27 Apr 2014

Week Ending April 26th 2014...

On Wednesday April 23rd i served FIVE men.

My first visit , from a young lad, about 19/20yrs old,  i connected with on adultfriendfinder , i shall call "The Kid" turned out to be a nightmare.
In his VERY first message to me , he said he wanted to do all sorts of things to me , including "fuck my pussy". i pointed out to him that , as a tgirl , i did not have a pussy , but he could fuck my ass instead. He agreed and so followed a WEEK of direct email contact. Infact, i have rarely come across a guy who sent so many emails. In all my replies , i was clear about who/what i was and how i would/could serve him.

So he turns up at the allocated time , 1pm and i let him in. i ask if he wants a drink - he says he is ok. He is grabbing his dick through his jeans - i can see he is hard and excited. He drops his jeans - he just wants to get on with it fast , as he is horny.
As he is about to approach with his dick , i get on my knees.
He asks me "so , how come you don't want dick in your pussy ?"
i say to him ... "i told you before , i dont have a pussy"
He looks at me hard and says "are you telling me you have a dick" ? He has this wild look about him.. i don't know how he is going to react.
i said - "did you not READ my email replies - it was all clear in there that i am a tgirl , a shemale"
He said "nah , i never read that stuff".

So , am i to be flattered that he had been in my presence up until now and not realised that i was not 100 percent female ?

No time to be flattered , more of a time to be worried as he certainly was wired upon hearing the news that i was not 100 percent gender female.

So , i just turned to him and said "Well , it is up to you , you can just turn around and leave OR i can suck your dick - simple as that , your choice"

Anyway, he pulls his dick out and starts to face fuck me. He is enjoying his long , slim dick being pleasured by my throat. He is loving the 5 minutes of attention from my mouth before he says "i wanna fuck your ass". So , i go get a condom , he puts it on , i get on all fours and soon i am feeling the length of his dark dick up my arse.
He only thrusts for a minute or so and then he cums up my arse.

He is left , standing there , removing the condom and saying "fuck , i have just had sex with a guy... oh fuck, fuck , fuck!"

So , now he was on a huge guilt trip.

To be honest, in this situation , i just wanted him out of the house.
However , he then spent a further 10 - 15 minutes getting changed slowly , whilst all the time pumping me with questions.
He was now convinced that he caught an STD from me. He was asking me how many partners i had, when i was last tested etc... etc.. ( for my readers info : 3 weeks ago - all clear. i get tested regularly)
He was convinced that if he HAD caught an STD from me , that he would have it for life , that there was no cure for STD's.
Gosh - what are they teaching kids in schools these days ? This lad had no idea about the true facts about sexual health.
I told him if he was that worried , maybe he should just go to an STD Clinic drop in appointment?
He said  - cant I just go the a chemist (pharmacy) ?

i could not believe the things that he was saying and the lack of knowledge he had.

Anyway , to end this entry , he eventually left and i forwarded him the website of his local STD Clinic.

i am not gonna comment further on this visitor - you can decide for yourself "where he went wrong" etc...
No pictures - naturally !

My second visitor was  "The Asian Master" whom i wrote about on his first visit in November 2012.
You can see the entry here :


No need to do a write up again and agin , no pictures, this Master does not want any pictures taken.

My third visitor i shall call "sexman".
i first met this African/Arab mix man at a tgirl sex club called Candygirls" at their Christmas Party last December. We had a session in a private room there.
Today , around noon , he found me on the contact site , Fabswingers, and , as he is local , he booked a visit to me at 4pm.

He has a handsome , cute looking face and a lovely , big , dark dick.
It was nice to have him , in my apartment , in private , where we could take our time as i pleasured him.

i started by sucking him before asking him if he would like to be rimmed.
We moved over to the rimming box and he locked me inside.
He lowered his juicy black arse hole over my face and my tongue searched for the goal.

He absolutely LOVED the pleasure that my tongue and mouth brought to his arse hole.
Whilst in the box , he reached down and started to finger my ass - i was enjoying his probing.

He let me out of the box and we moved to the sofa. He continued to gently finger my ass hole , first one finger , then two , then three ! He was fucking me , slowly and gently , with his fingers.
This worked me up and i was craving more.
i said "with the way that you are going , you will soon have me swallowing your fist". He said that he had never done that before , but would like to.
So , we moved to my playroom , where i lay in the sling , spread my legs and he secured my ankles.

