29 Dec 2012

Bad week for serving


It has been a BAD week for serving cock this week , hence the lack of update to my blog.
SEVERAL men have "stood me up" (simply not turned up) or cancelled (gave notice).
Perhaps it is because it is a strange week , we are still in the Christmas/New Year season, maybe things crop up that would normally not ?
Still , there is NO EXCUSE for not turning up for a date and not contacting me either before or after the date. That is just downright rude and annoying. All it needs is to take 30 seconds out of your day to text that you can no longer make it.
Sadly SOME men find even this too much to do.

Tgirls , like myself , go to a LOT of time and effort to prepare to serve cock. Bathing and being spotlessly clean takes time. Then does getting made-up and dressing. Finally , there is the deep douche'ing (cleaning my ass out with an enema) incase a man decides he needs to use my ass as well as my mouth. This in itself takes a long time to make sure i am spotlessly clean. All of this preparation takes at least 1.5hrs.
Once that is done i prepare the apartment with drinks , ice , music and porn and then i sit and await the arrival of my guest.
Add to this that i have PROBABLY turned down invitations from friends to go for lunch or shopping etc.... i have told them "no , i can't , sorry , i have promised myself to a man to serve his cock".
The man i am waiting for has also probably taken a timeslot that 3 or 4 other guys were wanting and i turned them down too.
So , i sit and wait......... and, despite confirmation emails over the last few days, he DOES NOT TURN UP. No email , no phone call , no text... NOTHING ! So , not only has he let me down , he has also dis-serviced his fellow men , who could have and wanted to use me in the time slot that he took and did not turn up for .

Reader , how would YOU feel if you went through all of this ? TIMEWASTERS ARE THE WORST type of men.
Think about what i have written and don't become a timewaster yourself. After all , all it needs to cancel is an email or a text. It only takes a minute.

i have decided to close my diary for the rest of this festive week and will resume serving men from January 2nd onwards. Maybe men will have gone back to work by then and will be back in a normal routine ? Hopefully , this will eliminate the amount of timewasters.

24 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers.
Lots of love,

Special Treat Video

You are viewing
As a special Christmas treat for all my readers , here is an exclusive video of me being FISTED in the ass by Black Master Ironpanda !
Enjoy . xxx
Black Master Ironpanda FISTS Tiffany's ass

I have been informed that people cannot view my videos in Internet Explorer Browser. I tried myself and found that it does not load immediately , you have to wait for a good few minutes. The alternative is to  DOWNLOAD Mozilla Firefox Web Browser, as they seem to work perfectly on there.

21 Dec 2012

Two thugs on Thursday

Yesterday i pleasured TWO men.
They were both sensational , NASTY (in the best possible way) Black bulls who thoroughly used me like a whore.

These men both GET IT ! They see there is a slut available to do their bidding and serve them and they take full advantage. No pleasantries, they just come and visit and in their head they know exactly what they want and they don't care how they get it.
They KNOW they cannot be this forceful and assertive with women, they would get a slap around the face and be shown the door. They know , with me , that i am a compliant , eager sub slut who will fulfil their nastiest needs.

My FIRST visitor had visited me one time before. He was nasty then but it was probably an introduction for him to see how far he would go. On THIS visit he was more relaxed and confident and assured that he could use me in ways in which he desired.
He took no time at all to put me in my place , on my knees , working on his delicious balck cock with my mouth and throat. He brutally throat fucked me and then pushed my head down to his arse hole. It was smelly and funky and had traces of his last shit. Perhaps he did not realise or perhaps it was deliberate ? I do not know and it is not for me to care. All i know is that i am there to clean his hole for him with my tongue. My nostrils were filled with his stench and my mouth full of the taste of his stale skid marks. i was put to work to clean his arse hole which itself brought waves of pleasure to anal ring.
Soon he had me bent over and he was fucking me in the ass - HARD , VERY HARD. It did not take him long to cum .
He was still not satisfied though and his dick stayed hard and within seconds he was fucking my ass again.
Naturally it took a little longer for him to cum again second time around. So , my ass was brutally fucked, a non-stop hammering as he took his pleasure in my compliance.

Below is is his picture.

My SECOND visitor had visted me once before. As a result of that visit i then invited to our "DarkThrust" gangbang party of tgirls and black bulls in November. On that occasion he had full use of the holes of 5 other tgirl submissives , alongside myself.

He is a young man in his early twenties with the maturity of a guy in his 30's. He is another nasty thug who realises that some sluts are put here just in order to serve.
He had me gagging on his THICK black cock in no time. i have to say his dick is TOO thick for my small throat but this did not stop him trying to get every inch down there.

He moved me to the rim seat where he lowered hi funk arse hole on to my mouth and i got to work on pleasuring him. He then put his hands around my throat and choked me as he forced his cock down me and throat fucked me more. He took a dildo , at the same time and rammed it up my arse, so , my arse and mouth were invaded at the same time.

He then fucked me ... HARD. His dick is so hard , so long and so fat that he soon wrecked my hole. Before he cum , he pulled out , removed the condom and then shot down my throat.

We did not take any pics today but below is a pic from his first visit to me , about a month ago.


