19 Jun 2023

Tiffanys journey in to TOTAL slavery - Part 1

I have been ordered to write this .
I am told that this will be my last communication to the outside World.
I have , you see , been transformed to exist as a slave. Sometimes I am in semi-human form , other times… well that will be explained later.

I used to exist in the outside world as a tgirl (trap, CD/TV)

I was considered attractive , with my own natural long dark hair , down my back , natural long fingernails , shaved smooth all over.

I had a natural disposition to be submissive to Alpha Males. You see , I idolised Men, mainly men with a high sex drive who simply lived to get their cocks inside warm , moist holes. Hopefully inside mine.

I was always at my most content when there was a cock inside me , knowing that I was just a vessel for men to use and get their pleasure from.

I often preferred it to be roped or chained down, unable to move , knowing that an Alpha cock had no restriction to use my holes at any time they wanted and I had no choice.

It began just 3 months ago , yet , it seems a life time ago.

I communicated with an Alpha Male on the internet who had lust for submissive tgirls like myself. He explained that he was a Master and felt that all bitches should become property , simply sex slaves , there to provide their submission and holes to strong , assertive , kinky males.

He called himself “Master X”.

He told me that he lived alone , in a remote country house with a barn attached. He told me that he owned several successful companies and after several years of manning the helm , he had confidence now in the people that he employed to manage his business interests, that he had stepped aside, allowing others to run his companies , whilst he lived off the constant income but allowing him not to work.

Master X was a stockily built , strong, hairy man. I fell for him initially from his photographs, as he was powerfully built , dark hair , a dark complexion and was hairy all over. I have a thing for hairy men, it , for me , just adds to the Alpha masculinity.
I love it when a big hairy arse lowers itself on to my tongue , when I am under a rim seat and I am set to rimming his arse hole , with his arse hairs getting wrapped in my teeth.

You see , in my own profile I had written that I just love to rim a mans arse , I like bondage (being unable to move when a man is invading my holes) and loved men to stretch and gape my hole , with toys and their fist. I had trained my hole over several years , for men to be able to do this.

My advert had explained that I was ALL about pleasing men and that it was never about me . You see , for me , the MAIN thing is that I am only fulfilled when I know that I am fulfilling the needs and desires of assertive men. It is never about me and I know I just exist to serve and pleasure men, for them to train me in the ways that they like to be serve the best. When I achieve that , it leaves me mentally fulfilled. Fulfilled knowing that I can be the best submissive that I am able to be.

After days of written correspondence, Master X told me that he turns submissives in to slaves. He explained that slaves have no rights , make no decisions , have no thoughts of their own, that they simply exist to serve the needs and desires of a Master , like himself.

He said , if I presented myself to him , that I would become a slave – HIS slave.
It appealed to me because , unlike being roped or chained just for “sex” , this man would be enslaving my mind too. Controlling me , training me , using me. My ONE purpose in life would be to serve him and be his slave.

It was a big decision to make , but , I knew and have always known that it is my destiny to become a slave.

I am not close to my family, barely communicate with them for months on end . My friends too know that I often just take trips abroad , for extended periods, so , it was easy for me to set aside a few weeks where nobody will have even noticed that I was gone.

The day arrived for me to drive to Master X’s home.

It was indeed remote , in the countryside. No other buildings or homes around it for miles.

I arrived dressed, as ordered. Heavy make-up, exquisite lingerie of basque , stockings and suspenders with open back satin panties. A sating blouse over the top and the shortest of skirts. Patent leather , 4 inch heels completed the look.

I had been ordered to purchase a heavy metal , steel collar, that closed with a padlock.

I was wearing that around my neck , but , it was closed , at this time , with simply a piece of string, tied in a bow. These had been my instructions.
I had been told to approach the front door of the house and to enter , where I would receive further instructions.

When I entered the large hallway , there was an envelope on the side table to my right , with the words “open and read slave”.

