24 Apr 2016

Week ending 23rd April 2016

On Wednesday April 20th I served FOUR men.

My first visitor I have served several times now . "Mr.FrenchBrazillian" visted me two weeks ago.
As I have done so many write-ups about this hairy , dark hunk , we decided to take some pics , instead of more words , for you !

My second visitorcontacted me on fabswingers , just days ago. This sexy “Indian Daddy” told me I was to be his slave.

I sucked his dark cock and then he told me to lick his body all over. I complied and ended with his feet. It is quite taboo in his culture to “show” the feet and so , seeing me lick and suck his feet and take his toes in my mouth really turned him on.

Next he told me to chew his arse hole. Not rim , but chew !!!

So , I got my mouth around his puckered hole and then chewed away. I was chowing down on his funky arse hole when he told me to grab the can of coke that was nearby , plus the straw and to squirt the coke up his hole. I duely did so.
Next he told me to drink ! He grabbed my head, pressed my mouth tight against his hole, opened his bowel and pushed the filth in to my mouth. He covered my mouth shut with his hand and ordered me to swallow ! Gosh , this Master really does not how to defile a slave !
He was so pleased with me for consuming his filthy mess , so he fucked me as a reward.

My third visitor last visited me in December 2015.
“boy Brixton”  is an 18yr old , handsome , tall , athletic,  black lad from Brixton.
A short amount of time bringing pleasure to his cock with my mouth soon had him shooting his load.!
Round two was a further 20 mintes of sucking , before he gave me his second load !
Here is a picture taken on his last visit.

My fourth visitor last visited me 18 months ago.
This married Bull of a black man has a BIG 9 inch cock.
It was wonderful sucking him , before he ordered me to fuck myself with a dildo as he watched , stroking his big dick.
Next , he grabbed a condom , tossed the dildo aside and rammed his big dick up my arse to replace it. Gosh – he filled me so much.
He pulled out as he told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. And so , sucking him for a little more time soon had him shooting his spunk down my throat. 

On Thursday April 21st i served TWO men.

Firstly it was my honour again to serve "Mr. Sleaze".

He means so much to me and has visited me so often that he even has his only “search tag” on the right hand side of the page.
Today , this strong , handsome , Dark Bull wanted me masked , with a collar and lead around my neck.

I opened the door to him on my knees and when he closed it behind him he thrust his crotch in to my face and teased me with his bulge.
When he finally released his dick I was  made to tease it , with just the tip of his tongue.

Next , he needed to piss , so , my face was forced in to the toilet bowl as he released a stream of acrid piss over my mask and in to my open mouth.

In the living room I finally got to taste his heavy black dick as he skull fucked my mask encased head.

He manoeuvred his funky arse hole on to my mouth and told me to get to work with my tongue , as I cleaned up his hole and brought pleasure to his sensitive ring with my tongue.

Endless control of my latex encased head ensued before he finally shot his huge cum load over my mask and pictured it for you all to enjoy !

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.G" who i served almost a year to the day ago.

Mr.G just likes to be sucked and rimmed , so , today , i did just that for him.
To add another dimension for his pleasure , i put a silicone ball stretcher around his ball sack.
I then took his balls AND his dick and sucked them together in my mouth !

Soon , he was shooting his load down my throat !


On Friday April 22nd i pleasured two men. 

My first visitor was "Steelman" from E.London. 
He contacted me through fabswingers.

He is a young , handsome , toned black man who is very active on the swinging scene but he has never had a proper encounter with a submissive tgirl like myself.

In no time at all my mouth was all over his big , 9 inch black cock.
i slavvered over his balls before descending to his arse hole , where i brought loads of rimming pleasure to his hole.
i had gotten him so worked up that he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass.
In just 2 minutes of fucking me , he shot his load ! Such is the delight of my ass that it has men cumming in no time at all.

After a little break he put me back on his dick.
Just lots of sucking and attention to his dick , balls and arse this time.
20 mins of attention had him cumming for a second time !

