30 Oct 2012

I did not have time to post on the day but on 29th October i served one gorgeous black man.

"Mr.King" came in to my life 5 YEARS AGO ! A handsome ,stocky, muscled Black Caribbean man.
He is married but likes to visit me occasionally to release his frustrations and get served properly !
You see , Mr King knows that he can get me to do things for him and treat me in a way that he could not do with his wife.
Quite rightly , you should show respect and make love to your wife , you should give her the choice to have sex in ways in which she desires.
Mr.King knows that with me , he does not have to think of "respect" or "choices" he knows that he can use me in any way that he desires. He knows i will serve and comply.
So thats how i ended up for 20 minutes on the floor , my head locked in the rimming box as he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue and made me lap , lick , suck and work on his arse hole . Giving waves of pleasure to his body. In no time at all , he was cumming down my throat.

It has been a long while since i saw Mr.King last saw Mr.King and so i was so hungry and eager to serve him in any way. He is a stunningly appealing Black man.

After a rest Mr.Kings cock came back to life and he pointed to a space on the floor between his legs. i did not need verbally telling that this was my place to be , on my knees , mouth open , ready to be filled with his big black cock.

More work from me on his cock on his nipples and back and forth to his arse hole lead to him bending me over and giving me a hard fucking in my ass. Soon Mr.King was exploding , for the second time , as he cum when fucking me.
i am honoured that mine was the FIRST ass that he ever fucked in his life (when we first met) and to this day mine is STILL the ONLY ass that he fucks !

What a wonderful time i had and so did he.

i did not ask him to take any pictures to share with you readers , this is because i did not want to "stop the flow". i also knew that i had pictures and video of him using me from previous visits, so , i will include a picture of Mr.Kings manhood, from a previous visit,  below. Also , a small video of him using my ass.

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  1. Fuck that's hot, Would love to be either :)