongue and stroking it with my fingers.
The majority of men have not yet discovered the pleasures of stimulating their arse holes. They think that anything to do with their arse hole must be "gay". Nothing could be further from the truth. When a hot , compliant , feminine tgirls pays attention to your arse hole with her tongue you are going to receive waves of pleasure that you have never experienced before.
"Mr.C" also loves attention to his nipples and balls and so i was happy to provide that.
We did take pictures , but , i am afraid they did not come out too well , so i am unable to show you pics of me dressed in the PVC that he demanded.
Instead , i include a picture from his visit a few months ago , an animated image of me sucking his delicious black cock.


  1. That was me! I'm the kinky guy who loves Tiffany dressed in PVC and rimming my ass hole! lol. I've never had a better blowjob than Tiffany's.. Pure pleasure! xxx

  2. WOW - What a compliment - thank you so much Mr.C
    It is always a delight to be your compliant slut