25 Apr 2013

Bringing you up to date

It has been a short while since i updated you guys.
Last week i had an entire week free from serving men , as i had a heavy work load.
This week has almost been the same , not had much time to pleasure cock.

i will bring you up to date with some recent visits though.

Guy 1
"Boy P"   visited me again. i first wrote about him as "guy 2" on this page

It was a pleasure serving this fit , young , black man again.
Lots of sucking , rimming.... well , you know the score by now !

Guy 2
"Daddy Bull S"

Well , i could not believe the sight that greeted me when i opened the door. A mature , built, French/African Daddy and Bull of a man. This man connected with me through a "phone ap." called miumeet just a few days previously. He had never encountered tgirls in the past - i was to be his first.
He sent me a LOT of emails which means i KNOW that he is going through a "should i , shouldn't i ?" scenario.
It really is a BIG DEAL when a guy who has never found himself attracted to trans girls before finds himself in a position where he is corresponding with one who simply wants to bring him pleasure. There is a LOT of conflict in a heterosexual guys mind as to whetehr he should meet or not. i totally understand it and all i can do is be patient and wait until he is ready.
So, one lunchtime there was a hasty email saying he wanted to come round almost immediately. i knew that he HAD now reached a point where he was ready to take the plunge.
i am SO glad he did as he was an absolute treat for me.
He was tall , HUGE muscles, big pecs, huge arms and legs. He also had the perfect bubble butt. This man does not know how sensational he is !
i took it slow with him and made it clear tht we only did things that he felt comfortable doing and that he was in charge. 
Naturally i sucked him and then i introduced him to rimming. It never ceases to amaze me that a man can reach his 30's and yet has never experienced the joys of a tongue licking his arse hole ! It is sad to think a guy has gone thru 20 years of sexual activity and never experienced this.
Naturally , he loved it !
He then wanted to fuck me. He had also NEVER fucked an ass before. i was so pleased to introduce him to the joys of an ass gripping on his cock and milking it with my ass muscles. Naturally , this had him shooting up my arse in no time at all.

Regrettably , i have no pictures to share with you of this date. i actually made a concious decision NOT to mention taking photos to him as i knew that he was all so new to this and i did not want him to think for a second that this was my motive.

My only motive was to bring him pleasure and worship him , his body , his mind and his cock.
Maybe on his next visit he will consent to a little picture or two ? We will see.

Guy 3
"Mr.Hairy Indian".
The third guy i will tell you about visited me today , infact , he only left about half an hour ago.
We connected on the website "fabswingers".
He has met tgirls and shemales before and so he knew EXACTLY what he wanted and how he wished to be pleased.
He was dominant and assertive and i spent a great time sucking his cock , rimming his ass and milking his prostate with my finger. Basically , he gave the orders and i complied.
The first time he cum he was stood up , throat fucking me as i fingered his arse hole for him.
He cum in my mouth and made me swallow it all.
The second time he cum he had warmed himself up by wanking as i was told to get on all fours and finger my hole in front of him . He then cum by milking his own cock as i rubbed his arse hole.
i ought to mention that he is THE MOST HANDSOME of men. A gorgeous face and stunning eyes. A great hairy body and a cock that is so tasty. He has it all ! i was a lucky girl today to have been allowed to serve him today .

Finally for today , "Guy 4" in this week long update.

Tonight I was honoured to receive a return visit from "Master BlackDragon"
You can see a detailed report about this sensational man from his visit to me in November 2012


Read THAT report and then come back.
All i will say is i can barely walk right now , he fucked me so hard and for so long he knocked all the resistance out of me - i became completely submissive and not by "choice", he wore me down in to subservience as i could not take any more , but , he ignored that and carried on relentlessly.

When he finally decided to cum , he made sure i got it all over my face , as you will see in the picture below.

12 Apr 2013

Todays 24yr old Black boy

"Mr.N" came to me thru adultfriendfinder website.
He is a sexy , handsome , fit bodied 24yr old black lad from South East London.

It was his very first time visiting a tgirl and he was VERY quiet - hardly spoke a word.
i can quite understand this , since meeting a tgirl for the first time must be quite a nerve wracking experience.
i did all the talking then and put him at ease.
Soon , he was relaxed (though still quiet) and enjoying my mouth on his dick.
i suggested i rim his arse , a new experience for him
Oddly , he was not bowled over by it . In my experience 9 out of 10 guys go crazy for the feelings when a tongue is licking on and stimulating their ass hole.
i guess "Mr.N" must have been one of the one-in-ten guys , for whom it is not that stimulating.

