15 Oct 2012

Two men are in my diary for today.
i have just finished serving "Mr.W". I have pleasured Mr.W several times before and he is training me to pleasure him in ways in which he desires.
He is a heterosexual male and has only just recently (within last 12months) come to find the pleasure and value of a tgirl like me. He knows that he can do filthy things with me which would be difficult to suggest to a gender female.
Mr W has a gigantic cock - the picture does not show it in its' best light , but , i can assure you that it is a big and thick as a 440ml can of beer. Very few women would be able even consider taking his cock in their ass , let alone actually achieving it. Even for me , it is a challenge , but Mr.W like nothing more than stretching me to accept it all. He also loves his cock being sucked and delights in his arse being rimmed.
Today i sucked Mr W and he fucked me in the ass. He came to completion by wanking as i sucked on his ass hole and licked his balls. He cum in my mouth. In the past he has pissed on me and wants me to drink it in future. He also left me today telling me that on his next visit , he wants to fist me.

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