30 Oct 2012

i had a day off from serving today as i had other commitments.
Tomorrow i have THREE Dark Men scheduled in my diary at http://www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk
(so far!)
Check in late tomorrow night or the following day for blog reports of their visits :-)
I did not have time to post on the day but on 29th October i served one gorgeous black man.

"Mr.King" came in to my life 5 YEARS AGO ! A handsome ,stocky, muscled Black Caribbean man.
He is married but likes to visit me occasionally to release his frustrations and get served properly !
You see , Mr King knows that he can get me to do things for him and treat me in a way that he could not do with his wife.
Quite rightly , you should show respect and make love to your wife , you should give her the choice to have sex in ways in which she desires.
Mr.King knows that with me , he does not have to think of "respect" or "choices" he knows that he can use me in any way that he desires. He knows i will serve and comply.
So thats how i ended up for 20 minutes on the floor , my head locked in the rimming box as he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue and made me lap , lick , suck and work on his arse hole . Giving waves of pleasure to his body. In no time at all , he was cumming down my throat.

It has been a long while since i saw Mr.King last saw Mr.King and so i was so hungry and eager to serve him in any way. He is a stunningly appealing Black man.

After a rest Mr.Kings cock came back to life and he pointed to a space on the floor between his legs. i did not need verbally telling that this was my place to be , on my knees , mouth open , ready to be filled with his big black cock.

More work from me on his cock on his nipples and back and forth to his arse hole lead to him bending me over and giving me a hard fucking in my ass. Soon Mr.King was exploding , for the second time , as he cum when fucking me.
i am honoured that mine was the FIRST ass that he ever fucked in his life (when we first met) and to this day mine is STILL the ONLY ass that he fucks !

What a wonderful time i had and so did he.

i did not ask him to take any pictures to share with you readers , this is because i did not want to "stop the flow". i also knew that i had pictures and video of him using me from previous visits, so , i will include a picture of Mr.Kings manhood, from a previous visit,  below. Also , a small video of him using my ass.

26 Oct 2012

My third visitor yesterday was a Black African Man visiting me for the first time.
"Mr.America" (he hails from the U.S.A but lives here in England) is mad for tgirls.
i cannot believe how our paths have never crossed before. My profiles has been on the internet for over 5yrs but he has never seen it until now.

i hope , when he reads this , he does not mind me describing him as a "thug". On the internet you see images of Black "gangsta thugs". These men have powerful , strong bodies , attitude and are covered in tattoos. They give off an image of menace and danger.
Many girls (me included) find this image VERY appealing and sexy.

Mr.America DOES look like a thug (it works to his advantage as he has worked in security services in the past) HOWEVER his personality is that of an amiable man, so , although he looks like a thug , he is infact VERY respectful and charming. He is VERY handsome too.

So , it was my great honor to serve him. My mouth and arse brought him hours of pleasure and he also enjoyed giving my hole a nasty seeing to with several fingers and he brought pain to my sensitive nipples with his mauling and biting (just the way i like it). So , i got to bring out his "thug" side , a little, after all :-)

What a gorgeous hunk of a man.

My second visitor yesterday was a gorgeous Black/Brazillian man whom i have been serving for 2 years. In the 2years i have served him about 4 or 5 times which means , he pops in to my life every 5 or 6 months.
You see , men do not need to visit me regularly, it is not a case of me being upset if i do not see a guy for 6 months or more. You see , i am happy to be the pleasuregiver that they KNOW they can call upon at any time , regardless of when their last visit was.

Like many men, Mr.Brazil does not get enough attention to his arse hole form his wife or (perhaps) others he connects with. Mr Brazil just LOVES to be rimmed, infact, i could be glued to his arse for hours , licking , sucking and stimulating his hole with my tongue and he would be in heaven !
Add to this he has the most PERFECT rock solid cock, that also needs attention , means that his visits to me are always a joy.