My second and final visitor was “Mr.Beef” who is frequently mentioned on this blog as he is a very , frequent visitor. He is a stocky , muscled , handsome , Bull of a Black man .

Today I sucked him and rimmed him , before climbing on top of him and riding my hole on his thick , black dick.
I did all the work as I milked the spunk out of his balls and dick , as he shot his load up my ass.

I left the poor bloke drained and he is running the London marathon today ! I hope he has recovered his energy !

17 Apr 2016

Week ending April 16th 2016

As per my last post , just posting on this blog for the next few weeks.

On Wednesday April 13th April i pleasured FOUR men.
They all came late in the day , from 4pm , i served one after the other !

My first visitor saw the return of "b.boy" who has been visiting me since 2008 !
i have written about him so many times before , so , i wount go in to too much detail.
He is a slim ( think Mo Farah build) , young , handsome lad in his 20's with the most delicious , strong and solidly hard cock.
As per his usual desire , i sucked him , rimmed him and he fucked me in the bedroom.
Here is a picture from one of our past dates :

My second visitor visitor "supersm" connected with me on fabswingers in 2011. It has taken him 5yrs to actually get round here , for me to pleasure him !
He is a paler skinned guy and what appealed to me was his very good looks and his chumky, strong body. i mean , doesn't every girl like big , strong arms to hold her head down when being face fucked ?

The exitement was always so great for him , that he was close to shooting right from the start !
He had ordered me to be wearing PVC Fetish gear.

i sucked his delicious , responsive cock and then gave him some rimming. He loved it !
He was so worked up after the rimming that he stood up , face fucked me and shot his spunk down my throat :-)
Here is his pic :

My third visitor was a young , inexperienced (with tgirls) black lad of 23yrs of age.
He had seen the Dark Thrust on the ineternet and wanted to meet me.

i will call him "boy bull S." 
i was to be his first ever tgirl experience.
It almost did not happen because 6hrs before his visit he emailed me telling me he had to cancel as he felt that he could not go through with it. After a persuasive and reasuring email reply from me , we got back on track and so he DID visit me at 6pm.

i am VERY good with first timers. i am patient and understanding and the bottom line is ( which i always tell them) is that you can just turn around and leave , if you feel uncomfortable. THAT has never happened to me though (yet ! )

WHAT a vision of beauty and manliness was before me when he arrived . He is handsome and hugely built with muscles everywhere - he is THE definition of a Black Bull.
Naturally , i just fell in love with his physique.
There is nothing quite like having your head gripped with strong , powerful arms as he pumps your throat with his black dick !

Anyway , i am getting ahead of myself.
So , it was "slowly, slowly" with this nervous first time lad.
i started sucking his delicious dick. i paid attention to his balls and guiche before moving down to his hairy arse hole.
My tongue provided ecstatic rimming pleasure to his hole. He loved it.
Back to more sucking before he stoot up , gripped my head and face-fucked me before shooting his load down my throat.

When a guy cums , i always give him the option to leave OR to stay and rest and go for round two !
To my surprise , he decided he wanted to stay.
So , i was able to provide another 20 minutes of pleasure to this boy and his juicy cock.

i was VERY proud to have been able to turn a lad , who was nervous about attending , in to a lad who wanted to stay for MORE !
It is a mark of my genuine , no strings service that i provide.
It was also a mark of HIS achievement of facing and overcoming his nervousness. He should be proud of himself too.

i DO HOPE he will return many , many times , when he is in need of pleasure to his dick ,as he is an exceptional , young lad.

We did not take any pictures. To be honest , i do not even ask as i felt it might be a step too far for a nervous first timer.

Here is an internet picture though of the type of body that he was bringing to me.

My fourth visitor saw the return of "Daddy Choc" , who visited me just last week !
i have now served this stunning black man on several occasions.
He told me he visits me bacause my blow jobs and love of cock are second to none !
He usually "dates" females ( and will continue to do so) but he KNOWS that when he wants the Rolls Royce of oral pleasure - then - he comes to me !

