12 Jun 2013

EVERYONE, Black or White, can meet me for REAL during Summer 2013, DOGGING !

From reading my blog you will KNOW that i am a devoted slave to Black men.
Did you know though , that i serve Black men in many different ways which will fulfil their needs and desires ?

One such man is Master Brixtonian, he is a tall , assertive, dominant Black man from London.
HIS desires are to see sluts (tgirl and female sluts) thoroughly used and abused.
He gets off on seeing sluts used by multiple cocks in a situation where they have NO CHOICE in whom they pleasure. He wants to see them used as total whores and cum dumps.

So , in the Summer times (June - Sept) , Master Brixtonian takes me DOGGING (outdoor , anonymous sex in woods and car parks etc...)

He drives me to busy dogging locations on the outskirts of North , East and West London. He makes me dress in just stockings , basque and heels with backless panties. He allows me a coat over the top but this is removed when i reach the dogging location.

He straps a "bum bag" to my back. On it is written "Condoms and lube , take and use". You can guess what it contains.

He then leads me in to the woods and men follow.
He makes me put down a ground sheet and tells me to get on my knees. He then invites the surrounding men to use my mouth. Sometimes it can be two or three men, sometimes a dozen or more. Master Brixtonian would like it to be 20 or more , if it were possible.
The men are also invited to use my ass.
EVERY orgasm the men produce i am forced to hold in my mouth , savour and then swallow.

These men can be black or white . They can be young , old , fat or thin - basically , NO MAN IS REFUSED and i have no choice in the matter.

When Master Brixtonian takes me dogging it is an opportunity for ANY man to use me as no man is refused.

ANY MAN , regardless of age , skin colour etc... may use me this Summer , whilst outdoors , dogging.

IF YOU LIVE in the London/M25 area and would like to be informed of when and where Master Brixtonian is taking me , so that YOU may use my holes and dump your cum , then , email me directly, tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com to be placed in Master Brixtonians Yahoo group , where he announces dates , times and locations of where/when he will be pimping me out (for free) to all men.
You MUST mention "dogging" in your message.

If you come to use me in the woods you can bring whatever you need to make it more special for you .
Bring rope , if you like to see a slut tied, bring your camera , bring your four legged dog if that appeals to you both too :-) as NOBODY IS REFUSED !

LONDON/M25 area men only though .


10 Jun 2013

NOT serving cock during the Summer 2013.

i slow down my servitude to dark cock during the Summer months here in the U.K.

This is for two reasons :
1 - My apartment gets so hot ( i don't have air-conditioning) and within just a few minutes of serving a guy , both he and i rapidly become overheated and uncomfortable.
This big city of London is mostly built of concrete and it really traps and holds the heat. It can often even be 20 degrees at night with no breeze whatsoever,  whilst outside of the Capital City it can be a comfortable 16 degrees and breezy.

2 - i can have finished my work in the morning and it it is a glorious , hot (22 - 30 degrees) day and all i want to do is head out of the city , to cool down and maybe go to the beach. i cannot do this or be spontaneous if i have a date in my diary to serve a man. ( i honour all dates you see as i have made a commitment to someone , i am not going to let them down at the last minute - only if it was absolutely unavoidable)
So , i simply don't make MANY definite dates during the Summer. There MIGHT be one or two , but , they will be exceptions rather than the rule.

So , there will be little activity on my blog during June - the end of September.
DO browse all the past posts on my blog though and "normal service will resume" in October.

i do go dogging "outdoor sex" during this period of time and i will update you of those adventures.


Thursday June 6th - served 2 men

On Thursday i served 2 guys.
The first was a re-visit from "Mr.Kenya" whom i pleasured in May and is "Guy 2" on the list at this link :
So lovely to suck him , rim him and ride his cock today !

The second guy was "Mr.Power"
Mr.Power is a very tall, strong Black Master. He runs his own group on the Fetlife website where he extolls the virtues of Black men using and owning white sub sluts (like me) to take care of their needs.
He has a wonderful mind and outlook on just how things need to be.

