1 Nov 2012

My fourth visitor yesterday was a NEW man to me.
I actually turned this man down when he contacted me 6 years ago because he was "too young looking" !
Now in his 30's he is a much more appealing MAN. He has certainly grown in to a strong , bull of a black man.
Thicker set , rugby player build with a sweet face.

This man has buns of steel !!!

"Mr.J"'s buttocks are incredible - i have never experienced anything like them. He has big , thick , strong legs and thighs and sitting on top is a bubble butt which is rock solid and hard as iron.
Shame i do not have a pic of them , as i certainly would have them as my screen saver !
I felt the full force of them as he pounded his cock in to my arse at the end of our meeting.
I also sucked him and i introduced him to rimming. He has never in his life had that done to him before. The jury is out on his verdict of rimming. Being so new to him he was not sure whether he liked it or not ! LOL

Ahh well , maybe the more rimming he receives in future , the more he will like it ? who knows !
Here i am at the beginning of our meeting , ready and eager to serve him.

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