He does not actually have many extra-marrital liasons and certainly they are rare with tgirls (if any). However , after 2yrs he has decided that he likes the idea of being pleasured by more than one tgirl in a session.
This i can provide for him in my tgirl and black men gangbangs. Our party group at www.thedarkthrust.co.uk provides 4/6/7 tgirls at a time for Black men to use. Our parties are always free , obviously private and discreet and we have a pool of about 40 gorgeous tgirls to call open to provide their holes to entertain black men.
Our venue has two rooms for the black men to use the tgirls PLUS a bondage dungeon where the black guys can tie down the girls and invade their holes , all night. The girls are simply objects and sex slaves for the Black men to use. Tied down , they have no choice but they love it (myself included!) 

I have now included Mr.Brazil in our secret group and i am hoping to fulfil his fantasy of having multiple tgirls available for him , in the future.

Here i am with Mr. Brazil..........


25 Oct 2012

Interesting visit at 3pm today.

A young "street lad" type of guy visited me. He had "attitude" in his emails and so i was interested in pleasuring him in the flesh.

This is what happened....

He walked in , made no small talk , he did not even remove his shoes or any clothing etc.. He simply took out his big , thick, African 9 inch cock and forced my mouth on to it. He spent 5 minutes face fucking me and calling me the WORST names under the sun. He kept repeating things like "you are a nasty , dirty fucking whore" etc.. etc... He never even let me come up for air much. He just kept grabbing me by the hair and forcing his cock in to my mouth and throat whilst keeping up relentless verbal abuse of what a dirty fucking whore i was. Basically , it was like oral and aural rape. He shot down my throat , took a tissue, cleaned his cock off , turned around and walked out of the door !

He really did make me feel like a cheap whore.

It is good because sometimes even i need to be dragged down to base level and have it re-inforced that i am just there as a piece of meat, for men to use, without even a care for me.
This thug did not give a shit about me - he only thought of himself and his cock.
A PERFECT man in my eyes :-)

(No picture, you will see from reading above, the notion of a picture did not even figure in to this visit) 

24 Oct 2012

Today 4.30pm
i have known "jungleman" for a few years. Like most men i meet , he is married but EVERY married man needs a little spice in his life , doesn't he ?
It is probably 2 years since i first served him and at least a year since i last served him.
He phoned me at 3.30pm , out of the blue , and asked to come around.

That is what is so good about me - i will NEVER phone or text a guy, never ever, BUT he knows that he has my number stored and can get in touch with me at ANY time. Any time that he is in need.

So , by 4.30 pm my mouth was on the end of his dick. He was forthright from the start and told me he only had 10 minutes , as he was on his way home from work and on his way back to his wife.
Thats FINE by me. i am just here to serve the needs of men. If his needs are just 10 minutes , then so be it.
He is a stunningly handsome man with a most gorgeous face and tasty cock. i look forward to sering him as his unpaid whore again.

Wed Oct 24th 2012
Quiet day today , due more "drop-outs".

So far , only one guy.
I first connected with "Mr.C" 6 months ago. Thru a dating website called Fabswingers. I meet a lot of men through there.
6 months ago he wrote to me, we exchanged pics and emails and i sent him my diary link , for him to make a date for me to pleasure him.
I never heard from him again.

This actually happens quite often and i understand why.
You see , when men connect with a girl on the internet , they are "in the moment". They are horny , they are free and they need attention right away. They would even drive many miles to get their end away at that time , as they are supercharged and horny.
If they DONT get sex there and then , they will have a wank , shoot their load and then go off the boil.
That girl who you WERE going to fuck is no longer quite so needed. Then , life goes on and you forget about it.
UNTIL THE NEXT TIME............. !
Maybe in a week , a month or a years time the guy will be horny again , he will come across you on the .net again and he will be hot and horny for you again.

That's what happened with "Mr.C" today. He was logged on to fabswingers , he saw me , he was horny , he needed sex NOW and he saw me as the slut to provide it for him.
As chance has it , due to drop-outs today , there was an almost immediate vacancy in my diary.
So , Mr.C was on my sofa , with me on my knees , swallowing him , within an hour or so !

All i can say is , 6 months was worth the wait. This tall , slim, sexy, handsome African man was a delight to serve. His long 9 inch cock tasted delicious. i moved to his arse which was funky and rank smelling , as he had been working all day. It was mu DUTY to clean this for him and my tongue was the tool. Mr.C LOVED being rimmed and cleaned. We spent 5 minutes rimming on the sofa and because he was enjoying it so much i revealed my rimming box to him. With my head locked in the box , he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue and i pleasured his hole for 15 minutes.
It was all too much for him and he stood up , gave a few strokes of his big cock and then spunked in to my mouth.