As i have written about his before in so much detail , i will keep this entry simple.

i spent one hour and 30 minutes GLUED to his cock. i was like a human sucking machine. This daddy just loves having a mouth on the end of his cock and i just LOVE being there.
Naturally , he came to a very happy ending. !

No pictures taken today , here is a pic from one of his previous visits :

On Thursday April 14th i pleasured just one man .

You will be VERY surprised to learn that he was a White Guy !!!
Now , regular readers of my blog will know that i SOMETIMES will escort to White men.

Mostly these men tend to be "fans" of mine who are so eager to meet me that they will pay.

However , i do not take these visitors lightly. Infact , i probably invest more time and effort with these men as i know they are making a financial contribution and i want to make their visit as good as is humanly possible.

Emails started months ago between myself and this man.
i like to find out a mans needs and desires or fantasies , if he is to visit me as an escort. i will always do my best to make his time with me as good as possible.

THIS man had a particular desire - he wanted to taste and swallow BLck Cum !

So , for the past few weeks , when Black men have been fucking me ( with a condom) and shooting their load in my ass , i have been SAVING and FREEZING the black cum filled condoms.

Before this man arrived , i took the condoms out of the freezer.

He had an enjoyable time with me before the "main event".

For that , i took him to my playroom and he laid on my bondage bed.
As he wanked furiously and sniffed poppers, i took the condom, snipped the bottoms off with a scissors and POURED THE BLACK MENS' CUM IN TO HIS MOUTH.

With his mouth full of black mens cum he soon shot his load !

i was so happy to have fulfilled the needs of this man.

No pictures were taken .

On Friday April 15th i held a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party.

Tonight SEVEN gorgeous , sexy, greedy tgirls offered up their holes to SEVEN horny black bulls. Over 5hrs the Black men used and abused all of the tgirls holes in all ways imagineable. My playroom came in to use for the kinkier Black men. 

i myself was thoroughly used and abused by four of them !
These parties are simply THE BEST in London - everyone agrees.
We will be having another one in May.

13 Apr 2016

The END of my weekly blog

i have been writing my weekly blog for almost 3 and a half years now.
As you will read , there are collosal accounts of my life in servitude to cock.

Over 350,000 people have read my blog - i am very flattered.

Regular readers will know that every year i STOP serving on such a huge scale.
This is because , during the warm summer months , if i have any free time , i prefer to shoot off to the beach for the day , or have extended trips abroad. i cannot do this if there are men in my diary.

i do get taken dogging ( providing anonymous sexual pleasure to men in the woods) though , occasionally , in the summer time.

Usually , when i return to servitude in October , i resume my weekly blog.

This year , i will NOT be doing that.

i will no longer be updating my blog so frequently, from October 2016 onwards. Only the occasional update will be posted.

i will just leave my blog here on the internet , for people to see the life of a true sex slave.

If any of you would like to continue to receive the occasional updates of little things that happen in my life , or maybe nights when i go out to a nightclub, sex cinema etc..., where you can meet me in person, THEN , join my Yahoo Group announcement list today.
You can find it at :


If you live in the LONDON area and are a Male , aged 16 - 55 and are not overweight and would like me to pleasure you , no strings, when i am taken out dogging to Wisley in Surrey , then , do koin the PUBLICSLUT Yahoo group , where posts are made of when i am being taken dogging ( dates, times, location)

You can find that group at :


There is also an accompanying free website at :

www.publicslut.co.uk with hundreds of pictures of me dogging.

Dark skinned men have 3 or 4 weeks left to make an appointment to visit me , before i take my summer break . i will then return to serve you (free , no strings) from October onwards.
As always , you can contact me through my personal website at www.bitch4black.com


10 Apr 2016

Week ending April 9th 2016

On wednesday 6th April i pleasured FOUR men

My first visitor saw the very welcome return of a dark , Brazillian man i have been serving for some time.
"Mr.FrenchBrazillian" can be found at the top of the page , here :

Today i was once again glued to his cock to give him his sloppy blow-jobs before moving on to rimming his wonderful , hairy ass .

Here is a pic from one of his previous visits :

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.Black Steel"

This is probably his fourth visit to me.