19 Dec 2012


Well , i promised you tales of 4 men today. I am afraid 3 men cancelled for various reasons. The fourth , a young black boy did not want any pictures taken. So , i am afraid i have nothing to share with you today. So sorry.
You can always see how many guys i will be pleasuring on my online diary at http://www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk
Let's hope tomorrow is busier

18 Dec 2012


After 2 whole weeks of not serving dark cock i am SOOOOO HUNGRY for dick.
i have 3 or 4 men scheduled to visit me for pleasure tomorrow. Do come back tomorrow , after you have finished reading the rest of my blog to read about my adventures tomorrow. xxx

4 Dec 2012

come back December 19th

I regret to tell you all that due to domestic circumstances ( i have relatives from abroad staying with me which makes it impossible for me to serve men ) i am unable to serve at present and so i won't be updating my blog for a couple of weeks.

i am taking dates from men on and after December 19th 2012 , so , do come back then and read about my new adventures around that time.

Gosh , i will be SO H-U-N-G-R-Y for dark cock by then the guys who get to see me first will be in for a sensational time !

29 Nov 2012


"Mr. Sleaze" visited me again today. You first saw him on this blog on October 9th 2012.
He is a nasty (in the best possible way), sexy, assertive , balck man.
He always knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.

As soon as i opened the door i was told to get on my knees and not to speak. He teased me with his cock, bitch slapping my face with it before ramming it down my throat. He asked me questions as he rammed deeper and i was ordered to answer. This had the effect of opening my throat more and making me gag on his cock as my muffled replies were produced.

As he took a piss in the bathroom i was ordered to remain silent, kneeling on the floor , where he had left me. i could hear his horse piss hitting the porcelain and could not helped thinking "one day maybe i will be lucky enough for him to use my mouth as his toilet".

When he returned he ordered me to apply more red lipstick , to replace that which had come off when he had been throat fucking me.

He took me to the living room where he teased me more with his powerful cock, grabbed me tightly by the hair, rammed my head up and down on his cock as he throat fucked me more.
i was only allowed to speak when spoken too.

He laid back on the sofa , spread his funky ass cheeks and ordered me to get to work , cleaning his arse hole.
i could taste the bittersweet taste of his skid marks on my tongue as i made a great effort to get him clean.

He enjoyed my cleaning and rimming of his arse , so much so that it was just another couple of strokes with my mouth on his cock when he shot his load in my mouth.

i do SO LOVE his visits and it would be wonderful for him to visit me more frequently, as i can see he has a nasty mind and so , who knows where his limits of debauchery will lead to in his use of me ?

Below are pictures of me serving him and then a picture when he had just cum , with his cum dribbling out of my mouth.

My SECOND visitor today was a young , black, African boy who lives just half a mile from me.
We connected on the site fabswingers and he has used a couple of tgirls before.
He had thoroughly read my blog and he wanted to experience the joys of sitting on my rim seat with his arse hole on my tongue.

It was my honour to rim him (he loved it) and afterwards to suck on his wonderful black cock to completion.

No pictures were taken as he preferred it that way.

27 Nov 2012

Pleasured 3 men today

Today , i pleasured 3 dark , horny men.

The FIRST was "Mr.Eritrea". Smouldering good looks that you get with Nubian men.
This man was NASTY - in the best possible way. It was evident that he knew a slut when he saw one and was going to use me hard for his nasty desires.
It was his first time with a tgirl and he used me like a piece of meat. He throat fucked me then wasted no time in getting me to clean and chew on his funky arse hole . He wanted to put me in my place . let me know who was Boss and he certainly did.
He used me like a whore , cum , then left... just as it should be.
I do hope he returns soon though :-)

My SECOND a handsome Indian man i met for the first time just 2hrs before hand on the website , fabswingers. He saw me on there and realised that he had a slut here who could take care of his needs.
He has the most handsome face, lovely dark cock and one of the most chewable arse holes i have had in a long time .
So , within 2 hours or so of first connecting, i was soon on my knees pleasuring his cock and introducing him to my rimming box.

The THIRD man who visited me I have actually been pleasuring for over 3yrs. I see him just once or twice a year though as he is one of them men who drop in to my life just occasionally.
I can only imagine he was very horny today and though " I need someone to take care of this dick" and so he thought of me.

This African man has a HUGE cock. It must be 9inches , maybe 10inches. Perhaps you can work out in the pictures below that it is as long as my face !

It is a good job he visited me at the end of the day because his huge cock stretched my little white hole so much that any man wanting to enter it , after him  ,would have just fallen down a gaping hole !

He is ALWAYS a pleasure to serve.

26 Nov 2012

Three guys today

THREE men to serve today.

Despite being wet , raining and floods in parts of the country it is always warm and dry in my apartment and HOT in my throat :-)

My FIRST visitor today was a young boy , a young Asian lad with a pert hairy bum which was a dream to rim. Naturally i sucked him too.

Here are pics of me sucking him .

The SECOND guy was a young (21, 22yr old ? ) Black African boy who lives close to me (within a mile). I met him in phone app "Miumeet". He had never been with a tgirl before.
He was handsome with a gorgeous cock. Just a few moments of sucking had him cumming fast ! LOL
Gosh , these youngsters are fast to shoot - they just can't contain their excitement ! i am not complaining, i am here to serve a guy , whether it takes him a second , or an hour.
I offered him 10 mins rest and then i set to work on his cock again.
I offered to rim him , he had never had it done before. Can you believe he declined a rimming ? Despite me trying to talk him in to it because i KNOW how much pleasure it can bring a man.

