29 Oct 2013

NEW schedule of availability to serve cock

Regular readers of my blog and men who use me know that , in the past , i have been available 5 days per week.
I am afraid i have had to change this , due to an increase in workload.

For the time being i am now available on :

Saturdays  ONLY between the hours of 1pm and 8pm.

Knowing this will also help you readers of my blog , as you will now know that there are likely to be updates on those days only.

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Some fans have asked for pictures of me tied up.

So , here are some !

You can see that i am THOROUGHLY bound and there is NO ESCAPE.
My holes are available to be thoroughly used ( mouth and ass) and i have no choice in the matter .

This particular gentleman kept me tied all day. He left the room , watched porn on TV , drank beers , he even went out at one point.... safe in the knowledge that i was bound and going nowhere , with no choice in the matter.
He was free to use my holes whenever he liked and i was unable to do anything about it.

25 Oct 2013

The Handsome Indian and the Nasty Black Lad - fucked and fisted !

I appologise that it has taken me a few days to update you on my last visitors.

My first visitor was a straight Black lad , who had never met a tgirl before. "Mr.Hard" has a youthful , boyish build. Petite you might say. So his slight build made his ENORMOUS cock look even bigger. His dick is literally like a baby's arm growing out of his groin !

He is certainly in the Top 1% of biggest cocks that i have had the pleasure of serving !

Despite being new to tgirls he had a confident , cocky attitude and he set about getting the most out of my one and a half hours with him.

First , I sucked his cock . Well , in truth , i TRIED to suck his cock !!!
Despite all your lovely comments telling me that i suck cock so well , i am afraid that occasionally one comes along that i can barely cope with. This is because they are either too long or too thick for my mouth and throat. In the case of Mr.Hard, he was too long AND too thick ! My little mouth could only manage about 4 inches of him.
Never mind - i tried to make it up to him by allowing him to lock me in my head box and take control of mu mouth and tongue on his arse !
He had the most divine , little bubble but and it was hairy too :-) Yum ! It was like a big fuzzy peach peach that lowered itself on to my face as my tongue sought out his funky ass.
My tongue was kept at work whilst i gave him the rimming of his life. I brought so much pleasure to the nerve endings around his sensitive arse hole :-)

Next he took me to the bedroom , i grabbed a condom and then lowered myself on to his enormous cock. He was surprised and pleased when i provided him with little squeezes with my sphincter , down the length of his dick. A pussy can't do that boys !!! Then i rode him , up and down on his shaft as i sat on top of him. We changed in to lots of positions , me on my back , him grabbing my ankles and thrusting or me on all fours , doggy style.

He was so fascinated with my ass and the way that i could make it grip , but then loosen up and gape.
i passed him a latex glove , lubed it up and then proceeded to SIT on his finger tips. As he stroked his dick i lowered my ass hole on this his fingers. Then came his thumb . Then came the widest part of his entire and hand and then i slipped my ass hole over his wrist. His entire fist was inside me. It blew his mind (and mine ! ) He continued to play with his dick AND the insides of my ass !

He had not cum fucking or fisting me , so , i went back to sucking him.
Our session ended with him wanking his cock with my lips around the end of it and him shooting his black seed down my throat.

We took some pics (below) AND we shot a video !!!

The video has MUSIC - turn your volume off if you don't want to get caught !!!

My second visitor was a VERY HANDSOME Indian man.
This man ( i am guessing he is late 20's / early 30's) has been on my radar for quite some time.
He is what i call "a slow burner". He has looked at me , followed me and contacted me in the past , possibly for over a year , maybe even two. Guys like him though need some time to "sort out their head" to reach the time when they decide they are going to meet me for real. You see , it was his first time with a tgirl . Like 99% of the men i meet , he identifies as "straight" (he has a girlfriend) but , he has a curiosity about tgirls.
I do not mind that it has taken him over a year to set a definite date to visit me. I would prefer this than those guys who have still not sorted out their heads , make a rushed date with me and then go and stand me up (timewasters).
As you all know , "timewasters" don't get a second chance with me and so it is better if a man is REALLY SURE that he is ready to visit me BEFORE he sets a definite date.

