20 Dec 2013

Week ending December 21st 2013....

On Wednesday 18th December i went to a tgirl and admirer sex club in Kings Cross , London called Sweetwednesday ( http://sweetwednesday.co.uk )

This fab venue has 3 levels.
The basement has a bar and sex club (play area)
The ground floor has a public bar
The top floor has changing facilities for tgirls and a roof garden .

Upon my arrival at 3pm , the basement play area must have had about 25 trans sluts and 35 slut users in attendance. I was faced with sights of tgirls on all fours on beds with their asses in the air and their mouths open. Cocks were cumming at them in all directions , they were face fucked and anal fucked and the spitroasting just went on and on with the next "stranger" taking the place of the last. It is an AMAZING site to see. Well worth the £20 admission fee. It is like being in the centre of a porn movie !!! This type of action goes on all day long ( from 1pm till 10pm) and over 200 people entered during the day.

I COULD have been fucked by over 100 men BUT you know i just go for Dark guys.
So , my day started with a hunky , chunky black man who took me in to a corner and fed me his cock. He was divine and so was his cock. He now has my number and so , hopefully , he will be visiting me at home where i can show him a real , good time.

My second encounter was with a short ( about 5ft 6") Arab man , who can only be described as skinny. He reminded me of the dark Arabs I meet on my travels to the Middle East. I was not expecting much , but , when he got his dark cock out for me to serve it was MASSSIVE. It must have been 9 or 10 inches and it was thick too. It looked even bigger because he was just a slip of a man and he had this giant cock. He was all out of proportion - in a good way though ! I tried to suck him but will admit that i could not manage much of his cock in my mouth as it was so fat and long. After a while , he bent me over a beer barrel and fucked me in the ass. More cocks were presented to my mouth , at the same time , but i declined them , as they were white.

My third encounter was with an Indian lad whom i have seen many times before. This handsome man was so horny today that he had checked my online diary , to see if i was free for him to visit me at home. He could see i was not but that i had put in my diary that i was going to Sweetwednesday. So , it was a LOVELY surprise to see him there and have him tell me that he was only there to see me !¬ What a compliment ! Naturally , i dropped to my knees in the dark room and sucked and sucked and sucked him. It was his first ever time in a place like that and he was "finding his legs". He did not cum because i explained to him that , whilst i was enjoying being his bitch ( as always) that he was free to sample ANY of the other tgirls that were there . So , we agreed that he need not cum and after 10/15 minutes of pleasuring him , we decided to move on. I can tell you that he had a FANTASTIC afternoon. He got pleasured by LOTS of tgirls and even a sexy , young, blonde gender FEMALE. Yes , sometimes females go to that club too ( not often , but sometimes). Everyone fucks everyone in that place , it is a real house of debauchery.

My final encounter ( my fourth) was a sexy , handsome , tiny ( about 5ft 2") Indian man who is married and lives in Central London. He had his eye on me all day long and i knew it :-)
Being so sweet looking and short in stature , i was not expecting much , when he took me to a dark corner and put me on my knees. However , he face fucked me like an expert with no mercy. He held my face firmly and fucked it hard. He simply took control , saw me as a piece of meat and used me for his dirty desires. It was bliss. After he had cum down my throat we chatted in the social area. Turns out he has desires for bondage and kink and would love nothing more than tying a girl down and simply using her as a sex object. I did not mention that i have a kinky playroom with all the equipment he needs in my apartment, or that i will allow him to use me like that. i will leave this as a surprise for when he visits me :-)

On Thursday December 20th  my first visitor is a yong man who first visited me in January 2013.
You can read about that visit here : http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/yesterday.html
"Mr.K" is a handsome , mid twenties Black man who had his first tgirl experience in January 2013. THAT experience was with me ! It is his THIRD visit to me , this year.... which is a tribute to me that , when men visit to me , almost all of them want to come back for more. And why not ? They know my apartment is a no-strings "drop-in" where they can get their dick pleasured.

"I want you to wear pure black stockings with black French knickers and a black bra with red heels and red lipstick!
Can you have some hardcore transsexual porn as I come In please! Also I may be a little early ;)
Also can you have a selection of toys ready please and possibly some bondage stuff "

That is what he wrote to me in his email and , naturally , i complied.
He took no time in stripping and getting my lips on his big , thick , black cock. He paused and then tied my wrists firmly behind my back. He stood up and aggressively face fucked me. In between face fucking me , he grabbed a big , black dildo and face fucked me with that to. He then fucked pushed his cock in to my mouth , alongside the dildo and so my mouth was completely stuffed to bursting with black cock.
In the pictures below , they are taken by him looking down at me , with my arms tied behind my back , unable to stop the onslaught of his big didk , raping my throat.
When he cum , he shot all over my face.


My second visitor was a young Indian Asian lad. He had come thru contacting my dogging Master on facebook. My dogging Master decided that , since he had a dark dick , that i should pleasure this guy in private.
He has SUCH a handsome face and  a lovely hairy body.
I sucked his juice dark cock and i introduced him to getting his arse hole rimmed . He loved it .