"Mr.N" has stated in his email to me that he wanted to try fucking ass.
He had never done it before and so , i took a condom , lubed my ass and bent over so that he could fuck me doggy. He LOVED that and shot his load in 60 seconds !

What a BRAVE young man he was. To meet a tgirl for the first time , to be rimmed for the first time and to fuck ass for the first time !

i can't tell you what this means to me - to be able to be a "first" for any guy. It blows my mind every time and i am HONOURED that i can do so.

Strangely , after sex , he became more talkative and it transpires that he wanted to bring his best friend along today too. It seems his friend was busy though. He told me he and his friend often double up and use females. He told me his friend has used a tgirl before , so he would be cool.

Anyway , this young man left me very happy indeed and says he is looking forward to his next visit. Hopefully , he will bring his friend along too and maybe they will take pics of them spit roasting me an double anal fucking me , so i can show you all.

He was a gorgeous , sexy boy and it will be my pleasure and honour to be his unpaid whore again , any time in the future.

No more dates for me before Tuesday 16th April , so, browse and enjoy the rest of my blog and  come back for new blog entries next week. xxx


10 Apr 2013

"Mr.Thug" from November 2nd 2012
Visited me again today.

This mid 20's nasty black boy came back for more and he was as horny and sensational as ever.
It is hard to tell from the pics but i can promise you his 8inch cock is THICKER than most men and is a very tight fit in anyone's throat.

He took pleasure in throat fucking me and trying to get his cock as far down my throat as he could. At one point , he even made me puke ! i think he enjoys this though :-)

i rimmed him too and then he tied my arms behind my back and fucked me , hard , doggy style.
He then withdrew and cum all over my face.

After a 10 minute break it was time for round 2 !

More sucking , more face fucking , more rimming. Then he wanked his dick as he was stood over me with his foot wedged down my throat and shot his second load.

See how he messed my face up in the pictures below.

To end the day , had a re-visit from "Mr.Germany"
You can read about his last visit here

He was just as nasty as his last visit - this man just loves to face fuck a slut.
It is ALWAYS a pleasure to submit to him. 

9 Apr 2013

The black bodybuilder thug

i have just been visited by a young Black Bull and i have had one the rides of my life !

i would say "Mr.Bodybuilder Thug" is in his mid '20's. He is no stranger to tgirls as he sees them as whores who are there to serve him and his nasty desires. So , 10/10 for attitude already !

He is VERY handsome and has one of the most amazing bodies that i have seen. He is bulging muscles everywhere and his pecs are a dream. His biceps are built and strong and you can see a slut would have no defence against a monster body like his.

i wanted to take a picture of his body , to show you all , but , he declined as he said he was only just back in to serious training and he would soon be DOUBLE his size ! OMG!

i also say "thug" in the nicest possible way as he is very charming on the outside BUT he uses it to get the worst out of himself and a slut.

i started by slowly sucking his gorgeous 7/8 inch cock but he soon demonstrated how things were going to go by grabbing my head and forcing his entire dick down my tight throat. He had me gagging and gasping fro breath. This made him even harder.

i was told to rim him as he brought his legs over his chest. i got down there and began to clean his funky ass. In order to make him more comfortable , i revealed and invited him to my rimming seat/box. Once my head was locked in to the box , he lowered his arse down on to my tongue that protruded from the hole in the top.
i then spent a long time licking and sucking on his big , beefy arse hole. He LOVED it.
i could tell he likes to have a slut degraded under his man hole.

As i am trapped there in the box , he starts fingering my hole . He takes more fingers and begins to stretch me . He takes fingers from both of his hands and spreads my tgirl Kunt. i am gaping nicely for him.

He releases me from the box, he takes a latex glove and produces poppers.
He orders me on to my knees in a "doggy position". He passes me "poppers" and tells me to inhale.
The next thing i know is that his hand is stretching my arse hole. He gives steady pressure and back and forth motions and begins to fuck me with his fingers. More poppers and he tells me to "push" his fingers out. This only allows his hand to actually go deeper.
Before i know it , he has his entire fist up my arse.

