24 Nov 2015

NOT available over the coming weeks

These next few weeks are very busy for me , with my work load and travel.
i am afraid i wont be available to serve ANY men until December 16th.

Check back here on December 20th , for the next update to my blog.


Week ending 22nd November 2015

An extraodinary week off that started bad and ended up great !

On Wednesday November 18th , i woke up to find FIVE men in my diary , whom i was due to pleasure.

My first visitor, at 1pm , saw the return of "Mr.Beef".
i have written about him extensively on this blog in the past as he has been a frequent visitor to me , over several years.
He is a handsome , sexy , chunky, "beefy" Black man who i sucked and rimmed , before he got me on all fours and fucked me in the ass.

Out of the next FOUR men on my schedule , due to end at 7pm , two of the men cancelled ( at least they had the decency to inform me) and TWO stood me up. These are the despicable ones, to make a date and then not turn up not only inconveniences me BUT thay also do a disservice to their Black brothers , who were emailing me during the day , asking to be pleasured , but i had to turn THEM down , as i "thought" i already had a full day.

I was seriously pissed off.

On Thursday November 19th i pleasure TWO men , the third cancelled with notice.

My first visitor saw the return of a regular visitor of mine ,  "Mr. Giant Cock and Balls".
He has been a regular visitor of mine for many years and i last wrote about him on October 22nd 2015.
He has a 9inch cock BUT it is as thick as a beer can. His balls are also the biggest of any man i have ever met.
So , it was a challenge and a pleasure to accomplich sucking , rimming and being fucked by his huge cock.
Here is a pic again , first posted a month ago.

 My second visitor saw the return of the sensational "Mr.Sleaze".
He has visited me so many times now that he even has his ow "search tag" on the right of this blog.
Over the years, this man who wanted to explore his assertive , dominant side has grown in confidence.
EVERY visit of his is an absolut joy.
He is becoming nastier every time (in a nice way) and i really now think he has found himself as a BDSM Master.

Today , i was , as always , hooded when i opened the door to him an asumed my position on my knees.
He took his big black cock out at my door way and teased me with it.
He then dragged me , on my collar and lead to the living room where i spent the most delightful time , obeying his orders , sucking his cock and rimming his funky arse hole.

It is always so wonderful meeting this man and being his sex slave.

On Friday November 22nd i hosted a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk orgy for EIGHT Black Bulls and SEVEN hot tgirls.

The greedy tgirls submitted their holes for 3hrs of thorough use , by the black bulls.

SENSATIONAL as always :-)

19 Nov 2015

Tiffany is Absolutely Fabulous !

A bit off my usual topic , but , just to let my lovely followers know that , earlier this week , i shot a scene for the upcoming global , mainstream movie "Absolutely Fabulous".

"Absolutely Fabulous" is a UK cult comedy series , a global smash hit , that has been off of our television screens for a few years.

The writers and producers are now in the process of making a feature film.
i was cast as a "drag queen" , so , my hair and make-up was well over the top !!!

The film is untitled , as yet , but, the words "Absolutely Fabulous" are bound to appear in the title somewhere.

It is due for release some time in Summer 2016.
So , look out for me when it gets released and also for the film premier in London, when i shall be walking the Red Carpet.



15 Nov 2015

Week ending November 14th 2015

Another relatively quiet week for me this week , which will be normal , in the run up to Christmas, due to my work life.

On Thursday November 12th I pleasured THREE men.

My first visitor saw the return of a sexy , young Indian lad whom I met through a website called Fetlife.

The first time he visited me was in March 2015 , this was his second visit to me.
It was a pleasure sucking his cock and making him cum twice ! It was lovely rimming him and fingering his hole too!
No pics today , here is a pic from his visit in March.

My second visitor was “Mr.Ed”.

He has been visiting me since June 2012 and appears in this blog , several times.

He is a handsome , sexy , fit , black lad with a delicious , long , slim , dark cock.
He LOVES his dick being sucked for a long period of time as much as he loves his arse hole being rimmed and stimulated.
He cum twice with me today and it is always a pleasure to serve him.
We did not take any pics , I never ask that of a guy whom I have met before and previously taken pictures. So , here is one from one of his past visits.

My third guy booked in for today stood me up ! I Can’t believe it. I was stood up last week too. Most annoying thing is just 3 hrs before we exchanged emails and he said he was definitely coming. I will never understand how some people don’t have the decency to take 10 seconds to send a text , to say they can’t make it. Unacceptable !

So , my real THIRD visitor was a beefy , Indian guy from E.London.

He was another guy who is orally fixated and spent the longest time sucking his dick and rimming his arse. He enjoyed face fucking me too and cum two times.
Here is a pic.

On Friday 13th November 2015 I had a night out the "Sleaze City" event at "The Hoist" Club in Vauxhall. This pansexual fetish party attracted Females , Males and tgirls.
i received a public fisting there from a Black male companion :-)

9 Nov 2015

Everyone can meet me - Friday November 13th - Vauxhall, London

On Friday November 13th , from 11pm to 2am i shall be at the Sleaze City Event.
This is a pansexual sex club.

i am hoping to be fisted there - all are welcome to come and watch ! If you appeal to me , i might even ask you to join in !