It was fantastic. Such an honour for me to have served him in this way and i so look forward to serving him again.

Tuesday Oct 23rd 2012
Quiet day today due to "drop-outs".
Only pleasured one lad today.
He was a 21yr old Indian boy. He has not been in the UK for long and so he still has his strong Indian accent.
He has not been exposed much to sex before, infact he was a virgin !
The only sexual contact that he has ever had was with a male friend, when they rubbed eachothers cocks in an adolescent way.
So, i was his FIRST ever , proper sexual encounter.

He was very taken with me and me with him in a sort of "Mrs Robinson" way. Goodnesss , i was old enough to be his mum ! He said that turned him on though, to be seduced by an older woman.
Well, turned on he was , as you can imagine. His lovely 7inch dark dick was constantly hard.
His beautiful , peachy arse was a delight to taste , smell, lick and chew.

He was hairy too , which i LOVE. i loved his hairy chest and his hairy bum and arse hole. i love feeling those hairs on my tongue as i rim a mans arse.

He was desperate to fuck me in the ass but i was actually trying to talk him out of it !
Call me old fashioned but i actually wanted him to loose his virginity to someone whom he had more of a connection with, a deeper relationship if you like.
In the end , he was so horny , i gave in. I made a concession though, i just allowed him to ride my ass for a few minutes , i told him he was NOT to cum in my ass. So , i pulled him out after a while and told him to save the first time that he came in a pussy or ass for someone he loved.

Seems to be a week for "drop outs"
I will say i can perfectly understand if something crops up at the last minute and a guy has to cancel. As long as he lets me know as much in advance as possible , then that is fine. i can then free up his visit time to allocate to another needy man.

However , some guys are unthinking and rude. They wait until the "meeting time" and my text to them results in them giving me some excuse that they can no longer make it. i am not stupid , they have either forgotten about the date or changed their mind.

WORSE than them are the guys who do not turn up , do not email , do not respond to texts and do not appologise for standing me up. They drop off the face of the earth. These guys are TIMEWASTERS. They are also scumbags. If you only knew the time and effort that i put in to preparing for you , to serve you no strings and bring you pleasure. Factor in the number of guys who have also contacted me , wanting YOUR timeslot, then , you dont even turn up , dont even let me know and dont ever get in touch again.

I am thinking about creating a page on my website for these type - a TIMEWASTERS page, where i will post your picture, your email address and your number in order to warn the wider world that you are rude , unthinking , uncaring and a timewaster.
What do you think folks / Should i expose these bastards ?

19 Oct 2012

Just pleasured one guy today - THREE other guys dropped out , for various reasons. Thats quite upsetting really as it means that i wasted an entire day just waiting in for them , as i had made a commitment to them. Shame they did not hold their commitment to me with the same status.
So , it was not until 7pm and that i got to pleasure cock.

Mr.T from Camden had met one tgirl before through Craiglist. He said the experience was "fine" but after seeing my website and videos he thought a visit to me would be a MUCH better experience. So , i had a lot to live up to. LOL.

Like most of the men i meet, Mr.T is big time in to women and pussies but , he has a slight curiosity for tgirls.
He had not yet let a tgirl really pleasure him and introduce him to new things though.
It was my honour to introduce Mr.T to the pleasure of rimming , having his arse hole stimulated and caressed with my tongue. Naturally , he loved it and could not believe what he had been missing out on.

Had a lovely time with Mr.T for an hour and he decided he would cum by face fucking me. The vision and feeling of his cock fucking my mouth as his hips were pounding in to my face my him shoot his big , creamy load. 

Here is a pic of Mr.T's cock - i DO LOVE a black cock with a pink head. They are quite uncommon and a treat to pleasure :-)

My diary

Want to know in advance how many men i am going to be pleasuring and posting about ???

You can always see that info on my diary at http://www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk

My diary can change by the hour though , so , it can fill up fast , so , check back often.
Some pics of me , for those of you who are new to my blog.....