What can i say about this man - wow - he was SO HANDSOME ! Dark , swathes of hair on his head and the deepest , sultriest dark eyes. A lovely hairy chest too :-)

He as sort of apologetic about the size of his cock ( which was "average" sized). i explained to him that he was actually one of the lucky ones and should be proud to have an average sized cock. You see , if a cock is truly huge then MOST women or tgirls cannot deep throat them. Also , arses are not like pussies. Most arses are about 5/6/7 inches deep ( they have a 90 degree bend in them beyond that point) which means that most 8/9/10 inch cocks CANNOT fully penetrate an ass ! Ass is NOT like pussy. Pussies can go on and on in depth , asses dont !
(Yes i KNOW there are females and tgirls who can deep throat humungous cocks - but - you have to agree , they are very few and far between)

So , i was able to give this man full attention to his cock with my mouth and ass.
i rimmed him too.
i demonstrated to him how my sphincter can grip a cock, i milked his dick with my anal muscles for a while and then he made me go doggy and fucked me hard and to the hilt, in my ass !
It was rather refreshing after the enormous black dick that i had pleasured earlier in the day.

He left me totally satisfied and probably thinking "what on earth was I worried about ? Why did i take a year or more to sort my head out to grow the balls to meet and use Tiffany ? The visit was wonderful and she put me at ease and served me like a hungry whore who would have done anything for me. I need not have had a single worry at all "  

21 Oct 2013

Today I was a REAL whore

Today I was a REAL whore.

Everyone reading this blog knows that i am a sex slave to Black and dark skinned men. An unpaid whore if you like.
Everyone knows that i only serve Dark Dick. It is a preference and since i do it in my own time , it is a preference that i have the luxury of having control over.

Recently a WHITE man contacted me. He is an avid reader of this blog.
He has never experienced sexual pleasure from a tgirl before but my blog and devotion to cock made him determined to have me.
He KNEW that I would never meet a white guy like him , so , he used his cunning - HE OFFERED ME CASH !

It is NOT something i do often but i will admit i have done it just once or twice before. The two previous times were, when in servitude to a Dominant Black African man,  he "sold" me , my mouth , my ass , my talent and he kept the money (which i was happy to allow, after all i do serve Black men in ANY way they desire - as you all know).

Providing service for money is a different dynamic to providing it out of free choice.
Firstly , i had never even seen his picture , so had no idea what he looked like !

As i always do MY BEST to serve men , their needs and desires I firstly had to research the internet to see what a "fair price" for an hour of my time would be. You see , I am not the type of person who "rips people off", I treated it like any other public service. I had a responsibility to give him value for money.

I discovered (on the .net) that those gorgeous Brazillian shemales with fake tits ask for a fee of £200 or more per hour.
I have also heard stories from men who have paid for whores , that many of the whores  try to get them to cum quickly and then they show them the door.
I knew that if ANY man was going to visit me and pay for me , then he was going to be allowed his full hour and to cum as many times as he wanted. I was not going to hurry any man. I was going to be the best that i could for him.
 Hairy amateur crossdressers , who just crossdress part-time and are not very convincing charge around £80.

I decided to place myself at £100 per hour - which , i believe is good value for money when compared with the rest of the market.
He agreed that £100 per hour was (is) a fair price.

Next , via A LOT of emails i had to discover his needs and desires - in order to make his visit memorable and worthwhile.

So, a date was set. Today at 1245pm.

Before his arrival , in the days leading up , i had done my homework, i had researched pricing , i had discovered his needs. Up until now it had been "clinical" and business like.

I was grateful for his arrival because it meant that i could now be "me" again. My friendly , accommodating self , attentive but still a sex slave there simply to take care of his needs. I was relaxed !

Fortunately , he was VERY good looking. Early 30's i would guess with a sexy "London geezer" type accent ( which always makes me melt). He was mousy blond and had amazing , sultry eyes. He had a GREAT body (hairy too , which readers know i love) and a lovely , hard , responsive cock.

I will refrain from going in to what we did, after all it is his business.
All i will say is that it was an honour to be his first tgirl and it was lovely to meet him.
He got a kick out of using me , a kick out of turning me in to a REAL PAID whore and that is all that matters.
I believe i fulfilled his needs and I look forward to serving him again.