He took heavier lube , i took poppers and he began to slowly finger and stretch my arse hole.
Fortunately for me , he has quite small hands and so soon his entire hand glides in to and fills my arse hole.
He is LOVING fisting my ass.

After 10/15mins of fisting , we go back to the living room , where i suck him and he shoots in my mouth.

What a sensational visit , i do look forward to being his local , anal slut in the future.

My fourth visitor i shall call "Sloppy Bull"

This young man (maybe mid 20's) contacted me thru fabswingers. He has a handsome face and a massive , solid, hairy bull body and he  LOVES sloppy blow jobs. He achieved this by throat fucking me and making me gag. Soon , gallons of drool were running from my mouth. It was everywhere , coating his cock and balls. i was a mess ! He LOVED it though and it spurred him on even more.
This bull likes to mess a bitches face up , with her covered in her own spit. He is a nasty fucker --- JUST how i like my men !
He enjoyed a lengthy time with my messy blow job and then he shot his load in my mouth.

We tried to capture the vast amount of drool in pictures , but regrettably , they did not come out well.

i think you get the general idea in the pictures below though.

What a SENSATIONAL bull - i can't wait to serve him again :-)

My fifth visitor saw the return of "asianboy".
i have been serving this tall , slim , handsome , sexy asian lad now since October 2013.
You can see a report about him here :


Today , he wanted me to dress as a nurse.
During his visit , the nurse diagnosed his problem. His penis was hard and would not go soft. In order to solve this problem i had to somehow drain the fluid from his balls. To do this i first used my mouth , to bring oral pleasure to his cock. i also stimulated underneath his ball sac by rimming his arse. Unfortunately , neither had the effect of draining his balls and helping his predicament.
It was decided that i should use my arse to try and solve the situation.
He took a condom and fucked me in the arse.
He fucked me for the longest time in a multitude of positions.
Eventually,  the juices were shooting out of his balls.
After a few minutes , his cock began to go soft.
The nurse was so happy to have been able to cure the problem.... until the next time it happens though , i guess !

 On Thursday April 24th i pleasured THREE men

The first visitor today was "Mr.Thick Dick". i forgot to ask the racial heritage of this sexy man , but , as you can see , he is paler skinned , possibly of Middle Eastern / Arab heritage.

I connected with this man thru adultfriendfinder in June 2013 , but it has taken until now to connect.
This man is SO HANDSOME and has an amazing , fit , defined , gym worked body with big pecs and strong biceps.
In his email exchanges to me , it had always heavily focussed on his love of all things anal , so , i made sure that my hole was well douched and spotlessly clean , before he arrived.
He had also thoroughly read this very blog and so he knew how far he could try to go with me.

He took no time after he arrived to strip naked. i was blown away by his amazing body - he is so sexy , so appealing.
i began by sucking him , but his dick is so thick it would not go right down my little throat :-)
We moved to the rimming box, he locked me in and his perfect ass lowered itself on to my tongue.
i had a glorious time sucking and chewing on his arse hole.
He reached down and fingered my hole as he was doing this.

He asked if i had a dildo that he could penetrate my hole with ?
i told him that i kept them in the playroom and so we emoved there , where he put me on my back in the sling and spread my legs.
He looked around my dildo collection , selected the smallest , lubed it and began to penetrate and fuck me with it.
He then moved on to a larger one  , and then another , and then another , stretching my hole with each increase in size.

Here is a video of one of the larger black dildos penetrating me :

Soon i felt the massive girth of "victor dildo" being pressed against my sphincter. This dildo is so big that once it is inside , it wont actually come out , unless pulled out with great force. So "Mr.Thick Dick" was able to stuff me with the victor dildo and then move around to my face and face fuck me with his thick dick.
My ass was stuffed with thick dildo dick and my mouth was stuffed with thick arab dick , at the same time. 

Here is a previous picture of me , stuffed with victor dildo

 After he removed Victor Dildo , he took my open hole oxballs pighole butt plug and kept me gaped whilst he face fucked me some more.

 He now put on latex gloves , smothered them in lube and proceeded to stretch my hole to take his fist. His hands were H-U-G-E and it was not an easy task. i had to take copious amounts of poppers before he finally hit home and got his hand inside me. He has one of the biggest hands that i have ever taken up my arse hole.

My mind was exploding with the feeling of his hand up my arse and the mental recognition that i was now totally under his control and that he had made me his fist slave. He had claimed my ass , it now belongs to him and i he now has the right to use at whenever he wishes.