Today was special.
i only met one guy.... but .... it was special.

You see , the internet has brought wonderful things to men today. They are able to view all sorts of kinky things which , in the past , they will not have had access to and therefore , possibly , never ever have had the opportunity to persue.

You see "Mr Abs" today ( i call him that as he has a fit, sexy body and sensational abs! ) , a black male in his 20's , is such an example.
Frequently , i meet and serve men like MrAbs who have a similar story to tell.
Well , it is not Mr.Abs own words , but my take on what i THINK has happened.

You see , Mr.Abs is a 100 percent , full blooded, heterosexual male. He loves pussy and he loves femininity.
Like many men , he is turned on by sluts though. You would never want to marry a slut ,but , to have one in your life to "fuck and go" whenever you are horny is a prize indeed.
Mr Abs has been exposed to sluts and all sorts of sexual fetishes on the internet.

I don't know when he came across tgirls . Maybe a month ? Maybe a year ? Like many men , the seed was planted because he was aroused by the thought of tgirls. I don't know how long it has taken him on his journey in order to find himself in front of me , with me on my knees, swallowing his cock.
Believe me , it IS a journey which i appreciate and understand fully.

Many of you men will be on the same journey yourself. You have read this blog , you have seen my website. You have seen other tgirls and shemales on the internet and YOU KNOW that they arouse you. You see yourself in the place of the men you see in my pictures and you want me to be your slut with her lips around your cock too. The thing is , you havent quite yet worked it out in your head that it is perfectly OK to do this. You are having discussions with yourself in your head. You are still in conflict.
Don't worry , it is a process that you HAVE to go through.

Only when you have gone through it and realise it is infact just a simple step !
After all , what happens in my home is fully consensual and absolutely private. No one is ever going to know "your secret" and i appreciate that many men have found confidentiality and trust in me.

I am so glad Mr.Abs found and visited me today. It takes courage.

i will say though that the reality is , it only takes a LITTLE courage because , when you visit me , you always have the option just to turn around and walk out of the door if you do not feel "right" or "comfortable".

So MrAbs found himself infront of me drinking the cognac on ice that i provided him.
As the cognac slid down his throat he slid his cock down mine.
i also introduced him to the pleasure of rimming. It still surprises me that a man can get in to his mid 20's , 30's , 40's or 50's and has still not ever felt the wonderful sensations of a tongue caressing his arse hole.
Having your arse hole pleasured is NOT a "gay thing". You have hundreds of nerve endings in your arse hole that , when caressed provide you with waves of pleasure. It is simply another sensitive part of your body that bring you immense pleasure.

I LOVE rimming. For me it has so many aspects.
Firstly , i KNOW how much pleasure it brings to a man.
i also love it because it is , in some way "dirty". i mean , when was the last time you turned to the girl you picked up in the nightclub , took home , was having sex with her then said to her "now lick my arse hole". You probably have never said that because you would probably get a slap around the face and kicked out of her apartment or hotel room ! She would think you were disgusting for even mentioning it.
With me though , i LOVE it when you demand it, it makes me feel so inferior and subservient. It makes me a "dirty slut" and i know that is what i am.


Mr.Abs spent a long time with me today , doing the "taboo" things he had been thinking about and plucking up the courage to do. He had a wonderful time and so did i. He even orgasmed twice !   

So today was special - VERY special.  i introduced a man to the joys of meeting a tgirl for the first time. It was an honor to know i was his first. It is also an honor to know that , because he had such a relaxed , understanding time with me , that he will go on to meet other tgirls in the future. He knows that we tgirls are cock hungry and that , since we know our way around cocks on a personal level , that we are able to pleasure one in a way that most women don't even come close to.

i am so content knowing that i am a "dirty slut" for dark skinned men to use. For them to use me with complete discretion , with no strings and that i am there only as a plaything to serve their needs and desires.

Today was very special indeed. :-)

Below is a picture of me , taken tonight, pleasuring Mr.Abs cock.

