9 Oct 2012


After my first black cock of the day yesterday , my next was scheduled for one hour later.
Well , what can i say about this man, "Mr Sleazy...." i shall call him. A handsome , bald headed Daddy type with a cockney accent that just makes you melt. He took no time at all , almost as soon as he was though the door , to get me on my knees whilst he teased me with his beautiful dark cock. He would not let me see it , i was only allowed to stroke it through his boxers. He was definitely gonna take his time using me and he had me gagging in anticipation. Eventually , when he did release his cock , he thrust it straight in to my mouth. It tasted so, so good and he certainly knew how to grab my hair and manoever my throat to pleasure him in the best way. I was made to lick and chew his balls before moving on to the main course - his ass. He made me suck and chew his hairy asshole, what a delight it was to rim him and bring him waves of pleasure.
When he was ready to cum , he told me he wanted to cum on my face and in to my mouth. i had to lie backk with my head tilted as he shot his load after more intense sucking from me.
He took pictures of his thick , creamy cum on my face and in my mouth. Then , he made me swallow. He wanted that cum in my belly- Naturally , i obliged. Some of his cum got in my hair and iwent to bed that night with the dried cum from my hair across my nostrils , so that i could smell him all night. i do hope that the will visit me again ,as often as he wishes and uses me further.

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