30 Jan 2013

Guy 2 - today - "Mr. K"

"Mr. K" contacted me through a trans dating website a couple of days ago. He has had tgirls pleasure him MANY years a go in a sleazy sex club in E.london. He took a long break and has recently "got the urge" again.
i do not know his age, i guess somewhere in his 20's , more "boy" than "man".
He had a lovely , powerful "bull" built body frame though and a DELICIOUSLY thick 7inch cock.
i sucked him , introduced him to rimming and he fucked me wildly in the ass.

You can be nice or nasty - don't be put off

A recent first time visitor to me said he was full of trepidation before arriving , as he had seen my blog and he thought that i might be "too much" for him , or , more importantly that he would NOT be "enough" for me !

You see , he was just a regular guy just seeking a chill and a blow -job , but , he had read tales of the nasty men who visit me and felt that he was a bit "lacking".

Let me set the record straight.

I meet and pleasure dark skinned men whom i am attracted to.
Whatever happens when we meet is entirely up to them.
i expect NOTHING of them and nothing from them except that they have a wonderful experience , in the way that THEY want to happen.
At any moment , if they do not feel comfortable , they can just turn around and leave.

So guys , I PREFER it if you just be yourself.
If your personality is just laid back and gentle and you want just a blow-job or something , then THAT IS FINE BY ME.

If you are a NATURALLY aggressive , rough or dominant man with kinky ideas , then , i am here to fulfil those needs and desires for you.

i can be all things to all men , to all types and personalities of men.

All i ask is that you be yourself and use me in whatever way you are comfortable with.

i am only happy when YOU are happy and have been fulfilled.
The greatest compliment that i can receive is that you say you want to visit me again.

Remember, a visit to Tiffany is ALL ABOUT YOU , YOUR needs and desires. It is not about me.
There are no strings , no fee asked of Dark skinned men who i am attracted to and pleasure in my free time.


Guy 1 - today - Mr Brazil

Just been visited by "Mr.Brazil"
Gosh , from seeing him just once in a while i have now seen him twice in 2 weeks !
Here is a previous report on him , so i won't write one here.

Tonight , at 6pm i am expecting a visit from a young Black boy whom i have never met before.
Come back later tonight for a full report.

28 Jan 2013

2 NEW visitors today

Guy 1

"Mr Big" is so called because of his stature. i did not ask his age but i would guess at early '20's.
He is a towering 6ft 5ins tall, with big broad shoulders and massive thighs. He is a giant of a boy, handsome , sexy and very appealing.
He contacted me saying he had met a few crossdressers before but "no-one like you!" i think that was a compliment !!!

In his email to me he said he wanted me dressed as a schoolgirl.

When this man mountain undressed it was a joy to see his thick , juicy, uncut , 8inch cock at full attention.
i immediately began to suck him and he laid back and enjoyed my talented tongue.
In no time at all he said he wanted to fuck me. Goodness , he fucked my ass for the longest time in all sorts of positions. He particularly enjoyed me straddling him and pumping my ass up and down on his dick.
After a lot of fucking he told me to suck him more.

He surprised me that whilst i was in full sucking motion he streamed a controlled mouth full of piss in to my mouth. Gosh , i have never experienced that before.

As he was about to cum , he jumped to his feet , pushed me on my knees and cum in my mouth.

He is a dream of a boy and i look forward to serving him more in the future.

This is how i was dressed for him today........

Guy 2

My second visitor was equally impressive in stature. When you think of the term "black bull" then this man embodies it fully.
He is mad on tgirls and has met many in the past , although our paths have never crossed (surprisingly).

He is about 5ft 9ins tall, i guess in his 30's or 40's and, what i would say, looked like a "daddy".
He has distinguished look and he is MASSIVE in body. 

Now , there are big men who are simply fat and there are men who are as big as the fat men , but , their are mostly solid and muscular.

