31 Dec 2014

Happy New Year !

i would like to wish all of my blog readers a very Happy New Year.
May you have a wonderful 2015 filled with health and happiness.

i resume my servitude to cock on January 7th, so , my next update will be on January 11th.

i resolve to pleasure MORE Superior males , MORE cock and strive to serve them BETTER on my path of debauchery as a sex slave in 2015.

Hugs and Kisses,

21 Dec 2014

Week ending December 20th 2014

This blog update ever Sunday

On Wednesday December 17th i went to a sex club called Sweetwednesday.


It is a club for tgirls and admirerers and it was their Christmas Party.
i always go to this particular event every year , as i like to catch up with firends and have a bit of public fun too.

i arrived at about 5pm and the club was PACKED ! I'd guess at about 70 tgirls and 50 admirers in this tiny basement club.
People were having full sex in the basement playrooms, solso and in groups , with lots of people also crowding around to watch.

i caught up with tgirl friends whom i have not seen for many months and was also flattered to have been complimented by many men who had seen my blog and website.

The highlight of the night for me WAS to have met up (pre-arranged) with a handsome Indian lad that i know. His desire tonight was to FIST my ass , infront of the crowds of people.  i must admit , i was excited of the prospect , not just for the feeling of his power over me and the filling of my ass with his fist , but also the spectacle that it was going to create , infront of dozens of people.

Regrettably, at 6.30pm i got a text from him saying that he was trapped in work and could not come :-(
Oh , such a shame.

Anyway , i guess that fantasy remains unfulfilled , so , if ANY guy would like to give me a public fisting in a similar venue ( white or black guy) , do get in touch.

i made the most of the evening by pleasuring THREE Black men in there. There was a total of 5 men of dark skin colour inside there and so , me pleasuring three of them , was a good result !

On Thursday December 18th i pleasured TWO dark men at home.

The first was a Black boy who had seen my videos online and contacted me via email.
i will call him "Junior"
It was his first time meeting a tgirl.
This HANDSOME black lad had a lovely 7 inch cock.

He took pleasure in throat fucking me hard until he shot his load down my throat.
After a short rest , he took me to the bedroom , wrapped his dick in a condom and fucked me in the ass.
He fucked me in several positions before opting for the final one where i was laid flat out on the bed with him on top of me. His entire weight of his body pressed down on top of me whilst he pinned me down by the wrists. His cock hammered away at my ass hole.
Just before he cum he pulled out , removed the condom and shot his load all over my ass cheeks :-)

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.J"
He first visited me on February 8th 2014 and you can read a report about that visit on the following page , second from the bottom.


Today i sucked him and rimmed him. He loved the sensation of his tongue on his arse hole.
i then fingered him , i penetrated his arse hole with my finger and stimulated his ring and his prostate with my finger. He LOVED it and shot his creamy load all over his belly !

Round two , he took me to the bedroom and fucked me in the ass. Soon , he was shooting his second load.

We did not take any pictures today , here is a pic from his last visit.

On Friday December 19th i went to a club called CandyGirls

It is a tgirl and admirers club in Sunbury, an area about 10 miles from the centre of London.
It was their Christmas Party , which i attend every year.
When i arrived at 11pm the place was packed. I am guessing about 140 tgirls and 20 admirers (men).

This was NOT looking good for me . Just 20 admirers !
The tgirls themselves appeared to only be there to "socialise" too. They were dressed in their finest party clothing and were just enjoying the socialising and dancing.

The playrooms downstairs were quieter than i had ever seen them in the past.
Some gender females were being spanked and whipped in the dungeon room , but , that was not my interest.

It did not bode well for me. There was a total lack of sexual tension in the building , it was not sleazy and horny at all. Now , this MIGHT be good for tgirls who want to "be a woman" for the night , but not for ME who wants to be a "slut for the night".

I was PRAYING that more men would arrive , men whom i was attracted to , not the middle aged, portly white guys in suits who were there already. 

As i had given friends a lift and i was the designated driver , we had agree to stay until around 2am.

