7 Nov 2012

Wednesday Nov 7th, i pleasured TWO men today.

My SECOND visitor today was a sexy man who is new to tgirls.

This Asian (Indian) HUNK was incredible. He is a body builder and his body was out of this world. I don't know what the muscle groups are called but his thighs were as big as my waist ! i have never seen anything like it. His pecs and biceps were like balls of steel. Add to that a HANDSOME face, VERY handsome, shaved head and sexy hairy chest and legs and this man is outstanding.

"Mr.Hunk" has been looking at tgirl porn on the internet for many months now. He had reached a stage in his life where he just NEEDED to explore his new desire. i am just honoured that he chose me !

i wont go in to detail about what we did (for once!) because it was VERY special. It is always so special being someone's first that often don't want to write about it incase it "cheapens" it.
Lets just say it was one and a half hours of boyfriend/girlfriend experience. His assertive , take control nature meant that our action went from manic and aggressive to sensual and tender.
He got to taste his first cock and feel his first prostate massage from anyone else other than himself.

This man was brave enough to follow his instinct and desires and i now feel that tgirls will become an ongoing part of his sex life. i will be honoured to pleasure him again.

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