29 Sept 2016

i am BACK serving Dark Cock - Winter 2016/7

After my Summer Break , i am NOW back serving Dark Cock - no strings - in the comfort of my private apartment in S.Central London.

I pleasure Black , Mixed race, Dark Arab , Indian, Pakistani, Nubian etc... men who are aged 18 - 49 and are not overweight, all for free , no strings.

i am occasioanlly asked by Caucasian men to serve them and i can do this for an escort fee.

I kick off my servitude to dark dick by hosting a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party this Friday night , September 30th , when 10 Black African Bulls will take pleasure from 16 holes belonging to 8 sexy , greedy, tgirls.

I then open up my diary to pleasure Dark men at home from October 12th 2016 right through until May 2017.

As i have said before , this blog contains over 2yrs of detailed reports, pictures and videos of my servite to dark cock , so please enjoy it as i have decided that , this winter , i will NOT be posting regular , weekly updates.

Men can always get in contact with me through my personal free , informational website at www.bitch4black.com

In honour of my "new season" and the men i will pleasure , i just had a new , permanent tattoo to mark me ( to the general Black community) as  slut/slave who can be asked upon , by any black man , to DROP TO MY KNEES and SUCK HIS DICK ON THE SPOT.

It is The Queen Of Spades , a known and recognised marker for those sluts , like me , who are sex slaves to black men. I had it placed on the underside of my arm , so , that whenever i am in a bar and raise my glass to take a drink , black men can see it and know what i am  .



25 Sept 2016

Sunday September 25th 2016 - DOGGING

Black Master Brix is pimping me out , dogging, tonight !

As you know , i ONLY pleasure dark skinned men. I do anything possible for them in order to serve them to the best of my ability.

However , here is the twist.

Black Master Brix's desires in life are to see gurls turned in to MEGA-SLUTS. To pleasure all cocks in all of their holes. He REALLY gets off on that.

So , here we have a contradiction !

My need to serve Black men in any way possible always overides my own agenda. I am here to serve THEM , i am not self-serving.

And so.... Black Master Brix takes me outdoors in the Summer months to dogging ( outdoor sex) locations.

He then invites EVERY man to use my holes . I am wearing his slave collar and i cannot refuse any man.

So , tonight he is taking me out to a location , west of London on the M25 area in Surrey.

He has ordered me to post on here my availability to ALL men to turn up and use me.

If you would like to come and use me TONIGHT ONLY , pls do get in touch with me directly , tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com , with "dogging" in your subject line and I WILL SEND  you full details.

You must drive a vehicle to reach this location.

Thank You


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5 Sept 2016

Saturday September 10th - i will pleasure YOU ALL !

Sorry for not keeping you updated guys , i have had such a full summer so far and i have so much to tell you about my exploits.

i still dont have time to do that though.
This is just a quick post to let you know that :

Black Master Brix is taking myself and another gorgeous , blonde, tgirl , out to a dogging location to the west of London , close to the M25 on Saturday September 10th , after dark.

ALL men who turn up , aged 18 - 55 , who are not overweight (no beer bellies) WILL be pleasured. Any race.
Our mouths and arses will be provided to YOU.
At the end of the night, i can even be FISTED if you have always wanted to try and see what it feels like to have your hand inside another person !

To find out the location and time you MUST join Master Brix's mailing list at

TOP , ACTIVE Men only please , NO versatile guys or other CD/TV's , thank you .