His first was on March 17th 2015 and you can read a report about his vist on the following page :

He has a chunky, "hairy bear" type body and handsome face.
i spent ages sucking his delicious cock , then , he proceeded to finger me as i was sucking him.
In no time at all he was slipping in more "cheeky fingers".
Soon , i felt his whole hand slip past the wrist , up my hole and he proceeded to fist me !
Gosh , i had not been expecting that , it was totally out of the blue.

Naturally , he loved the sensation and power of having his hand up my hole and using me like a glove puppet - it did not take him long to shoot his load down my throat after that !

Here is a picture from one of his previous visits :

My third visitor  first visited me in December 2015. "Assertive Lad" is a chunky built black boy who likes to treat fems n-a-s-t-y !

He took no time at all in putting me on all fours and face fucking me , hard , deep and aggressive.
As the drool built up all over his cock and balls he rubbed it all over my face and slapped my face with his hard dick.

He gripped my head and treated it like a pussy. He face fucked me hard, facs and deep only allowing me to occasionally break to take a breath.
He moved on to fucking me in the ass , just as hard and fast as he had fucked my face.

He pulled out , removed the condom and then went back to fucking my face as he pinned my head to the sofa cushions , so i could not move , as he thrust hard and deep down my throat.

Soon he was shooting his creamy load all over my face.

Just look in the pictures at the mess he made of me !!!

My fourth visitor was a new man to me. This middle agedd "daddy" type Indian man connected with me on fabswingers.
He told me that he was dominant and wished to treat me like a slave.

On his collar and lead i submitted to face fucking with his Asian dick before he bent me over and raped my arse. He slapped me in to positions during his visit to make sure that i quickly opeyed.

No pictures i am afraid , i was too busy in the submissive zone to ask him to take any !

On Thursday April 7th i only pleasure TWO men , as one of my visitors had to cancel at the last minute.

My first visitor "Tiger" was brand new to me. He had contacted me yesterday on Fabswingers and 24hrs later , here he was infront of me.

He had never met a tgirl before and said he saw me as the ideal candidate to be his first.

He is a tall , slim, toned, 20 something Black man.

i took the lead as he sat there , with me on my knees between his thighs.
i took his delicious black cock in to my mouth and proceeded to bring pleasure to his cock with my lips and talented mouth.
i sucked him for the longest time.
It was a delight as his cock was the perfect size for me ( about 8") and he was rock hard all the time.

i rimmed him too , which he LOVED !

i got him so worked up that he took me to the bedroom , put me on all fours , grabbed a condom and then proceeded to fuck me in the arse.
He fucked me for the longest time , making sure it took his entire 8" deep inside me.

Back to the living room for more sucking.... and the rest is history !

Here are his pics :

My second visitor saw the return of "Daddy Choc".

This man had first contacted me on a website called Fabswingers , 3yrs ago.
At the time we exchanged emails and i just waited for him to get back to me with a day and time to visit me.

As often happens, things in life get in the way and i actually never heard back from him.
Then , recently , he contacted me again on Fabswingers.

His first visit to me was in January 2016 and today was his third visit to me.

He is dark skinned , mixed race and handsome with a trim , athletic body. He is probably in his 30's.

His nature though is just like that of a "daddy". He is very masculine and has a "daddy-like" appeal. 
Gosh , if i was a little girl , i would want a daddy just like him !

i was surprised to discover he is quite hairy and the hair between his arse and his balls is nice and long. Gosh , i LOVE men who are hairy , especially hairy arse holes :-)

i dropped to my knees and began to suck his perfectly sized, dark dick. It was able to fill my entire mouth and throat. Being filled with cock makes me feel all submissive and content - i LOVED his dick in my mouth.

What followed was 40 minutes of pure pleasure.
i spent copious ammounts of time with my lips around his cock. Often he would stop me from sucking by just getting my hair all up in a bunch and grabbing it with his hand , then lowering my mouth down on to his dick, and then keeping it there. He would slowly manouvre me up and down , like a human "fleshlight".

