17 Feb 2020

Welcome to my blog

Hello there.
Welcome to the blog of TIFFANY, a tgirl in London. Also known as tiffanylondontv and bitch4black.

I am a tall, smooth , long dark haired (natural), insatiable sexy tgirl (transvestite) who lives in S.Central London UK.

I am an “amateur” tgirl , meaning I do not ask for money for my services.

I am , quite simply, as sex slave to Black and Dark Skinned men. Also hyper hairy dark haired white men or muscle bears or powerlifter guys.

I LOVE it when they use me for their needs, I am addicted to cock and serving Alpha males.

Below you will find my blog , written 2012 – 2016.

For many years i started writing daily accounts of my servitude to cock. After a few years , it got too much , so , I started posting weekly instead.
In 2016 my life became busier and I was unable to devote time to carrying on with weekly accounts.
So , although my blog is written in the past , there are SO many filthy stories and pictures to see of this sex slave to black men, they are timeless.

Sometimes the men were sweet and tender , sometimes they were nasty and assertive, treating me like a sex slave , making me do the filthiest of things for them.

Quite simply, I LIVE to pleasure cock and I am always pleased to receive contact from LOCAL men who would have a need for a local unpaid whore like me. i'd be agreat addition to to the group of men you are gathering together who need a slut.
I’d also consider travelling for men , but , you’d have to pay my travel expenses.

Although i stopped updating the blog in 2018 , i can asure you i am very much still around , still serving multiple men per week. They all appreciate a slut like me and often drop in during the week to get their cocks taken care of. i am honoured to do it.
You can contact me through my free personal homepages at www.bitch4black.com
Anyway , I do hope that you will enjoy 6 years of looking in to the life of a genuine sex slave to Dark Skinned men.