I NEED MEN WHO READ THIS BLOG to post a comment about how wonderful having a girl tongue your arse-hole is. This boy needs to read your comments and be persuaded to be rimmed on his next visit !
Anyway, I started sucking him again and yet again he shot his load within a few minutes.
Guys reading this blog , do you remember those youthful days when you just used to cum in seconds and then repeat it seconds later ? Oh to be young again !

Unfortunately, the lad did not want any pics of me sucking him to be taken. That is totally his choice but it means , alas , i have none to share with you.

My THIRD visitor today was a man whom i have been serving for 3yrs.
He is a Black African man, a "Daddy" Type who has a stocky build and is hairy. As i have said countless times before, most Black African men are very smooth skinned , which is all GOOD in my book but occasionaly (rarely) i will encounter one who is hairy. As you can imagine , the hairs on their body are not long but short and wiry and curly , just like on the top of their head !
i just LOVE hairy men. Such a wonderful contrast of masculinity and manliness against my smoothness and femininity. You should know me well enough by now to know i am all about "contrasts".

I dont see him very often , maybe once every 6 or 9 months due to his busy lifestyle and my diary not being empty enough for him ! LOL
Nevertheless , when we do get together it is always very wonderful.

I love spending a long time sucking him but then even more time on chewing his hairy arse - i just love it and loose myself underneath him on my rimming seat. Good job he loves it too :-)
He always ends his visit to me by fucking me in the ass, by then he is so ready for it and just loves to shoot inside me .

I did not ask him for photos today because , after 3yrs of pleasuring him i THOUGHT i must have loads already. Oddly , i have none , we have never took any !
Once i took a picture of HIM, well , his lovely hairy ass though.

23 Nov 2012

The Master and The Tall American

Yesterday i pleasured TWO men.

My first man was an assertive, Dominant Master.
He is a married Asian (Indian) guy from W.London who , naturally , does not get to play out his nasty , aggressive , sadistic desires.
He found the RIGHT compliant slut in me.
I don't have any pictures from the meeting because right from the moment he arrived at my door , with me wearing collar and lead and kneeling on the floor , he took control of ALL activities.
i was never allowed to touch myself, i was only allowed to touch him when he decided. i was not allowed to speak, i was only permitted to OBEY and follow his rules. Any infraction resulted in him giving me more pain. So , i never had the opportunity to ask him to take pictures.

Let me just say my holes were thoroughly used by his dark, Asian dick and my arse was stretched with HUGE dildos. My nipples are also sore and crusting today, so , only your own imagination might get close to realising what we got up to today.

My second visitor was a tall, man-mountain of a Black Bull from the U.S.A.

He is in London for a short period , working , and he saw me online and saw it as an ideal opportunity to get free , easy sex whilst he is here.
I have asked him how much i can write about him but he wishes to keep very discreet, so , all i can tell you is that i pleasured his lovely 8 inch black cock and my mouth and ass were thoroughly used. i also introduced him to my rimming seat and he LOVED it.
When it came to fucking me , he was brutal (in the nicest possible way) and he made thorough use of my tight ass hole.

Below is a picture of me sucking his cock.
Below that is an animation. It is NOT of him and me (obviously) but it is quite a likeness of him and his stature and the way he used my ass.

21 Nov 2012

Through the ages....

21st November 2012

I first met this young man 5 years ago , when he was 22yrs of age. I guess he must be about 27 now but , despite him living only 2 miles from me, i don't get to see him often enough. I think this was his fourth or fifth visit in 5 years, so , we are averaging one a year !

Hey i am not complaining because it just proves to me that men can call upon me anytime that suits them , be it weekly , monthly or yearly. It is good to know that i am here to serve them and that THEY have full control and choice of when those times will be.

So , i had yet another wonderful time with him and it was an honor and a privilege to suck his stiff, dark, rock-solid cock and to give him my ass to ride. He cum by spunking over my face and in to my mouth. I am now typing this whilst savouring and digesting his black seed in my stomach :-)

Hope he does not leave it another year to visit me though, he is sensational !

The picture below was taken on his visit today.

The picture below was taken when he visited me 3 yrs ago !!!

19 Nov 2012

November 19th - sucking , rimming , getting fucked in the ass

Today , i served just ONE man.
TWO men from Fabswingers also made definite dates, sent them my phone number , asked for theirs back and then DID NOT HEAR FROM THEM.
I hate these type of timewasters. I had spent an hour going back and forth with messages and emails , slotting them in to my diary and having to turn other men down because i had no more room and then they stood me up. Not only does it piss me off but it allows STOPS other GENUINE black men from being pleasured on the day.

i am STILL contemplating creating a "name and shame" website - as maybe it is the only way to stop these timewaster ?

Anyway, the young man i pleasured was SO WORTH IT . A young , beefy bull of about 21 /22 yrs of age. He had used tgirl sluts before , in sex clubs like Teds Place. He had a big , juicy nine inch cock and if i were to guess what he enjoyed the most today , then , it was my rimming box.
i spent 15 minutes locked in the box. It has a hole for my tongue to come through and he took a seat on the box , spreading his bum cheeks as he sat down to make sure my tongue was in full contact with his arse hole. He LOVED the power and control aspect in that i was locked in the box as a rimming slave and could only be let out when HE decided. Naturally he also LOVED the attention and waves of pleasure that i brought to his arse hole , with my tongue , for over a quarter of an hour.