All things must come to an end though and he let me out of the sling to clean up.
As i was cleaning up he said that he had read a previous blog post of mine , about me doing an artistic photo shoot of me covered in a mans shit. He asked me to show him the pictures - so , we went to my computer and i brought them up on screen for him.

After a short break and knowing that he had not yet cum , i asked him "how can i serve you best now Sir ?"
He lod me to get back in the rimming box and he locked me in.

He lowered his arse hole on to my mouth , i began to rim BUT this time it was DIFFERENT.
i felt his arse hole push and distend -  i could tell that he was trying to take a shit.

i was locked in the rimming box , my mouth was glued to his arse hole and he  was pushing hard to take a shit in my mouth !

He was actually pushing and straining for 10 or 15 minutes, all of the time feeling the wonderful pleasure of my tongue , lapping at his arse lips.
REGRETTABLY he had no shit inside him. Well , it was later in the day , so i guess he had taken his dump in the morning and just had none left.
He was unable to fulfil his need of making me his toilet - well - i guess he will just have to try on his next visit - if that is what he needs , desires and seeks.

His afternoon had been so great for him that he let me out of the rimming box , shoved his cock in my mouth and shot his load within 2 minutes.

What a SENSATIONAL man he is , with a very perverted mind.
i look forward to many visits from him in the future as he now OWNS a totally devoted , compliant, perverted (unpaid) whore in London which he knows that he can take advantage of. 


My second visitor i shall call "Bull Boy"

As his handle suggests - he had seen my postings on Twitter and he had gotten in touch for me to pleasure him.

This young Black man ( maybe 20yrs old) has  handsome face.
When he approached my building , i could see that his body was huge !
My mind was thinking - is this a fat guy who has deliberately not sent me a body picture in the hope of meeting but i will turning him away ? It has happened before you know. i am just NOT attracted to guys who carry beer bellies , bitch tits or rolls of fat. I KNOW many people go for this ( chubby chasers) but just not me.
I give him the benefit of the doubt and as he walks in to the apartment i can see that his thighs are almost as big as my waist !

i am expecting the worse.

i do know though , that the only way to know for sure is when he gets his kit off.
So , he strips.

i am amazed and delighted to find that he is MASSIVE but his frame is SOLID. He is not fat - he is LARGE ! He is what i call a bull. (It is a term of endearment).
His legs and thighs are like tree trunks , but , they are solid muscle , no flab. And so too is his upper body. He is not flabby , he is just big !

Soon , i am savoring his black dick in my mouth.  
We move to the rimming box , to be frank , his arse is so large i cannot get my tongue to his hole when he is lying on the sofa.

At the rimming box this huge mass of bull arse lowers itself on to my face. His arse completely fills the hole in my rimming box and soon daylight is blocked out.
i am left in my own dark world , my nostrils filled with his funky smelling arse and my tongue is searching about in the darkness to find his hole.
i find my target and i am totally focused on  pleasuring his arse hole with my tongue.
He absolutely loved it.
At this point in time i usually like to reach up with my free arms to stimulate a guys nipples with my hands. i was not able to do this , with this bull , as my arms could not get past his massive bull thighs !

He decides he wants to fuck me , so , we go to the bedroom and he penetrates my ass. He is fucking me for a while but he is soon drenched and dripping in sweat. i can see he is uncomfortable , so , i suggest he stop and we move to my outdoor balcony.

There he is sitting naked on my bench on my balcony , i am kneeling between his legs and we are overlooked by the other buildings.
i get to work with my mouth on his dick.
After lots of attention to his dick, he shoots in my mouth !

 Just look at the size of his thighs in the picture below.

What a sensational Bull he is - i cant wait to serve him again :-)

My third visitor i shall call "Mr Big"

We have been on eachothers radar for a while , but had not met , until now.
This tall , lighter skinned black man soon pulled out his meaty dick for me to serve.
He LOVED having his dick sucked and his balls licked and squeezed.
He enjoyed the time that i was in the rimming box , bringing pleasure to his hole.
Not much more to write as he actually had to LEAVE before he had time to shoot his load - he was on a tight timeframe.
So nice to finally meet and pleasure him.



21 Apr 2014

White (Caucasian) guys can meet me too

i havent mentioned it in a while , but , due to a spate of recent enquiries, i will mention it again.

WHITE GUYS CAN MEET ME and i will pleasure them for an "escort fee".

My rate is £100 per hour or £60 for 30 minutes ( you will be surprised at how many times you can cum in 30 minutes !)

i offer this service ONLY because of the inquiries from white guys who read my blog and write asking me about it. 

i am not normally an escort , i do not do it for a living.
As you well know , from this blog , that my life is devoted to pleasuring Black men - no strings, which i will ALWAYS continue to do.

