24 Oct 2012

Seems to be a week for "drop outs"
I will say i can perfectly understand if something crops up at the last minute and a guy has to cancel. As long as he lets me know as much in advance as possible , then that is fine. i can then free up his visit time to allocate to another needy man.

However , some guys are unthinking and rude. They wait until the "meeting time" and my text to them results in them giving me some excuse that they can no longer make it. i am not stupid , they have either forgotten about the date or changed their mind.

WORSE than them are the guys who do not turn up , do not email , do not respond to texts and do not appologise for standing me up. They drop off the face of the earth. These guys are TIMEWASTERS. They are also scumbags. If you only knew the time and effort that i put in to preparing for you , to serve you no strings and bring you pleasure. Factor in the number of guys who have also contacted me , wanting YOUR timeslot, then , you dont even turn up , dont even let me know and dont ever get in touch again.

I am thinking about creating a page on my website for these type - a TIMEWASTERS page, where i will post your picture, your email address and your number in order to warn the wider world that you are rude , unthinking , uncaring and a timewaster.
What do you think folks / Should i expose these bastards ?

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  1. No need to waste more time with time wasters