He then fucked me and cum by wanking over me and shotting over my face and in to my mouth.

Here i am, in the pic below , pleasuring his juicy dick.

Dark Thrust Gangbang Party - Nov 16th

On Friday November 16th we had a Dark Thrust ( www.thedarkthrust.co.uk ) party.
SIX trans girls and NINE black bulls attended.

As you can imaging it was a full on sex party with all of the girls providing both of heir holes for the black bulls to use.

Many girls (including myself) were frequently spit roasted and passed from guy to guy.

i can tell you my holes were sore afterwards but i was proud that i had been able to serve and pleasure so many assertive , dominant Black Bulls.

To end the night, one of the bulls took me to a private area , put a rubber glove on his hand , lubed his hand , packed my ass full of lube and then forced his hand in to my ass. After fisting me for a short time he led me, by my ass hole (his hand still up me), in to the main room , where he showed my stretched cunt to all the other men and invited them to do the same to me.


14 Nov 2012

Nightmare week

i have had various workmen in my premises this week , doing domestic stuff. It means that i cannot serve any men (and i don't like the look of the electricians! )

i also lost telephone and internet lines for 48hrs.

My only "event" this week will be one of our DarkThrust Parties on Friday night.  (www.thedarkthrust.co.uk)

We have confirmed that 6 trans sluts will be providing their holes to 9 African Black Bulls.

So , i WILL not be serving any men on a one-to-one basis for the rest of this week.

i will take appointments from dark men from Monday onwards (free appointments , naturally)


cliniQ is a new NHS holistic sexual health and well-being service for all trans* people, partners and friends.
cliniQ will be open every Wednesday from 5.30 to 7.00pm on a walk-in and appointment basis.
cliniQ is a free and confidential sexual health service that also offers access to liver function testing, drug and alcohol and healthy lifestyle support, counseling, listening ear, practical advice, advocacy and much more.

56 Dean Street



020 3315 9552

10 Nov 2012

It won't be until Wed 14th Nov (5 days time) until i am available to serve dark cock and update my blog , so , i will leave you with a video to tide you over.

Video Below.....

Yesterday , Friday Nov 9th, i pleasured one man.

"Mr.A" is a black, African man who is married but is crazy about tgirls. He has met tgirls before and they are his "secret" pleasure.
He has a gorgeous , tasty 9 inch cock with a lovely foreskin.

Usually 9 inches is too much for my tight ass but Mr.A transformed in to an aggressive thug in the heights of his passion. He skilfully opened me up to take one inch after another.
When it looked like i could not (would not) take any more he just asserted his authority and pinned me down with his powerful body and strength. MrA was not going to take no for an answer. He fucked me for an eternity.

i was spread eagled on the bed with Mr A pinning me down by the wrists with his entire body weight on top of me. Every time i yelped or screamed in discomfort he simply pushed my face in to the pillow and gave me another inch of big black cock.

i have to say , it is rare for a man to make me sore and unable to take anymore but Mr A was one of them.

i liked his nasty , thuggish, controlling , demanding attitude and he really did instill in me that black cock whores like myself are there just to be used as sex objects to bring pleasure to men.

Mr A has now earned his right to join our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk parties where 4, 5 or  6 tgirls mouthes and arses will be provided to him for his nasty , demanding, desires.

Here i am about to pleasure Mr. A's lovely BBC.

8 Nov 2012

8th November 2012 - i only served ONE man today and sometimes just one is enough !

"Master Dragon" has been viewing my website and internet presence for 4 or 5 months.
He is heterosexual and married and so , like many men , he needed time to work out in his head why he found me so appealing. What was it that was attracting him to tgirls and could he go through with it ?
Like many first time men i have met before i very much understand the conflict that can go through a guys head.
One day , i will go in to more detail about this but , for the moment, all i will say is there comes apoint when a guy just realises and accepts that he just has to go for it !

As i say in my emails to guys, when you visit me , if you were to find that it just does not feel righ for you , all you have to do is walk out of the door ! i won't be offended, all i want to do is make men happy.

Master Dragon is a big , strong , imposing Bull of a Black African Man. He has the most sexy , deep, London "geezer" type accent that makes me weak at the knees.
He has a powerfully built body , strong arms and legs and tremendous power behind him (and me) when i was on all fours and he was fucking me in the ass from behind ! His thick 8inch cock , which NEVER goes soft (even for a second) is the perfect fit for me.

Naturally i sucked him and rimmed him for hours too.

It was SO SPECIAL (as it always is) to be the FIRST tgirl that a man ever meets and , for that reason, as i mentioned yesterday when writing about another visitor , i do not like to go in to too much detail about our wonderful time together as i feel it might "cheapen" the magnitude of the honour it was for me to be his first.

Let me just say it gave Master Dragon the measure of me (our first meeting) and since he has dirty and depraved ideas on how he would like to use a slut i think it will just lead to him training me further and harder in order to fulfil his darkest desires. That is , should he choose to visit me again.

I DO HOPE THAT HE DOES , he is sensational :-) x

Here (below) is a picture of Master Dragons cock at the begining of our meeting. Notice how nice i look at the begining of our meeting.