This man was solid. His neck alone was as thick as my thighs - he is massive ! (In the best possible way) His neck was so big , he had "folds" in the back of it. I find that VERY sexy.
His thighs must have been as thick as my waist !

He was so , so , so sexy and appealing. There is always something about the power of a man mountain, like him , against a wee slip of a girl, like me, that appeals so much , physically and mentally.
I felt that power when he grabbed both of my hands in just one of his and held them tightly as he instructed me to suck him, using my mouth only and not to touch him with my hands.

He particularly enjoyed my rimming seat as he lowered his massive , solid ass on to my face and mouth. My tongue pleasured his big , manly arse hole and he only released me from my predicament to cum all over my face.

i have invited him to our trans girls and Black men gangbang parties and i do also hope that i will be seeing him again on my own.

Regrettably there are no pictures to post of me serving him , as he did not want any taken.
Below is a picture though , it is NOT of the man i pleasured today, BUT it is a representation of the type of Bull that he is :-)

BOTH of these imposing and sexy men now know that they OWN ME , OWN MY MOUTH AND OWN MY ASS and that they can call upon me to give them pleasure whenever they want.

26 Jan 2013

Tiffany becomes a toilet for nasty men

On 22nd Jan 2013 I posted a blog about a man using me as his urinal.
Someone commented that they would like to have seen a video of this


i DON'T have a video of THAT event , but , here is one for you all of me being pissed on in the past.

i would like to , one day , become a full SERVICE TOILET - both piss and scat.
If this interests YOU (Black AND white men included) then get in touch xxx

Friday Jan 25th - 3 guys

3 dark men received my free pleasure today.

Guy 1

i first met "Mr.Forcer" once 5yrs ago and only pleasured him again today ! He lives quite a distance from me you see but when he found that he was working just a mile from me he REMEMBERED that there was a cock slut close-by that he could call upon.
THAT is such a compliment in itself. 5yrs later a man remembers that there is an eager cock whore who will do whatever he pleases !

You won't be able to tell in the pictures that he is a handsome , built , 6ft 4" tall man. His stature is impressive. You would NEED a big cock to be in proportion to his stats and he certainly does. Again , you can't tell in the pictures but his gorgeous meat is 10 inches and thick.
Here is a Bull that all other men could easily hate , he has a big , powerful body and a dick that puts most to shame.

Now , you will have read from me time and time before that to me cock size is NOT important , i don't care if a black mans' cock is 6 inches or 16 inches, i am not a size queen BUT , i have to admit, feeling that amount of meat in my hands and mouth is always an extraodinary pleasure.

I spent a long time sucking his cock and he shot his load as i presented my ass hole to him to finger.

i totally understand if it is another 5yrs before i get to pleasure him again BUT i certainly hope it won't be that long.

Guy 2

"Mr.Hairy Indian" saw a picture of me on the internet that had my email address stamped on it. He contacted me as he had PAID tgirl escorts in the past and , like every man , why pay for something when you can get it for free ?
i don't doubt that the tgirl escorts he has met before are stunning but , with me , at least he KNEW that i was IN to him and not his wallet.
And what a big surprise (for me) he turned out to be.

For those of you who have read a lot about me you will already know that besides black men , i am attracted to the unusual.

Some of those attractions can be hyper masculine men who dress in stockings and suspenders (I find Alex Reid sexy for example - a cagefighter who loves lingerie and heels). i like super muscled men, big big big bodybuilders (even white ones) and i like hairy men. Not just "normal" hairy , but men who have hair all over them and are like apes. If i see a mans ass covered in hair , then this sends me wild. i love , love , love it.

So when "Mr Hairy Indian" dropped his trousers and i saw THE MOST HAIRY ASS i have ever seen , then i was jumping with excitement. His ass is sensational (for me).

i sucked his dark dick and then introduced him to rimmimg. He was unsure and tentative BUT , as i always say to a guy "we can just do it for 10 seconds , if you don't like it , we can just stop". Well , there was NO stopping him and i KNEW there would not be . He LOVED the sensation of me tongue'ing and teasing the thousands of nerve endings around his ass hole. It was not long before he was shooting his load in my mouth.