My third visitor booked for today STOOD ME UP . The bugger even had the cheek to text me a few hours before to confirm that I was still going to meet him !
Not only is this inconsiderate and annoying BUT i had TWO OTHER guys text me today , to see if i could fit them in and i had to tell them no. So , this guy who stood me up ALSO disserviced his brothas who could have received pleasure from me today.

On Friday December 20th , I visted Candygirls trans and admirers club in Sunbury On Thames

i arrived around 11pm and the parking lot was full , had to drive around the area just looking for a space.
Inside , around 200 tgirls and admirers present. I would say about 160 tgirls and 40 admirers , as well as three or four gender females.

This VAST sex club is on two levels. Upstairs is the bar and social area , with three private playroom bedrooms  on the side walls.
Downstairs there is a DJ and dancefloor. Next to that are 3 darkroom (play spaces) and a huge dungeon play area with BDSM equipment. Through that is a door to an outside patio/smoking area.
The place is bright, clean  and smart.

A lot of the tgirls who go here , go to socialise only , they see it as just a place to dress and chat etc..
I am guessing only about 30 percent of the tgirls are there to "play" and worship cock. Many of the tgirls are only in to other tgirls too ! LOL

I guess , for the 40 male admirers there were also about 50 who were "up for it".

i am happy to say that i was quite a hit at the venue, as i was dolled up to the nines and looking sexy and fuckable. Almost EVERY man in the building tried it on with me , at some point.
My choices were limited though , as there were only 4 black men in the venue. (I pleasured 3 of them , the fourth was too fat)

My first black guy was very short , had a cherubic face. I sucked him in a darkroom but he did not cum as he was pacing himself for the evening.

My second black guy was a fit , handsome , muscular , sexy shaven headed New Yorker. He was in the dark room playing with another tgirl when he saw me and immediately "dumped" her ! LOL
He came over and immediately put his 8 inch dark cock to my lips.
Naturally , i opened wide and started sucking. In the dark , we were joined by another guy ( guy 3) who also had his cock out next to my face. The black guy who i was sucking asked me if i wanted guy 3's cock too. As it was so dark in there, i had not seen the other guys face. I had to ask the guy who i was sucking , if he was white or black ? He told me , the guy was black. So , i immediately took the other guys cock in my mouth. I was now on my knees pleasuring two black cocks , one after the other , with my mouth. At times , they BOTH forced there dark cocks in to my aching jaw.

Black guy, guy 3 ,  soon shot his load in to my mouth. He then left.

I went back to working on Black guy , guy 2. As it was a bit cramped in there he told me to get up and that he was taking me to a private room. In the room he stripped off completely. I removed my panties so he had unobstructed access to my ass. I continued sucking him and then started to lick his balls. Whilst on the floor , beneath his balls i let my tongue wander down the area between his balls and his arse hole . He was loving the sensation. With a swift move i then lunged lower and got my tongue on his arse hole. Picture it , i am now on my knees as he is standing , i am between his but cheeks with my lips and i am lapping at his funky arse hole. The guy was in ecstacy.

He pulled me up , grabbed a condom and pushed me on all fours on the bed. We had no lube so he just gobbed some spit on my ass , positioned his cock at my hole and then rammed home. He fucked me hard for just a few minutes before he could not take any more excitement and he shot his load up my arse.

We left , cleaned up and had a chat. Turns out he is from New York and visits London once a month for work. I gave him my number and he has promised to visit me , in my home , on a future date.
He left in the full knowledge that he has a convenient slut , whom he can use on every visit of his to London.

After a 15 minute break i returned to the play area.
The black guy , guy 3 was mooching around again. He saw me and took me to a private room.
I sucked him again whilst he was on his back. I asked him to raise his legs and my tongue went straight to his arse hole. I rimmed him and as i was rimming him he shot his second load all over the bed. Bliss.

So , that was my night at Candygirls.

IF you are a male admirer ( white or Black) of tgirl sluts , then i can recommend this venue to you as there are always twice as many "playing" tgirls as men - so , guys , you will be spoilt for choice and there will be plenty of holes for you to invade.  Entry was around £10/ £15 and you take your own alcohol along. So , a cheap night out and willing holes - what more can a guy want. It is an "anonymous" place too , set on an industrial estate , so it is very discreet.   

15 Dec 2013


Ever wanted to meet me in person ?

I will be attending TWO events this week.

The first is on WED 18TH DEC @ Sweetwednesday , Kings Cross , London

i will be there from 3pm for a few hours

The second is on Fri Dec 20th at CANDYGIRLS Sunbury-on-Thames

i will be there from 11pm for a few hours.

Now , i can't promise i will pleasure you at either of these sex clubs , because the attraction has to be there when i see you , but , at least you know where i will be and can come say hi


14 Dec 2013

Week ending 14th December 2013....

WHAT a busy week for a sex slave !

On Thursday 12th i served FOUR men.
The first was the welcome return of "Daddy" , whom i first pleasure in February. I wrote about him as "guy 1" here"
No ned then to write too much here , but , it was another sensational visit and Daddy does so love to cum when he is fucking me in the ass !
We did not take any pics - so here is Daddy's Dick from his last visit.