White guys now have an opportunity for me to serve them too and , if you compare the rates of tgirl escorts in London , my fee is very good value for money, but , you already know that i am MUCH more devoted and enthusiastic about pleasuring men and their cocks than any of them. So , your visit to me will be quite different and i will genuinely be pleased to see you to make sure that your needs are fulfilled.

So , white guys , if you want to book me and visit me (no out calls) , just email me your stats and pic to tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com

20 Apr 2014

Week ending April 19th 2014

On Wednesday 16th I pleasured TWO men.

My first visitor saw the return of  "Mr.Ice"
This cute yet handsome looking lad has visited me several times before.
You can see a write up of him here :

I sucked him , rimmed him , figered his hole - he cum :-)

My second visitor "Mr.Sole".
This sexy , mid-20's young man had met two tgirl escorts in the past.
Hey Black guys , why pay to be worshipped when Tiffany here will pleasure you for free ?

I had no expectations before he arrived but boy , did he turn out to be EXCEPTIONAL.
It all started like normal , i settled him in, sucked his cock a little and then started to rim him on the sofa.
He was loving the rimming so much that i suggested we move to my rimming box.
Well , that boy kept me locked in there for 15 minutes with my mouth permanently glued to his arse hole.
My tongue brought waves of pleasure to his sensative arse hole.

Whilst i was in there , he reached down and fingered my arse hole. He started with a finger , then two , then pushed in a third.
He asked how many fingers i could take ? I told him that i had taken a fist before . "Really" he said , " I have always wanted to try that".

So, since he had stated a desire , i simply led him to my playroom and took with me gloves , poppers and lube.
i climbed in to the sling and told him "go ahead - your desire can now be fulfilled".
He began slowly fingering my ass hole and i encouraged him to go harder. Soon , he wrapped his fingers and thumb in to a ball and applied steady pressure as he slipped his entire hand up my arse.
He was blown away with the physical and mental stimulation of the fact that his hand was up my arse hole. It blew his mind ( and mine) and he was loving every minute of making me his fist fuck puppet.
He punch fucked my hole - he took charge of it and used it for his pleasure. All i could do was lie there and take the onslaught of his fist up my arse.

After a while , he said " I can't take it anymore - I need to fuck you". i reached for a condom and said , "well , you dont need to remove your fist , as you are enjoying it so much, just put this condom on your cock and slip it in my ass, alongside your fist."
Well , he did not waste and time and soon he had his fist AND his cock up my arse.
He was fucking me with both and i told him " now take your cock with your own hand that is up my arse and wank it ! ". And so he did, he wanked his cock with his hand and cock INSIDE my ass !

He could not hold it any longer. He withdrew his fist and with a few fucking thrusts of his cock up my arse - he shot his load.

He loved the fact that he had stretched and used my hole so thoroughly.
He did not wany my gape to go , so , he took one of my hollow but plugs and pushed it up my arse.
i was then led out of the sling , back to the living room , where i got back on my knees with my "open" ass in the air and started sucking him again.

Soon , through sucking , he was shooting his load again , this time it was down my throat.

We both had had a mind blowing time , i cannot wait for his next visit. He is sensational and a rareity in someone so young.

Here are the pics he took with me sucking him , me taking his load in my mouth and with the open hole but plug he pushed in my ass.

On Thursday 17th April , one guy cancelled , one guy stood me up and so i served just one guy.

Question - what do you do in your lunch hour , when time is limited but you are horny ?
Well , if you are "Mr.Hairy Indian" , you just jump on a tube train and instruct your slut to be on her knees, ready and waiting.
i had served this handsome , sexy , hairy Indian man just a week ago and i have served him many times in the past.
So he arrived , i dropped , i sucked , i rimmed , i fingered, he cum , he left - all in 15 minutes.

When others are getting a coffee in their lunch hour , others are getting their dicks sucked and busting their nuts at my place !
When you need a sex slave guys , i am here for you. Just cum , then go, if you need to.

On Friday April 18th   i pleasured two guys.

My first visitor had seen this very blog and contacted me for pleasure.
"Man.K" is a young black lad , probably early 20's, who travelled some diastance to visit me.
He told me that he had one experience with a tgirl before in his life and was glad to have found me.

