1 Nov 2012

No serving today, or , perhaps maybe.

My dogging Master , Master Brix , who collars me and pimps me out to ALL men in public in the summer time (dogging)  is using my apartment to pimp out (for free) a post-op transsexual called Steffi. He wants lots of black men banging her "new" pussy.

i have recruited 8 Black men for him and tonight they will be using her three holes.

i will be there to take pictures and to be "fluffer" to the men who are waiting in line to use Steffi.

I have two men lined up for tomorrow (Friday) and one has demanded i be wearing latex ! It is early days though as far as my diary is concerned and so there could be more by the time the day is out.

Check back tomorrow or on the weekend for full reports. x

**** Added 5th Nov:- Pictures WERE taken of this gang bang HOWEVER Steffi and Brix wish to keep them private. 5 men attended and gang fucked Steffi and myself. 

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