After midnight i DID manage to pleasure TWO Black men who had arrived. Regrettably , the "scenes" were short , as they were saving their load for play with other gurls throughout the night ( can't blame them)

i was speaking to a white , male BDSM Master upstairs and he informatively told me that he too thought that the majority of the gurls here tonight were just here to socialise in their finest atire and not here to play. He said on a "normal" night , there was usually a LOT of action and sex.
i had to agree with him , as i have been on past "normal" nights and there HAS indeed been plenty of action.

So , at 2am , my friends and i left. Black Master Brix, the Black guy i had given a lift to, also confirmed that he had accomplished very LITTLE action and that all the gurls he approached just wanted conversation!

Ahh well , the moral for me is never to go to Candygirls on a "special event" night again but i WILL go there in future , as usually it can be a hot bed of filth :-)

14 Dec 2014

Meet Tiffany , in person , this week

This week i will be going out and it will be a chance for all my admirers to meet me in person.

This is NOT an offer of sex , there NEEDS to be an attraction for that. i am just letting you know where i will be , in case you have ever wanted to meet me in person.

On Wednesday December 17th , from 3pm to 7pm i shall be at :


in Londons' King's Cross area.

On Friday December 19th , from 11.30pm to 2am i shall be at :


in Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex

Both venues have sex-on-premises licences , i shall definitely be in the play rooms :-)

i have already decided to wear my purple satin blouse and micro mini skirt at both venues , so you will be able to find me.


Week ending December 13th 2014

Not much to report this past week.

The decorating of my apartment NEEDED to be finished , as it has been going on in dribs and drabs for weeks.
I decided to use all of my free time this week to finish it completely.
Therefore , i did not pleasure ANY men on a one-to one basis.
My diary opens up , as normal (ish) , next week.

On the night of Friday December 12th i hosted a gagn bang party for


SIX sexy , greedy , tgirls were provided and pleasured EIGHT hunky , sexy, insatiable black men.
There is never any entry fee to my parties.

The lounge and bedroom were available , along with the playroom which includes a sling , a fuck bench and  lockable stocks.

Girls were taken to the room of choice by the black bulls and their holes were THOROUGHLY used by the black guys.

I myself was pushed on to the bed and a Black guy with a dick as thick as a beer can fucked me in the ass. i was making too much noise and so a tall , handsome, athletic black guy forced his 9 inch cock in to my throat and facefucked me. That shut me up ! So , i was spit roasted for as long as these guys desired.

After they had used me , they just left me in a crumpled heap and moved on to the next gurl.

Our next Dark Thrust Party will be at the end of January , we hold them every 4 - 6 weeks.

Black men and sexy , convincing, slim tgirls are all welcome to apply to join us , through the Dark Thrust website application process.

9 Dec 2014

Tiffany is too extreme ? Readdressing the balance !

It has been playing on my mind that some of my latest visitors have been doing extreme depravities with me recently and that it might be alienating some men who might have considered visiting me , but now MIGHT have been put off !!!

First , a re-visit of what i am is in order.

i am a sexual submissive. i bring pleasure to men and ask nothing in return. It FULFILLS me to know that they have been able to use me as a sex provider, a pleasure giver and that they leave my apartment knowing that they have been satisfied and eager to come back for more.

It pleases me to know that they feel free to use me however they wish , i am just the object for their release.

Lately, a lot of men have wanted to act out their extreme desires with me , stuff that they could not do with their girlfriends or wives etc... I am HAPPY that they have found in me , someone who is open minded , kinky , experimental and eager to serve them and fulfil their needs.

To get things in to perspective though , extreme men are in the minority of men who visit me.

Many men just want sucking , rimming and to fuck ass.

SOME men , many of whom i have been seeing for several years , just want a simple blow-job on their way home from work , before they go home to a frigid wife.
Some men simply knock on my door , i let them in , they get their cock out at the door and put my mouth to work. They shoot their load after 5 minutes , turn around and leave without even saying thank you. They don't need to thanks me , because after one visit to me , they own me as their cum dump.

So , if you are considering visiting me but thinking " no she is too extreme for me" then let me just say....

i do not EXPECT extreme use. i do not expect you to do anything that you are not comfortable with or is pushing your limits too far. Infact, your visit is ALWAYS about YOU , your needs and desires. What happens is totally decided upon by you. i make no demands or suggestions. i have no expectations. If you just want a simple blow job or a throat to fuck - then that is perfectly ok. 

i am simply a sexual submissive who is here to provide pleasure in the way that YOU desire.
So , please do not be put off by some of the extreme things that you might read and think " this is too much for ME" - just tell me your needs , even if they are basic - and i will serve you in the way in which YOU desire.