The second guy i will call "My sissy BBC". He had emailed me out of the blue , saying that he had come accross me on the internet.
I thought that it would be a usual kind of meeting BUT , in his emails to me he had stated that he thought it would be fun to try on my panties too.
So initially , i took it slowly , sucking this young mans delicious dark dick and rimming his bubble but. He is a masculine guy with a sexy body and handsome face. Before moving to the rimming seat , to rim him better , i produced the panties , stockings, suspenders and bra for him to try on.
You have maybe read before on my blog that I LOVE to see a masculine man in lingerie. I do not think of him as "girly" , just a hot body in sexy clothing.
Boy did he look SO HORNY in white lingerie against his dark , fit body.

So , further in to the session , it transpired that he has been looking at tgirls on the internet , they turn him on (which is the same for most guys i meet) BUT , he differs in the way that he see HIMSELF as the girl. He has cravings to be dressed like a slut and get fucked in the ass ! WOW - WHAT a revelation. 

So , i seized the opportunity and made him "my" bitch for the rest of our session.
I took it slowly , he said he had never even sucked cock before , so i just slowly introduced him to how it feels with a cock rubbing against his cheek and lips. Yes , he excited my girly cock !!!
For today , i left it at him just licking my balls but , you must realise , that this was a very big step for a straight boy.
Today was his first lesson.
He has been instructed to purchase lingerie and wear panties every day.
He has been instructed to purchase a dildo and practice every day , in order for him to be prepared for real cock !

He is to become my little project. I have promised him a total make-over on his next visit , where i shall fully dress him , do his make up , find him a lovely wig and transform him to female. We will work on his needing to taste and suck cock and eventually for him to have his virgin hole invaded by cock. I might even take him to a trans club for him to be a slut in public. That will be when i am confident that he is ready. I am really enjoying turning a street wise black lad in to a cock hungry, cross dressed slut. I do hope that i will have more tales to tell about his journey and transformation , in the future.

My third visitor was a young man , maybe 18 - 20yrs of age. Dogging Master Brix had been contacted on Facebook and had offered me to him.
So , i knew little about him . All i knew was that dogging Master Brix had told me he was a black boy in need and that i had to serve him.
He was young , slim and full of energy ( as boys are at that age) . He had a very nasty attitude though and likes to see me squirm as he face fucked me , lowered his arse hole on to mouth , to clean and then bent me over to fuck me in the ass.
He loved it !

 "Mr.Muscle" was my fourth visitor of the day.
This hunk connected with me thru a site called xhamster. He had seen my profile , pics and videos on there. Initially , he wanted me meet me , then , replied a few days later that he had changed his mind.
He is typical of a few guys whos dick is saying "yes" but the mind is not quite there to commit yet. There is a conflict in the head of someone who is new to trans girls , wondefing if they should or should not go ahead with it. I realise that this happens with some guys and i have written about it on my blog before.
I am VERY understanding of this BUT i am also very persuasive and can explain eloquently to a guy why it is worth it and that he will have a good time.
When he arrived he must have still been thinking that there was "some kind of a catch" as my profile is too good to believe for some men. Well , he soon found out that there is NO CATCH and that i am simply a sex slave to Black men.

His visit was short and i knew that it would be , since it was his first time. I can appreciate how brave he was even to get here in the first place !!!

When he was here though i was surprised to see his handsome face , enormous built , muscled body and gigantic cock !!! This sexy man certainly is a king when it comes to dick size ! It must have been 10/11 inches and THICK too. Certainly in the Top 5 , for size, of all the men i meet.

I gave him a gentle introduction to the joys of having a tgirl slut who is just there to serve. I sucked him and introduced him to rimming ( which he loved).
Stroking his sensative nipples and licking his balls whilst he was wanking soon had him busting his nut.
We did not take any pictures , infact , i did not mention taking pictures at all  - feeling that it may have been a step too far for such a guy having his first "experience". Maybe he will visit and we can take a pic of his dick in the future ? I do hope so. xxx

On Friday 13th December i hosted one of our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk Black men and tgirl parties.
Nine black bulls had the pleasure of using the holes of six, sexy , convincing , greedy tgirls.

As for myself i enjoyed pleasuring guys whom i have blogged about here before.
One is a MASSIVE , muscled , bull of a man whom i had the pleasure of sucking and being fucked by. The second is another massively muscled man whom i had the pleasure or rimming and fingering whilst at the same time he was fucking a big breasted transsexual. He then led me in to my play room where he put me in the sling. He gloved up and fisted my arse. Next he took my huge "victor" dildo and forced that in to me. He then placed the dildo on his pubic bone and fucked me hard with it. He also inserted three fingers down the side of the dildo and stretched me even further. Wow , these black bulls really do know how to tear up an ass hole and make it bigger than a pussy !