We took a break and then , when he was ready , i was pushed to my knees again to suck him some more.
He took me to the bedroom and the he fucked me in the ass. He could not believe the sensation of me gripping his cock and giving it gentle but firm tugs with my ass muscles. He enjoyed his time fucking me and then cumming in my ass.

I CAN'T WAIT to pleasure him agai but next time , i want more of his ass :-)

***** WARNING ****
If hairy male arses are not your thing , you might find it best not to click on the picture of the hairiest arse i have ever seen. For me though , it is heaven.

Guy 3

i have been serving "Mr.D" for over three years now.
There is a theme going on here as he also lives miles away but has my number saved for whenever he is in my area. He knows that he has a slut here who will serve without question.
It is also a pleasure serving this Black Bear. He is a hairy black man - very rare, so naturally , i am REALLY attracted to him.
i sucked him , he face fucked me then bent me over to fuck me in the ass.

Yet another arse pic coming up - this time a black mans arse who i enjoy rimming (He LOVES it too!)

Wed 23rd Jan - 2 men

I pleasured TWO men today.

Guy 1
"Mr Beef" i have been pleasuring for year. He is big , bear of a man who is fit as he does a lot of running , snowboarding etc....i see him two or three times per month and he comes to our dark thrust parties.
It is ALWAYS a pleasure to serve him. His thick cock is the perfect size for me and i always enjoy spending so much time sucking it before he always finishes off by fucking me in the ass.

Guy 2

"Mr.G" i have known for 4yrs now , yet , i have only pleasured him once per year.
The reason is because he lives in Brussels.
The thing is , this guy has got the message. He knows that when he visits London that there is a slut who will worship his cock who is just at the end of a phone line.
He text me on his visit and within 30 minutes i was on my knees infront of him , delivering the goods.
His big cock is an absolute dream to pleasure... and boy did i suck it and work it.... for over an hour. He LOVES to have his dick pleasured as he sits back and makes a slut get on with it.


16 Jan 2013

3 men pleasured today

Today i served 3 black men.

The first was "Mr Brazil" whom i blogged about on 26th October 2012.
Here is a report about his sexy , handsome man
It was wonderful to serve him , it is ALWAYS a joy and a pleasure.
Here is a pic from today

My second visitor today was a young black man who wrote to me weeks ago on fabswingers.
Today he must have been extra horny as he contacted me and drove quite a huge distance to get to me.
He had NEVER been pleasured by a tgirl before and so it was an honour that he chose me.
He stipulated that he must wear a condom when i suck him ( i am happy to obey any demands of a black man ! ). So , i chose a banana flavoured one.
These people who make flavoured condoms may i ask why can't you just make COCK flavoured condoms ?
Anyway , this black lad , as you can see , had a nice long , hard as rock cock.
He did not want me to do much , just suck. Within 5 minutes he wanted to cum and so he whipped off the condom and spunked GALLONS of cum over my face. Look at all that cum in the picture :-)

My third visitor today was a "NASTY" man , whom i have been seeing for a while now.
I hate this man . Why ? Because i am SO ADDICTED to him , his nasty ways and his GORGEOUS cock that i don't get to see enough of him !!!
I call him "Mr.Sleaze". Here is a previous write up i made of him.......

Today , he pushed me to the floor as soon as i opened the door. He then went in to the toilet and i had to crawl over and rim his arse as he pissed.
i was then ordered to crawl to the living room where i proceeded to blow him as he called me filthy names. He shot his load , ordered me to stay put , on the floor, and he proceeded to march out of the house.
So , he just turned up to use me then leave.... he is such a nasty , WONDERFUL man. i CRAVE that he will use me more frequently.

Here is a picture from one of his previous visits as he did not take any today.

15 Jan 2013

Cock AND balls in my ass then pissed on !

i pleasured TWO men today.