He loved me rimming his hairy arse hole .

Back to sucking , he often manouvred my head in to different positions and , still gripping me by the hair, he would work my mouth , dictated by his own pace and desire , up and down on his delicious cock.

When he decided he wanted to cum , hepistoned me up and down on his cock , before burying himself to the hilt and shooting his load down my throat.

What a sensational man he is - i cannot wait for him to visit again as i could eat him every day !

Here is one of the pictures that he took on a previous visit :

On Friday April 8th i did not serve any men at home.
In the evening i met with tgirl friends and we all went to
La Rose TS Club in Old Street, London.

This basement venue has two "social" rooms and about seven rooms/areas with beds.

The main room contains the bar area , where you can bring your own alcohol and store it with the barman , plus , the cloakroom. It was an '80's theme and the music was great.

It opens at 8pm and closes in the small hours of the morning.
Myself and my friends arrived around 10pm and we left around 1am.

It was a good time to arrive , as the party was just "coming up" and by 11pm it was in full flow.

There were about 30 tgirls in the venue and about 40 guys.

A dominant Arab man took an interest in me and since i found him extremely attractive , i followed him when he suggested that we go in to a room.

He was average height. He had that thick , dark , heavy , long "muslim" type beard and he was completely bald (shaved) on the top of his head. i LOVE this look on a man.

i did not know he was dominant until he actually got me in the room and told me how things were going to work out.
It was music to my ears that this man was a Dom , it just added to the excitement and my forthcoming predicament.

He was assertive as he slapped my face and had me drop to my knees to suck his dark dick.

It became evident that he likes to turn subs in to whores because , every now and then a man would walk in to the room , see that two people were "busy" and turn to walk out again.
Instead , this Arab Master would yell at them , "get yourself back in here" and take this slut of you want her.

He proceeded to invite men in to the room and make me pleasure tham as he held my head in a vice like grip and puched my mouth on to all comers cocks.

These were the type of men whom i would never normally choose to pleasure. It made me feel submissive and dirty though , to know that i was under the power of this Arab Master and he was controlling me in the way in which HE desired.

The other men could not believe their luck , as all men , including Aran Master huled abuse at me , telling me what a nasty cock whore i was , as i submitted to their cocks.

It struck a chord in my inner being and just instilled in myself that i KNOW i am a submissive who needs to serve a Dominant Master and for him to control how he uses me , for his pleasure.

i gave my phone number to him , before i left, but he did not give me his.
i do HOPE and pray that he gets that he gets in touch with me again as i do need an assertive man to whore me out , against my natural chosen will , to other men.

Here is an example picture of what it all looked like - it was not taken on this night , but it gives you a feeling of what occured.....

Next week i am serving on Wednesday and Thursday ( at home) and then i am hosting a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk
party on Friday where 7 gorgeous , sexy tgirls will be giving up all of their holes to 10 horny Black Bulls.




7 Apr 2016

Friday April 8th 2016

.......... i will be going to La Rose TS Club from around 9pm to 11pm  if any of you want to come and say "hi". London (Old Street)

Free entry for tgirls , £20 for males.




5 Apr 2016

She's back !

My wonderful readers,
As mentioned in my last post , i have had a month off.

It included a wonderful 2 weeks , cruising 9 islands in the Caribbean.
All those black men worked me up in to a frenzy though !

Regrettably , i came home with Norovirus and spent 5 days ill in bed - that was an unexpected downer :-(

So , i gave myself a further week to make sure i was back to fitness.

i resume my servitude to Dark cock this week , from Wednesday onwards.

You can always see in advance how many men i will be serving by looking at my online diary at :


i already have some "new" men lined up , men who have never yet visited me and know of my skills and devotion to making their lives better.

Lets hope that they will enjoy their time with me , like so many others before them , and then realise that they have a good , convenient sex-slave on their door step and come back for more.

EVERY Black man NEEDS a confidential , willing, talented sex slave to visit, whenever pussy is not forthcoming. They need never go without.

Check back this coming Sunday for news of this weeks servitude.