Then , compare it to the second picture (below) , after he has used me for hours and has cum in my mouth , all over my face and down my basque - see how bedraggled i look. This is how a girl looks after you have used her hard , used her like a whore who is there just to serve you .

7 Nov 2012

My blog is ONE MONTH old today.
Since i have been posting on my blog since October 8th 2012 i have received 3,114 visitors. So , that is averaging over 100 viewers a day.
i think that it is AMAZING and i am SO pleased. Considering that it is not yet linked in search engines or advertised (mentioned) in many places on the internet , it is quite staggering.

i do hope that you all enjoy it.

One thing that would encourage me to keep it up is if i get some FEEDBACK from YOU !
You see , dispite 3,114 visitors i have only received 4 or 5 comments.
i have NO IDEA how well my blog is being received.

YOU could help me enormously by clicking on the "comment" link on ANY post and just saying a few words. When you leave feedback it is totally anonymous (choose the anonymous option if you like) , so no one will ever know that you have commented.

PLEASE help me out here by adding comments, i will be very grateful.

Wednesday Nov 7th, i pleasured TWO men today.

My SECOND visitor today was a sexy man who is new to tgirls.

This Asian (Indian) HUNK was incredible. He is a body builder and his body was out of this world. I don't know what the muscle groups are called but his thighs were as big as my waist ! i have never seen anything like it. His pecs and biceps were like balls of steel. Add to that a HANDSOME face, VERY handsome, shaved head and sexy hairy chest and legs and this man is outstanding.

"Mr.Hunk" has been looking at tgirl porn on the internet for many months now. He had reached a stage in his life where he just NEEDED to explore his new desire. i am just honoured that he chose me !

i wont go in to detail about what we did (for once!) because it was VERY special. It is always so special being someone's first that often don't want to write about it incase it "cheapens" it.
Lets just say it was one and a half hours of boyfriend/girlfriend experience. His assertive , take control nature meant that our action went from manic and aggressive to sensual and tender.
He got to taste his first cock and feel his first prostate massage from anyone else other than himself.

This man was brave enough to follow his instinct and desires and i now feel that tgirls will become an ongoing part of his sex life. i will be honoured to pleasure him again.

Wednesday Nov 7th, i pleasured TWO men today.

My FIRST visitor today was "Mr.Ed" who visited me on October 10th.
i wont do another report because you can see the last one here


His visit today was just as heavenly as his last and i do so love serving his delicious dark cock.

i will just include a picture of his load below :-0

i had no time to post yesterday , Tuesday 6th November, so i will give an account now.

Yesterday i served TWO men.

The FIRST was a gorgeous, handsome, sexy young dark man. I havent pleasured him since January and so it was so lovely to see his return.

He loves his arse being rimmed and i even put on my latex gloves and gave him an internal prostate massage as he exploded down my throat.
He is a discreet man and so he requested that no pictures be take. So , i am sorry i cannot share more with you.

The SECOND visitor yesterday was a young Black African lad , about 20yrs of age. He had not been pleasured by a tgirl before. He said the internet was responsible for perking his curiosity and he now wanted to try everything out there.
So , i was honored to be his first and it was my pleasure to suck him and rim him before he exploded down my throat.

Here is his delicious manhood.

5 Nov 2012

Not free to pleasure today , so , i thought i would share this with you........

Just got an email from a 17yr old boy in the North Of England. He says that he has been watching my "career" and website since he was 15yrs of age and has been wanking over me for the past 2 years !

WOW - What an honour. The thought of 13/14/15/16 yr old boys coming home from school and wanking over my pics and writing is so horny !

Do remember though boys , i can't meet you in person until you have reached 16yrs of age (the age of consent) and i can't write to you either, as it would be seen as "grooming".

Keep cumming for me though :-)


3 Nov 2012

Hmm, someone commented on my previous video (below this one) that it was a shame they did not get to see the guy cum !
Ok, to rectify that , here is a video where the Black Bill Master cums !

In the video the Black Leather Master has locked my wrists in restraints and then attached them to my collar. Therefore i am unable to use my hands and my mouth and head are perfectly exposed for the Master to take advantage of.

Here is a video of me worshipping black dick , to get you through your weekend :-)

2 Nov 2012

That's it for this week.

i do not serve on weekends as i need some time for myself to rest and recharge.

As always , my diary is open again on Monday, http://www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk  , so come back next week and follow my servitude to dark cock.

You can also have updated posts mailed to your inbox automatically so you dont need to come back here checking for updates. Just "subscribe".

As always , your comments on my blog are much appreciated so please do leave one.

Thank You
My second visitor today was another man new to me.

From N.London this man was mad on tgirl porn and wanted to sample a tgirl for himself.
Like most men , he did not want to pay for it as he wanted a slut who was "in" to him and would relish in her devotion to him and his cock. Free , no fee.

This tall man had a lovely hairy chest and an even hairier bum ! i just LOVE hairy men , as i think i have said before in my blog. Black African men are, for the majority, smooth all over and so it is always a treat to serve a hairy man.

His visit was all too short and sweet as he had other places to go after me but he loved my cock sucking , rimming and shooting his cum down my throat.

Two visitors today , one guy cancelled.

My first visitor i shall call "Mr.Thug".

This 20 something young man is sexy and fit and more mature than his years.
He has a lovely 8 inch cock which is THICKER than average , a real meaty black cock.