7 Dec 2014

Week ending December 6th 2015

This blog updates every Sunday

On Wednesday 3rd December i pleasure THREE men and one guy stood me up (bastard !)

My first visitor was a young black boy i shall call "boy J"

This young man first contacted me in April , but , he had the decency to cancel saying that he did not think he was "quite ready". That showed maturity and , over the months he carried on reading my blog until he had sorted it in his head that he was ready to visit.

Well , the cock never lies and he was rock hard for all the time that he was here.
It was a delight to suck on his cock and rim his arse before he fucked me in the ass :-)

My second visitor i have met several times before , but it has been a few years since i last saw him. Since then he told me that he has become VERY filthy and knew that it was time for him to be very filthy with me.

i sucked "Mr. Filthy" and rimmed his arse hole before he took me to my playroom. He laid me in my sling and grabbed some latex gloves and thick lube. He proceeded to finger my hole and stretch it by adding additional fingers. He told me to take a hit of poppers and then he put direct , steady pressure on his fist , to glide it up my arse hole.
Oh i was so full and so stretched as i was impaled on his hand. He thrust and fisted my little white ass hole with his big black hands.

After he had abused my hole for a while , having me impaled on his hand must have made him feel very dominant and to up his game. He took my video camera and told me to get under the rimming seat. He turned the camera on as he sat his ass over my face.
I thought he wanted to capture me rimming his funky arse hole on camera , but , as i lay there he opened his bowel and a long , 12" turd fell on to my face. i grabbed it ( as it had slipped away a little) and brought it to my mouth. It was an act of absolute submission for me , to have this Black Bulls turd in my mouth.

After he turned the camera off , as he allowed me to stand up again , he rubbed his shit in my face.
This NASTY man really had become extreme in the time that i had last served him. He obviously has extreme desires and needs to use a slut like a piece of filth , who is just there to serve.
He made me feel like a complete , submissive slut who was just there to serve. What an honour.

i wont post the scat video on this blog , because it can be gross and too extreme for a lot of people.
If you WANT to see it , you can see it on the following link , but , you have been warned !!!


My third visitor was a new visitor to me. "Mr.D" is an experienced user of tgirls. He is a black man who is sexy and has a delicious cock.

It was a pleasure to suck his perfect cock and then rim his delicious ass. He wanted to fuck me , but , i was backing off , as i had just been fisted an hour before and i was sore.
i dug deep though and reminded myself that i am just a sex slave who is here to serve and please.
His big cock fucked me for a while and he was loving it. It made it worse that i had to ask him to stop. i really was SO sore , i could not take any more.
He was very disappointed and i can understand that.
Lets hope he visits me again and pins me down and uses my ass for as long as he needs :-)

On Thursday December 4th i pleasured TWO men.

My first visitor "Chico" is a very young man who wrote to me on adultfriendfinder saying "I'm curious to find out how well you can suck a dick".
He is a sexy young thing with a shaved head and a small beard. i just go crazy for men who have more hair on their face than they have on their head - i find it SO sexy :-)
He , like ALL the men i meet was straight and he had never been pleasured by a tgirl before.
So , i was an honour to suck him and rim him , before he wanked his cock as i sucked his balls and he shot all over my face.
No pictures, sorry , as he did not want any taken.

My second visitor was , wait for it, a white guy ! "Master Russia" had seen me logged in to a site called "fabswingers". He liked my profile and contacted me.
He is a masculine , dark, bear of a man with a thick beard. The fact that he was Russian also appealed to me. You know me , i go for the unusual , the opposite of myself , i like to try things that are new and unusual to me. Well , i have never pleasured a Russian before and so that was just the start of the attraction.

He told me he was a Dominant guy and he liked to use his girls hard and nasty. He told me had never met a tgirl either , so , it was going to be new to him.
i was just excited to be meeting a masculine guy who had never met a tgirl before. The fact that he was sexy , handsome and nasty was just a bonus.

We established some ground rules before he visited me but he said he definitely wanted to throat fuck me , hard and fast and he wanted to fist me.