On Saturday 14th December i had two visitors.
The first was a WHITE male , who is a huge fan of my blog and my devotion to cock. He decided to purchase me and turn me in to a REAL WHORE.
Readers of my blog will know that i now give the opportunity to white men to use me , IF they purchase me as an escort.
This gentleman had told his wife that he had to work an extra shift but instead had taken a 50 mile train journey to London , in order to use me as a whore. I am so very flattered that he did this.
This docile , hairy gentleman turned in to a foul mouthed abuser once he had paid for me. He made me gag on his thick cock and blocked off the air to my nose in order to make me choke. He had me parade , show my ass and then finger myself.  He kept his "slut" on her knees as i rimmed his arse ( his first rimming ever and he LOVED it) Time flew by and in what seemed like no time at all he was wanking furiously , as i chewed his balls and he shot a gallon of come over my face. He wanted to defile me and once and for all mark me as his whore . He had a wonderful time.

He tells me he had a wonderful time . Since he is an avid reader of my blog , perhaps he will comment on his visit to me ???

Below is his load and myself looking bedraggled after his thorough use of me.

My second visitor today has been on my radar for over a year. "Mr.K" is a handsome, 20 something black lad with wonderful dreadlocks. He has been meaning to use me for quite some time but , unfortunately , dates have been cancelled , by him or me , due to genuine conflicts , in the past.

This fit guy has a perfect cock . About 7 inches and thick . It was so tasty to suck before licking his balls and working my way down to rimming his arse. He placed me in the rim box and i spent time in there , devouring his funky arse hole before it all got too much for him and he released me , bent me over and fucked me in the arse. His delicious cock filled me up completely and he buried himself violently in to me , up to the hilt.
He ripped the condom off , buried his cock in my mouth and then cum down my throat. Lovely :-)

Come back next Sunday for your next update and do comment on my blog if you feel like , i DO read ALL of your comments.


9 Dec 2013

Coming up..........

This coming week , i am ALREADY scheduled to serve FOUR dark men on Thursday.

Friday night will be our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk gang bang for Black African men and tgirls (party always free).

On Saturday i have one white male admirer who is PURCHASING me for an hour of pleasure and then serving other dark guys later in that day.

Looks like a busy week ! Check back Sunday or later for written updates :-)

2 Dec 2013

Week ending Nov 30th 2013

WHAT an adventurous week !!!

i will start with Wednesday 27th November.
i visited http://www.transformedtoperfection.com/ in Rochester, Kent for a photo shoot.
The gentleman photographer was professional , creative and overall ... AMAZING !
His rates are REALLY competitive too.

He is VERY experienced in the photography and fetish scene and is very open minded.
If YOU require just regular poses or IF you want photographs of yourself in kinky gear, or nude , or doing kinky things OR maybe you want to take a partner too and do duo shots - then i recommend him HIGHLY. He is hyper confidential.
Here is just one of the pictures that he made for me....

On Thursday November 28th , I served 2 men.
The first was a regular visitor of mine , "Mr.Beefy", a big muscle bull of a black man. I wont write a report about him here  , as i have blogged him so many times in the past.

My second visitor was "yungblack". He is an experienced young , admirer of tgirls. He has been on my radar and me on his for several years , i think. He certainly looked familiar in the pictures that he sent me. Don't know why it has taken us so long to get it together though.
He is young , fit , virile and sexy. He has lips to die for ! His bubble butt is exceptional too :-)
What a joy it was to suck his delicious cock before he sealed me in the rimming box and got me to work my tongue on his ass hole. He took me to the bedroom where he fucked me in the ass in all sorts of positions. He now wants to come to my private (free) parties where i have , on average , 6 tgirl mouthes and arses lined up for invading by black men.

Can't wait to pleasure him again :-)

On Friday November 29th , I served 4 men.

My first visitor was  "Black Daddy from N.London" whom i blogged about in full here :

It is the FIFTH time that he has visited me for pleasure , since i first met him just 6 weeks ago. This man knows that he has found a good , compliant , selfless slut and i always look forward to his visits.

My second visitor "Boy Texas". This mid-20's black lad hails from Texas and he is in London for a year. He has met a few tgirls in the past.
His cock grew to an impressive 8 inches as i sucked it in to life. 
We moved to the rimming seat and he lowered his bubble butt on to my tongue. I took great pleasure in to rimming his arse. The only problem was , he found it SO exciting and pleasurable that he very quickly shot his load all over my tits ! i am so PLEASED that he found it so pleasurable but i just wished that i could have rimmed and sucked him more , as he was so delicious.
Ahh well , there is always the next time :-) !

My third visitor was "Mr.19yr old". 
I had connected with this young 19yr old black lad just a few hours beforehand on a dating site called OKCupid. 
Visiting a tgirl was a completely new experience for him and , in the many messages that we exchanged  , he had often said that he "could not quite believe that this was real , free and there was no-catch". Sometimes it takes some people a long time to accept the fact that i am just a sex slave to Black men and boys.
He arrived and he freaked me out as he was looking a bit panic'ed. I imagine he must have been thinking that something bad may happen to him. Gosh , i just SO WISH he had fully read my blog before he arrived , so he could have assured himself that i was real and genuine and that nothing but pleasure existed for him here.
So , he visit was full of paranoia really. He refused to fully step in to the room and wanted to place himself in clear line of the exit door !!! He just got his cock out and i was told to suck. 
After just 30 seconds he told me to stop ( i think he was about to cum).
He told me he wanted to fuck me , so i grabbed a condom , lubed my ass and got on all fours on the couch. He actually took his trousers off at this point , which was encouraging , and then he fucked me hard in the ass. He had never fucked ass before and he found it all so mind blowing that he quickly came.
We had a chat afterwards where i tried to re-asure him that he needn't have been so paranoid , however , i do understand where it might have cam in.

