26 Nov 2012

Three guys today

THREE men to serve today.

Despite being wet , raining and floods in parts of the country it is always warm and dry in my apartment and HOT in my throat :-)

My FIRST visitor today was a young boy , a young Asian lad with a pert hairy bum which was a dream to rim. Naturally i sucked him too.

Here are pics of me sucking him .

The SECOND guy was a young (21, 22yr old ? ) Black African boy who lives close to me (within a mile). I met him in phone app "Miumeet". He had never been with a tgirl before.
He was handsome with a gorgeous cock. Just a few moments of sucking had him cumming fast ! LOL
Gosh , these youngsters are fast to shoot - they just can't contain their excitement ! i am not complaining, i am here to serve a guy , whether it takes him a second , or an hour.
I offered him 10 mins rest and then i set to work on his cock again.
I offered to rim him , he had never had it done before. Can you believe he declined a rimming ? Despite me trying to talk him in to it because i KNOW how much pleasure it can bring a man.

I NEED MEN WHO READ THIS BLOG to post a comment about how wonderful having a girl tongue your arse-hole is. This boy needs to read your comments and be persuaded to be rimmed on his next visit !
Anyway, I started sucking him again and yet again he shot his load within a few minutes.
Guys reading this blog , do you remember those youthful days when you just used to cum in seconds and then repeat it seconds later ? Oh to be young again !

Unfortunately, the lad did not want any pics of me sucking him to be taken. That is totally his choice but it means , alas , i have none to share with you.

My THIRD visitor today was a man whom i have been serving for 3yrs.
He is a Black African man, a "Daddy" Type who has a stocky build and is hairy. As i have said countless times before, most Black African men are very smooth skinned , which is all GOOD in my book but occasionaly (rarely) i will encounter one who is hairy. As you can imagine , the hairs on their body are not long but short and wiry and curly , just like on the top of their head !
i just LOVE hairy men. Such a wonderful contrast of masculinity and manliness against my smoothness and femininity. You should know me well enough by now to know i am all about "contrasts".

I dont see him very often , maybe once every 6 or 9 months due to his busy lifestyle and my diary not being empty enough for him ! LOL
Nevertheless , when we do get together it is always very wonderful.

I love spending a long time sucking him but then even more time on chewing his hairy arse - i just love it and loose myself underneath him on my rimming seat. Good job he loves it too :-)
He always ends his visit to me by fucking me in the ass, by then he is so ready for it and just loves to shoot inside me .

I did not ask him for photos today because , after 3yrs of pleasuring him i THOUGHT i must have loads already. Oddly , i have none , we have never took any !
Once i took a picture of HIM, well , his lovely hairy ass though.

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