When he arrived i was dressed in heavy make-up and wearing my slave collar , as he ordered.

He put me on my knees and immediately began to throat fuck me. i felt so vulnerable and submissive being used and controlled by this bear of a man , it was wonderful.

He took me to my playroom very quickly and put me in the sling.

He took toys and proceeded to open me up and fuck me with dildos.
After he had finished stretching me with a fairly large dildo , he took some latex gloves and smothered his hands in thick lube. He began to pry open my hole , which was still a bit sore from yesterdays black mans' fist.
Soon his Russian hand was up my arse hole . i was impaled and under his total control. He had said that he had never done it before , always wanted to try and was loving it. All i could do was lie there , unable to move due to the his complete power over me , with his fist up my kunt.
He began to fuck me with his fist , then  , punch fucking my hole , rapidly punching his fist in and out of my stretched hole.

He would only stop and withdraw to make his way to my mouth , which was at his waist level , since i was lying in a sling on my back. He face fucked me and reached to finger my hole as he was doing so.

He moved me out of the sling and got me to lie under the rimming stool. He lowered his big , Russian arse on to my face and my tongue met his hole. i spent a solid 10 minutes bringing pleasure to his ass hole with my tongue. The rimming stool in my playroom is quite tall and so i was getting neck ache reaching up with my tongue. So , he moved me to the rimming box in the living room , where my head lies flat on the ground level and his arse hole reaches my tongue without me needing to stretch.
i spent another 15 minutes licking and cleaning his funky arse. He also shot his load because he was wanking as he felt the pleasure of my tongue.

He released me from the rimming box and took me back to the sling. He re-gloved and re-greased and slipped his hand up my gaping hole again. He spent more time punch fucking my arse hole. By now my kunt was massively gaping.

He withdrew his hand , only to replace the void with a GIANT dildo that is wider than a beer can. He jammed that thing up me. Since it is big and heavy and has a "lip", Once it is inserted it is so big and heavy that no amount of pushing can force it out of any hole. i was now impaled on this monster dildo until HE decided to pull it out. He moved around to my head and face fucked me more.

It was wonderful to be under the power and control of this nasty Master. i do hope that he will return again as it makes me whole and satisfied to know that i am serving men , as a nasty , obedient , compliant sex slave.

He did not want any pictures taken so , there are none of him . Instead i will post an older picture of myself (below) which shows you that giant dildo up my ass .


6 Dec 2014

Tiffany's captivity fantasy.... can anyone make it real ???

Shemale turned in to a living , bondage sex doll

I had connected with Master X on a BDSM Fetish contact site.

He was the owner of a fetish store and he said that he had been on the BDSM for several years.
He had carefully studied my own profile and had seen that I had an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe in latex – to look like a human doll - and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

He told me he had the same interests but as a Mater/Keeper, naturally.
He sent me his picture in which he was dressed head to toe in latex and was wearing a latex hood.
He had the body of just an average guy but he looked amazing in his latex suit.
Before I agreed to visit him for a play session, i insisted that he sent me his face picture – after all , I needed to be attracted to him and also to see that he did not look like some kind of maniac.
He returned his face picture and he was a very distinguished and handsome man. Probably in his mid 40’s, just like I like them a “Daddy” type.

I arrived at his home in the morning, where he told me that he had his own playroom/dungeon.
He opened the door and he was dressed, just like in his picture, in head to toe latex. All I could see were his dark eyes and his lips/ mouth.

He invited me in and told me “ Tiffany , we are going to take it slow at first , after all , I want you to like me and build trust in me”. “Let me show you my play room first. His playroom was filled with all sorts of kinky, fetish , BDSM implements but the centrepiece was a huge cage. It must have been 12 feet square. Inside was a bed. “This is where my slaves sleep overnight” , he told me.

He opened the door to the cage and secured it open with a padlock which attached it to a side wall.
“Tiffany , go inside and “test” the strength of the steel bars and where each wall of the cage meets. I want you to do your best to find if there is a flaw , a weak point or any way of getting out. I have deliberately locked the door open, as I want you to feel safe”
With the cage door open , I was happy to venture inside and spend time testing the security of the cage. It was indeed strong and it was obvious that, once inside, there was no way to escape it.
“Now Tiffany , I am going to lock the door of the cage , but you stay outside of it. When the heavy steel door is locked , I want you to test that too , to see if it can be opened or forced in any way”.
I did that and the door was indeed fully secure. I realised that once that door was locked and somebody was inside , there was no way that they could escape.