No picture of him - after all THIS type of meeting will ALWAYS be hyper confidential.


"Mrs.Robinson" meets her Indian boy

"Indian boy" is a reader of this blog and he was eager to meet me in person.
He had never used a tgirl for sexual gratification before , he was a "first timer".
He had a "Mrs.Robinson" fantasy where i was to seduce him (the older woman who seduces and grooms a young man). However , he said he would (and he did) frequently turn the tables , as he was very assertive for such a young man and he was often dominant and nasty (in the nicest possible way).
I sucked him before he locked me in the rimming box.
There he smoked his cigarettes and drank the alcohol cocktail that i had mixed for him as i was trapped with my mouth and tongue on his arse hole , bringing him pleasure as i cleaned him.

He surprised me by telling me that he had NEVER fucked an ass. (of any gender).
I took delight in lowering my ass on to his BIG , dark cock. I gripped the head of his dick with my anal sphincter and then gripped and released all the way down to the base , to let him feel the control that my as  has - SO MUCH nicer than any pussy !!!

He was blown away by the feeling as my ass milked his cock. He pushed me on my back and brought my legs over his shoulders and gave me a deep , fast fucking.

He pulled out before coming and pushed my mouth over his cock as he worked the shaft with his hand and shot his Indian seed in to my mouth.

15 Oct 2013

Todays servitude to Black Dick

Mr S.London was a B-I-G .built lad. Gosh , i am attracting the sexy beards these days. He had a lovely semi-long , groomed beard which i loved reaching up to stroke.
Gave him a mega sucking session and he absolutely LOVED having his big ass rimmed.

My second visitor was a lovely Black Daddy from North London.
I do love mature, older men as much as the young boys.
Well he had the MOST fantastic cock and balls. A big thick cock with a delicious foresking and BIG heavy balls - so big i could not get both in to my mouth at one time !
I was honoured to introduce him to rimming. I have said it before , it is said to know that a man has reached middle age and has never experienced the joys of a white slut , pleasuring his ass hole with her tongue ! Well , better late than never i guess !
He cum in my mouth and then , after a break , he told me to get back to work on his cock. Soon he was in need of my ass and i did have some trepidation of being impaled on this big , heavy dick. Gosh , his dick filled my little white hole as he rode me and took his pleasure. He withdrew, i sucked him more and he shot down my throat again ! What a lucky girl i am.

Aside from the fabulous sex he was (is) a gorgeous man and i a mREALLY , REALLY looking forward to as many visits as he wishes to make to me. I think he knows that he has found a good , sexy , compliant slut in me and will use me to take advantage of as much as he desires. I can't wait !!!

No picture i am afraid - he did not want any pics taken and i respect his choice.

11 Oct 2013

Todays visitor - a spunky young boy :-)

My first visitor , "Mr.Reading" is a young , slim , defined, handsome , sexy black boy in his early 20's
He had seen my website and decided that he wanted to try a tgirl , for the first time.
i was honoured that he choose me !
It was refreshing to see that he bounced in to my apartment with confidence.
It seems that youngsters today don't have the "hang-ups" of their older generation and just see "every hole as a goal" !
He took no time in stripping off to reveal his delicious , big , black cock with a pink head. You KNOW i love the contrast of those pink heads on a black shaft :-)

His cock tasted so young , fresh and delicious. I really made a meal of it , i could not get enough.
I introduced him to my rimming seat - he had never seen one before.
His pert, young , bubble butt landed on my tongue and i worked my majic bringing waves of pleasure to his arse hole.
He jumped off the box as it was exciting him so much and proclaimed that he wanted to fuck me in the ass.
I quickly grabbed a condom , lubed my hole and asumed the doggy position.
He entered me slowly , feeling the grip of my sphincter around the shaft of his penis.
He had to take it really slowly , as he was on the verge of cumming. Just the sight and feel of his dick in my ass was giving him so much excitement.
He ripped the condom off and told me to get on my knees.
He pushed his cock in my mouth and his fingers in to my ass and i pistoned my lips up and down his long shaft.
In no time at all he was pumping his black seed down my throat.