18 Oct 2012

Wed 17th Oct
i was visited by a Black Master who i have known and served for several years.
"Master Iron" is hugely turned on by ass and holes ! He loves to fuck tgirl ass for hours , he loves playing with it and fingering it and making it gape.
With my ass - he decided to stretch it to the max and get his fist in there.
i don't know what it is , i havent been fisted for 5yrs , yet , in the past few weeks there has been a demand from men to do this to me and i have been fisted 4 times in the past 4 weeks !
Fortunately , i have built a lot of trust with Master Iron and so he was able to stretch me to my limits.

After lots of play he was able to actually punch fuck my stretched hole with his clenched fist. He treated my ass like a punch bag at the boxing gym.

No pics of the fisting , but , we made a video of it. i am not going to post the video , it is something between him and me. Maybe one day in the future i will share it.
Here is Master Iron's thick cock.......

16 Oct 2012

My servitude to men has been curtailed today as i have been "ruined" by one man ! In the best possible way , of course.

"Mr.France" first came to my attention over 5yrs ago on yahoo messenger. We chatted occasionally , but , since he lived in Paris, nothing much came of it.
Imagine my surprise when he contacted me this week as he is now living in London.

This handsome, sexy . chocolate man has a body to die for. Rippling six-packs, the lot.
We had a wonderful "girlfriend experience" but all the time i was pleasuring his cock , his fingers went straight for my ass pussy !
Well , i could tell , this man was just CRAZY for fingering , probing and stretching ass.
So , i thought , if we are going to do this , we are going to do it safely and properly.
So , i fetched the latex gloves ( always best to use them for hygeine and safe sex reasons).
As always , my ass was thouroughly washed out though , as i am always deep cleansed every day in order to offer it spottlessly clean to my callers.
What followed was an intense hour of him playing with my ass hole. He had me gaping wide in no time. Seeing our reflection in my mirrored bedroom was so horny as i turned to see his fist buried in my ass.
He kept swapping from fist to cock , alternately fucking me with each.
He was on the point of coming several times during his hour of ass play , it turned him on so much.
i myself was sent in to waves of pleasure as his fingers , knuckles and then entire fist stretched and probed my ass.

What a SENSATIONAL , filthy guy he is.
i do hope that i become his regular ass slave with frequent visits from him.

So , this mans' desire to wreck a slut whore ass means i cannot use it to pleasure any other man today. Not that i am complaining !

Afraid no ass pics , we were too much "in the moment" to even think about a camera.
Here is a pic , at the beginning of our meeting though , sucking his delicious dark meat.

15 Oct 2012

To my surprise and joy a request to meet came in at 7pm from an Indian guy , for me to pleasure him.
"Mr.D" had contacted me by email a week before saying that he needed my services.
A VERY handsome Indian boy , 23yrs of age, 6 foot tall with a rugby player build. You can just make out his chunky legs in the picture.
Naturally , like most Indian boys , he was VERY hairy and i do love that.
It was an hour of pure "girlfriend experience". I sucked him and he fucked me in all sorts of positions. He wanted to cum by wanking his cock whilst i kissed him on the lips. And so he did :-)
Sorry about the tone of the picture - must remember to turn the camera flash on at night time from now on !

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.
Two men are in my diary for today.
i have just finished serving "Mr.W". I have pleasured Mr.W several times before and he is training me to pleasure him in ways in which he desires.
He is a heterosexual male and has only just recently (within last 12months) come to find the pleasure and value of a tgirl like me. He knows that he can do filthy things with me which would be difficult to suggest to a gender female.
Mr W has a gigantic cock - the picture does not show it in its' best light , but , i can assure you that it is a big and thick as a 440ml can of beer. Very few women would be able even consider taking his cock in their ass , let alone actually achieving it. Even for me , it is a challenge , but Mr.W like nothing more than stretching me to accept it all. He also loves his cock being sucked and delights in his arse being rimmed.
Today i sucked Mr W and he fucked me in the ass. He came to completion by wanking as i sucked on his ass hole and licked his balls. He cum in my mouth. In the past he has pissed on me and wants me to drink it in future. He also left me today telling me that on his next visit , he wants to fist me.

14 Oct 2012

Please feel free to comment on my new blog - your commenst are always appreciated.

