2 Nov 2012

Two visitors today , one guy cancelled.

My first visitor i shall call "Mr.Thug".

This 20 something young man is sexy and fit and more mature than his years.
He has a lovely 8 inch cock which is THICKER than average , a real meaty black cock.

Mr Thug wanted me dressed as his maid but the only cleaning that he wanted doing would be with my tongue !

i call him Mr.Thug as he had a NASTY attitude. "Nasty" in the best possible way.
He was very verbal and assertive. He instructed me how to pleasure him every second of his visit.

He really got off on raping my throat, throat fucking me , making me gag and producing lots of saliva to coat his cock and make his passage smoother.

He also loved having his arse rimmed.

Before he left , he fucked me hard and deep and he cum by withdrawing and shooting his cum all over my face. He left me with make up running down my face and my hair and face covered in his cum.
Mr. Thug definitely likes to see and make his sluts messy :-)

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