What a sensational , mature , young man he is. I am looking forward to being his unpaid whore , whenever he has the need.

2 Guys served yesterday

My first visitor has asked me to remove his entry today ( 11th Nov 2013) , so , it no longer appears below.

My second visitor was a dusky, Indian tgirl lover from E.London.
A well experienced tgirl admirer , he had met many before and also goes to tgirl sex parties.
So , he knew what he wanted and how to get it it from a dark cock slut like me.
He has a handsome face and is another Indian with a "semi long", dark beard. I just LOVE those and loved caressing it.
Spent the LONGEST time sucking his delicious , dark dick and then he face fucked me with the force of his powerful , big thighs behind it. I was helpless , arms behind my back as he just used my mouth and throat as a pleasure receptacle.
He took me to the bedroom and fucked me in all sorts of positions.

9 Oct 2013

First day back in servitude

My first full day back in service after a 3 month Summer break, as an unpaid whore to dark cock, and my diary is full !

Today , at the request of a visitor , i am dressed as a schoolgirl !

My first visitor "Mr.Slim" was a young (25yr old) black lad from S.London.
I had logged on to fabswingers at 11am , exchanged messages with him and he was around my place by 1pm.
This amiable , lithe , hairy , black boy had a lovely long cock AND a foreskin !
As it was his first visit , he made it "low key" and was just content to chill and lie back as i worshiped his cock , balls and ass.
He left me with a delicious LARGE black load in my mouth after i sucked him to completion.

My second visitor was the one who asked me to dress as a schoolgirl.
It was his very first time with a tgirl and , naturally , i am very honoured that he chose me .
This "asianboy" is tall , slim and very good looking. From East London he has a handsome face, lovely eyes and gorgeous body with VERY hairy legs and ass (just like i like :-)

He is only young , maybe mid 20's and he has short hair on top and a SEXY long , dark beard.
I go CRAZY for that look on Pakistani boys.

I sucked him a lot , rimmed him on my rimming stool and then we went to the bedroom as he told me he wanted to fuck me.
Well he fucked me in all sort of positions and he fucks like a piston !
He loved my ass and , when he was ready , he ripped off the condom , thrust his dick in my mouth and shot down my throat.
What a wonderful experience.

As i sit here writing this , my 3pm visitor, a young guy,  is 35 minutes late and is not answering my calls. I think i have been "stood up". That is VERY rude and annoying. I can perfectly understand if people need to cancel , if they have a genuine reason , but , to not turn up or get in touch is the height of bad manners.

Anyway, In 45 minutes time I am due to pleasure an 18 yr old black lad from S.London. I will report back after he has departed.

Ubelievable. The 18yr old has stood me up too. I phoned him as arranged , dead on 4.30pm as arranged as he was supposed to be outside my local tube station. He answered the phone and is still at home. He nonchalantly says  he "has do go do something else". It did not occur to him to phone me , text me , email me or get in touch with me through the website that we met on 6hrs ago. THIS IS WHY i RARELY meet 18 - 25yr olds. Most have NO sense of responsibility , no respect and no manners. I have even had guys begging to meet this afternoon who could have taken his place. So , he has also dishonored his brethren. The above two types are the WORST types of timewasters.

Lets see how my 6.30pm date fares. He has already given me warning that he "might" be kept on to work late. At least he has given me fair warning. If there is no update on here today , you will know he could not come either.

4 Oct 2013

Normal servitude resumed

After my Summer break , i intend to resume my servitude to black cock from OCTOBER 8th onwards , right through to at least May 2014.

Today , i emailed 106 Black guys who have been requesting my unpaid whore servitude whilst i have been on annual leave.

Look at my diary at www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk , it is relatively empty right now.
Have another look in 48hrs time and you will see it rapidly filling with Black cocked men who wish me to serve them , free , no strings.

My diary is always an indicator to you visitors of when you can expect blog posts and pictures of the men and their cocks to be posted.

Hopefully these black men will stretch me nicely for those men who like to fist also.

So , keep visiting my blog from October 8th and  for the next 9 months for regular updates of my servitude to cock.