He has the most delicious , thick , dark cock and a big ass ( more of that later).

i started by sucking him , then we moved on to rimming. He locked me in the rimming box and took a seat on my face.
My his big ass fully covered my face and he would make me furiously tongue his funky arse hole and reward me by raising up slightly , every so often , so that i could breathe again. There is nothing like being locked in a head box, air and light cut off by a blig black arse lowered on to your face and with a juicy , responsive arse hole being the sole focus of your attention.
He loved my rimming and  he only let me out of the box as he needed to cum.

I was pushed to my knees , where i was made to suck him for a further 10 minutes and then he shot his load in my mouth.
Such a lovely experience , i am glad to have met him and i look forward to his future visits - should he decide he wants more.

My second visitor saw the return of "yungblack" . i last pleasured him in November 2013 and he also attends our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk black men and tgirl parties.

This sexy young lad has gorgeous , big lips and the most AMAZING bubble butt. He is sex on legs and has a great personality too.
i am so glad that he is in my life.

Today , we made a home video. We got him dressed as a BDSM Master in leather body harness and mask. He had my wrists in manacles and a collar and lead around my neck.
i was made to crawl to him and suck him.

Unfortunately YOU are not going to get to see the video , as he wants it kept just for himself.
i always respect the wishes of my visitor and so i am happy to comply.

After we shot the video , i was taken to the sofa where is sucked and deep throated his delicious dark dick.
I rimmed him in the rimming box , before he decided he wanted my ass.
He took me to the bedroom and fucked me.
As he got close to cumming , he withdrew and got me to suck him more instead.
When he decided he wanted to cum , he grabbed a condom , threw me on the bed again, pushed me flat down , spread my legs , held me down by the wrists and invaded my arse with his rock solid dick.
In no time at all he was shooting his load in to the condom inside me.

It is ALWAYS a wonderful pleasure to serve him and i am so pleased to have him in my life.
It could only get better , if he visited me more often !


13 Apr 2014

Week Ending 13th April 2014

On Wednesday April 9th , i was scheduled to pleasure FOUR men.

The first guy, i shall call , "boy bubble butt ". He came to me through a site called adultfriendfinder.

What a dream of a boy this guy was. Probably mid-20's ?
He is of average height and is handsome. He has a built chest , with lovely pecs. He has the tiniest waist and bubble butt - he must be a 26"/28" waist with the peachiest of bums !

He was eager from the moment he arrived.
I began by sucking his lovely dark dick and then he threw his legs in the air , over his shoulders and presented his little hole to me , to clean and rim with my tongue.
His ass was so petite , my face almost covered it ! His arse tasted juicy and delicious and he LOVED me rimming him.
He shot his load as i was rimming him !

He then did something which i RARELY come across. Instead of us taking a break for him to take a rest and rejuvinate , he simply carried on wanking his cock after he had come - he was still hard , stayed hard and was ready for round two immediately !

He said that he wanted to fist me in the ass.
So , i took him to my playroom and i climbed , on to my back , in to the sling.
He took a HUGE dildo and started to fuck my arse with it. This dildo was as wide as a beer can !
I needed to grab some poppers , to help me relax as he put latex gloves on his hands and covered them in Crisco lube.
Soon he was fingering my hole , opening me up to gape and then he went for it , he slowly put pressure on my hole and pushed his hand up my arse hole.

He enjoyed fucking me with his fist , he loosened my hole enough so he was able to punch fuck my hole.
Oh , it felt wonderful . He was blown away , as he had never done it to anyone before.

He told me that he needed to piss. He said that he wanted to piss over me.
At my suggestion , i took a hollow butt plug - it is called "the pig hole".
It is like a regular butt plug but it has a wide hole , drilled through the core.
Once up my arse , it keeps the hole open. You can get a good look inside my arse hole too.
It gaped my arse and i could not , even if i wanted to , close it.

He then PISSED UP MY ARSE HOLE  (or rather down , as i was below him with my ass in the air)
He filled me up with his piss.

After a while , we stopped and i asked him if HE wanted to get in the sling.
He loved it in there , lying on his back , presenting his arse hole to my lips.
i did not need encouragement , i fingered and tongues his arse hole - he was loving it .

He soon shot his second load all over his chest , as i kept working on his hole with my talented tongue.

What a SENSATIONAL boy - i do hope that he visits again in the future.

The NEXT THREE guys who were in my diary pissed me right off.
These guys were scheduled to arrive , in stages , between 3pm and 8pm.
So , we are talking 5 hours of my day here.


Now guys often have a hard time finding time to meet me in my diary. Appointments can be precious.  So , when you have a guy in your diary , he is infact taken the timeslot of any other guy who wanted to attend.