13 Oct 2012

Well , it is early in proceedings but i already have EIGHT men who need my service next week. This number is VERY likely to increase , as the days go on.
One of them men wants to stretch my hole and FIST me (that will be on Wed 17th Oct) so be sure to return for pictures of that ! It is not an activity that i do very often but the desires of some men are to stretch a tgirl cunt-hole to its maximum. i am more than happy to submit to his dark desire as so few women would even entertain the idea. i can only imagine the power and dominance a man must feel to have his fist buried deep in a sluts hole.

My fourth and last black man of the day was "Mr.BlackMaster".
I have not pleasured him for over a year , due to him working abroad and i was eager and excited to be serving him again.
A beefy , sexy , handsome Black African man who told me he "couldn't resist using his big black cock on my sexy and tight fine t girl arse. It's just too good to resist!"
i was ordered to be dressed in my pink satin mini-dress with white lingerie.

His THICK 9inch cock was immediately at attention and immediately needed my attention !
i cannot and will not go in to details about our 2 and a half hours together, let us just say that he is assertive , demanding, full of stamina and imagination.
Half way through our time together he ordered me to change in to my school girl uniform.

Daddy and Master made full use of my mouth , relentlessly sucking his cock for hours.
Lost of kissing and worshipping of his manly body , his balls and rimming of his chunky , funky arse hole.
Daddy/Master wanted to see my arse hole gaping and so he used a black dildo on me , for the longest time, fucking me to the hilt with it in order to withdraw it to make my hole gape and be ready for the invasion from his huge , thick cock.

What a WONDERFUL evening, i do so hope Daddy/Master will not leave it another year before he uses me for his needs and desires again. :-) xxx
"Mr.C" was the third man to visit me today. I have served "Mr.C" several times in the past and so now he is used to me , my compliance and setting out his needs and desires from the start. i was ordered to be wearing black pvc mini dress with black lingerie and black patent 4" heels.
i went to work on sucking his cock BUT he always presents his arse hole to me very early on in the proceeding. You see he LOVES having a tongue rimming his arse hole. You see many (most) females will not lick a guys ass for him. They think it dirty and degrading. Many guys are even afraid to just ask a female to do it , they are afraid of the annoyed reaction that they will receive. "Mr.C" has trained me well as his arse hole slave. I spent a long time bringing him waves of pleasure with my tongue and stroking it with my fingers.
The majority of men have not yet discovered the pleasures of stimulating their arse holes. They think that anything to do with their arse hole must be "gay". Nothing could be further from the truth. When a hot , compliant , feminine tgirls pays attention to your arse hole with her tongue you are going to receive waves of pleasure that you have never experienced before.
"Mr.C" also loves attention to his nipples and balls and so i was happy to provide that.
We did take pictures , but , i am afraid they did not come out too well , so i am unable to show you pics of me dressed in the PVC that he demanded.
Instead , i include a picture from his visit a few months ago , an animated image of me sucking his delicious black cock.

"Mr.K" was the second black man to visit me today. A young man in his '20's who hails from Ghana. A lovely Ghanaian accent and a delicious THICK 7 inch cock. Regrettably (for you) he did not want any pictures taken and so i was happy to respect that. i sucked him and he took pleasure in bending me over to fuck me. He left happy :-) x
Yesterday i pleasured FOUR men.

The first man , i shall call him "Mr.P" was a new comer to the joys of tgirls. Like MANY men he was curious and could not resist being worshipped and being pleasured by someone who asks nothing back from him.

It makes sense for you guys who are curious to actuall make plans to visit me for real. i mean what have you got to loose ? You can always just turn around and head right back out of the door if you don't like what you see. Fortunately , that has never happened.

i am VERY understanding with first time guys. THEY are in control at all times and we only do what THEY want to do. i have no expectations from you EXCEPT to allow me to give you a good time.

This "first time" young man , aged 23 was SO PLEASED that he visited me. i took care of his cock nicely with my mouth and thhen he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Naturally , i provided the condom and i was pleased to oblidge. He left me saying that he would DEFINITELY be using trans girls in the future and that he had a wonderful time. Can't get any better than that !

