23 Nov 2016

November 23rd Update

Hello all , i realise you havent had an update for ages ... so , here goes.

I have been travelling to Egypt , Jordan and Oman.

I like Arab men almost as much as i like Black men !!!
What i like about them is that they are very selfish when it comes to the way they treat "women". It suits me perfectly. They just want to use me like a piece of meat and have no care if i am getting any pleasure or not ! Fabulous.
Naturally , i like the darker skinned ones. When they are dressed in their dishdasha ( long , white robe) and they lift it up to reveal their hard Arab cocks i go crazy :-) Gosh , i cant get enough of Arab cock - i'd love to be in a room full of Arab men who put me on all fours and get to work !

On my holiday , MANY a taxi driver would take a diversion on our route and i found myself with my head in his lap , sucking on his dick as we drove around the streets ! So naughty.

Otherwise , i have been pleasuring Black cock at home , as is normal in the Winter time.
i have made lots of new connections through a site that i have barely used before , Craiglist.
Gosh , dozens of horny men are flocking for my totally free service through there. 
What a lucky girl i am to be able to bring so many men , so much pleasure.

This Friday , 25th , i am also organising one of my regular  www.thedarkthrust.co.uk  parties.

Then horny Black Bulls will be supplied with 7 greedy tgirls and the men can do what they like with them !

Finally , i have re-kindled serving an established visitor. Mr. Latex is a Black Bull Master who has the filthiest of needs and desires.
After I have pleasured his cock thoroughly he has taken to forcefull training me as a "human toilet".
His visits to me get VERY wet and messy , if you get my drift.
He leaves only when my belly is full of his cum , piss and ****
He is a FILTHY , nasty man and i LOVE this new direction in my servitude to kinky men.

Hope you are all well,