What an absolute shock when he undressed to expose a truly ENORMOUS COCK!
Easily one of the biggest black dicks that i have ever come across.
i did not have my tape measure handy (LOL) but i am guessing it had to be 11/12 inches long. This MUST be one of the biggest dick in London !

Now , dear reader , you are probably expecting me to write how i went crazy for his dick etc....
My more frequent visitors will know however that I AM NOT A SIZE QUEEN !
i do not serve dark skinned men because they are supposed to have bigger cocks , i do it because i like the contrast in skin colour to my own.

So , i tell you (and i told "Mr.Power" when he was here) his cock was just too big (for me) to handle.
Due to length and girth i probably only managed about 6 inches of it down my throat ( not due to the lack of trying though!)

i actually feel a bit sorry for guys who have very long cocks. i doubt that they ever find anyone who can deep throat them. It must be sad that they cannot experience this.
Also , for anal it is probably too much for most.
You see , an ass is not like a pussy - pussy's seem to go on for ever in depth , but , an ass can only take around 5 - 8 inches (on average) before a dick will hit the wall (where the colon bends at a right angle). So , there was also no way that "Mr.Power" would have been fucking me in the ass either (not that he did, today).
So , i felt a little inadequate today but i tried my best and sucked him for at least an hour.

If anyone is asking , what is the perfect sized cock for me ?
5 - 8 inches and slim for my throat , or , as thick as a beer can for my ass !

"Mr.Power" did not want any pictures taken , so , i reproduce an internet grabbed picture below , for you to see how big he was....

5 Jun 2013

He travelled hundreds of miles to use me like a skanky whore

Just one guy today ( 3 others cancelled can you believe?)

"Mr.Birmingham" is a fit , handsome, young black boy.
He lives in Birmingham, is straight and has a girlfriend.
He has never met a tgirl before.

He saw my videos on xhamster and could see that i was just the type of slut that he would like to act out his fantasies with.

He travelled hundreds of miles on a coach - just to visit me !
Makes sense though. Think about it. The minimum price you will pay for an escort to "treat with respect" is £100 (often much more) , why not spend just £30 or something on a coach trip and use me "nasty" for nothing ?

Mr.Birmingham had an agenda. He wanted to use me as nasty as possible.
So , as soon as he arrived his dick was down my throat and it stayed that way for almost two hours.
He likes to throat fuck and make a gurl puke. He succeeded as i struggled to take the onslought on my throat.

He moved to the rimming seat and lowered his funky arse hole on to my mouth and i was made to rim him for the longest time.

More sucking , more throat fucking and then he wanked his black cock and cum in my open mouth.

He barlely paused after he had cum but instead reached for a condom and told me to lube up and bend over . He fucked me for the longest time , making my ass loosen up and gape.
He withdrew his cock , told me to stay bent over , grabbed a latex glove , lubed his hand and proceeded to stretch and push his fist in to my arse.
He succeeded, as he was on a mission and i had little choice as he had total control over me.

After he had fun with my arse (something he had never done before he told me) he sat back down and told me to get to work on his dick again. More throat fucking followed.
He withdrew his dick from my mouth and wanked it whilst i sucked on his balls. He cum again , this time he shot all over my face and in to my mouth.
He then ordered me to swallow.

It is nice to know that there are such young men as him (he is maybe 22 - 25yrs old ? ) who choose to take out their aggression and fulfill their fantasies with a compliant sex slave to Black men , like myself. 

Below is a picture of him filling my mouth with his dick and two smaller ones showing the two times that he cum.

3 Jun 2013

3 Horny boys were pleasured today

Guy 1
It was the first time ever that "Mr.Sweetdick" had met a trans gurl like me.
He came to me thru a contact site , curious about tgirls.
i had informed him that his visit to me would all be about him and his desires.