I DO HOPE that he visits me again , but this time feels more relaxed and maybe i will get to pleasure him for longer and give him more than one orgasm.

As you can imagine , we did not take any pictures - so there are none here to post. 

My fourth visitor today is a man whom i have been pleasuring for 3yrs ! "Mr.D" is a compact , hairy , bear of a man.
I wrote a report of him on this page :
http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/friday-jan-25th-3-guys.html and so i wont write another here. He is the last person on that page.
Lets just say , he left here happy after a good sucking and a good rimming :-) !

On Saturday November 30th i pleasured 2 men.

The first visitor was here for several hours.
He is a no-nonsense , BDSM Master from Portsmouth. He travelled all the way here to use me.
I was made to suck his dick ,literally , for hours. He loves the sight of a submissive , reduced to become a machine , just a suck machine and cock milker as he gets high on poppers and feels my lips tight on his dick.
He took me to my playroom and shackled me to my bench , ass in the air , so that i could not move. He took a condom and fucked me hard in the ass.
Next he took a giant dildo and began fucking and stretching my hole with it. He only did this for a short time as he took a latex glove and applied crisco , thick lube to it.
He then allowed me a hit of poppers and he rammed his hand up my arse. He buried his hand inside me. I barely had time to catch my breath when he removed his hand and curled it up in to a fist. He then fisted my ass - straight in. He then "punch fucked" me with his fist. Imagine a boxer , punching a punching bag in the gym . Well ,e did this to me , except the punching bag was my ass hole and he punched right inside it , removed it , then punched again. This was done fast and furiously.
He LOVED destroying my hole.
After a while he took a HUGE butt plug , as wide as an orange and he stuffed it up my arse.
He led me on collar and chain back to the living room , pushed my to my knees and told me to get to work on his dick again.
I was sucking him , trying to concentrate whilst all the time this huge plug was in my ass , giving me huge discomfort. He was happy - he told me that he wanted me to suffer for him and he took great pleasure in it.
In pain and discomfort , with my mouth working like a piston on his dick , he shot his load down my throat. 

On future visits , he has told me he wants to develop my fist/punch fucking further and also to train me as his personal human toilet, accepting ALL of his body wastes.

My second visitor was , fortunately , much later in the day - as i need a long time to recover from my last visitor.
i have met this young man "Mr.Ice" before and you can read a report about him here:
Today, i sucked , i rimmed he came !

This blog will probably NOT be updated until December 16th , as i have visitors staying with me and i wont be pleasuring until at least Thu Dec 12th.

24 Nov 2013

Week ending November 23rd 2013

Been a quieter week for me serving cock this week , so not an awful lot to report.

On Thursday 21st November i was visited by a lad i will call "MrO".
Mr.O is a 25yr old black lad who has been reading my blog for many months and has only just plucked up the courage to visit me.
i have written at length before ( just click on the tag in the right hand column "first time with a tgirl" to read those writings) about men needing time to process their desire to be served by a tgirl. They have some conflict in their mind before they reach that point where the logic in themselves says "lets just do it".
So this handsome , hairy black boy arrived at my apartment.
He has a lovely , juicy dark cock.

i sucked him and asked him if he wanted to be rimmed. He said that he had never tried it before. i have also written AT LENGTH about my amazement that many men and boys cn reach the age of 21 . 31 , 51 or even 51 and have NEVER yet experienced the INCREDIBLE sensation of having a sub lick and lap up your ass hole. This erogenous zone , full of stimulating nerve endings should be given just as much priority as your dick !
Well , when i rimmed this young man he was amazed and blown away by the feelings and sensation ( as are 9 out of 10 men). His dick got stronger and harder.

It is always a pleasure for me to rim a guy as i know that it is something that he will rarely experience. I mean , go up to your girlfriend or wife right now and say " i am horny and i want you to lick my arse hole, make me cum". i think you might get a slap across the face , don't you ? In the eyes of some women , it might even be grounds for divorce !

Well , besides the rimming this young man enjoyed an entire hour of me sucking , slurping , drooling and gagging on his cock.

On Friday November 22nd i was visited by a man whom i will call "Mr.Bull".
"Bull" is term of endearment for a man who is muscled and strong, like a bull, if you like.

"MrBULL" is a powerhouse of a man. Muscled, strong , seriously sexy and hyper masculine. JUST the type i like :-)

We connected on a site called Adultfriendfinder.
He had NEVER met a tgirl before but was mature enough to see that " here is a slut who will pleasure my cock , no strings, she loves doing it , she looks OK , so , why not ? It is not every day that a slut will just drop to her knees , get to work and do what she is told. "

He has the perfect sized cock , about 7inches and it was a dream to suck . As was rimming his juicy arse hole , as he did not need asking twice ! He loved it , naturally.