They are encouraging fetish wear - e.g leather , rubber etc... BUT by arrangement with the organiser , if you mention the password "Tiffany" - when you arrive and pay - you can wear ALL BLACK clothing , if you dont have any fetish wear.

Guest WILL be males , females and trans , gay , bi and straight !

Here are the details as the club writes in their postings.........

Friday, November 13, 2015 ·10:00 PM – 3:00 AM  
The Hoist
Railway Arches 47b and 47c, SW8 1RH London, United Kingdom   
Cost: £8/£10 in advance/£12 on the door
Dress code: Fetish wear - make an effort (all black considered - check by email)
Sleaze City returns with our quarterly party at the Hoist - a well equipped, hardcore, industrial play space with plenty of room for dancing.
Music from Lucious Flajore and Wes dB
Kinky Cabaret from Marnie Scarlet
Demo from Ava Von Medecin
Hosted by Miss P
ANNOUNCEMENT! Sissy boy/girl oil wrestling competition. 1st Prize - a spanking from Miss P or Master Wes (prize to be chosen my master/mistress). Please message or email with names of entrants or their owners)
Gay/Bi/Trans/Hetero/Don't Know/Men/Women - Everyone welcome!
Advance Tickets available here: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/event/193917
STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE! All fetishes welcome! If you have any questions about the dress code please e-mail us - bastardslondon@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook page.

1 Nov 2015

Week ending October 31st 2015

This blog updates every Sunday

This week was a relatively quiet week for me folks. I was only able to be a sex slave to FOUR Dark men , due to work commitments.

On Wednesday October 28th , I served Three men.

The first man was returning visitor “Nubian1”.

I first blogged about this man in April 2014.

When you affectionately use the words “Black Bull” he is EXACTLY the type of man who springs to mind.

He is a tall , sexy , built , strong , mountain of a man. When he lies next to me in bed , he seems to have twice the body mass of myself – he is huge !
To match his frame he has one of the biggest cocks too , that I have even come across.
I am afraid the pictures do not do him justice. You can make out the thickness of his giant BBC in the pics , but not the length.

A total “girlfriend experience” over the course of an hour and a half had me sucking , rimming and being fucked by this gorgeous man and his monster meat. Gosh , this man gives me jaw ache as getting my mouth over his dick is like getting my mouth over the width of a can of coke !
When he lowers his huge , beefy arse down on to my face , for my tongue to get to work on his arse hole , he often cuts off my airflow !

It is always a pleasure when he visits.

We did not take any pictures today. Below are some from past visits.

My second visitor I shall call “Iko”.
He is a young , 18yr old black lad who had seen me on the internet and had decided that he wanted to try what I offer.
His sexual experiences , so far , have only ever been with females.
He has confidence beyond his years and he dictated just how the session would go.

First , I was to set to work with my mouth on his substantial dick.

Next he presented his boy bum to me , for me to get to work on his hole with my tongue. It was his first experience of rimming and , as with 99% of men , he loved it. It was a new discovery for him , which I know he is going to repeat , now that I have introduced him to it.

Next he told me he wanted to fuck me in the arse , so , I reached for a condom and lube and he fucked me on all fours.

He fucked hard and fast for a few minutes , before withdrawing and telling me to get my mouth back on his dick.
I must have sucked him for a further 15 minutes , before wanking the head of his shaft and he shot his load in my mouth !

My third visitor I shall call “Asian Enigma” , a play on his email address.
He connected with me through a website called fabswingers. 

He has been reading my blog for many , many months and has been waiting for the opportunity to visit me.

He is a sexy , handsome, Asian lad in his 20’s.
He has a sexy , tight body and he is very hairy. (Shame he clips his chest hair short though , as I do love naturally hairy men)
He too had his visit planned in his head , after all , he had several months to think about what he wanted to do !

This lad simply LIVES for oral !

He started off nice and gentle and sensual but he soon developed in to an assertive , face fucking machine. He face fucked me and got his dick right down my throat in all sorts of positions.

Soon , I was gagging and drooling gallons of spittle. He frequently wiped his slimy dark dick all over my face , ruining my make-up and making me look like a cheap whore.

My mouth took an onslaught of face fucking. So much infact that , eventually , I was tired of “ fighting” and it ended with me having the back of my head jammed against my sofa with my mouth simply gaped open , with no resistance , just taking the onslaught of his face pounding. 

On Thursday 29th October I had only enough free time to pleasure One black lad.

This 18yr old contacted me through a website called “Fetlife”.

He is short in stature and slight in build , so , when his substantial 8/9 inch cock sprung from his pants it looked ENORMOUS against his little body. It was almost freak’ish the way that his cock is totally out of proportion to the rest of his body – it is REALLY BIG.

You can’t work out in the pictures how really big it is , you will just have to take my word for it.

This young lad, like the lad yesterday , was visiting me to “experiment” what it would be like to be with a tgirl.

All he wanted was to be sucked. I could not persuade him to be rimmed which is a shame , as he does not realise what he is missing out on.
I sucked him for the longest time , before he shot his load in my mouth !