His cock is harder than ever and there is a look of power in his eyes.
He now knows that he has this slut totally under his control and i am in a position where i can only take his nasty needs.

After fisting me for a while he says he needs to fuck. He removes his hand , puts on a condom and then rams his black cock in to my sore , gaping ass.

He does not take long to cum as he is now getting off on the knowledge that he now owns my ass and that he can and will use and abuse it whenever he wants.

He took pictures of my training and abuse.

Below are pictures of his cock. He also took pictures of him fisting my arse when i was in a doggy position and later on when he made me stand up , so that he could go deeper. I afraid the ones standing up did not come out very well , but the single picture will give you a basic impression.

5 Apr 2013

Todays cum bath

Not much time to write , but , just ended the week with a young Indian lad cumming all over my face !
He loved me sucking him , rimming him and fingering his arse and this was the result !

4 Apr 2013

Handsome boy today

i am aching all over from my servitude to 4 men yesterday.
i am fortunate that i had to be out for most of the day and that i only had one appointment this evening.

Let me just say, sometimes the quantity does not matter but the quality !
"Mr.D" tonight was quality!

A HANDSOME , sexy 22yr old Black boy from S.London who connected with me on xhamster.
He is tall and has an amazing , fit body with big strong thighs and a bubble butt !

He told me i was his second ever tgirl and the first one was not much of a success!

He said he had high hopes for me , so , it was an incentive to be the best slut that i could.
Mind you , i can only be as good as a man or boy can make me be. He needs to let me know what pleasure he needs and , in many cases , take charge.

Mr.D did exactly that , he took charge. He wanted this slut on her knees , pleasuring his delicious dick.
Then , he wanted her to rim him , as he had never experienced it. He loved it , of course !
Then he wanted more sucking and to sit on my face as i put my tongue and mouth to more use.

Next , he told me to strip , in the bedroom , where he proceeded to give my arse a serious fucking.
As he was just about to cum , he withdrew, whipped the condom off and shot his spunk all over my face and in to my mouth.

What a sensational young man he is - he knows he now has a "local" slut who he can call upon whenever he is horny.

3 Apr 2013

Such a slut today - 4 men

Guy 1
Just been visited by "Mr.Hairy Indian" who i did a write up on 25th March.
Here is the link :

It was wonderful to get my tongue in his super hairy ass again.
He arrived in his suit during his lunch break from the office !
I wonder if he goes back to the office and the workers say "what did you have for lunch?" and he replies.... "free whiskey and a devoted slut bringing me to orgasm on my cock and arse ! "

Guy 2 saw the return of "Mr.Sleaze".
He has visited me so many times now that it has very definitely been established that i am his sex slave and he is my Master. i have even now given him his own label. If you look on the right of this page you will see labels (or keywords). Just click on Mr.Sleaze and it will bring up all the other write-ups of his visits to me.
He is so nasty (in a good way) the posts about him always make a good read.

Today he made me drop to the floor as soon as he arrived at the front door. i was wearing my slave collar and lead. He made me lick and clean his sweaty balls and he teased me with his growing cock. i was made to crawl on all fours in to the living room where i gave more cleaning to his balls before moving on to his arse hole. He ordered me to suck his cock and during his entire visit he took pictures of my servitude to him.
He had decided that he wanted pics of his cum all over my face and so he wanked and covered me in his cum. He then left me dripping in cum , turned around and walked out of the door.

Guy 3
"Mr.T" made a return visit to me after an absence of 2 and a half years.
It is so good to know that men can still use me when they desire , however long ago they had their first visit.
Mr.T is infact a young Black boy - probably early/mid 20's. He has a mature attitude though and basically , treats tgirls like worthless sluts.
He has a huge cock, hard to see properly in the pictures but it is 9 inches and is infact too large for my arse.
He KNOWS this and uses that knowledge to his advantage because , after just a short time sucking him , he had led me to the bedroom and blindfolded me. He threw me on the bed , put on a condom , lubed my hole and then proceeded to ram my arse with his big cock.
It was too much for me and i tried to push him off , but , it made him more determined and he just thrust harder and deeper.
Soon he was cumming up my hole.
He cleaned up and then ordered me in to the rimming box.
With my head locked in the box, he lowered his arse down on to the hole in the box.
My tongue sought out his arse hole in the darkness and ihe kept me in there for a full 30 minutes tongue'ing , licking and sucking on his arse hole.
This boy LOVES being rimmed.
I was locked away, he sat there watching porn on the DVD as my tongue was made to bring relentless pleasure to his arse hole.
After about 30 minutes he decided that he wanted to cum and so he cum again with me rimming him and stroking his balls with my free hand.