So my 3pm guy text me to cancel and re-schedule to 7pm.
I did not mind this - after all , things happen and people can't attend. So , i was glad that he had let me know and i was happy to move him to 7pm.
The thing is , when 7pm came - he did not turn up !

My 4pm and 6pm  dates did not even have the decency to turn up. They did not respond to my texts or phone calls when they were late - they basically ignored me.
These are the WORST types of men.
They have no sense of responsibility. They have no respect. They are rude and inconsiderate.

A measure of a man can be taken in the hours or days that follow when they have stood me up.
Some will write with an explanation and an apology.

The WORST type of man does not even write. They pretend it never happened. You never hear from them again. These are the WORST of the worst.

i call them "men" , but they are not men , they are pigs.

On Friday April 11th i pleasured FIVE men.

My first visitor i have been pleasuring for about 4 or 5yrs. "Mr.Beefy" is a big , sexy , bull of a black man. i won't write about him here as i have written about him many times in the past.

My second visitor idon't think i have seen for a year !
It does not matter if it is a week, a month or a year it is WONDERFUL for dark me to know that i am always here to serve them.
This HANDSOME Indian man i called "Mr.Hairy Indian" and i wrote about him last year , on this page :

Therefore , no need for me to write about him in depth , but , he had a wonderful time of me sucking , rimming and fingering him :-)

My third visitor  was "Beefy K".
This is quite a tale.........
This beefy black man messaged me on fabswingers at lunchtime with a very confident and bold message , saying he wanted to visit me as he needed sucking.
The things is , as messages went back and forth his "confidence" and assertive personality started to move in the opposite direction. He became more questioning and nervous.
He had never met a tgirl before , you see.
Anyway , i spent the LONGEST time , putting him at ease and saying that if this was a guy feeling that he wanted to be pleasured by me , then , he should just go for it. Act now , think later , i always say.
i had given him the option of turning around and walking straight out of the door - if he did not feel comfortable.
Well , when he arrived i dont think i have EVER seen such a frightened man in my life !
He was a bag of fear.
So , i did not know how it would go really.
i tried to put him at ease and i KNEW that i had given him the option to just turn around and leave , so i was just waiting for that to happen really.
He stayed.
It was tough to even get him to take off his trousers.
He said he wanted me to suck him with a condom on his dick. That was NOT a problem , so i tool one of my flavoured condoms and put it over his stiff cock.
YES - he was hard - now what that says to me is that you ARE turned on , that you want this to happen.
Rememebr i told you about the guy a couple of weeks ago who shot his load in 10 seconds ?
Well , this guy did exactly the same !! i only managed to get the head of his dick in to my mouth, gave just a couple of "suctions" and he cum !
He then grabbed his trousers ans said he had to leave, he said that "it was not right for him". He could not get out of here quick enough!. He "appologised" for "wasting my time though" , so at least he was polite !

The thing is - he DID NOT waste my time . I exist as a sex slave for men to work out if a tgirl is right for them or not. I'd rather he had the 10 second experience , with me, for FREE than paying some escort £100 for the same experience.

He was a FIRST though. i often get nervous men who visit me. Whilst they are here though and after they have left , they all have had a wonderful experience , they are glad that they came and they want to see me again.
This is the first time ever that a guy has needed to flee. !

The thing is - if he had been that uncomfortable OR if it had "not been for him" then he would not have been able to get hard - right ? Thats how i see it .

Anyway - he was a nice guy and perhaps he will learn from his experience and process it in his mind. Who knows , in the future , he might even visit me again - he is always welcome.

My fourth visitor was "Mr.J".
He first visited me on 8th February and on that occasion it was his first ever visit to a tgirl.
Kudos to me then that he wanted to come back for more !
The write up i did on him is interesting , so it is worth a read. He is the last guy on this page :


So , no need to write up on him today.
i sucked him rimmed him , he fucked me and cum up my arse ( with a condom!)

Below - he has come in my eye !!!

My fifth visitor was "Mr.Germany".
It is just over a year since this nasty , dark man last visited me.
You can read about him here:


Today i sucked him , rimmed him and pleasured his hole.

6 Apr 2014

Week Ending 5th April 2014

My blog is updated weekly , on Sundays.

On Wednesday 2nd April , i pleasured FIVE dark men.

My first visitor was "Nubian1" .

This man is a big bull of a black man , with a massive cock. Shame the angle of the pictures do not show it to its best. You can see how fat it is , but you can't appreciate the length.

