6 Mar 2016

Next blog entry will be in April 2016

March is an EXTREMELY busy month for me with work and travel.

Due to this , the best way for me to handle it is not to please ANY men.

When not working i will be on several short trips in and out of the country.

Some of the trips take me to places that have telephone roaming charges of £2 a minute !!!

Fuck that - so - i will be turning my phone OFF .

I ask any man who has my number NOT to phone or text me during the month of March 2016. My phone will be off and i wont reply anyway !

To all readers of my blog - come back in April 2016 , when this blog will resume , as normal.

One event i can tell you about in advance is that i will be holding a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk orgy of Black men and Tgirls on Easter Weekend ( March 25/26th) so , at least then , i will be in servitude to Black cock and the men attached to them :-)


Week ending 5th March 2016

Quite extraodinary - i did not serve ANY men this week !

So , no report today about any of my exploits.