“Any way”, he said “that is all for when you have got to know me better , for when you have built trust in me and you can experiment with your total captivity fantasies and we can set a time limit if you like , maybe just an hour or two to start , leading to overnight. We will build it up at your pace.”
“Now , let us return to my drawing room and talk some more about your needs and MY needs.

In the drawing room, he fixed me a glass of wine and we began to talk.
I sipped on the wine as we went over our email correspondence in a prelude to what I believed would be “play” time.
After a few minutes, I began to feel a bit strange, it was if I was in the room but not quite in it , if you get what I mean. My head was getting cloudy and I felt very strange, infact , I felt like I was going to pass out.

..........My body was rigid when I started to come around. I could not work out what was going on. It took me a few minutes to work out the memories of what had led up to this moment. I could recall being in the drawing room and feeling rather strange. After that, I could not remember anything. I was confused and anxious. I could not work out why my body was rigid. I could not move my arms or legs and I felt that there was something solid , pressing against my skin , all over my body. When I tried to move my head , that too was rigid and it felt like there was some sort of plastic or resin pressing against my face. My ass was feeling full too , whenever I gripped on my ass sphincter I felt like there was something inside me. All I knew was that I was lying flat on my back and all I could see was a dim light in the ceiling.
“ Ahh Tiffany , I see you are coming back” said Master X. “Tiffany , I have to inform you that I slipped something in to your wine. It caused you to pass out and you have been unconscious for 2 hours now. Let me explain more by just showing you what has happened to you.”
The next thing I know is that I could hear the sound of a small motor , starting up. I could feel my body being raised in to a standing position. I was still rigid as I was lifted.
As I was lifted fully vertically my eyes focused on a full length mirror that was directly in front of me.

In the mirror I saw my reflection. However , I did not see myself. What I saw was a shop front mannequin, of the hard plastic variety. The mannequin was female , with large breasts and a seductive figure. The mannequin had eye holes and I suddenly realised , as those eyes moved that they were MY eyes. I came to the realisation that I was trapped INSIDE this mannequin.
Master X spoke “Tiffany , you are encased in this mannequin. I have built it exactly to your dimensions but I have super enhanced the breasts and hips. I have also built it so that the limb joints can move and I can place you in to several , convenient positions. Each joint though has a mechanism that I can click in to place , which will make you totally rigid. This is how you are now , totally rigid , unable to move and totally trapped , fully encased and I can tell you now that there is no escape... I have total control over you. “

“I imagine you are wondering what that fullness in your ass is ?. Well , I have inserted a rigid , hollow butt plug up your anus. This means that your ass is permanently gaped and open. Attached to the butt plug is a hose , the hose is used to catch and drain away any waste products that you evacuate. Also , in your genitals I have inserted a catheter. It goes right inside you , in to your bladder. The long catheter tube runs down your leg and exits the mannequin near your foot. Attached to the end of the tube is a collection bag. You see Tiffany , you no longer have control over your toilet functions. Quite simply all body fluids and waste products now run , hygienically , in to collection points , outside of the mannequin. After all , we have to keep you clean inside there , don’t we ?”

My mind was racing, trying to process all of this information , trying to process what had happened to me.

“You see Tiffany , I have been searching for a human doll for many years and when I came across your profile , I knew that I had found the one. I have been carefully planning your , let us call it your application and captivity , for quite some time now. You need to know and realise Tiffany , that there is NO escape, this is how you will exist from now on and I have many plans for you”.
“I have another surprise for you Tiffany”

Master X turned his back to me and began to remove his latex mask. When it was completely off , he turned to face me. I was horrified to see that it was not the face of the man sent to me in the pictures. It was the face of a man who must have been in his 60’s. He had boils on his face and liver spots and was , to put it bluntly, quite ugly and repulsive.

“I have no fears showing you my face Tiffany , as you will never be able to reveal to anyone who I am. The fact is , you have no escape , you will spend the rest of your life, and of my life, as my captive human doll. There is no way that you will ever have contact with anyone who is not an insider on your predicament , in order to revel my true identity.”

