18 Feb 2014

Week ending Feb 15th 2014

On Thursday February 14th , TWO guys stood me up.
That is so annoying as both guys had taken all the space in my afternoon and i waited home to serve them. They also took timeslots of guys whom i could have pleasured instead.
ALL MEN - If you make a definite date with someone on the internet , at least have the decency to cancel or let t6hem know you can't make it and re-schedule.
This behaviour of not turning up is the lowest of the low,

So , my only visitor , at 5pm i shall call "a.Master".
This Arab man came to me thru a website called gaydar.

He likes to tie subs , put tit-clamps on them and then face fuck them. He likes to see them suffer as he takes his pleasure. He also presented his arse hole to me , which i rimmed.
So , he used and abused me for his pleasure. No pics, sorry.

On Friday February 15th my first visitor i shall call "Mr.G".
This handsome black man , maybe late 20's, came to me thru a site called xhamster. He had seen my profile and videos and he decided he wanted some of that action !
He had never met a tgirl before ,but , he said i turned him on and so he was going to visit me to test my skills.
He is so very handsome , has a lovely tight body and he is HAIRY ! Gosh , hairy black men are rare and i have a particular like for hairy men. So , he ticked ALL of my boxes.
He was not nervous , he was confident - he knew what he was here for and was eager to get it.

i dropped to my knees and began to pleasure his juicy , black cock. What a dream it was to have this man in my mouth.
i ntroduced him to my rimming box. He locked my head inside then lowered his arse hole on to my face. He sat and stroked his cock as my tongue brought waves and waves of pleasure to his sphincter.

He removed me from the box, stood up and i dropped to my knees.
He likes his cock and balls all wet and sloppy and so it complied with my tongue , throat and drool.
In no time at all he was shooting his cum over my face.

It all seemed to be over so fast - time flies when you are having fun , they say.
i am so glad that i was able to give him a great introduction to tgirls - what an honour.

Next time , maybe he will stay and cum twice ?

Here he is (below)

My second visitor saw the return of "asianboy".
i first pleasured this sexy asian boy in october 2013 , you can see a report here :


As i have blogged him before , there is no need for me to write too much about him again. Lets just say it is his third visit to me now , since October , so i am obviously doing something right !

He is handsome , hairy and sexy and it is always such a pleasure to serve him.
i sucked him , i rimmed him and he fucked me in the ass. He loved every minute and so did i.

Here is his pic from his last visit

On Saturday February 15th i traveled to Milton Keynes !
Now i RARELY travel BUT a white guy contacted me because i had put a message on the internet saying that i wanted to be the centre of a BUKKAKE. You know i also don't meet white guys , unless i am escorting to them , but i did know that if i was to have a Bukkake , then i would have to accept men of all races.

For four weeks he pimped me and my pics on the internet to get guys to come to the Bukkake.
He responded to eighty inquiries.
The night before TWELVE men had confirmed that they would definitely attend and he sent them full address details.
i drove from London to Milton Keynes and arrived with plenty of time to get ready.
At the designated arrival time , out of the Twelve men ONLY 4 turned up !
WHAT ???? FOUR ???

Why do people say they are going to turn up for something and then don't ??? They did not even contact him to cancel. i simply do not understand it.

So , it was a bit of a disaster really. Naturally , i pleasured the four guys who turned up , but , the notion of me being covered in cum and taking pics and making a movie fell by the wayside.

i feel so sorry for the guy too , who put so much time and effort , over 4 weeks , to organise it all and then men just let him down! Appaling !

No pics , but this is how i was dressed , ready for the mens' arrival....

On Saturday night i attended the "Taboo Noir" sex party in Crystal Palace. i work there as a hostess.
It is a party for Black men and white women - a swingers party , if you like.
As a hostess i settle the guests in , give them a tour of the facilities and i am there to generally help out with any of their needs.
Naturally , i also get to "voyuer" and WHAT a heavenly sight it is to see 50 white , female sluts being banged hard by 60 Black bulls.
Naturally , my mouth and ass are there to be taken too, but , since this is a heterosexual environment ( i am the only trans gurl there) i keep it completely confidential about the men on the DL who use me there. So , no report of my personal servitude i am afraid. Secrets are to be kept !!!

9 Feb 2014

Week ending Feb 8th 2014

On Thursday February 6th my first visitor i shall cal "Mr.A" from W.London.

It was the first time that he had met and been pleasured by a tgirl.
He was a bit nervous , which is to be expected.

i guess many guys think - is this gurl for REAL ? Is her service for REAL ? is it genuine ? Where is the catch ?

