25 Oct 2015

Week ending October 24th 2015

On Tuesday October 20th I pleasured only TWO men, as one cancelled at the last minute and one stood me up !

My first visitor , I shall call “Mr.French Brazilian”. This is because he is Brazilian born but grew up in France.

He is a sexy , young man with the MOST fantastic , hairy body. I have said time and time before that it is quite rare to find a dark skinned man who is VERY hairy. I just LOVE hairy men !
This boy had hairy , chunky legs, hairy ass cheeks and chest. He is divine !
He had a “chunky” , muscular body and buns of absolute steel. He is so super sexy.

His dark cock ( semi hard-on in the pictures) grew to lovely , thick girth.
He just LOVED throat fucking and me getting his dick all sloppy. Shame that his cock was just a little too thick for me , to get all the way down my throat though !

He LOVED it when I rimmed his arse . It was his first time and he was blown away.

He decided to shoot his load by wanking himself whilst I sucked his balls and rubbed his sensitive arse hole. He shot his heavy load all over my face ! Fantastic.

After a clean up and short break , he sat there , enjoying the porn DVD and started to stroke his cock. I explained to him that he should never have to resort to that , when he has a submissive , compliant slut in the room. So , quickly , my hands took over as I brought him to full size again and then dropped back on him with my mouth.

In no time at all , he was shooting his second load over may face !

My second visitor I shall call “Stratford Lad” ( that is an area of London).
I am guessing he is about 18 or 19yrs of age.
He is slight build and slim.
He had a magnificent , slim, 8 inch black cock.

Quite often with young , inexperienced men as soon as you just stoke their cock they are shooting their load. And this is exactly what this young lad did. He must have cum within being just 2 minutes in my company !!!

I cleaned him up and asked him if he wanted to cum again .He said yes , so I dropped to my knees in front of him and started to work my tongue , mouth and throat on his cock. I raised his legs and then began to rim his little arse hole for him. Naturally he loved it.
Back to more sucking but I hardly had given him much more pleasure when he told me that he had to leave.
Perhaps nerves ? Perhaps he did not like me ? ( well , I will rule that one out , since I made him cum almost instantly the first time ! ) Maybe just processing the fact that he had been with a tgirl in his youthful , inexperienced head ?
Well , I am not too concerned . All I hope is that he had a pleasant experience and will want ( when he sorts his head out ) to come back for more !

No pictures, as he did not want any taken.

On Wednesday October 21st I served TWO men.

The first visitor was a 30 something American Black Man. I had met him through a website called Fetlife. This site is for the “harder” players.

He is good looking with a chunky body and an AMAZING bubble-butt. 

This man had a substantial , meaty , black dick that he asked me to suck with a condom on it. Some guys want to be sucked wearing a condom and that is fine by me , although it is never as good for them and me and you cannot produce a lot of drool and spittle when sucking on a condom , they keep your mouth dry !

He did not want to be rimmed but , after 5 minutes of sucking he told me that he wanted to fuck me in the arse.

So , we went to the bedroom , where he would have better access to my hole.
Well, he fucked me hard , fast and furious in all sorts of positions. My poor hole was as sore as hell ! Gosh , he was like a machine and I have to admit I had to ask him to take it easy on a few occasions. He really was tearing up my hole.

This man just LOVES to fuck .

I was begging him to cum , as my hole was in such a state. Eventually he did , he shot his load up my arse ( with a condom on , naturally)

My second visitor is a regular visitor of mine and he also comes to our www.thedarkthrust.co.uktgirls and black men sex parties.

“Mr.J” is a handsome , sexy , late 20’s Black lad with a BIG cock !

As we have met so many times , we are very comfortable with each other and so , I needed no prompt to drop to my knees and get to work , with my mouth , on his big black cock.

LOTS of sucking , lots of sucking his balls and then moving on to rimming his pert arse.
After rimming , moved back to more sucking. To make his enjoyment greater I went and fetched a stretchy , silicone ball stretcher and placed it around his ball sac. This pulled his balls downwards and stretched them. The sensation , for most , is VERY pleasurable.
He kept the ball stretcher on as I sucked him more.

He decided he wanted to fuck me , so , we moved to the bedroom. I told him to shove his balls up my arse , which he did and was achievable as he had the semi-rigid ball stretcher in place. So , there I was , laying on my back , legs in the air, with his balls up my arse hole !
The idea now was to swing and bend his cock , so that he could push his cock inside my hole too , to join his balls. Regrettably , he was just so long and so hard that his cock had little movement in the “bending” department and we could not achieve it .
Never mind, at least we tried.

He pulled his balls out of my hole and replaced them with his big dick.
He then proceeded to give me another hard fucking.
Gosh , my second hard fucking of the day meant that my poor hole was was being thoroughly destroyed. I once again found myself begging him to cum as I was wondering if I could take any more !
Fortunately for me , he was a real gentleman and soon shot his load up my arse !

We did not take any pictures today , which is the norm with men whom I have met before. So , here is a picture from our first meeting.

On Thursday 22nd October I pleasured THREE men.

The first man I have pleasured many , many times after being his first tgirl 2 or 3 years ago.

This delightful, mature , black man has one of the thickest cocks of anyone I know.
He DEFINITELY has the BIGGEST BALLS of any man I have ever met. You will see in the pictures later.

I never write much about him , as I have written so much about him before , on previous visits.

Today it was once again a pleasure to suck him and take ALL of his thick meat in my arse.
I made him cum twice today. He likes to cum by wanking , after lots of various play, whilst I nibble his massive balls.
It is always a pleasure.

