22 Feb 2013

Spit roasted and used like a whore !

My third and fourth visitors today visited me together !
"Mr.Sleaze" will be familiar to those of you who read my blog frequently.
If you haven't read about him before, before proceeding , do have a look at


"Mr.Sleaze" is no longer "Mr.Sleaze" , he is "MASTER Sleaze". During all of his frequent visits to me he has slowly taken control and charge of me and now treats me as his sex slave and so he earns the right to be honoured as a Master.

On his last visit to me , a couple of weeks ago, Master Sleaze instructed me that he wanted to see me being fucked in the ass by another black man. He wanted to be present and sit on the sidelines , watching and wanking.

i approached another regular Black man "Mr.Beef".
i have been serving Mr.Beef for several years, he has two or three blog entries here and he also attends our Black men and trans girl gang bang parties.
Mr.Beef was happy that during one of our regular appointments that Master Sleaze could be present.

So , today was the day both men came together to use me.

Master Sleaze arrived first and i was made to get him in the mood by sucking him and licking his sweaty balls and arse clean.

Mr.Beef arrived shortly afterwards.
Mr.Beef stripped off as i prepared him a drink.
i proceeded to pleasure Mr.Beef by sucking his juicy , fat cock and rimming his beefy arse.
Master Sleaze sat on the sidelines and enjoyed the show, all the time telling me what a nasty , fucking whore i was.
When the time came , Mr.Beef led me in to the bedroom , lubed my arse hole and slipped a condom on.
He proceeded to fuck my arse like there was no tomorrow. i was groaning in ecstacy and Mr.Sleaze must have thought that i was being too noisy because he soon gagged my mouth by ramming his cock down my throat.
i was being spit roasted by two nasty black bulls.

My ass and throat were taking a pounding as these two men took advantage of me.
It went on for the longest time , my mouth and ass under constant attack by these two delicious black dicks.
After the longest time Mr.Beef shot his load up my hole, then went to dress , wash and leave.

Master Sleaze was REALLY pleased that i had carried out his orders so well. He loved watching me being fucked by a big black dick in my arse.
As a reward , he allowed me to lick his arse and balls some more before being allowed to suck his cock to completion and he cum all over my face.

It makes me so honoured and proud to be a black mens' whore and to do what they desire.

We did NOT take any pictures , as Mr.Beef does not like being photographed.
Below though is a representative picture of my predicament this evening.....

Served 4 Black Men Today

Guy 1

"Daddy" , i shall call him. I do not know how old big daddy is , perhaps late 40's or early 50's.
He is a big built African Man who has spent his life totally heterosexual. He is married , perhaps he has had children ? (i do not know , i did not ask) and if you were to see him in the street you would think he was your stereotypical family man.
He has a handsome face with a bald (shaven) head and a mass of silver hair on his chest. He has a GREAT physique for his age. He is perefect to be described as "Daddy" , just think Sean Connery but only black.
Recently Daddy has been curoious about tgirls but he tells me he has only met "ropey" crossdressers up until now. I am glad that he was very pleased with what he saw when i greeted him upon arrival.
Inside , i was lusting for him and was eager to taste daddy dick. He was soon stripped off and i was tasting his delicious uncut cock. i do LOVE a foreskin.
We had a total "girlfriend experience" and i introduced Daddy to rimming, first on the bed and then on my rimming stool.
Well , it blew his mind . i was excited for him but i was also sad that he had spent his entire life and had never experienced the joy of being rimmed.
Daddy and i spent a LONG time enjoying each-others bodies and , to cut this account short , he cum when he was fucking me in the arse.
What a delicious man , i do hope to be seeing more of him in the future.
Here i am worshiping Daddy's dick......

Guy 2

"Boy P" is a young Black African boy , i don't know how old , maybe 23/24/25 ?
i first connected with him about 10 months ago as he had seen a picture of me on a trans girl website.
This was his third visit to me.
Regrettably , he was 50 minutes late for his appointment which left him with only 30 minutes to be pleasured by me as i had other visitors coming after him.
His lithe , responsive, young body writhed under the touch of my tongue and mouth on his cock , his nipples and his ass hole.
He cum by wanking his cock (due to the time constraint) whilst i sucked on the tip.
Here i am worshipping his cock........

21 Feb 2013

New guy

My second visitor yesterday was "Mr. L". He is a young Nubian boy who connected with me through an online contact site.

He said that he had met a shemale in Brazil who had hidden the fact that she was transgender from him and provided him with a "surprise" in the bedroom !

He said that he had met a few crossdressers here in London but he had found them disappointing as they were just "hairy blokes in lingerie".

He said that he was glad to have found me as i was smooth , sexy and feminine.

So , i gave pleasure to his cock with my talented mouth and , at his requests , fingered his arse hole and he shot down my throat.

Fisted again !