The realisation of the magnitude of this situation was kicking in. I was angry with myself that it was myself who had actually asked for it , in my fantasies , to become a human doll.

“Let me tell you how you are going to spend your days Tiffany”

“Firstly , you are to become a mannequin in the window of my fetish store. You will be dressed daily in the kinkiest of outfits that I have for sale in my shop and you will be displayed , on full view, to the public and shoppers who pass by every day. That mouth piece in your mannequin head is interchangeable. The mouthpiece can be left off , so that there is full access to your lips OR an attachment of a mouth gag can be clipped on instead. When you are the mannequin in my shop window , you will be gagged. No one can hear you through the thick glass of the display window , but , with your mouth gagged , it is just an extra precaution.
The eye parts on your mannequin head are also interchangeable. At the moment , your eye parts are open. You are able to see a limited amount of the world around you and fully comprehend what is going on. When you are in the shop window , on display , the eye parts will have plastic mannequin eyes clipped in to place. They will be semi opaque , you will be able to see out but no-one will be able to see your eyes behind the attachment. You will witness the public staring at you and admiring you in your saucy outfits. You will witness all of the dirty old men who pause for just a bit too long as they gaze upon you , you will know that they would want to fuck any woman who was dressed like that. Nobody will know that you are actually trapped inside there. The joints in your mannequin body are , as I said before , able to be contorted in to many different positions. Some days I will just have you stood upright in the window, some days , when you are wearing the sleaziest and most provocative of garments , I will pose you in far more erotic and inviting positions. Every day you will look like a slut and turn men on who pass by the shop window.
Although I said that the general public will not be aware that you are a living doll , trapped inside that mannequin body in my shop window.

I need to tell you that I have a mailing list of hundreds of kinky men who know ALL about your plight and have been sworn to secrecy. Infact ,they are aware of you right now as I have been broadcasting your dilemma on the internet to them , they have watched your transformation process every step of the way so far.

Naturally , they ALL want to meet you Tiffany. They have seen what you look like , in human form and are very turned on by your loveliness. They are now even more turned on though , to see you now as this human doll.

At the end of your “working day” you are to be removed from the shop window. You will be taken to my dungeon playroom and your butt plug, waste collector will be removed. You will then be given a thorough enema. Your mouth gag will be removed to and your luscious lips will be exposed.
You will be placed in an “on all fours” position and locked rigid in to place.

Out of these hundreds of men who subscribe to my internet broadcasts of you , perhaps 20 or 30 per evening will visit the playroom. They are ALL going to want to thoroughly use your mouth and fuck your ass hard. You are to drink EVERY drop of cum that these men produce when they explode when you are sucking them, after all , you need every bit of nutrition that you can get hold of , don’t you Tiffany ???
If they explode up your ass in a condom , then they will remove the cum filled condom and pour the contents down your throat. You ass and mouth are to be used to give unlimited pleasure to ANY man who desires it. You will drink copious amounts of cum , daily , for the rest of your life.

At the end of the evening, I have another slave who will prepare and bring you a meal and fluids to consume. After all , you need proper nutrition as I am expecting you to survive as a captive , human, sex doll for many , many years. I will make A LOT of money off these men , using you as a human sex doll whore. The webcam broadcasts of your use and abuse will also generate income for me.
At the very end of the day , your butt plug waste disposer will be locked back in to place. You will be placed in the inescapable cage in my playroom and laid on the bed , for you to be able to get a full 8hrs sleep.

Upon waking , you will be supplied with breakfast and fluids and you will be taken back to the shop window, to be placed in a new fetish outfit and your mouth gag and eye pieces re-attached. Your urine and faeces will drain away as you spend another day as shop window doll.

So Tiffany , it looks like you have gotten what you asked for . I believe you said …. an immense interest in being used like a slut, being covered head to toe to look like a human doll and a desire to be kept in inescapable bondage.

Now wipe your tears away girl , your new life , your new existence as a human sex doll in inescapable bondage begins right now. Let me just fetch clothing and the trolley in order to move you to the shop window. And by the way , there are already 40 men booked in to use your mouth and ass this evening.

Enjoy the rest of your existence Tiffany.“