21 Nov 2012

Through the ages....

21st November 2012

I first met this young man 5 years ago , when he was 22yrs of age. I guess he must be about 27 now but , despite him living only 2 miles from me, i don't get to see him often enough. I think this was his fourth or fifth visit in 5 years, so , we are averaging one a year !

Hey i am not complaining because it just proves to me that men can call upon me anytime that suits them , be it weekly , monthly or yearly. It is good to know that i am here to serve them and that THEY have full control and choice of when those times will be.

So , i had yet another wonderful time with him and it was an honor and a privilege to suck his stiff, dark, rock-solid cock and to give him my ass to ride. He cum by spunking over my face and in to my mouth. I am now typing this whilst savouring and digesting his black seed in my stomach :-)

Hope he does not leave it another year to visit me though, he is sensational !

The picture below was taken on his visit today.

The picture below was taken when he visited me 3 yrs ago !!!

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