2 Oct 2018

Tiffany versus the Government !

Dear Friends,
My blog has been off line for 5 months and I can now reveal, in more detail,  why.

You know I am a pleasure giver to Black men.
Some men visit me just once , some men visit me s
everal times.

I do not intrude in to their lives or ask them any personal questions I am simply there for them , when they are in need of sexual release.

“Mr.X” was just another Black African man who visited me in 2011. He visited me several times, over a short period of time. The things is , I had to ask HIM to stop visiting me , as he was taking quite a shine to me . I felt , rightly or wrongly , that he was getting emotionally involved with me. This is not what I wanted, at the time,  and felt it would be kinder to “finish” with him than to let him carry on down the route of non-reciprocated love.

Move forward , a few years to 2015. Out of the blue a Social Worker contacted me , saying that “Mr.X” was in fact an illegal immigrant from Nigeria. The Home Office had detained him and were threatening to return him to Nigeria. 

Now , most of the men I meet , the vast majority , identify as “heterosexual” with an occasional desire for a bit of fun from a tgirl like me.
The thing is “Mr.X” identified as gay , with a particular liking for feminine men and tgirls , like me.

Now , the law and human rights record of Nigeria against LGBT persons is horrific. There is no way that I could let an LGBT person be returned to Nigeria , and I would do anything to help.

The social worker put me in touch with “Mr.X”’s solicitor and for the past 3 years I have been the main witness in his case and the primary support of for him.

The journey has been horrendous.

My evidence has been so overwhelmingly supportive of our relationship , with extensive emails and telephone records detailing our encounters and sex life that I thought that this would be a straight forward case , over with in a few months.
This has not been the case. 

The UK Immigration (Home Office) department have done everything they can imagine to refuse “Mr.X”’s human right to remain in this country and try to get his extradition back to Nigeria.

We have been to court on three occasions in 3 years , each time the UK Home Office and homophobic Judges have been doing their utmost to trash our evidence and create unreasonable grounds against us, disguising it as “reasonable” . 

Every time they refused us we had to get a Judicial Review, by outside bodies, who concluded that their findings were flawed .  Every court case has resulted in them being able to manipulate the truth , manipulate the facts to create uncertainties, in basic terms , calling us liars !

I can tell you , our evidence was pages and pages and pages long . It was SO STRONG.
If I showed the evidence to 100 people , I can GUARANTEE that 100 people would say “this person is clearly gay, how can you even suggest that he is not ?"

Yet the UK Home Office and the judicial have been vindictive in placing every obstacle in our way.
Can you believe , we even had to employ forensic scientists to examine our digital communications so that the Home Office and Judicial would HAVE to accept that we were telling the truth .

You may think that we are all equal in this UK society of ours , now that “equality” is now enshrined in UK Law. However , the reality is far from that.

The establishment are no where near recognising our equality or Human Rights , infact , they fight to suppress them.

In our latest court case , in the Summer of 2018 , we submitted our forensic evidence and were able to present our case in front of a Judge who had a sense of justice, compassion and common sense.

TODAY I received the Judges ruling . WE WON THE CASE .

“MR.X” was found to be LGBT who was at serious risk of violence , imprisonment or even death if he was returned to Nigeria.

He was GRANTED Asylum to remain in the UK and become a UK Citizen.

Naturally , we are ecstatic , so full of joy and I send out my thanks to the members of The Dark Thrust ( the black men and tgirls whom attend my monthly parties) for their financial and emotional support.

“MrX” still has a long journey , he now needs money , a home and a job , in order to to fulfil his destiny as a wonderful addition to our nation. He is truly a wonderful , enigmatic, intelligent and caring man.

So folks , whilst I am a pleasure provider to you Black African men – I will also FIGHT for YOU , and support you in your times of trouble. 




  1. Congratulations to you both finally justice done

  2. Outstanding quest there. What occurred after?

    Good luck!

  3. Its good to see people still care about humam rights. Nice one Tiffany.