"Mr. France" visited me again yesterday. i first met him and posted about him in October 2012

Since that previous posting tells you all about him and what he does to me , i wont go in to much more detail here.
Lets just say as soon as he was through the door and my lips touched his cock he IMMEDIATELY went for my ass, starting first with his fingers.
I equipped him with a pair of latex gloves and soon he was stretching my hole with his hands and alternating by removing them and replacing them with his cock.
Soon my ass was up in the air and gaping as he stared inside my wide , open hole which turned him on even more.
He could not help himself as he rammed his cock in to it and cum.
Can't wait for his next visit.

19 Feb 2013

A Nubian male today

A young man from Somalia visited me today.
He had only met , what HE described as, "hairy men in panties" in the past and was so glad to have found me as he said i was "smooth, convincing and feminine".
He had a lovely , thick , stubby cock which was a pleasure to suck to completion as i fingered (at his request) his arse hole.

18 Feb 2013

Diary is open this week

Due to work commitments i was unable to serve today , however , my diary is pretty open for the rest of the week.

Watch it fill and come back for reports on my servitude to cock during week.

3 guys on Feb 14th - valenines day

i had THREE lots of chocolate on Valentines day ! Lucky me.
The chocolate was followed by cream , in all cases. Oh , i must watch my figure !

Was my little black bear "Mr.D" Who last visted me on Jan 5th. You can read about his visit here http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/friday-jan-25th-3-guys.html 
He was guy 3 on that day. Today i sucked him , rimmed his sensationally hairy arse and he fucked me. It is always a pleasure to serve him.

Guy 2
It is almost 2yrs to the day since i first pleasured "Mr.M".
I have seen him about twice per year and i have not seen him for at least 6 months , so it was wonderful of him to visit.
He sometimes works nearby and he always thinks of me when he is in the area but , as it is often late notice , i am not always free to pleasure him.
i was so glad it worked out today though as he has a lovely body and delicious cock.
He is a "blokey bloke" with a lovely cockney'ish accent , which i LOVE !

i sucked him and paid a lot of attention to his balls and ass, which he loved. He loves me rimming him as he calls me the filthiest of names. (smiles)
When he can take no more pleasure he orders me to get a condom and he fucks me in the ass.
Just before he comes , he pulls out and then shoots down my throat.
What a dream :-)
Below is a pic as he has just filled my mouth with his spunk.

Guy 3
I have been seeing "Mr.Beefy" for several years. He is a fit , bull of a man with THE MOST delicious cock. It is the perfect size for my mouth , throat and ass.
Today he just warmed my ass up with his cock as his mission today was to FIST me !

He sat on the sofa, stroking his dick , watching the porn DVD that was 4 feet infront of him. In between himself and the screen was a low , long footrest. Spread over the footrest, facing away from him was myself , with just my ass sticking up towards him.
With his gloved free hand he applied lots of lube and spent an enjoyable time teasing and stretching my hole with his fingers.
As my hole gave way to his stretching he slowly inched his fist in to my (by now) gaping hole.
He felt supreme power and satisfaction as i lay there , vulnerable with his fist deep in my ass.
Gosh , it felt so good to be on the end of a black mans' arm.
The only draw back was that , after such a session , it leaves my ass out of action for 48hrs (due to soreness) so i had to cancel all dates the following day.

In all of the years i have been pleasuring this hunk this is actually the first time that he has fisted me. He says he wants to return again soon and repeat the process as he is now "really in to it !" Can't wait :-)

We did not take any pics of him fisting me , he was too busy having a good time ! So , below is a pic of me being fisted in the past.

13 Feb 2013

Two men today

How often have YOU been horny and been able to find a genuine slut who will be on her knees in front of you within a couple of hours ???

Well , this is what happend for "Mr.F" today. i logged on to fabswingers to check messages and he messaged me telling me he was in need.
After my request for his face picture , so i knew i was attracted to him there was no endless chat , no emails and questions back and forth, quite simply it was up to "Mr.F" to simply state the time he needed my holes.

He chose a time about 2 hrs later.
He was a professional Indian man. He arrived in his suit :-)
He was VERY hairy , which i love.

He had never met a trans girl before but he made the most of his visit.
He made me suck him loads and he fucked me in the ass. He had NEVER in his life fucked an ass before , even a gender female ass, and so , this guy in his '30's got  his opportunity.
He was surprised how good it felt as it is tighter than pussy.
He cum by me sucking him and he cum in my mouth.

My second visitor today was "jungleman" who last visited me on October 24th 2012
Here you can see what i wrote the last time i met him.
Today i sucked him and he cum in my mouth , before he returned home to his wife :-)

11 Feb 2013

My hole is SO stretched...

i have had to CANCEL any meetings with guys on Monday and Tuesday this week because , my hole is wrecked !

Got a little over enthusiastic on Sunday night as i got out my toys and eneded up riding my victor dildo.

Victor is MASSSIVE - wider than a beer can.

i stretch my hole as some of my visitors like to know the power and feeling of putting their hand inside an arse.
So , i stretch once a week to keep making this possible.

Regrettably , my Sunday night session has left my hole REALLY sore.
It means i can't get fucked at present and so i have canceled dates in order to give my hole time to recover.

i will be accepting dates to serve men from Wednesday onwards.

Here is Victor , the reason for my hole now being on fire !!! Click on the picture to view a larger version.