The first , "Navman" was a young , handsome , fit , virile 23yr old lad and i was his FIRST ever experience with a tgirl.
Like many men (boys) he has had a fascination with tgirls on the internet for a while and has now reached the brave point in his life where he decided to do something about it.
i was HONORED that he chose me.
i know why he did , because i am GENUINE and men know that they can often make a date with me within days.
Navman and i only connected yesterday online , 24hrs later i was on my knees before him.

He has a handsome face and THE MOST gorgeous lips i have ever seen in my life. Large, voluptuous and pink.
You know i am crazy for black men but i havent told you before but there are TWO features on some black men that REALLY get me going.
1 - Dark skinned black men with bright pink lips (very rare)
2 - Dark skinned black men with very black cock shafts and then a pink head (very rare).

Although only 23yrs old, Navman had the maturity of a man 10yrs older. He was sensational in bed.
We had a full girlfriend experience. Lots of sloppy kisses.
He ordered me to work on his cock and balls and keep them sloppy too.

He LOVED his balls being worked and stretched. i placed on him a silicone ball stretcher , so his balls stretched 2 inches away from his body.

i introduced him to rimming , he had NEVER experienced it before and it blew him away :-)
i then introduced him to the joys of anal sex and the tightness of an ass gripping on his cock as he fucked. Naturally , he loved that too.
So much so that he withdrew his cock from my ass , grabbed his balls (still in the ball stretcher) and pushed them in to my ass. He then swung his cock around and jammed that in my ass too !


Mind blowing ! When he was on the brink of cumming he withdrew and shot his spunk in my mouth :-)

i had barely finished cleaning him up and i was just ABOUT to clean myself up when he barked "what do you think you are doing , get back on that cock!"
So , my servitude began again , he did not even give me time to rest.
Wow , this boy certainly knew that he had a slut in front of him and he was going to use her like a whore. Use her HIS WAY !
Soon, Navman was spunking again :-)

What a TOTAL pleasure and honor to introduce this boy to tgirls , to rimming and to anal fucking. Such a special time and i do hope that he will use me again.

He has also earned himself an invitation to our DarkThrust tgirl and Black men gang bang parties where i will be able to provide him with the 14 holes of the 7 tgirls attending !

His pictures are below............

My SECOND visitor today was a man whom i have pleasured before and he has been to our DarkThrust parties.
"Mr.C"  is a black man who is tall , dark and extremely handsome.
He has a body to die for and pecs that could win competitions :-)
It can't be seen in the pictures but trust me when i tell you he has a cock which is as thick as a beer can and about 9 inches long. It is an impressive weapon that puts many men to shame.
Not only is he gorgeous and assertive but he also has a fantastic personality and a filthy , creative mind.
Lets just say that he brought me a funky , unclean ass hole and wasted no time in ordering me to get my tongue down there to clean him up.
He spent 15 minutes on my rim seat as he sat back drinking cognac as my tongue did its job.
In the bedroom his giant cock filled my mouth and was withdrawn and pushed in to my ass. His big cock worked furiously at my hole and , as you can imagine, stretched it to its' limits.

He withdrew hic cock for more sucking and then spunked a ton of sperm.
He dragged me to the bathroom for his clean-up but forced me in to the bath and proceeded to PISS all over me.
i was drenched in his piss and was ordered to open my mouth and swallow.
As i lay there in his filth , he washed , dressed and then left with a promise to come back and use his whore again.
What a filthy , nasty man he is .... i am think i am in lust :-) !!!

Here are his pics. The bottom pic is me in the bath , pre then post pissed on (in).

11 Jan 2013

Friday Jan 11th

I pleasured sexy "Mr.O" today.

Looking at old email it is actually SIX YEARS since i first met this man ! It has taken him 6yrs to visit me again ! LOL
Am i that bad ? LOL

i did not ask "Mr.O" why it has taken him six years , it is none of my business.
All i will say is that i DO KNOW that everyone's life changes. Maybe guys get in to relationships , maybe guys go off tgirls, maybe guys get married and feel the need to be faithful ?
It is not really for me to know the reasons. All i know is i am happy and honored that guys know that i am HERE TO SERVE them , however long it may take for them to return.