Mr Thug wanted me dressed as his maid but the only cleaning that he wanted doing would be with my tongue !

i call him Mr.Thug as he had a NASTY attitude. "Nasty" in the best possible way.
He was very verbal and assertive. He instructed me how to pleasure him every second of his visit.

He really got off on raping my throat, throat fucking me , making me gag and producing lots of saliva to coat his cock and make his passage smoother.

He also loved having his arse rimmed.

Before he left , he fucked me hard and deep and he cum by withdrawing and shooting his cum all over my face. He left me with make up running down my face and my hair and face covered in his cum.
Mr. Thug definitely likes to see and make his sluts messy :-)

1 Nov 2012

No serving today, or , perhaps maybe.

My dogging Master , Master Brix , who collars me and pimps me out to ALL men in public in the summer time (dogging)  is using my apartment to pimp out (for free) a post-op transsexual called Steffi. He wants lots of black men banging her "new" pussy.

i have recruited 8 Black men for him and tonight they will be using her three holes.

i will be there to take pictures and to be "fluffer" to the men who are waiting in line to use Steffi.

I have two men lined up for tomorrow (Friday) and one has demanded i be wearing latex ! It is early days though as far as my diary is concerned and so there could be more by the time the day is out.

Check back tomorrow or on the weekend for full reports. x

**** Added 5th Nov:- Pictures WERE taken of this gang bang HOWEVER Steffi and Brix wish to keep them private. 5 men attended and gang fucked Steffi and myself. 
My fourth visitor yesterday was a NEW man to me.
I actually turned this man down when he contacted me 6 years ago because he was "too young looking" !
Now in his 30's he is a much more appealing MAN. He has certainly grown in to a strong , bull of a black man.
Thicker set , rugby player build with a sweet face.

This man has buns of steel !!!

"Mr.J"'s buttocks are incredible - i have never experienced anything like them. He has big , thick , strong legs and thighs and sitting on top is a bubble butt which is rock solid and hard as iron.
Shame i do not have a pic of them , as i certainly would have them as my screen saver !
I felt the full force of them as he pounded his cock in to my arse at the end of our meeting.
I also sucked him and i introduced him to rimming. He has never in his life had that done to him before. The jury is out on his verdict of rimming. Being so new to him he was not sure whether he liked it or not ! LOL

Ahh well , maybe the more rimming he receives in future , the more he will like it ? who knows !
Here i am at the beginning of our meeting , ready and eager to serve him.

My third guy yesterday was the return of my handsome Indian boy, which i blogged on Oct 9th 2012.
His third visit now in a month means that he KNOWS a good cocksucker when he has found one.

i won't do another write up on him, you can see his last one here.........
My second guy yesterday did not time things well for himself :-(
He asked for 30 minutes for a quick blow jog.
He was late and then he was actually limited , because of it , to 20 minutes.

I can tell you though that even just one minute with this tall , dark , handsome, sexy , big dicked Black man is a joy.

I have demanded that for his next visit he schedules at least an hour as this hunk needs to be pleasured for a long , long time :-)

Yesterday , 31st October i pleasured FOUR men.

My first guy at 1pm I have met twice before.
He has a female partner but he likes to use a tgirl occasionally. Well , just ME really , as he knows i am compliant and eager to serve.

He is a sexy young male who i sucked and rimmed. He has a giant cock and this was the first time he fucked me in the ass ! Gosh , did i feel that - i had to keep telling him to back off a bit as he kept hitting the end of my tunnel.
It is always a pleasure to serve him. HERE are some pics of his big cock and how i was dressed to serve yesterday :-)

30 Oct 2012

i had a day off from serving today as i had other commitments.
Tomorrow i have THREE Dark Men scheduled in my diary at http://www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk
(so far!)
Check in late tomorrow night or the following day for blog reports of their visits :-)
I did not have time to post on the day but on 29th October i served one gorgeous black man.

"Mr.King" came in to my life 5 YEARS AGO ! A handsome ,stocky, muscled Black Caribbean man.
He is married but likes to visit me occasionally to release his frustrations and get served properly !
You see , Mr King knows that he can get me to do things for him and treat me in a way that he could not do with his wife.
Quite rightly , you should show respect and make love to your wife , you should give her the choice to have sex in ways in which she desires.
Mr.King knows that with me , he does not have to think of "respect" or "choices" he knows that he can use me in any way that he desires. He knows i will serve and comply.
So thats how i ended up for 20 minutes on the floor , my head locked in the rimming box as he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue and made me lap , lick , suck and work on his arse hole . Giving waves of pleasure to his body. In no time at all , he was cumming down my throat.

It has been a long while since i saw Mr.King last saw Mr.King and so i was so hungry and eager to serve him in any way. He is a stunningly appealing Black man.

After a rest Mr.Kings cock came back to life and he pointed to a space on the floor between his legs. i did not need verbally telling that this was my place to be , on my knees , mouth open , ready to be filled with his big black cock.

More work from me on his cock on his nipples and back and forth to his arse hole lead to him bending me over and giving me a hard fucking in my ass. Soon Mr.King was exploding , for the second time , as he cum when fucking me.
i am honoured that mine was the FIRST ass that he ever fucked in his life (when we first met) and to this day mine is STILL the ONLY ass that he fucks !