Like many men , this African Bull had actually often seen me on the internet ( on this blog and other sites) in the past 2yrs but this was the first time that he had contacted me.
Like many men, he just needed to reach a state of mind where he was now definite that he wanted to meet me ( he had been apprehensive or undecided before).
Actually , i applaud him for that. i much prefer a man to to take time to become "definite" about me serving him rather than being tentative and cancelling or not showing up at the last minute.

This big bull LOVED having his dick sucked before he lowered his massively built arse on to my face and put me to work , rimming his hole.
He removed me from my rimming box and ordered me to play with my hole whilst he stroked his dick.
He took an extra large sized condom and then told me to bend over as he rammed his massive tool up my arse.
He filled and stretched me to breaking point.

After a short while of fucking , he withdrew and i got to taste his big dick again as i performed oral on him.
I moved up to his nipples , which he liked chewed as he played with his cock before he shot his load in to my mouth (top picture).

My second visitor i shall call "MK".

This local black lad had being doing EXACTLY what you are doing. He had been reading my blog.
He could see that i was a genuine pleasure provider to dark dick , no strings and he decided to get in touch.
Thats all it takes , an email from YOU (including your face picture - so i know that i am attracted to you) and you too could be standing above me as i give oral and anal pleasure to your dark dick.

It was this young lads first ever meeting with a tgirl and i spent , at his request , 30 minutes sucking on his cock :-)

My third visitor i shall call , just for my reference , "ikkle".

I first met an pleasured this handsome , Black , business man 18 months ago. His first visit was short , as he arrived late. i am so pleased that had not put him off though and he returned to visit me in August 2013.
On THAT occasion something unusual ( for him ) happened which might have put him off visiting me again.
i was rimming his hairy ass , on my rim box , when he said he felt the urge to fart. i told him i did not mind , as i was just a receptive sex slave to Black men and that he was allowed to do whatever he wished. The thing is , when he farted , he actually followed through with a turd. His shit flowed out of his arse and my mouth became his toilet. It surprised and SLIGHTLY shocked him at the time.
i myself was not upset, as it was not the first time for me. Infact, as it is so filthy and taboo , it actually appealed to me.
When men use me as a toilet SOME want me to chew on it , some want to fuck my FULL mouth to make it really nasty and messy. On this occasion , "ikkle" just wanted me to go and get rid of it and wash my mouth thoroughly. i think he asked that because it was a new experience for him that he was not quite ready for. The notion of using submissive sluts as a toilet had not yet occurred to him and so he had not been able to process his thoughts about it. i am glad that it happened though.

  On today's visit he was suited and booted again. He is as handsome as ever.
i was made to suck his cock and balls , get them all slimy with my saliva as he verbally abused me for being such a filthy whore.
We moved to the rim box , where i rimmed him again. It is SUCH a joy to rim his hairy ass and bring him such pleasure.
The rimming brought him to a frenzy and so he released me from the box and told me to get on all fours.
He grabbed a condom and fucked me in the ass with his big , black dick.
Just before he cum , he withdrew and got me down to suck on his cock and balls again. Soon he was shooting his creamy black seed in to my mouth.

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to serve this sensational Black man. i just wish he visited more often :-(

My fourth visitor today i shall call "Leo".
i first pleasured this young man in 2010 when he was just 20yrs old.
He had seen my profile on a website called adultfriendfinder.
So now , he is 24yrs old and still as sexy as ever. He is a youthful , fit , slim , muscular, sexy young Black man with a delicious dick.
His visits to me are always short , as he is always so exited and eager to cum. So , just ten minutes of sucking had him shooting down my throat and then he left.
i did not mind at all. Whether a Black boy uses me for 10 minutes or two hours is not for me to decide. ALL men visit me on the understanding that i am just a pleasuregiver who is there to use and provide service. It is never about me , it is all about him. If he just want a "blow and go" , then it is entirely his choice.
i DO HOPE that he visits me again though , he is such a sexy beast.

My fifith visitor i shall call "The King". i have blogged about him before on 3rd April 2013.
He has also attended my parties for Black Bulls and trans gurls.

So is almost exactly a year since i last met and pleasured this sexy Bull. "King" is a handsome "Daddy" type of man. He lives in the north of England and gets down to London on business. So , he arrived at my apartment suited and booted.