11 Oct 2012

i am not serving anyone today , but tomorrow i am serving FIVE black men. Come back tomorrow or the next day for an update on how i pleasured those men :-) Tiffany xxxx

10 Oct 2012

My last cock Master of the day was "Mr.B". i have been serving him for quite a few years now.
In the early days he realised that he had the opportunity to visit this slut and make her his "secret tgirl mistress". Mr B calls in on his way home from work before going home to his wife.
He likes nothing better just to walk in , strip his clothes off (whilst i pour him a stiff , welcome drink) and lie on the sofa. i know that this is my queue to immediately drop to my knees as he sips on his drink and watches the porn that i have put on the DVD player. As he watches the movies of the women getting used he looks down and witnesses himself , using me , using my mouth to bring his cock to orgasm. He showers , then he leaves. No questions are asked of him. All i know of him is that he does not live very far away from me and that his wife does not give him enough head. He knows that he can just call on me when he is need (which , thankfully, is pretty often !)

"Mr.Ed" has visited me before and so i knew what i was in for. He is a 20 something Black African lad with a fit body and strong cock. He normally only ever meets women and so , i know ho lucky i am. He always has a filthy imagination, he is one of the "harder/kinkier" boys that i pleasure. His focus is his arse ! Not in a "gay" way , he does not like anything inside there BUT he has discovered how erogenous an arse hole is and i very much in tune with his. After sucking him for only a short while he soon presented me with his arse hole. It was my duty , as always to be his rimming slut.
For the needs of this type of boy i have purchased a bespoke rimming box. It hinges , to allow my head to be contained and , once the lid is lowered in to place , my head can be locked inside and i am unable to leave my prison until my arse hole Top decides.

I spent 30 minutes in there , just being a slave to his arse hole, rimming , licking , sucking and chewing it. i also stimulated his nipples and his lovely long cock with my free hands.
There i am (above) locked in the box , my tongue on his arse hole with nowhere else to go !

After the extended period of rimming, we returned to the sofa where i sucked him to completion.
He gifted me with his cum over my face and in to my mouth.
After a short break, i asked him what type of porn he would like me to switch to. He chose movies with men , nastilly face-fucking females. Their cocks were ravishing their mouthes as they held the womens' heads in a tight grip and forcefully face fucked them.
This gave "Mr.Ed" ideas as soon i was on my knees with his strong arms holding my head in a vice-like grip. The onslaught began as he face fucked me - HARD ! He forced his long cock down my throat and he achieved hi goal.... soon i was puking , yes puking all over his cock , my chin and all over my dress. Good job i was wearing the pvc maid outfit that he had ordered me to wear. i was in a mess. My mouth producing copious amounts of saliva which made his dick sloppy and wet and which also lubricated my throat.
He was relentless and continued to face fuck me , with force, until he cum again down my throat. i was totally wasted.
There are no pics of this throat fucking as we were too "in the moment" to think of the camera.
It is always a pleasure to meet very nasty men like him.

Three men booked in to pleasure today - all free , of course.
The first was a young Bangladeshi lad, "Mr.P". Short and chunky with a handsome face and sexy , sexy, sexy dark , close-cut beard. i had the pleasure of making hin cum twice by sucking him. He did not want any pictures taken.

9 Oct 2012

If you would like to know WHEN i am pleasuring men (therefore when there is likely to be an update to this blog) , i keep an online diary to keep track of my servitude to dark skinned men.

My diary is linked through my website at www.bitch4black.com and the direct url is www.bitch4blackdiary.co.uk

You can also subscribe to this blog and never miss a post :-)
My second caller today was a handsome , strong , fit , black bull. i shall call him "Mr. Z".
Curiously he was hairy. This is quite unusual for black men and , naturally , it made me like him even more because i love hairy men. i am especially attracted to hairy arses and arse holes :-)
It was the first time that i had met him and only his second ever experience with a tgirl. Like men whom i have pleasured in the past , this man had met a tgirl in Thailand on a drunken night out. The experience had stayed with him and he wanted to explore further. He said he had chosen me because he had seen that my internet presence and online diary was quite professional. It gave him the air that i was serious and genuine. Indeed it should. All black men know there is no messing and no run-around with me. They know that they can contact me and in many cases , i will be on my knees infront of them withing days. i am so real and genuine and i am NOT an escort to black men- i am a sex slave to them - my service is totally free , with no strings.

i won't go in to detail about what this black bull and i did because , for me , it was VERY special.
We managed to take a couple of pics to share with you but , regrettably, the lighting was all wrong and so they have not come out very well. They also do not show the best of his magnificent cock which was hard and solid and on the brink of "cumming" for over an hour !

i do hope this bull decides that he needs my company and servitude again as i was VERY enamoured by him. He is quite exceptional.