What a wonderful time i had and so did he.

i did not ask him to take any pictures to share with you readers , this is because i did not want to "stop the flow". i also knew that i had pictures and video of him using me from previous visits, so , i will include a picture of Mr.Kings manhood, from a previous visit,  below. Also , a small video of him using my ass.

26 Oct 2012

My third visitor yesterday was a Black African Man visiting me for the first time.
"Mr.America" (he hails from the U.S.A but lives here in England) is mad for tgirls.
i cannot believe how our paths have never crossed before. My profiles has been on the internet for over 5yrs but he has never seen it until now.

i hope , when he reads this , he does not mind me describing him as a "thug". On the internet you see images of Black "gangsta thugs". These men have powerful , strong bodies , attitude and are covered in tattoos. They give off an image of menace and danger.
Many girls (me included) find this image VERY appealing and sexy.

Mr.America DOES look like a thug (it works to his advantage as he has worked in security services in the past) HOWEVER his personality is that of an amiable man, so , although he looks like a thug , he is infact VERY respectful and charming. He is VERY handsome too.

So , it was my great honor to serve him. My mouth and arse brought him hours of pleasure and he also enjoyed giving my hole a nasty seeing to with several fingers and he brought pain to my sensitive nipples with his mauling and biting (just the way i like it). So , i got to bring out his "thug" side , a little, after all :-)

What a gorgeous hunk of a man.

My second visitor yesterday was a gorgeous Black/Brazillian man whom i have been serving for 2 years. In the 2years i have served him about 4 or 5 times which means , he pops in to my life every 5 or 6 months.
You see , men do not need to visit me regularly, it is not a case of me being upset if i do not see a guy for 6 months or more. You see , i am happy to be the pleasuregiver that they KNOW they can call upon at any time , regardless of when their last visit was.

Like many men, Mr.Brazil does not get enough attention to his arse hole form his wife or (perhaps) others he connects with. Mr Brazil just LOVES to be rimmed, infact, i could be glued to his arse for hours , licking , sucking and stimulating his hole with my tongue and he would be in heaven !
Add to this he has the most PERFECT rock solid cock, that also needs attention , means that his visits to me are always a joy.

He does not actually have many extra-marrital liasons and certainly they are rare with tgirls (if any). However , after 2yrs he has decided that he likes the idea of being pleasured by more than one tgirl in a session.
This i can provide for him in my tgirl and black men gangbangs. Our party group at www.thedarkthrust.co.uk provides 4/6/7 tgirls at a time for Black men to use. Our parties are always free , obviously private and discreet and we have a pool of about 40 gorgeous tgirls to call open to provide their holes to entertain black men.
Our venue has two rooms for the black men to use the tgirls PLUS a bondage dungeon where the black guys can tie down the girls and invade their holes , all night. The girls are simply objects and sex slaves for the Black men to use. Tied down , they have no choice but they love it (myself included!) 

I have now included Mr.Brazil in our secret group and i am hoping to fulfil his fantasy of having multiple tgirls available for him , in the future.

Here i am with Mr. Brazil..........


25 Oct 2012

Interesting visit at 3pm today.

A young "street lad" type of guy visited me. He had "attitude" in his emails and so i was interested in pleasuring him in the flesh.

This is what happened....

He walked in , made no small talk , he did not even remove his shoes or any clothing etc.. He simply took out his big , thick, African 9 inch cock and forced my mouth on to it. He spent 5 minutes face fucking me and calling me the WORST names under the sun. He kept repeating things like "you are a nasty , dirty fucking whore" etc.. etc... He never even let me come up for air much. He just kept grabbing me by the hair and forcing his cock in to my mouth and throat whilst keeping up relentless verbal abuse of what a dirty fucking whore i was. Basically , it was like oral and aural rape. He shot down my throat , took a tissue, cleaned his cock off , turned around and walked out of the door !

He really did make me feel like a cheap whore.

It is good because sometimes even i need to be dragged down to base level and have it re-inforced that i am just there as a piece of meat, for men to use, without even a care for me.
This thug did not give a shit about me - he only thought of himself and his cock.
A PERFECT man in my eyes :-)

(No picture, you will see from reading above, the notion of a picture did not even figure in to this visit) 

24 Oct 2012

Today 4.30pm
i have known "jungleman" for a few years. Like most men i meet , he is married but EVERY married man needs a little spice in his life , doesn't he ?
It is probably 2 years since i first served him and at least a year since i last served him.
He phoned me at 3.30pm , out of the blue , and asked to come around.

That is what is so good about me - i will NEVER phone or text a guy, never ever, BUT he knows that he has my number stored and can get in touch with me at ANY time. Any time that he is in need.

So , by 4.30 pm my mouth was on the end of his dick. He was forthright from the start and told me he only had 10 minutes , as he was on his way home from work and on his way back to his wife.
Thats FINE by me. i am just here to serve the needs of men. If his needs are just 10 minutes , then so be it.
He is a stunningly handsome man with a most gorgeous face and tasty cock. i look forward to sering him as his unpaid whore again.

Wed Oct 24th 2012
Quiet day today , due more "drop-outs".

So far , only one guy.
I first connected with "Mr.C" 6 months ago. Thru a dating website called Fabswingers. I meet a lot of men through there.
6 months ago he wrote to me, we exchanged pics and emails and i sent him my diary link , for him to make a date for me to pleasure him.
I never heard from him again.

