24 Oct 2012

Tuesday Oct 23rd 2012
Quiet day today due to "drop-outs".
Only pleasured one lad today.
He was a 21yr old Indian boy. He has not been in the UK for long and so he still has his strong Indian accent.
He has not been exposed much to sex before, infact he was a virgin !
The only sexual contact that he has ever had was with a male friend, when they rubbed eachothers cocks in an adolescent way.
So, i was his FIRST ever , proper sexual encounter.

He was very taken with me and me with him in a sort of "Mrs Robinson" way. Goodnesss , i was old enough to be his mum ! He said that turned him on though, to be seduced by an older woman.
Well, turned on he was , as you can imagine. His lovely 7inch dark dick was constantly hard.
His beautiful , peachy arse was a delight to taste , smell, lick and chew.

He was hairy too , which i LOVE. i loved his hairy chest and his hairy bum and arse hole. i love feeling those hairs on my tongue as i rim a mans arse.

He was desperate to fuck me in the ass but i was actually trying to talk him out of it !
Call me old fashioned but i actually wanted him to loose his virginity to someone whom he had more of a connection with, a deeper relationship if you like.
In the end , he was so horny , i gave in. I made a concession though, i just allowed him to ride my ass for a few minutes , i told him he was NOT to cum in my ass. So , i pulled him out after a while and told him to save the first time that he came in a pussy or ass for someone he loved.

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