"Mr.O" is a VERY tall (maybe 6ft 2" ? ) French Black Man. He is fit and arrives on his racing bycicle.
He has the most handsome face and sexy body. His cock is delicious and his mind is filthy. He takes no time at all in putting me in my place. Verbalising what a filthy cock sucking whore i am as he barks out his orders on how i am to pleasure him best , throughout his visit.

His arse was funky , from sweating whilst he was cycling and he was soon sitting on my bespoke rim seat as i had my orders to clean and stimulate his ass hole.

His fantastic visit ended with me sucking him ALMOST to completion , before he grabbed his cock , pushed me to the floor and cum all over my face (see pic below).

i am looking forward to his next visit. I do just hope i do not have to wait another 6yrs !!!

Wednesday Jan 9th

On Wednesday I SERVED TWO MEN. One i have served and blogged before , so  i will just tell you about the one.

"Mr.R" is a mid-twenties black boy. He has been fantasising about tgirls for many years but has never properly met one.

Recently he had a date with a crossdresser but he told me it was not very pleasant as she was not at all convincing and he felt no connection whatsoever.

My heart drops when i hear stories like this and i am amazed that men actually then go ahead and have a second date with a tgirl (after having such a bad or midi-ochre first experience)

Some guys i have met have told me of having their first time with an escort. Typically they go for a Brazillian She-Male or a Thai Ladyboy escort etc... who takes £200 from them.
Now , not ALL escorts are the same , so i can only tell you what the guys that i have met have told me. Most of them have told me that although they looked great in their pictures , this then leads them to build up a scenario in their head about how fantastic and amazing it will be when they meet them.
More often than not they tell me of situations where they have met them and they are "bedraggled". They have obviously seen a few clients that day and are tired and a bit jaded. The experience they have had with them then is that the tgirl escort will simply go through the motions and try to make them cum as quickly as they can , in order to get them out of the door and get their next client in. You see , to SOME of these girls it is only about the money. They do not care if they have a connection with their client.

i do wish all men had met ME first. You see , i only pleasure men whom i find mutually attractive and so , when they visit me , they know that i am IN to THEM and genuinely want to pleasure and serve them and give them the BEST possible experience.

Anyway, back to "Mr.R" , i could tell he was pleased by my appearance and genuinely delighted. We took no time at all getting in to a full "girlfriend experience" with lots of kissing , touching etc..
He is SUCH a handsome young man and i too found him VERY sexy.
Naturally , i sucked him and then i introduced him to rimming. He had never been rimmed before and he loved it. He fucked me in the bedroom and he withdrew and cum all over my face !
We had a short rest and then we started all over again !

What a pleasure to meet this handsome young man. i look forward to his next visit and i have even invited him to our exclusive Dark Thrust Tgirl and Black Men Parties where i will be able to supply 5 or 6 tgirls holes for him to enjoy (free of chare of course !)

i am so pleased to have turned things around for "Mr.R" and he can now put his first ever experience with a crossdresser far behind him and set5 him on track with sexy transvestite tgirls instead.


10 Jan 2013

A comment ... to share with you

I thought I would share this comment that someone left for me on my profile on another website on the internet........ It seems like this man definitely has the measure of me :-)


Due to distance this will have to remain fantasy....for now.