I opened the envelope and read the following :
Slave to your right , you can see a long metal chain which is hanging beside you . You can see that the chain is attached to a “track” in the ceiling. On this side table you will find a steel padlock which is open. It is the type of padlock that only needs a key to open it . It does not need a key to close it. You simply snap the padlock shut and then it cannot be removed without the key. You do not need to know where the key is , in any case , it is far away out of your reach anyway.
You will now thread the padlock through your steel neck collar and also thread the padlock hasp through the end of the long metal chain beside you. You will then snap the padlock shut , it cannot be removed. You now have 10 seconds to make the final decision of your existence. You have the choice to now walk away, back through the front door you came in and drive off OR to reach for that padlock, secure your neck to that chain and become the slave that you are destined to become.
The reality of the situation hit me and , yes , I did hesitate. But , I was compelled to reach for that padlock. I knew that this was indeed my destiny, that I needed to be a domestic and sexual slave to a strong , powerful , Alpha male.
I reached for that padlock , thread it through my steel neck collar and chain and snapped it shut.
I had sealed my own destiny.

i looked at the long length of chain that was now securing me to the building.
i noticed another envelope and written on it was "open and read"

i opened the envelope and read the following....

Tiffany, I going to dehumanise you in to becoming simply "an object". An object of submission , a true imprisoned, obeying slave , in every sense of the word.

You will become my domestic slave , taking care of all the household duties like cooking , cleaning , washing, ironing etc...

At rest , I will be using your body as human furniture , roped and gagged on all fours as a footrest, or , upright impaled on a metal dildo pole, with light fitting and lampshade on your head , used as ambient standard lamp. Sometimes , just for my amusement , I shall have you displayed. Hanging roped from the ceiling, arms and legs outstretched , ass facing me , hooded and gagged with a giant oxballs pig hole in your arse, so that your arse hole is gaping widely and unable to close. I might even put you on all fours like this and use your arse hole as a vase for my flowers , or a warmer for my cigars or cognac.

I might have an open mouth gag on you and use your mouth as my ashtray, or , urinal so that there is no need for me to make the journey to the bathroom.

That "thing" between your legs also has no use or function , we shall be taking care of that , for now , by welding on to you permanent, steel chasity. 

Talking about bathroom , it is evident by your love of rimming that you WILL become my human toilet paper , your tongue will be keeping my arse hole clean at all times. Once you have become accustomed to the taste, you shall begin having ALL of your meals and beverages mixed with a little bit of my shit, building up to more - you will never eat untainted food ever again. In no time at all , you will have been trained by that smell and texture to become my full human toilet, I will be taking all of my shits in your mouth too and you WILL swallow them all. 

 You will be consuming ALL of my bodily functions, my spit , my snot , my piss , my shit, the cheese off my cock and my cum.

I also LOVE giant , prolapsed arse holes. I want your rose bud visible at all times.
I will daily be using large dildos on you and fisting your arse hole. You will be chained in to a fuck machine for a minimum of one hour every day , whilst I enjoy watching television. The goal is for your arse hole to become so stretched and loose that it can no longer close or tighten on anything. You will be put to bed at night (in a cage of course) with a large butt plug up your arse , which is in a harness , so that you cannot push it out. I will RUIN the muscles of your arse , you will never be able to have any resistance to anything that penetrates it.  Very soon , with the rapid training , my fist will be able to slip up your arse hole and you will barely feel it . Your hole will be hanging and prolapsed. I do so LOVE fucking a juicy , moist, prolapse and seeing it on display at all times. Oh, don't worry that you wont even be able to feel my fist, at that stage , we will be stretching and training it for more , to take TWO fists !   

Talking about cum earlier Tiffany, I have a VERY high sex drive, I like to cum several times a day. At any moment your mouth or arse hole WILL be invaded by my cock , you WILL become simply a sex object for this purpose and i do always like to piss after I have cum !

You will soon come to realise that you have no choice but to obey and carry out all of my needs. You have told me that you hate pain and I agreed that I will not inflict pain on you Tiffany. However , if you obey , you will not receive pain. If you do not obey , or fail to achieve my needs then, you will have brought it upon yourself to receive sever punishment and pain. So , the choice is yours, I don't want to give you pain Tiffany, but , it is up to you whether you make me do that !