He spent no time at all getting his trousers down as his big , thick erection had been bursting to get out since he walked through the door.

This handsome , chunky young man had a delicious 8 inch cock which was thicker then the average.
It looked so inviting , standing there to attention , that i spent no time at all in getting my mouth around the tip. i worked my way down the shaft and worked my tongue and throat on his stiff dick. i enjoyed bringing pleasure to his cock - i always feel so content with dick in my mouth.

i rimmed him and then he grabbed a condom , bent me over and rammed his 8inches home , up my arse.
After enjoying my ass for a while , he ripped off the condom and shoved his cock down my throat again.
He cum by wanking his shaft as i stimulated the tip with my mouth and tongue then moved down to chew his balls.

What a delightful , chunky boy.
i am honored that i was his first ever tgirl.
Here is his lovely thick cock......

Guy 2
"Mr.G" was a tall , sexy young black man. He had a gorgeous , fit body and when he dropped his pants WHAT a surprise i had. He had a HUGE cock, long and thick. It is hard to tell in the pictures below just how big it was !
He had met tgirls before , so , he knew how to handle a compliant , greedy slut like me.
He told me he did not want to do any fucking - he just wanted his dick sucked. 
So that's just what i did. i pleasured that cock of his with my mouth and made it all slippery and slimy with my spit when he demanded it.
He did agree to some rimming though and he loved spending 15 minutes on my rim seat , as my tongue caressed and teased his arse hole , bringing waves of pleasure to him. His cock responded by getting harder than ever.
Back to the sofa and more pleasure was brought to his dick by my mouth.
He too shot his load whilst i chewed on his balls.
Here he is .........

Guy 3
...was a handsome young black boy. i commented that he looked Nubian. Hairy'er than many black boys , so that was a turn on. 
He had been partying all weekend and so he took me up on my offer of just lying back and allowing me to bring pleasure to his cock with my mouth.
i offered to rim him too and he told me that he had never experienced it before.
It almost didn't happen because he felt too exposed as he laid back and brought his legs up in to the air in order to expose his ass hole to my awaiting tongue.
i suggested we move to the rim seat , where he would be in full control as he can "sit" and lower his arse hole on to my tongue.
Well , for someone who has never tried it before he was certainly enjoying it. He was soon rocking back and forth on my tongue , as i stimulated the nerve endings around and in his arse hole with my lips, mouth and tongue. He LOVED it !
Back to the sofa and he fucked me in the ass for a while before we resumed the position of him lying down and myself sucking his dick.
Such a hot young man and such a tasty ass to eat and pleasure.
i do hope that he will visit again.

This young man did not want any pictures taken , which was quite alright as i am there just to serve. A visit to me is NOT about pictures , it is about receiving pleasure ! 


2 Jun 2013

Gang fucked by 7 men last Friday

Last Friday night i held the latest of my
http//www.thedarkthrust.co.uk parties.

Myself and 6 other gorgeous trans sub sluts made ourselves available to 7 Black Bulls.
So, 12 holes (mouth's and arses) were available all night long for these men to use.

i did not see most of the activities in the party because one of the black guys took me to my playroom and locked me in my leather "sleepsack".
This is like a sleeping bag. It has arm binders built inside.
You get zipped in to the sack and you cannot move an inch.
The sack was them hoisted up in to the air by means of my electric hoist.

My ass was accessible by means of a zip.
My mouth was accessible , as my head protruded from the sack.

i was then blindfolded.

During the evening all 7 men came and used my holes for their pleasure.
i never saw their faces , as i was blindfolded.

i am proud of my devotion that night , being reduced to a base level of just "holes" for men to use.

i am afraid there are no good pictures of that but below is one where you can just make out the beginning of the sleepsack , below my neck and you can see me blindfolded and serving cock.

i have been blogged on another site - xxtase

I have done an an interview for the xxtase blog about my devotion to Black men.
You can see words and pictures by clicking on the link below :