My second visitor I shall call “Mr.Face Fuck Machine”. We have been on each others radar for quite a substantial time after meeting on a swingers site called fabswingers.

He lives about 10 miles from me and actually took a taxi to visit me !
Gosh , I am flattered since the distance and journey time ( due central London traffic) must have cost him a small fortune.

He is mixed race , paler skin.
I forgot to ask him what his heritage is – he has a sort of “Arab” look , maybe N.African Moroccan ? I hope I haven’t offended him , maybe he will fill me in later.
Well , he certainly filled me in today ! 

When he arrived I inwardly gasped as he has the most HUGE biceps. He obviously spends a lot of time of the gym and it has paid off.
He is very built and very handsome.

It took no time at all for him to reveal to me what he likes the most as he started to face fuck me.

He pumped his dark dick in to my mouth and throat. He face fucked me constantly and in all sorts of positions. He held my head , or grabbed hold of my hair and treated my face and mouth like a sex toy. Drool , spit and gagging was the order of the day and the more he did it , the more he wanted more !
The only respite for my mouth was when he locked me in the head box , sat on my mouth and ordered me to pleasure his arse hole with my tongue.

After a long , heavy , WONDERFUL session he shot his load down my throat.

He is a SENSATIONAL man – he has the nasty attitude I just love. I hope I was a nasty slut who pleased him a lot , also.

Below are pictures of him just as he had cum in my throat.

My third visitor today was a handsome , sexy, tall , fit Asian man I shall call “Mr.R”.
He contacted me through a website called Birchplace.

He arrived with a gift of an expensive bottle of French Cognac for me. WOW – what a nice gesture , I VERY rarely get gifts you see , so it was a big surprise and a thrill.

It was late in the day and I regret I was unable to give him as much time as he , or I , wanted.

Naturally , I got to work on his cock – providing him lovely oral pleasure. Then on to rimming, before returning to his cock and he soon could not hold back and he filled my mouth with his Asian cum !

Just the shortest break needed as I returned to work on his substantial , very hard , dark cock.
I was enjoying stretching his balls and so I fetched my soft , silicone ball stretcher. This stretched his balls 3 inches which gives a GREAT sensation. It tuned him on so much he was soon shooting his second load in my mouth.

I am afraid I left him wanting more , as there was no more time and so have PROMISED him my arse , when he visits me next time !

Friday is stuff , stretch , gape and fist day !

So on Friday October 23rd I gave my hole to a White , BDSM Kink guy whom I met on a website called Fetlife, for the “harder” players.

As he was new to anal fisting , today was to be more of a “lesson” in fisting , than a “full on” raunchy style sex session.

He was a lovely man and very interesting to talk to.

After explaining the anatomy of the inside of the arse and verbally training him in techniques of anal fisting we moved to my playroom , where I laid in the sling , on my back.

My ass hole faced him and twitched in anticipation.

What followed was an hour and a half of him enjoying my hole.
He took toys , starting small and working up to HUGE and enjoyed the stretch and gape that he created.

He then took latex gloves and spent as much time as he needed and wanted , fisting my now sloppy hole. We even tried going for a “double fisting” as his hands were relatively small. I did not achieve this though , I am not quite ready yet, although I long to be. Nevertheless , he loved fisting and stretching my hole.

No pictures I am afraid – we were too busy to think of that !!!
Instead , here is a picture of some of my toys.

Come back next Sunday for tales of next weeks adventures.

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11 Oct 2015

Week ending October 10th 2015

On Friday night , October 9th,  FOUR gorgeous , sexy tgirls ( including myself ) attended my Dark Thrust party , where they surrendered themselves to SIX powerful , assertive, athletic, sexy , virile, demanding Black African Male Bulls.

Over the course of 3 hours they thoroughly used our mouthes and arses for their big , black dicks.
This is always a FREE service to black men.
Most of the men are married or have girlfriends , they just like the absolute privacy and discretion of our parties and a chance for them to enjoy the anal penetration that their female partners can't or won't give them.

i organise a party once a month - no charge.

In our "organisation" we now have 15 gorgeous tgirls and 30 handsome Black Bulls who regularly attend our parties.
We are always looking to hear from NEW tgirls and Black Bulls who would like to join in the debauchery.

If you would like to join us , please apply through the website

4 Oct 2015

Wednesday September 30th 2015

On Wednesday September 30th I went to a tgirl and admirers sex and social party in a swingers venue in Sutton South London.
I would estimate that about 30 tgirls and 12 males attended.

I arranged to meet a Black Dominant male there and he spent the entire day using my mouth , throat and ass for his HUGE black cock.

At one point , he had me in one of the bedrooms , on a circular bed , on all fours.
He invaded my mouth and held my head against his groin. In this position i was unable to see anyone to the side of me , or behind me,
I could get the feeling from his body movements though that he was inviting other men to come over and use my arse whilst he fucked my throat.
In no time at all all I could feel a cock pressing against my arse hole and then , i felt the full penetration.
I was being ridden from front and behind and i had NO IDEA who the man behind me was , or looked like.
After he had cum , he was replaced by another man and then , the big black dick of my companion in my mouth was replaced by another , anonymous, stanger.
This Black man was NASTY and he passed me around the group of men like a piece of fuck meat.

After a break, the Black man took me to the fetish dungeon that they have on the premises.
The men piled in to the room as he lay me flat on my back on the leather bench , attched my ankles to stirrups and proceeded to glove-up his hands.
He reached for the lube and proceeded to finger my arse hole.
Next another finger joined in , then another , then another.
Soon he was sliding his fist up my ass - to the amazement of the other onlookers.

He finished off the day by fucking me with his massive meat.