My first stud today cancelled. He did give me notice though and he had a very genuine reason, so , all was good.
My first visitor today was a very handsome, young (23) Indian man. I have met him several times before but it has beenalmost a year since i pleasured him last, as he has been away at university.
He walked in and was as handsome as ever. Soon i was put to work on his delicious cock. Where do young men get such foul mouths from these days? He called me all the names under the sun and instilled in me the fact that i am just a white , trash whore who is put here to serve dark men. I am so pleased that young men these days know exactly what I am and how to treat me :-) There is nothing that i was not allowed to do for this young mad and he was soon on the rim box , me locked inside with just my mouth and tongue sticking through as he lowered his ass on to my face and kept me , rimmming him , for 10 minutes as he drank vodka and smoked. In his culture feet are taboo and the most degrading thing that you can do to a person is to make them kiss your feet. Soon i was not only kissing them but also licking them and cleaning them with my tongue. This young man is so pleased to have found me , as i will serve him in ways in which his girlfriend won't. He paid me the highest compliment and i do indeed think he was sincere when he said that i "give the BEST blowjobs than any woman he had ever met in his entire adult life". i do look forward to serving him again, many times , in the future. He has threatened to throw his girlfriend out of the house and install ME , chained up there, so he can come and use me as he pleases. His mind stayed on the subject for so long that i genuinely think he is serious about doing it. Let's hope :-)

My third sexual servitude of the day yesterday , was to a lighter skinned Arab man. "Mr Sha....". Wow , this man was SO HAIRY ! He had hairy legs and chest BUT he also had a mass of hair on his back and his ass. He was like a gorilla . I go absolutely CRAZY for men who are as hairly like this. i love it when i rim their ass and the ass hairs tickle my tongue. The hairs also trap some of that "nasty" dirty , ass smell and it is such an honour to clean it up for him. Naturally , i sucked him too and he cum in my mouth. No pics i am afraid , he said he did not want pictures. Fair enough.


After my first black cock of the day yesterday , my next was scheduled for one hour later.
Well , what can i say about this man, "Mr Sleazy...." i shall call him. A handsome , bald headed Daddy type with a cockney accent that just makes you melt. He took no time at all , almost as soon as he was though the door , to get me on my knees whilst he teased me with his beautiful dark cock. He would not let me see it , i was only allowed to stroke it through his boxers. He was definitely gonna take his time using me and he had me gagging in anticipation. Eventually , when he did release his cock , he thrust it straight in to my mouth. It tasted so, so good and he certainly knew how to grab my hair and manoever my throat to pleasure him in the best way. I was made to lick and chew his balls before moving on to the main course - his ass. He made me suck and chew his hairy asshole, what a delight it was to rim him and bring him waves of pleasure.
When he was ready to cum , he told me he wanted to cum on my face and in to my mouth. i had to lie backk with my head tilted as he shot his load after more intense sucking from me.
He took pictures of his thick , creamy cum on my face and in my mouth. Then , he made me swallow. He wanted that cum in my belly- Naturally , i obliged. Some of his cum got in my hair and iwent to bed that night with the dried cum from my hair across my nostrils , so that i could smell him all night. i do hope that the will visit me again ,as often as he wishes and uses me further.

8 Oct 2012

Just served my first , lovely black cock of the day. Three are scheduled for today (so far) in total. Lovely straight black man who lives quite local to me. First met "Mr.Kee..." 2 yrs ago, can't believe he toof so long to return as he has a delicious cock ! Well ,thats the thing with me , as a cock whore , men KNOW they can visit me as often or as infrequently as they like. i know "life" gets in the way , relationships etc... BUT they always know that i am here for them whenever they decide to return, whether it is two days , two months or two years ! i am always here to serve the needs of black and dark skinned men.

Here he is below...........