Well, as you can see from this blog , i AM for real and there is NO catch. i am simply a sex slave to Black and dark skinned men and i am here to pleasure them in ANY way that they desire.

i have been serving Dark men , no strings , for over 6 years now and you can even do an internet search on my name and there is not a single , bad word written about me.
i am selfless in my servitude to dark dick.

Well , i soon put "Mr.A" in to a relaxed state and , as you can see , he enjoyed my talented mouth and his juicy , dark dick !

My second Thursday visitor i shall call "Mr.O".
He was a complete contrast to my previous visitor as he is a seasoned user of Tgirls and he knows exactly what he wants and how to use them hard.
So , he was relaxed and assertive as he throat fucked me and cum twice during his visit.

On Friday February 7th i pleasured "Mr.Dragon".

This stunningly handsome man has been a visitor of mine for quite some time now. Infact , just 16 months ago i was the first tgirl that he had ever met.
This man has certainly taken to the pleasures that gurls like me have to offer and is now also a regular attendee of my Dark Thrust parties for Black men and tgirls.

Naturally , as we now know each other very well , we just jump straight in the the sex. He loves me sucking him , rimming him and bending over so he can fuck me in the ass.

i had fun with his balls today. He has a lovely , stretched ball sac so i was able to put them in to my ball crusher device.
This implement can be nice or nasty , it just depends on how tight you screw it !
Naturally , it can be used for pain and correction. Used on a sub as you have them tied down and they are unable to excape the terror of their balls being squashed.
It can be used for gentle pleasure though - a LITTLE bit of pain can be quite pleasurable. i myself love a little pain in my nipples , as i find it pleasurable and also it focusses me on serving better.

Here is a pic of him in the ball crusher.

On Saturday February 8th i pleasured just one man. i shall call him "Mr.J"

What a VERY special visit this turned out to be.
Let me explain....

MOST men i meet are totally straight ,they are horny and desire to have their needs taken care of. They just see me as willing holes - there to be taken advantage of and i am very happy with this situation.

Occasionally , a man will come along who has had deeper desires.
Some rare men have desires deeper than just sex and relief , they harbour thoughts of having a "girlfriend" experience with a tgirl. An experience where they reciprocate as much as i give them.

They have often reached their 30's and have a curiosity to experience cock themselves !
They know they are not attracted to males but they see tgirls as females who just happen to have a dick too !

So , not only was i this mans FIRST ever tgirl but i also provided him with his first ever rimming and his first ever taste of fucking ass. WHAT an absolute honour.

We were very tactile too , lots of kissing and our meeting was more about "love making" than just sex.

Half way thru our session , he went for it ( to my surprise !) He went down on my cock too !
i think he surprised himself at how much he enjoyed being a cocksucker too !

i feel a tremendous pride in knowing that i was able to instigate deep desires of a man. Desires that he had surpressed and never acted upon. He COULD have gone to a shemale whore , i guess , and had a meaningless session where the whore was focused on his cash instead.

Instead , he chose me and we had a very special time together.

i am looking forward to seeing this handsome man again and maybe working through some more of his desires , things that he has only thought about and not acted upon before.

As i have said before , so many times , in my blog. My serving men is NOW about ME - it is always about HIM - about HIS needs and desires.

If a guy just want a blowjob or to fuck me and go , then that is fine. If a guy desires something more "reciprocal" , then that is fine too.

Here is am on his lovely , dark cock.


6 Feb 2014

Week ending February 1st 2014

i did not pleasure ANY men on a one to one basis last week as i was decorating my home.

i DID mange though to HOST a   www.thedarkthrust.co.uk  
party though on Friday January 31st.

EIGHT of Londons' FINEST tgirls were brought in to pleasure TEN of Londons' finest Black Bulls.

Two rooms and my dungeon playroom were utilised in keeping the girls on their knees at all times.
Mouthes were ALWAYS available to give oral pleasure and TRAYS of condoms were left in strategic areas so a Black Bull only had to reach before puching one of the bitches over and entering her ass.
MANY of the girls were spit-roasted.

The scene that unfolded was hotter than any porn movie. The girls were just reduced to receptacles for Black dick. Many of the men came several times.  They moved from hole to hole , sampling the mouthes and tgirl Kunts that were laid out before them.

No girl was allowed to leave until every Black Bull had decided that he had taken his fill.

Our DarkThrust parties are , without a doubt , the BEST sex parties in London , which only a select few will ever get to sample.

Black men and tgirls can apply to attend , but , i warn you , the selection process is quite tough.
Just apply through the website.

I return to one-on-one servitude to Black men on Thu 6th Feb.
Watch for an update on the weekend on how my servitude progressed.