27 Jul 2016

Paris- July 28th and 29th ( The + Fri)

I shall be in Paris for 2 days, Thursday and Friday.
I will go to Atlas Cinema and Beverly cinema at some point.
On Friday night I will go to the TGirl club on Rue De Dames, http://tvchix.com/venues/337/La_Maison_Du_Travesti

I would love as many French men as possible to meet me at these sex on premises venues. I am a greedy girl ! Any race, skin colour, just be aged 18-55 and NOT fat !

NO females or other tgirls pls, I am just not in to you !



4 Jul 2016

July 4th 2016 - Summer Update

Hello everyone - how is your summertime going ?

Well for the month of June I was travelling in my campervan in The Meditteranean.
I went on two occasions to the swingers , naturist village of Cap D'Agde in the South Of Farnce.
I could always be found in the bushes , in the sandunes behind the swingers beach.
Gosh , i made dozens upon dozens of men shoot their creamy loads with my talented mouth and arse !
I also visited a sauna in Beziers , where i was fortunate enough to get my hole fisted by two eager men.
I also sepnt time in Barcelona , where i served at the gloryhole in a sex shop !
Also , I spent 10 days in Mallorca. There is a lovely layby there which labourers and salesmen pull in to , in their cars , in the daytime.
I was much in demand by these men !

I came back to London for a few days but i am now returning to the Meditteranean for the month of July.

I start off again in Cap D'Agde and also visit Barcelona and the island of Ibiza.

Here is my upcoming schedule :

July 6/7/8/9 Cap D'Agde/Marseillan Plage/Sete/Montpellier area.
July 10/11 - Barcelona
July 12 - 21 - Ibiza (Town)
July 21/22 Barcelona
July 23/25/25/26 Agde, Marseillan Plage/Sete/Montpellier area.
July 27/28//29/30 travelling Agde - Clermont Ferrand - Paris - Berck-Sur-Mer - Calais - Dover - London

Perhaps YOU will be in one of those areas , at the same time as me , and need your cock pleasured ?