19 Oct 2012

Today was special.
i only met one guy.... but .... it was special.

You see , the internet has brought wonderful things to men today. They are able to view all sorts of kinky things which , in the past , they will not have had access to and therefore , possibly , never ever have had the opportunity to persue.

You see "Mr Abs" today ( i call him that as he has a fit, sexy body and sensational abs! ) , a black male in his 20's , is such an example.
Frequently , i meet and serve men like MrAbs who have a similar story to tell.
Well , it is not Mr.Abs own words , but my take on what i THINK has happened.

You see , Mr.Abs is a 100 percent , full blooded, heterosexual male. He loves pussy and he loves femininity.
Like many men , he is turned on by sluts though. You would never want to marry a slut ,but , to have one in your life to "fuck and go" whenever you are horny is a prize indeed.
Mr Abs has been exposed to sluts and all sorts of sexual fetishes on the internet.

I don't know when he came across tgirls . Maybe a month ? Maybe a year ? Like many men , the seed was planted because he was aroused by the thought of tgirls. I don't know how long it has taken him on his journey in order to find himself in front of me , with me on my knees, swallowing his cock.
Believe me , it IS a journey which i appreciate and understand fully.

Many of you men will be on the same journey yourself. You have read this blog , you have seen my website. You have seen other tgirls and shemales on the internet and YOU KNOW that they arouse you. You see yourself in the place of the men you see in my pictures and you want me to be your slut with her lips around your cock too. The thing is , you havent quite yet worked it out in your head that it is perfectly OK to do this. You are having discussions with yourself in your head. You are still in conflict.
Don't worry , it is a process that you HAVE to go through.

Only when you have gone through it and realise it is infact just a simple step !
After all , what happens in my home is fully consensual and absolutely private. No one is ever going to know "your secret" and i appreciate that many men have found confidentiality and trust in me.

I am so glad Mr.Abs found and visited me today. It takes courage.

i will say though that the reality is , it only takes a LITTLE courage because , when you visit me , you always have the option just to turn around and walk out of the door if you do not feel "right" or "comfortable".

So MrAbs found himself infront of me drinking the cognac on ice that i provided him.
As the cognac slid down his throat he slid his cock down mine.
i also introduced him to the pleasure of rimming. It still surprises me that a man can get in to his mid 20's , 30's , 40's or 50's and has still not ever felt the wonderful sensations of a tongue caressing his arse hole.
Having your arse hole pleasured is NOT a "gay thing". You have hundreds of nerve endings in your arse hole that , when caressed provide you with waves of pleasure. It is simply another sensitive part of your body that bring you immense pleasure.

I LOVE rimming. For me it has so many aspects.
Firstly , i KNOW how much pleasure it brings to a man.
i also love it because it is , in some way "dirty". i mean , when was the last time you turned to the girl you picked up in the nightclub , took home , was having sex with her then said to her "now lick my arse hole". You probably have never said that because you would probably get a slap around the face and kicked out of her apartment or hotel room ! She would think you were disgusting for even mentioning it.
With me though , i LOVE it when you demand it, it makes me feel so inferior and subservient. It makes me a "dirty slut" and i know that is what i am.


Mr.Abs spent a long time with me today , doing the "taboo" things he had been thinking about and plucking up the courage to do. He had a wonderful time and so did i. He even orgasmed twice !   

So today was special - VERY special.  i introduced a man to the joys of meeting a tgirl for the first time. It was an honor to know i was his first. It is also an honor to know that , because he had such a relaxed , understanding time with me , that he will go on to meet other tgirls in the future. He knows that we tgirls are cock hungry and that , since we know our way around cocks on a personal level , that we are able to pleasure one in a way that most women don't even come close to.

i am so content knowing that i am a "dirty slut" for dark skinned men to use. For them to use me with complete discretion , with no strings and that i am there only as a plaything to serve their needs and desires.

Today was very special indeed. :-)

Below is a picture of me , taken tonight, pleasuring Mr.Abs cock.

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