24 Oct 2012

Today 4.30pm
i have known "jungleman" for a few years. Like most men i meet , he is married but EVERY married man needs a little spice in his life , doesn't he ?
It is probably 2 years since i first served him and at least a year since i last served him.
He phoned me at 3.30pm , out of the blue , and asked to come around.

That is what is so good about me - i will NEVER phone or text a guy, never ever, BUT he knows that he has my number stored and can get in touch with me at ANY time. Any time that he is in need.

So , by 4.30 pm my mouth was on the end of his dick. He was forthright from the start and told me he only had 10 minutes , as he was on his way home from work and on his way back to his wife.
Thats FINE by me. i am just here to serve the needs of men. If his needs are just 10 minutes , then so be it.
He is a stunningly handsome man with a most gorgeous face and tasty cock. i look forward to sering him as his unpaid whore again.

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