I suspect all of this was a slow build up to his REAL goal , which was to fuck me in the ass. He told me that he had attempted to fuck women in the ass on a few occasions in the past , but they had always been too tight , or they complained "stop , it is hurting".

So , we moved to the bedroom and Mr.Bull really showed his true colours , that he is an ass man, by fucking me in all sorts of positions. God , his dick felt so good.  i loved his dick , he LOVED MY ASS - a match made in heaven. He was not fast about it either , he fucked me in all sorts of positions for a long time - making the most of this submissive , compliant ass before him. He was enjoying every stroke of my sphincter tightening on and milking his cock. Soon , he was shooting his load inside me - he had seeded this ass ( with a condom) and had now , RIGHTLY , claimed it as his property.

He left elated and content that he had finally found his anal slut and he has indicated that he wants to visit me often. And why shouldn't a man visit his property whenever he likes ?

i am looking forward to EVERY visit of his. He is super sexy and magnificent.

 On Saturday November 23rd , i attended the "Noir Party" in Sutton. I volunteer there as a "hostess".
It is a swingers party for Black Men and White Women ( all females). I am the only tgirl there.

I worked there from 9pm until 4am where 150 people enjoyed hours of debauchery. It is incredible to voyeur white , female sluts being pounded by magnificent black bulls. Part of my duties is to clean up after them , naturally taking joy in collecting dozens of condoms full of Black Seed.

The party even has a fully equipped dungeon where i witnessed female , white sub sluts being tied , bound , spanked and fucked by strong black bulls. Wonderful to watch and naturally i wished that i was in their place , tied , helpless just to be used and fucked , over and over again by dozens of Black Bulls.

Roll on the next party in 2014.


16 Nov 2013

The Dark Thrust Gang Bang - Friday November 15th

Tonight i hosted a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party for Black Bulls and trans girls.

My apartment was filled with SIX gorgeous tgirls and TEN handsome Black Bulls.

Just as I AM straightforward in serving Black cock ... our parties are just the same.

The girls arrive , dressed like sexy sluts who are begging for cock . The men arrive and immediately strip and put their clothes out of the way.
The fucking begins immediately.

The girls mouthes and asses are lined up for the men to take their pleasure.

Over the course of 3 hours , 10 guys made use of the 12 available holes ( each girl has 2 holes - get it? ! )

The girls are hand picked and of a "superior quality" and are irresistible.

The guys can't get enough of them.

One of the guys got to christen my new piss hood. Here is a stock picture of it , taken from the internet.

i became his urinal tonight.

i sucked and was fucked rotten by many of the guys .

Our parties are always FREE of charge and our next one is on Friday December 6th 2013.

Week ending 16th November 2013

WHAT a week !!!

Let me start on Wednesday November 13th

My first visitor was a young , slim , black lad who came to me thru adultfriendfinder website. i will call him "BlackC"

This young man had never used a tgirl before but was eager to try.  Soon after he arrived i chuckled inside as he said in an email that "as he was a little apprehensive and might be a little nervous , he might take a while to get hard ". Well, as soon as he saw me dressed sexilly and sluttily his dick immediately stood to attention :-)
i took it slow with him and began by sucking his delicious black cock.
i asked him if he liked being rimmed. He said that he had never experienced it.
Time and time again i have written on my blog that it amazes me that men can reach their mid 20's , mid 30's , mid 40's or even later and have NEVER yet experienced the sheer joy and pleasure of a tgril tongue , teasing the hundreds of nerve endings around their ass , with her tongue.
So , i set about introducing him to this pleasure.
Like 99 percent of all men who have come before him , he was blown away with the sensation and sheer pleasure. He was really getting in to my mouth licking , slurping and sucking on his arse hole - he was in ecstacy. I thought he would never ask me to stop.
i went back to sucking him but continued to stroke his saliva'd arse hole with my fingers. He was loving it.
i asked him if he had ever had his arse fingered ? He said no and so i asked him if he would like to try it . He said yes , so i grabbed a latex glove and lube and proceeded to gently tease his hole with my finger until i felt him relax and his arse to "talk to me" , asking for more.
Soon , i was inside him , teasing his prostate with my finger and milking him from inside.
He LOVED it . He loved it so much he was soon asking me to insert TWO fingers ! Wow , what a greedy boy , such a fast learner .

i had worked him in to such a frenzy that he he ordered me to get a condom so that he could fuck me.
Can you believe this lad has never fucked an ass before either ?
He fucked me in all sorts of position and loved the fact that ass is tighter than pussy and he felt my ass gripping and milking his big black cock.
He was REALLY getting off on making me gape. He fucked me , stretched me , pulled out and looked at my gape , over and over again.

He did not want to cum by fucking , so , i went back on my knees and sucked him , as i re-introduced my finger in to his ass , until he shot his load.

For my second visitor, a change of outfit in to my schoolgirl uniform.
Some men are just horny and simply want a blowjob to relieve their frustration.
Thats what happened with "Mr.LM" , a large built black lad who contacted me earlier in the day.
He had seen my website , he was horny and needed relief. It can sometimes be THAT simple.
So , he popped in for a blowjob , i duly provided it , then he left. Sorted !