I knock on your door & you open it dressed like a dogs dinner in black basque, stockings, tight black panties & six inch heels towering over me.
I push you to one side & walk into your apartment 'wheres my drink slut, I want a straight whiskey'.
You totter of to fetch me my drink.
On your return I take a slow sip on my whiskey 'mmm nice & the slut isn't too bad neither, come here' I grab your arse & give it a hard squeeze.
Put some porn on & bring your rimming stool, I've had a long journey & need to chill.
You do as as I say & automatically get into position with your face under the stool.
I take of my shoes & pull down my pants, underneath I'm wearing black nylon panties which I don't remove.
As I take my position on the stool my cock beginning to harden I say 'Ok slut I haven't washed or changed my panties for three days & its taking me four hours driving to get here in this hot weather, by the time I leave I want the cleanest arsehole in London'
I look down at you from between my legs 'but for now stick your nose in my dirty nylon covered arsecrack & sniff my filthy arsehole.
You force your nose up between my arse cheeks & the acrid smell of my dirty, sweaty manhole overpowers your nostrils & you pull away.
'Listen you worthless piece of nasty street whore don't you realise what an honorable position you are in, now get your fucking nostrils in my brown arsehole I want to feel the air on my hole as you inhale deeply'
You push your nostrils against my hole & inhale long & slow ' thats good & again inhale deeply in & out'
'thats great keep going your doing just fine'
I can tell your beginning to get turned on by my man smell as you get accustomed to my aroma & I can hear you taking deeper & deeper sniffs, as well as feeling more & more air rush past my arsehole as you push your nose further up my filthy hole.
My attention turns to the porn film & I take another sip of my whiskey as I watch two sluts rimming & sucking a lucky fucker on the screen, your nose buries itself further in searching for more of my manhole smell that you have begun to get addicted to as you gasp in pleasure.
My cock hardens pushing itself against my panties trying to fnd a way out.
I finish my whiskey tell you to stay put, get up to poor myself another drink, remove my panties & sit myself back down.
'Ok you worthless, filthy, nasty, arse sniffing whore time for your tongue.....'

2 Jan 2013

One guy today

Like many guys , "Mr. D" has been curious about tgirls for a while and recently decided to do something about it.
i am so glad that he contacted ME !

Let me just give you a physical description first. Well HANDSOME, mid 20's I would guess , dark skinned (of course), TALL ( he must have been over 6ft as i am 6ft 2ins in my heels and he was matching me!) and one of the longest cocks i have ever seen. He says he is 9.5 inches. Well , i have had guys before telling me they have a 10 inch dick but this guy was LONGER than any of them, so , i am gonna say 10.5 inch dick ! There is a picture at the end of this post BUT you can never tell the full extent of the length of dick in a photo.

Now reader, you will already know that for me , GENUINELY i do not care if a Black man has a 4 inch dick or a 14inch dick. i am NOT a size queen. All i care about is serving cock. However , when a cock comes my way that is unusually large , well then it is a welcome surprise.

Being new to tgirls all i am going to say is that i introduced him to the pleasure of tgirl tongue pleasure on his dick , rimming (he had never experienced that before and it blew his mind) and milking his prostate with my finger. (THAT send him in to a frenzy !)

i am under describing it here as guys who have met ME will KNOW that MY sucking , MY rimming and MY fingering is full of technique and passion and NOTHING like they will have experienced before.
"Mr. D" also fucked me and that big cock of his opened me up so much he even then got four of his fingers in my ass.

i am going to stop there. i could go on for pages in describing how sensational this man was instead of just reducing it down to the "sex acts" in the paragraph above.... but i won't.
WHY ? Because it was so SPECIAL.

99 percent of the time , the meetings between me and myself with men is all about sex. And that is fine , i am happy for men to use me as a sex object for their needs and desires, after all , thats what i am all about. BUT occasionally (rarely) a man will come along and we have such a wonderful connection that it transcends just sex. When that happens , i don't like to elaborate on it as it might somehow "cheapen" it, since it is VERY special indeed.

"Mr D" is a special man and we had an extraordinary special time. Don't worry though you other men  , "Mr.D" is just as happy with his single life as i am and so although i hope "Mr. D" and myself enjoy many "special" times in the future, i will STILL be available to all of you dark boys to be your sex object.

Just one guy in the diary tomorrow (so far) but he has not given final confirmation, so , we will see what develops.