I can tell you this Tiffany , it wont take you long to realise that non-compliance results in punishment and after the punishment has been dealt , you are simply given the task to obey again anyway. You will soon realise that it is simply best just to obey , however depraved , first time.

Soon , you will stop thinking for yourself , you will simply become an object that obeys. THAT is the point where you become a true slave , an absolute object of servitude. You will be surprised at how little time it takes Tiffany.

So , you are finally getting what have you have only dreamed about.
But now the reality of the situation has actually set in ? Having second thoughts ?

Tough , it is too late - you have sealed your fate , you don't have that choice any more.
And by the way , your name is not Tiffany any more , from now on you shall simply be referred to as cunt.

Now cunt , i am soon coming in to the room to begin your de-humanisation and claim what i now totally own, you ARE NOW A SLAVE , MY SLAVE, YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE. 

When I tire of you or get bored with you , i will simply SELL you on. Mind you , before we reach that stage , I will certainly be considering adding a very large dog to our family !  Naturally , he will have needs too , as all males do < evil grin > and YOU will be taking care of them.

Take that giant dildo that is next to you and sit on it . You have 2 minutes to do this . Then, I want you on all fours , ass in the air , with your mouth open, ready for my cock. 


N.B As you have probably realised , this is , at the moment , a work of fiction, simply a story.

However , are YOU the man who needs a REAL sex slave and would write part 2 ?
If so , do get in touch Sir , if you live alone and have the means to keep and train a chained slave. 

5 Jun 2023

Summer 2023 update

Hi guys , as you know , I stopped updating my blog quite a while ago , as it just takes up so much off my time. People ask what is happening with me these days ? Well , much of the same as in the blog really. I am still a free sex provider to Black and Dark skinned men , setting aside 3 days a week to pleasure them , no strings. In the summer months , every year , I travel to Continental Europe in my little camping car and I live at the beaches and mountains , in Germany , France and Spain. I am even quite free to travel ANYWHERE in Europe actually. Along the way , men can quickly work out that I am a cock addict and men OF ALL RACES approach me to take care of their cocks. So , even for these 3 months , barely a day goes by when I am not serving Alpha cock. If YOU live on Continental Europe and need your cock taken care of me , then , do get in touch. tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com Don’t forget your stats and face pic. I am getting ever more sexually extreme these days. I’ve had some more human toilet training , yellow and brown recycling , but , I do need more to get me more accomplished.
I am also highly drawn to total 24/7/365 TPE domestic and sexually slavery. I would LOVE to reach the ULTIMATE goal of becoming a chained/imprisoned sex slave to a man.
It can be anywhere in the world , as he would relocate me to him , BUT it would have to be in a country that has LGBTQ+ recognition and rights. Its no good shipping me to Saudi Arabia for example , where , if caught , you and I would be put to death ! Any potential owner would have to install a grommet in a centre point of his dwelling. Attached to that grommet would be a very long chain. The chain would end at my steel collar , where it would be padlocked. So , I am chained and attached to the building , unable to break free or flee , so , essentially a prisoner and sex slave. Naturally I would have to carry out all of your domestic duties , cooking , cleaning etc… and you would use my holes daily , feeding me your cock as a bare minimum use. Naturally , your usage could be greater , as , I would simply be your property , which would have no choice but to serve and obey. If you are an Alpha dominant male , of any race , aged 35 – 59 and GENUINELY live alone , or have a place to store/chain/imprison/use a slave , then do get in touch with your stats and pics tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com You could also use this slave and put it to work in your business , or , make an income off it by selling it , by the hour , to other men. Would I make a great slave for YOU Sir ? if so , please do get in touch. I know I was BORN to become a slave , it is my destiny, I firmly believe this. I even have a new website for this mission ,find it at http://www.chainedslave.com/index.htm

Well ,thanks for reading and do enjoy my blog. You can always comment on posts and I will see them , if you wish. Regards Tiffany