Guy 4  
"Mr.K" and i first met when he attended one of my Dark Thrust parties. In a party environment with 10 Black men and 6 tgirls i only got to spend a short time with him , as all the other guys wanted to invade my holes too.
So , it was wonderful to have him alone today.
Mr.K is what i would call a "daddy type". A more mature guy , late 30's , maybe 40's with a bulkier body. He is sexy and handsome.
i spent a wonderful hour pleasuring him with oral and rimming his beefy arse.
It was my second trip to the rimming box today , spending 20 minutes bringing waves of pleasure to his arse hole with my tongue.
Out of the box i brought pleasure to his nipples and sucked him more before he wanked and shot his cum down my throat. 

2 Apr 2013

Today - "Tyson"

See this picture ........
His name is Tyson Beckford. He is a supermodel - one of the World's highest paid. Handsome eh ?

Well , today - i could have sworn Tyson Beckford had walked through my door !

The boy who visited me an hour ago was the spitting image of him , so , i will call him "Mr.Tyson"

This young man , i would say early '20's contacted me through fabswingers.
He said that he had met tgirls before but none of the quality of me ( flattery will get you everywhere with me ! LOL )

i took pleasure in sucking his delicious black cock before we moved over to the rimming stool - where i tongued and rimmed him for the longest time - he was loving every lick and suck of his arse hole.
He released me from my captive head box and face fucked me for a while , in front of the porn that was playing on the DVD.
He then took a condom , lubed my arse and fucked me. He likes to fuck hard and fast and so we moved to the bedroom where there is more room. He fucked me in several positions and finally cum up my arse in the condom.

What an absolutely fabulous time i had , serving such a strikingly handsome young man.
I do hope that he will visit me often , so that i may continue to be his unpaid whore.

As i told him myself "he owns my ass now" and so he is welcome to use it whenever he is in need.

Here he is below.........

1 Apr 2013

The week before Easter

Due to Easter i did not have time to update my blog much last week.
Here is a catch up of three men whom i pleasured around March 27/28th

Guy 1
"Mr.G" from January 23rd visited me again. See my blog about him here

I sucked , i rimmed and he fucked me !
Here is a pic of him in my ass with me in my maids uniform

Guy 2
"Mr. Bas" told me that he had had bisexual experiences before (with men) but he had never met a tgirl . He has a wonderfull , muscular lean body. Since he has experience we wasted no time in getting to enjoy eachothers bodies. Naturally i sucked him and he locked my head in the rimming box , where i spent a wonderful time cleaning his arse for him !
His cock was the PERFECT size for sucking too.

After he had cum , he said he needed to go piss. i took him to the bathroom , pointed to the toilet and told him " you can either piss in that toilet OR you can piss in this toilet (pointing at myself). " He chose me. He placed me in the bath , told me to open my mouth and then he pissed all over my face and body , in to my hair and then in to my mouth. I swallowed , naturally , like a good whore should.
Can't wait for this kinky man to visit me again :-)


Guy 3
"Mr.A" is a 21yr old Black African boy from S.London.
He had never met a tgirl before and so it was such an honour to be his first.
For me , it was lust at first sight ! He has an AMAZING body. He is tall and very broad. You might describe it as "rugby player build" but with no fat at all - he is all muscle. If he were 40yrs of age you would describe him as a "black bull". Maybe , at his age , i should call him a "boy bull".
It is hard to see in the pictures but he has a THICK 9 inch cock. He did not appreciate how blessed he is and above the size of most men.

As he was new and experienced i had to take the lead. i sucked him. I then introduced him to rimming as he said he had never experienced it before. He LOVED it. i them asked him if he wanted me to try fingering his ass hole. He said he was game after i reassured him that i would not hurt him in any way. Soon , i was massaging his prostate with my finger and he loved that too !
Soon he was fucking me - he had never fucked ass before either !
What a day of firsts for this handsome , young man.
i was so HONOURED to have introduced him to so many new things and become a slut for him.
He cum by me sucking the end of his cock as he wanked the shaft. As you can see in the picture , he shot all over my face and hair !

I cannot wait to serve him again :-)