7 Nov 2012

My blog is ONE MONTH old today.
Since i have been posting on my blog since October 8th 2012 i have received 3,114 visitors. So , that is averaging over 100 viewers a day.
i think that it is AMAZING and i am SO pleased. Considering that it is not yet linked in search engines or advertised (mentioned) in many places on the internet , it is quite staggering.

i do hope that you all enjoy it.

One thing that would encourage me to keep it up is if i get some FEEDBACK from YOU !
You see , dispite 3,114 visitors i have only received 4 or 5 comments.
i have NO IDEA how well my blog is being received.

YOU could help me enormously by clicking on the "comment" link on ANY post and just saying a few words. When you leave feedback it is totally anonymous (choose the anonymous option if you like) , so no one will ever know that you have commented.

PLEASE help me out here by adding comments, i will be very grateful.



  1. Love your blog, it makes me so envious reading about all your adventures

  2. I love you and your blog! Every day I'm waiting for your new posts.

  3. Been following you for a while, you turn me on. 1 day will get the courage to contact you.