9 Feb 2013

2 guys yesterday

Guy 1
i could not believe it "Young J" , who i wrote about in my very last post (below) returned for pleasure. THIS time he had the sense to give himself a full hour to visit me.

 He is a handsome , sexy young boy with one of the most sensational "bubble butts" that i have ever seen in my life :-) Regrettably , he would not let me take a picture of it , although i did ask:-(

This visit , i had plenty of time to serve him with my talented mouth.
i introduced him to my rim seat and tongued his ass for ages - he LOVED it :-)

He surprised me when he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He had NEVER fucked ass in his life. He loved every second of it .

After fucking me for a while , he withdrew , i sucked his cock and he shot down my throat :-)

What a lovely visit and i do hope to be serving him more in the future.

Guy 2
My second visitor today was "Mr.T" who i blogged about in October 2012

He is a sexy , young lad with a lovely thick cock with a pink head.

As he has met me before , he now has more of a measure of me.

Today , he marched in like he owned the place and stripped off without prompting.
His cock was already rock hard and he pushed me to my knees , grabbed my camera and took some pictures of his cock in my mouth.

He put the camera down, face -fucked me and cum in 2 minutes.

He grabbed his clothes , dressed and walked out of the door.

He barely spoke any words to me.
He was simply horny , he knew where he could get no strings head, he came here , used me then left.
He treated me like an unpaid whore .
No conversation , no small talk , just busted his nut and then left.
It was heavenly :-)

7 Feb 2013

3 men pleasured

i have not spent much time this week , serving Black cock.
One reason is because the gangbang of EIGHT black men using my holes last Friday left me needing two days to recover !

Let me tell you about Tuesday 5th February.
I pleasured THREE men on this day.

Guy 1`
"Young J", originally had a time to visit me at 7pm. He was unable to attend and asked if he could come earlier instead. I told him that i already had a date at 3pm but if he wanted to come at 2pm , he could.
Well , due to him getting lost on public transport he arrived at 2.45pm.
I would have told him not to bother at all , because 15 minutes is no way long enough to bestow upon him my full range of pleasure. Since he had traveled 15 miles though , i felt it only fair to let him in.
He is a handsome 21yr old Black boy with a sexy , fit body and delicious cock.  He had never met a trans girl before. I wasted no time in sucking his cock.
I introduced him to rimming , he had never been rimmed before and he LOVED it !!!
He grabbed my head and pumped my mouth up and down on his tasty cock. He shot in my mouth.
All of this in the space of 10 minutes !!!!
It was such a shame that his time with me was so short , as i would have liked to have pleasured him over and over again.
Ah well , there is always a next time (i hope) !

Here is his lovely cock and his cum in my mouth !

Guy 2
i first pleasured "Mr.Ice" about a year ago. He had met one tgirl before he met me and had a pretty average experience. I have since met him 2 ,3 maybe 4 times over the course of the year.
He is coming back for more , so i must be doing something right !!!
He is another Black boy in his 20's. He has THE MOST handsome face and a sexy , tight , slim body. i am ALWAYS instructed to deep throat hi 7inch cock for him . It is the perfect fit for my throat. He loves his balls being licked and also his ass hole. This boy is really in touch with his ass hole and the pleasure a tgirl tongue brings to it.
He surprised me (and himself) today because , as i was on all fours , sucking his cock , he was stroking my ass and said "i want to fuck you in the ass". He had NEVER in his life fucked an ass before , not even a female ass. So , you can imagine this was an immense honor for me.
i got a condom, put it on his dick and then lubed up my ass.
i faced away from him and , as he was sat down , i s-l-o-w-l-y lowered my ass hole down on to his throbbing dick.  
All the way down i used my sphincter muscles to grip and release on his cock. i was damned well going to show him why ass is tighter and better than pussy !
Well , he was blown away. He LOVED IT and he soon flipped me over to fuck me doggy style.
In no time at all he could not hold back and he shot his creamy load in to my ass.

i am afraid there are no pictures - i asked him but he prefers not to have any published. i must respect his decision.

Guy 3
My last visitor was "Mr.Sleaze" whom i wrote about in the past at
This nasty (in the nicest possible way) man is ALWAYS a dream to serve.
He is "a mans man" with a sexy masculine demeanor and voice.
He had been working outdoors all day and due to the freezing weather had been dressed in several layers of clothing.
He said that he had deliberately been getting his cock and balls all stinky and sweaty for me to clean.
i was made to lick clean his cock and balls , for a long time and then move to his sweaty ass crack and ass hole. My tongue tasted the nasty , salty , funk , sweaty filth of him and cleaned him up. When i was allowed to suck his cock he cum in my mouth.
It is always a pleasure to serve this nasty man.
No pictures taken today but here is one from one of  his past visits.

Dark Thrust Party - Feb 1st

Last Friday I held a Dark Thrust party and i am pleased to say that EIGHT black men took pleasure with all the holes of FIVE tgirls in a gang bang situation.

The tgirls holes were all constantly invaded over the course of 3 hours and , naturally , the Black men were very satisified.

No pictures - all the guys are on the DL