10 Nov 2012

Yesterday , Friday Nov 9th, i pleasured one man.

"Mr.A" is a black, African man who is married but is crazy about tgirls. He has met tgirls before and they are his "secret" pleasure.
He has a gorgeous , tasty 9 inch cock with a lovely foreskin.

Usually 9 inches is too much for my tight ass but Mr.A transformed in to an aggressive thug in the heights of his passion. He skilfully opened me up to take one inch after another.
When it looked like i could not (would not) take any more he just asserted his authority and pinned me down with his powerful body and strength. MrA was not going to take no for an answer. He fucked me for an eternity.

i was spread eagled on the bed with Mr A pinning me down by the wrists with his entire body weight on top of me. Every time i yelped or screamed in discomfort he simply pushed my face in to the pillow and gave me another inch of big black cock.

i have to say , it is rare for a man to make me sore and unable to take anymore but Mr A was one of them.

i liked his nasty , thuggish, controlling , demanding attitude and he really did instill in me that black cock whores like myself are there just to be used as sex objects to bring pleasure to men.

Mr A has now earned his right to join our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk parties where 4, 5 or  6 tgirls mouthes and arses will be provided to him for his nasty , demanding, desires.

Here i am about to pleasure Mr. A's lovely BBC.

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