My third Wednesday visitor was "Mr.Young".
i have been serving this young hunk for over three years. He visits me infrequently though and the last time i served him was a year ago.
The fact is though that men know where i am and that i am here to serve them and they are able to visit me whenever they wish. Whether that is once a week , once a month or once a year.

It is always a total pleasure to serve this lad and his MONSTER cock. It must be 9" and thick (as you can see)
His dick filled my mouth and throat and , eventually , my ass !!!!
Always a pleasure

Thursday November 14th

My first visitor was "Black Daddy From N.London" who has visited me before and you can read about him

and here http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/todays-servitude.html

A sensational visit from him , as always as i so love worshipping his big cock and GIANT balls . Gosh , he gave me so much pain in my nipples today ( he does this to make me serve him better ) that it took me two days to recover . I felt it in my tits every time my blouse brushed against them over the next two days. This man KNOWS how to make you not forget him in a hurry.
He also joined us for our "Dark Thrust" tgirl and Balck bulls party on Friday, more about that later.

My second Friday visitor was "Mr.Hairy Indian". 
This handsome suited Indian man visits me every now and again.
You can read about him and see the pictures here : http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/today-monday-25th-march.html  

I sucked and rimmed him and he treated me like a whore . He just took an hour away from his office , visited , used me to cum , then left - perfect :-)

My third visitor was "Young J". He last visted me in February. You can read about his vist and see the pictures here :

For this visit he had much more time than his last one and so it i was able to enjoy sucking him and rimming his bubble but before he fucked me in the ass.
It is always such a joy when he visits - i do hope that he visits me more often :-)

11 Nov 2013

Something different and appealing

Saw this video on the .net today and i was so jealous of these tied up women :-)

Click on the words below to open a vide in a new window......

Click Here - Bound and Fucked

4 Nov 2013

Last weeks adventures

As i am now only serving 3 days per week - it seems logical to do a write - up at the end of that week.

On Thursday 31st October i was re-visited by "Black Daddy From N.London" whom you can read about on this page:

He has been eager to visit me again and i am really pleased that he did.
This time , he let me take a picture of his cock. I am afraid you can't really tell how big it is in the picture , but , i promise you it is VERY big and thick and tastes delicious. He also has the BIGGEST balls of ANY man whom i pleasure. His ballsack is the size of a grapefruit.
He is so yummy :-)

My second visitor on Thursday was a white guy , who had read my blog and wanted to pay me to avail himself of my services.
It is a new thing that i have been experimenting with. A LOT of white guys read my blog and in the past i have flatly refused to meet them .
However , when white guys started offering me money i thought , "why not , i can use the income to purchase more outfits and toys in order to serve Black men better".
Lets just say , he had a fab time and i introduced him to things that he had never tried before :-) It is always such a pleasure to stimulate men in ways in which they had never considered before and to see their reaction when they find it mind blowing :-)

On Friday 1st November My first visitor was "Mr.A".
I did a write-up of Mr.A's first visit about a year ago. You can see it here :


In the past year Mr.A has attended several of our Tgirl and Black men gangbangs - so , he is no stranger to me.
Here i am pleasuring his cock

My second visitor was "Mr.B" - a big , muscular Black Bull whom i have been serving for many years. He is one of my longest running visitors.

The third visitor was a young lad from N.W.London whom i will call "sissy J"

This sexy young black lad had emailed me telling me that he had never met a tgirl before. He said he was experimental and had many desires. He let it slip in correspondence that he was open to being dressed in lingerie.
Now , i find MASCULINE boys in lingerie to be really HOT !!! i find it super sexy, so , i jumped at that chance. i also discovered that he harboured thoughts about being fucked by a woman with a strap-on so i knew , when he visited , that i would be exploring HIS arse !!!

i was very friendly amd amiable when he arrived and put him at ease , by sucking him.
After a while though , the "mistress" in my raised its head and i dressed him in bra, panties , stockings and suspenders. His bubble butt looked AMAZING in the white lingerie set against his black skin.

I rimmed him and began exploring his arse hole with my fingers. He had NEVER had anything in there before. As he imagined and hoped , he found it mind blowing.
He was now my sissy submissive.

i sucked him , rimmed him , penetrated him with fingers and he fucked me in the ass , whilst he was sissified in lingerie.

When he left , he was left with clear instructions to purchase HIS OWN lingerie and wear it daily under his work clothes. This would re-inforce the fact that he was a sissy who is here to serve women and tgirls. I instructed him to purchase toys , in order to begin stretching his arse hole. The aim is that one day he will be FUCKED in the ass by shemales. 

It was a pleasure to put this black lad on his destined path as a life as a sissy.


 On Saturday i did not serve as something came up which took me away from London.

29 Oct 2013

NEW schedule of availability to serve cock

Regular readers of my blog and men who use me know that , in the past , i have been available 5 days per week.
I am afraid i have had to change this , due to an increase in workload.

For the time being i am now available on :

Saturdays  ONLY between the hours of 1pm and 8pm.

Knowing this will also help you readers of my blog , as you will now know that there are likely to be updates on those days only.

Why miss a new post though ? Why not use the tools on the right to subscribe to my blog and never miss a post ?