He loved me sucking on his dick before he moved to his favourite place - my rimming box.
He locked me in the box , so i had no escape and then he lowered his ass hole on to my mouth. i got to work with my tongue , bringing waves of pleasure to his sensitive arse hole whilst his juicy black dick with my free hands.
He kept me in there for a full 20 minutes as he loves me as his rimming slave.
When he was on the brink he released me from the box and rammed his cock down my throat. Soon i was tasting his delicious Black seed. He left a happy man.
It is such a shame that we live so far apart as i would love to become a regular sub slut of his :-)

On Friday April 4th i pleasured four men.

My first visitor was "Daddy D" whom i have met several times on a regular basis and have blogged about a lot in the past.
This "daddy" type of older black man has a GIANT cock which he loves to feed me , flip me and fuck me in the ass with. Gosh , this man stretches my hole and makes me gape so much. It is always a pleasure to submit to him.

My second visitor i shall call "MrBig1"
This sexy boy and i have been trying to meet for about 4 years !!!!
He first contacted me on a trans admirers website and we have never been able to set up a definite date , until today !!!

He is MUCH lighter skinned than men whom i usually meet, he is a mixture of Turkish and Irish and i was attracted to him because of his hairy , dark body and handsome face. He also happens to have a very large cock ! Readers of my blog will know though that cock size is NOT important when it comes to meeting me, physical attraction is the only prerequisite. i am NOT a size queen.

He made me suck his thick cock and pleasure his balls before moving me to the rimming box. i was then set to work with my tongue on his juicy hairy hole. He released me from the box and told me to get on all fours. He grabbed a condom and fucked me in the ass. He loved pulling out and seeing how much he had stretched and gaped me.
After fucking my hole for a while , he withdrew, removed the condom and then put me to work on his dick again with my mouth.
He was shortly pumping his cum down my throat.

What a pleasure it was to be a sub slut for this handsome, hairy, young man.

My third visitor was a WHITE man ! Yes, you read it right , a white man!

This man had read my blog and seen a past posting that i was available to serve white men for a fee (cash).
It was his second visit to me ( his first was in November 2013)
So , that itself is flattery since it meant that he wanted to visit me for a second time :-)

He has a handsome cherubic face with gorgeous eyes.
He likes to have his dick sucked solidly for 30/35 minutes. How he manages self-restraint by not cumming i will never know. He then likes me to move down to his arse crack , with my tongue and bring pleasure to his arse hole. He just loves to be rimmed and stimulated down there.
i then finger his arse hole and stimulate his prostate whilst , at the same time , sucking on his cock.
He loves to hold back as long as he can and enjoy this pleasure before he shoots his load at the end  of his allocated hour.

It is always such a pleasure to have him visit. No pictures, for confidentiality, as he is a paying guest.

My fourth visitor was a late addition to my day of servitude.
i shall call him "Mr.Bollywood".
i call him "Mr.Bollywood" as he is a stunningly handsome Indian lad. This boy could be a model with his looks :-)
He had seen my blog and had emailed me earlier in the week telling me that he loved the fact that i serve Indian boys , no strings.
It turns out that he has a girlfriend , but she lives abroad and he only gets to see her a few times a year.
So that makes ME the PERFECT candidate to provide him pleasure.
i mean , i respect his relationship but you cannot expect ANY man to go without sexual release for such long periods of time.
i imagine it is impossible to for him to "date" females here in London as he would have to reveal that he already had a girlfriend in another counrty. You see , women want to know EVERYTHING about a guy - you can't keep anything secret from them.
With me i do not ask you any questions, i do not want to complicate things by knowing all about your life. i am SIMPLY HERE to bring you pleasure. i am HYPER confidential and discreet and i do not care if you have a girlfriend or a wife. i am very happy to be your SECRET pleasure provider for times that you are in need.

So , it was an honour to have him arrive suited and booted and horny.
He stripped off his trousers to reveal a delicious dark dick.
i dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth.
He loved the pleasure that my mouth and tongue brought to him.
i aked him if he wanted me to rim him. He told me that he had never experienced it.
So , i took him over to my rimming box. i laid inside as he lowered hi tight little bum on to my face. My tongue got to work on his pert asshole.
He LOVED the waves of pleasure that my rimming brought to him . He had never experienced anything like it before and it really is mind-blowing the first time that you have it done to you.

So , it is no surprise that he released me after about 10 minutes from the rimming box and forced his cock in to my throat. In no time at all he was shooting his Indian load.

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE HONOUR AND PLEASURE to have become a secret cocksucker for this handsome lad.
i do hope that he realises that he has discovered something special in me too and that he will visit me often. :-)