This actually happens quite often and i understand why.
You see , when men connect with a girl on the internet , they are "in the moment". They are horny , they are free and they need attention right away. They would even drive many miles to get their end away at that time , as they are supercharged and horny.
If they DONT get sex there and then , they will have a wank , shoot their load and then go off the boil.
That girl who you WERE going to fuck is no longer quite so needed. Then , life goes on and you forget about it.
UNTIL THE NEXT TIME............. !
Maybe in a week , a month or a years time the guy will be horny again , he will come across you on the .net again and he will be hot and horny for you again.

That's what happened with "Mr.C" today. He was logged on to fabswingers , he saw me , he was horny , he needed sex NOW and he saw me as the slut to provide it for him.
As chance has it , due to drop-outs today , there was an almost immediate vacancy in my diary.
So , Mr.C was on my sofa , with me on my knees , swallowing him , within an hour or so !

All i can say is , 6 months was worth the wait. This tall , slim, sexy, handsome African man was a delight to serve. His long 9 inch cock tasted delicious. i moved to his arse which was funky and rank smelling , as he had been working all day. It was mu DUTY to clean this for him and my tongue was the tool. Mr.C LOVED being rimmed and cleaned. We spent 5 minutes rimming on the sofa and because he was enjoying it so much i revealed my rimming box to him. With my head locked in the box , he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue and i pleasured his hole for 15 minutes.
It was all too much for him and he stood up , gave a few strokes of his big cock and then spunked in to my mouth.

It was fantastic. Such an honour for me to have served him in this way and i so look forward to serving him again.

Tuesday Oct 23rd 2012
Quiet day today due to "drop-outs".
Only pleasured one lad today.
He was a 21yr old Indian boy. He has not been in the UK for long and so he still has his strong Indian accent.
He has not been exposed much to sex before, infact he was a virgin !
The only sexual contact that he has ever had was with a male friend, when they rubbed eachothers cocks in an adolescent way.
So, i was his FIRST ever , proper sexual encounter.

He was very taken with me and me with him in a sort of "Mrs Robinson" way. Goodnesss , i was old enough to be his mum ! He said that turned him on though, to be seduced by an older woman.
Well, turned on he was , as you can imagine. His lovely 7inch dark dick was constantly hard.
His beautiful , peachy arse was a delight to taste , smell, lick and chew.

He was hairy too , which i LOVE. i loved his hairy chest and his hairy bum and arse hole. i love feeling those hairs on my tongue as i rim a mans arse.

He was desperate to fuck me in the ass but i was actually trying to talk him out of it !
Call me old fashioned but i actually wanted him to loose his virginity to someone whom he had more of a connection with, a deeper relationship if you like.
In the end , he was so horny , i gave in. I made a concession though, i just allowed him to ride my ass for a few minutes , i told him he was NOT to cum in my ass. So , i pulled him out after a while and told him to save the first time that he came in a pussy or ass for someone he loved.

Seems to be a week for "drop outs"
I will say i can perfectly understand if something crops up at the last minute and a guy has to cancel. As long as he lets me know as much in advance as possible , then that is fine. i can then free up his visit time to allocate to another needy man.

However , some guys are unthinking and rude. They wait until the "meeting time" and my text to them results in them giving me some excuse that they can no longer make it. i am not stupid , they have either forgotten about the date or changed their mind.

WORSE than them are the guys who do not turn up , do not email , do not respond to texts and do not appologise for standing me up. They drop off the face of the earth. These guys are TIMEWASTERS. They are also scumbags. If you only knew the time and effort that i put in to preparing for you , to serve you no strings and bring you pleasure. Factor in the number of guys who have also contacted me , wanting YOUR timeslot, then , you dont even turn up , dont even let me know and dont ever get in touch again.

I am thinking about creating a page on my website for these type - a TIMEWASTERS page, where i will post your picture, your email address and your number in order to warn the wider world that you are rude , unthinking , uncaring and a timewaster.
What do you think folks / Should i expose these bastards ?

19 Oct 2012

Just pleasured one guy today - THREE other guys dropped out , for various reasons. Thats quite upsetting really as it means that i wasted an entire day just waiting in for them , as i had made a commitment to them. Shame they did not hold their commitment to me with the same status.
So , it was not until 7pm and that i got to pleasure cock.

Mr.T from Camden had met one tgirl before through Craiglist. He said the experience was "fine" but after seeing my website and videos he thought a visit to me would be a MUCH better experience. So , i had a lot to live up to. LOL.

Like most of the men i meet, Mr.T is big time in to women and pussies but , he has a slight curiosity for tgirls.
He had not yet let a tgirl really pleasure him and introduce him to new things though.
It was my honour to introduce Mr.T to the pleasure of rimming , having his arse hole stimulated and caressed with my tongue. Naturally , he loved it and could not believe what he had been missing out on.

Had a lovely time with Mr.T for an hour and he decided he would cum by face fucking me. The vision and feeling of his cock fucking my mouth as his hips were pounding in to my face my him shoot his big , creamy load. 

Here is a pic of Mr.T's cock - i DO LOVE a black cock with a pink head. They are quite uncommon and a treat to pleasure :-)

My diary

Want to know in advance how many men i am going to be pleasuring and posting about ???

You can always see that info on my diary at http://www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk

My diary can change by the hour though , so , it can fill up fast , so , check back often.
Some pics of me , for those of you who are new to my blog.....