Some fans have asked for pictures of me tied up.

So , here are some !

You can see that i am THOROUGHLY bound and there is NO ESCAPE.
My holes are available to be thoroughly used ( mouth and ass) and i have no choice in the matter .

This particular gentleman kept me tied all day. He left the room , watched porn on TV , drank beers , he even went out at one point.... safe in the knowledge that i was bound and going nowhere , with no choice in the matter.
He was free to use my holes whenever he liked and i was unable to do anything about it.

25 Oct 2013

The Handsome Indian and the Nasty Black Lad - fucked and fisted !

I appologise that it has taken me a few days to update you on my last visitors.

My first visitor was a straight Black lad , who had never met a tgirl before. "Mr.Hard" has a youthful , boyish build. Petite you might say. So his slight build made his ENORMOUS cock look even bigger. His dick is literally like a baby's arm growing out of his groin !

He is certainly in the Top 1% of biggest cocks that i have had the pleasure of serving !

Despite being new to tgirls he had a confident , cocky attitude and he set about getting the most out of my one and a half hours with him.

First , I sucked his cock . Well , in truth , i TRIED to suck his cock !!!
Despite all your lovely comments telling me that i suck cock so well , i am afraid that occasionally one comes along that i can barely cope with. This is because they are either too long or too thick for my mouth and throat. In the case of Mr.Hard, he was too long AND too thick ! My little mouth could only manage about 4 inches of him.
Never mind - i tried to make it up to him by allowing him to lock me in my head box and take control of mu mouth and tongue on his arse !
He had the most divine , little bubble but and it was hairy too :-) Yum ! It was like a big fuzzy peach peach that lowered itself on to my face as my tongue sought out his funky ass.
My tongue was kept at work whilst i gave him the rimming of his life. I brought so much pleasure to the nerve endings around his sensitive arse hole :-)

Next he took me to the bedroom , i grabbed a condom and then lowered myself on to his enormous cock. He was surprised and pleased when i provided him with little squeezes with my sphincter , down the length of his dick. A pussy can't do that boys !!! Then i rode him , up and down on his shaft as i sat on top of him. We changed in to lots of positions , me on my back , him grabbing my ankles and thrusting or me on all fours , doggy style.

He was so fascinated with my ass and the way that i could make it grip , but then loosen up and gape.
i passed him a latex glove , lubed it up and then proceeded to SIT on his finger tips. As he stroked his dick i lowered my ass hole on this his fingers. Then came his thumb . Then came the widest part of his entire and hand and then i slipped my ass hole over his wrist. His entire fist was inside me. It blew his mind (and mine ! ) He continued to play with his dick AND the insides of my ass !

He had not cum fucking or fisting me , so , i went back to sucking him.
Our session ended with him wanking his cock with my lips around the end of it and him shooting his black seed down my throat.

We took some pics (below) AND we shot a video !!!

The video has MUSIC - turn your volume off if you don't want to get caught !!!

My second visitor was a VERY HANDSOME Indian man.
This man ( i am guessing he is late 20's / early 30's) has been on my radar for quite some time.
He is what i call "a slow burner". He has looked at me , followed me and contacted me in the past , possibly for over a year , maybe even two. Guys like him though need some time to "sort out their head" to reach the time when they decide they are going to meet me for real. You see , it was his first time with a tgirl . Like 99% of the men i meet , he identifies as "straight" (he has a girlfriend) but , he has a curiosity about tgirls.
I do not mind that it has taken him over a year to set a definite date to visit me. I would prefer this than those guys who have still not sorted out their heads , make a rushed date with me and then go and stand me up (timewasters).
As you all know , "timewasters" don't get a second chance with me and so it is better if a man is REALLY SURE that he is ready to visit me BEFORE he sets a definite date.

What can i say about this man - wow - he was SO HANDSOME ! Dark , swathes of hair on his head and the deepest , sultriest dark eyes. A lovely hairy chest too :-)

He as sort of apologetic about the size of his cock ( which was "average" sized). i explained to him that he was actually one of the lucky ones and should be proud to have an average sized cock. You see , if a cock is truly huge then MOST women or tgirls cannot deep throat them. Also , arses are not like pussies. Most arses are about 5/6/7 inches deep ( they have a 90 degree bend in them beyond that point) which means that most 8/9/10 inch cocks CANNOT fully penetrate an ass ! Ass is NOT like pussy. Pussies can go on and on in depth , asses dont !
(Yes i KNOW there are females and tgirls who can deep throat humungous cocks - but - you have to agree , they are very few and far between)

So , i was able to give this man full attention to his cock with my mouth and ass.
i rimmed him too.
i demonstrated to him how my sphincter can grip a cock, i milked his dick with my anal muscles for a while and then he made me go doggy and fucked me hard and to the hilt, in my ass !
It was rather refreshing after the enormous black dick that i had pleasured earlier in the day.

He left me totally satisfied and probably thinking "what on earth was I worried about ? Why did i take a year or more to sort my head out to grow the balls to meet and use Tiffany ? The visit was wonderful and she put me at ease and served me like a hungry whore who would have done anything for me. I need not have had a single worry at all "